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Re: [XBoard-devel] config.h problem

From: h.g. muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] config.h problem
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 18:04:10 +0200

I think (3) is out of the question, as there are common files (like backend.c) which incude config.h,
and depending on what we build it must either be one or the other.

I agree it took me a few times by surprise as well, but now I am quite comfortable with (1). Normally I don't compile for "the other platform" from the tree I am developing; I have separate trees for XBoard and WinBoard on different machines. (This causes its own problems, which would remain whatever solution we choose here.) Last time I fell for it was when Arun had asked me to check if a Linux version would compile under Cygwin,
but this is really very unusual.

(2) is a very good alternative.

At 09:41 12-7-2009 -0600, Eric Mullins wrote:
1) nothing. Assume the devs are smart enough to just delete the config.h from the xboard directory when this happens. When we package the source, there shouldn't be a config.h in the xboard directory anyway, so end users trying to compile winboard should never get this problem.

2) update the GCC and MS makefiles to remove ..\config.h. I don't see any immediate downside to this, but it seems kludgy.

3) rename winboard/config.h to something else. I'm not sure what ramifications this might have. All the files in the xboard directory that we need actually do need winboard/config.h. The problem is that config.h in the xboard dir is automatically generated, while the one in the winboard directory isn't. Maybe it used to be at one point, but it became a sort of bastardized version of config.h specific to windows.
Unfortunately, it's the one we actually need right now.

4) other ideas?

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