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[XBoard-devel] WinBoard Installer Eyecandy...

From: Richard Hoelscher
Subject: [XBoard-devel] WinBoard Installer Eyecandy...
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 23:00:52 -0500

This is a small bit of eyecandy from an attempt at putting together an
NSIS installer for WinBoard last year. I hope they are useful for Mark's

http://rahga.com/svg/welcome_chess.bmp - big blue box... if using MUI:
!define MUI_WELCOMEFINISHPAGE_BITMAP "welcome_chess.bmp"
http://rahga.com/svg/knight.png - source of the icons below... they were
supposed to have an alpha channel, but most Windows icon editors seem
rather pathetic.
http://rahga.com/svg/knight.ico - Knight icon.
http://rahga.com/svg/wc_uninst.ico - uninstall icon, small but look at
home in the start menu.

-Richard Hoelscher

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