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Re: [XBoard-devel] Copy - Paste

From: h.g. muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] Copy - Paste
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 20:14:49 +0200

No, I was not using the Alt+C/V combinations. What annoyed me was
that I wanted to use them for something else. I agree that we should do nothing
that would interfere with editing in text windows But I don't think accelerators
for menu items work in dialog boxes anyway. We don't really have to define
Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C as accelerator keys; it is easy enough to have the window
proc for the main window intercept these keys and call the associated event

Using a double key hit is an interesting idea.

However, the logic shift = position is already used for several other commands
where this strategy cannot be implemented, such as loading and saving files
(Crtl+O and Crtl+S accelerators). I think we can afford to set aside the Ctrl+Shift+C.

For the JAWS version, which has to be entirely operated through the keyboard,
we designed a very satisfactory scheme of accelerators now, which makes
virtually all frequently used commands available through single key strokes.
And all with key strokes that are pretty easy to remember. (Which is crucial!)
I wonder if we should adopt that same scheme in the standard version too.
Although people usually operate with the mouse, some things are really
cumbersome to do. Like switching ponder off, for instance. In the JAWS
version that is now Ctrl+Shift+P.

Alt + Shift + letter: Open options dialog or other window.
(default would try to open a main menu and beep if no menu of that letter exists)
Alt+Shift+O: Open / close Engine Output
Alt+Shift+H: Open / close Move History
Alt+Shift+E: Open / close Eval Graph
Alt+Shift+G: Open / close Game List
Alt+Shift+L: Load options...
Alt+Shift+S: Save options...
Alt+Shift+T: Time Control...
Alt+Shift+V: New Variant...
Alt+Shift+J: Adjudications...
Alt+Shift+U: UCI settings...
Other still free possibilities:
Alt+Shift+B: Board...
Alt+Shift+N: Username...
Alt+Shift+F: Fonts...
Alt+Shift+C: Open / close Comments window
Alt+Shift+P: Open / close Edit PGN Tags

Ctrl + letter: Immediate execution of simple menu items
Ctrl+O: Load Game
Ctrl+S: Save Game
Ctrl+C: Copy Game
Ctrl+V: Paste Game (So far all completely standard)
Ctrl+E: Edit Game
Ctrl+W: Machine White
Ctrl+B: Machine Black
Ctrl+T: Two Machines
Ctrl+A: Analysis
Ctrl+F: Analyze File

The shifted versions for O, S, C, V and E are for Position in stead of game.

The remaining Ctrl + Shift + Letter: toggle settings of an option
in the Options -> General menu:
Ctrl+Shift+P: Toggle Ponder
Ctrl+Shift+A: Toggle Animate Moving
Ctrl+Shift+H: Toggle Hide Thinking From Human
Ctrl+Shift+Q: Toggle Always Queen
Ctrl+Shift+F: Toggle Auto Flag
Ctrl+Shift+L: Toggle Test Legality
Ctrl+Shift+X: Toggle Extended PGN Info
Ctrl+Shift+I: Toggle Extra Info in Move History
Other still free posibilities:
Ctrl+Shift+W: Toggle Highlight Moves with Arrow
Ctrl+Shift+U: Periodic Updates
Ctrl+Shift+B: Blindfold

In almost al cases the "Obvious" letter is used, making the commands
easy to remember.

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