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Re: [XBoard-devel] Copy - Paste

From: Eric Mullins
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] Copy - Paste
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 11:08:43 -0600
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h.g. muller wrote:
I am getting increasingly unhappy with the assignment of accelerator keys
for copy and paste in previous WinBoard versions. The currently used keys
are Alt + C/V (Games) and Alt + Shift + C/V (Positions).

These Alt codes are non-standard, and the use of them here makes it much more difficult to make a logical and systematic assignment in other places. Normally
Ctrl + C/V would be used.
I agree. It's both non-standard, and difficult to type. I mentioned this issue in May, btw.

Only in copying it is needed to tell WinBoard if it should copy the game or position to the clipboard. In line with the convention "shiftd = position, unshifted = game" the command for Copy Position could then be migrated to Ctrl + Shift + C . For pasting WinBoard is smart enough to see if a game or a postion is on the clipboard, although for symmetry we coul allow both Ctrl + V and Ctrl + Shift + V
to be universal paste commands.
What about using Ctrl-C for both? Impossible? Here's an idea: pick one to be the default, probably game, or some user setting. A 2nd Ctrl-C would then do the position. I haven't ever seen anything like this in UI guidelines, but my tired old fingers could sure use that convenience. For implementation, you'd just generate the game, and compare it against the current clipboard contents. If identicale, generate the position instead. The menu would still offer either.

Would users lynch us if we stop supporting the Alt + C/V accelerators for copy
and paste?
Can't answer that, though it's hard to believe people would be upset at using EASIER keystrokes for this purpose.

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