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[Wwwjdic-dev] 2014-09-03 wwwjdic 7.0.0.pre released

From: Marco Bresciani
Subject: [Wwwjdic-dev] 2014-09-03 wwwjdic 7.0.0.pre released
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 15:37:13 +0200

= Version 7.0.0.pre
  * MAJOR modification: removing language configuration, dictionary is
  * MAJOR *** TO BE COMPLETED *** modification: adding back (see 6.0.1) key
configuration, to ask for specific searches.
    *** TO BE COMPLETED *** Search key currently fixed to 'Q' (exact match)
type search.
  * MAJOR modification: changing parameters behaviours and checks:
    dict parameter allows only numeric codes (as strings) or (exact) names;
    display parameter allows only proper values (as symbols);
    server parameter allows only correct servers references (as symbols).
  * MAJOR modification: dictionary= method works as described above (for
dict method), but returns a human readable dictionary name
  * MAJOR modification: server= method works as described above (for server
method), but returns a human readable server URI
    The application itself is no more fail-safe: raises ArgumentError unless
arguments with proper values are provided.


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