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Re: some changes on home.fa.po

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: some changes on home.fa.po
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2023 00:46:37 -0500
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Hello, and apologies again for my slow reply, and for the
delay in getting your first message here [manually] approved.

sudo.k2latmanesh--- via GNU Persian/Farsi Translation Team writes:

>  Hi, I made some changes on home.fa.po
> Main changes are:
> - fixing some misspelled words
> - editing some sentences to be more meaningful
> - translating some untranslated strings
> Thanks.

Many thanks again for your valuable contributions.  I went ahead and
installed your proposed changes -- except for a small point, and plus
a few changes/tweaks of my own -- a few minutes ago, and they should
be live on www.gnu.org within the hour.  I think the only part of your
changes I left out was the change from هسته (Persian for 'kernel') to
کرنل ('kernel' spelled out in Persian), on the basis that since we're
aiming to use the Persian equivalent for these words, we should do so
consistently.  As a compromise, at the first mention of هسته I also
included «kernel، کرنل», which I hope will be acceptable. :)

thanks again,


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