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Re: [www-pt-br-general] [gnu.org #833258] GNU Translation -- edu-schools

From: Hudson Flavio Meneses Lacerda
Subject: Re: [www-pt-br-general] [gnu.org #833258] GNU Translation -- edu-schools.pt-br.po
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2013 19:13:29 -0300
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Fixed some typos and smaller errors.

Hudson Flavio Meneses Lacerda wrote:
Ineiev via RT wrote:
On 05/30/2013 05:18 PM, Hudson Lacerda via RT wrote:
The title is marked fuzzy because we should consider this version: "Por
que escolas devem usar exclusivamente software livre" (with "devem"
instead of "deveriam"). I feel "deveriam" emphasizes the fact that most
schools do not do that, whereas "devem" sounds slightly more as a moral
obligation -- however, the difference is small (perhaps merely
subjective), and the currently adopted version does not compromise the

Your understanding is correct, "should" implies a moral obligation.
Could you ask other native speakers to confirm your observations?
(There is no need to ask them write to web-translators, it would
be enough if you summarized their feedback.)

Hi Ineiev,

My sister is a professional reviser and she interprets "deveriam" in the
same sense: something that would be ideal but it is not real. To
emphasize that we must --and can-- change the things, "escolas devem
usar software livre", and "software não deve ter donos".

I have attached a new revision of edu-schools.pt-br.po .


P.S.: I started to translate thegnuproject.html (to commemorate its 30
years), but, searching about ITS, I found that it already exists a
Portuguese translation of it:
Thus, the work is to gettext it and revise it.

P.P.S: There is at least one article in gnu.org that contains
"propriedade intelectual" as a (wrong!!!) translation of "copyright".


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