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www/proprietary proprietary-censorship.html

From: Therese Godefroy
Subject: www/proprietary proprietary-censorship.html
Date: Thu, 3 May 2018 09:14:00 -0400 (EDT)

CVSROOT:        /webcvs/www
Module name:    www
Changes by:     Therese Godefroy <th_g> 18/05/03 09:14:00

Modified files:
        proprietary    : proprietary-censorship.html 

Log message:
        Reorganize, copy missing entry from malware-google, reword
        item on Chrome censorship of extensions, remove item about
        Chrome backdoor for erasing extensions (RT #1284899 and


Index: proprietary-censorship.html
RCS file: /webcvs/www/www/proprietary/proprietary-censorship.html,v
retrieving revision 1.27
retrieving revision 1.28
diff -u -b -r1.27 -r1.28
--- proprietary-censorship.html 11 Sep 2017 07:41:24 -0000      1.27
+++ proprietary-censorship.html 3 May 2018 13:13:59 -0000       1.28
@@ -22,34 +22,54 @@
 company to impose censorship ought to be forbidden by law, but it
+<p>Apple mainly uses iOS, which is a typical jail, to impose censorship
+through the Apple Store. Please refer to <a
+href="/proprietary/proprietary-jails.html#apple">Proprietary Jails</a>
+for more information.</p>
-  <li><p>Chrome
-      <a href="https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6261569?hl=en";>
-       censors downloads of software</a>.</p>
-    <p>Helping users avoid malicious software downloads is useful,
-      but forcibly stopping them is wrong.</p>
-  </li>
-  <li><p>Chrome, on Windows, now
-      <a 
-       censors extensions</a>.</p>
-    <p>Google said it would
-      <a href="/proprietary/proprietary-back-doors.html#chrome-erase-addons">
-       force-delete unauthorized extensions</a>.</p>
-  </li>
-  <li><p>Google 
-      <a 
+  <li>
+    <p>On Windows and MacOS, Chrome <a
+      disables extensions</a> that are not hosted in the Chrome Web
+      Store.</p>
+    <p>For example, an extension was <a
+      banned from the Chrome Web Store, and permanently disabled</a>
+      on more than 40,000 computers.</p></li>
+  <li>
+    <p><a 
+      Google censored installation of Samsung's ad-blocker</a> on Android 
+      saying that blocking ads is &ldquo;interference&rdquo; with the sites
+      that advertise (and surveil users through ads).</p>
+    <p>The ad-blocker is proprietary software, just like the program (Google
+      Play) that Google used to deny access to install it. Using a nonfree 
+      gives the owner power over you, and Google has exercised that power.</p>
+    <p>Google's censorship, unlike that of Apple, is not total:
+      Android allows users to install apps in other ways. You can install
+      free programs from f-droid.org.</p></li>
+  <li>
+    <p>Google <a
        offers censorship software</a>, ostensibly for parents to put into
-      their children's computers.</p>
+      their children's computers.</p></li>
-The <a
-3DS</a> censors web browsing; it is possible to turn off the
-censorship, but that requires identifying oneself to pay, which is a
-form of surveillance.
+<h3>Game consoles</h3>
+  <li>
+    <p>The <a
+      Nintendo 3DS</a> censors web browsing; it is possible to turn off the
+      censorship, but that requires identifying oneself to pay, which is a
+      form of surveillance.</p></li>
 </div><!-- for id="content", starts in the include above -->
@@ -109,7 +129,7 @@
 <p class="unprintable">Updated:
 <!-- timestamp start -->
-$Date: 2017/09/11 07:41:24 $
+$Date: 2018/05/03 13:13:59 $
 <!-- timestamp end -->

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