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www/licenses license-recommendations.html

From: Dora Scilipoti
Subject: www/licenses license-recommendations.html
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 14:23:29 +0000

CVSROOT:        /web/www
Module name:    www
Changes by:     Dora Scilipoti <dora>   14/09/29 14:23:29

Modified files:
        licenses       : license-recommendations.html 

Log message:
        Validation fix.


Index: license-recommendations.html
RCS file: /web/www/www/licenses/license-recommendations.html,v
retrieving revision 1.28
retrieving revision 1.29
diff -u -b -r1.28 -r1.29
--- license-recommendations.html        29 Sep 2014 11:29:43 -0000      1.28
+++ license-recommendations.html        29 Sep 2014 14:23:29 -0000      1.29
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
 are going to use a lax pushover license, whatever the reason,
 we recommend using that one.</p>
-<h4 id="libraries">Libraries</h3>
+<h3 id="libraries">Libraries</h3>
 <p>For libraries, we distinguish three kind of cases.</p>
@@ -139,9 +139,9 @@
 face entrenched noncopylefted or nonfree competition, we recommend
 using the plain GNU GPL.  For the reasons why,
 read <a href="/licenses/why-not-lgpl.html">&ldquo;Why you shouldn't
-use the Lesser GPL for your next library&rdquo;</a>.
+use the Lesser GPL for your next library&rdquo;</a>.</p>
-<h4 id="server">Server Software</h3>
+<h3 id="server">Server Software</h3>
 <p>If it is likely that others will make improved versions of your
 program to run on servers and not distribute their versions to anyone
@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@
 <p class="unprintable">Updated:
 <!-- timestamp start -->
-$Date: 2014/09/29 11:29:43 $
+$Date: 2014/09/29 14:23:29 $
 <!-- timestamp end -->

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