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[Wwwjdic-dev] 2014-09-22 19.37 CEST wwwjdic 7.1.2 released

From: Marco Bresciani
Subject: [Wwwjdic-dev] 2014-09-22 19.37 CEST wwwjdic 7.1.2 released
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 19:39:43 +0200
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= Version 7.1.2
  * PATCH updating gem dependencies.
  * IN PROGRESS: restoring key configuration as allowed parameter, to allow
user asking for specific searches. Search key currently fixed to 'Q' (exact
match) type search.
  * IN PROGRESS: improving application RDoc to better comply with SemVer point
1 (Software using Semantic Versioning MUST declare a public API. This API
could be declared in the code itself or exist strictly in documentation.
However it is done, it should be precise and comprehensive.)
  * NOTES: modifications are now listed as MAJOR, MINOR and PATCH, to better
highlight version numbering, according to Semantic Versioning Specification
(SemVer) at http://semver.org/.

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