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www/testimonials testimonial_research_ships.html

From: Joakim Olsson
Subject: www/testimonials testimonial_research_ships.html
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 15:28:18 +0000

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 From: Robert E A Harvey
 I work on research ships, mainly deep seismic acquisition, but other types
 as well.  The story I am about to tell is of a single piece of GNU
 software.  Tar.  For many years we have been using systems with disk stacks
@@ -28,12 +23,14 @@
 script which calls tar.  And does so on a disk-by-disk basis.  We have been
 taring to Exabyte 2500 drives, and fortunately no one disk was bigger than
 would fit on a tar tape.
 The world changes, and things move on.  Because of a monster project last
 year I was forced to replace several of the disks in the stack with 180Gb
 ones.  The application code coped, but the backup needed very careful human
 intervention instead of using the facilities from the application - because
 now it was easy to launch a backup that would not fit on one tape.
 The solution?  GNU tar.  GNU tar has allowed us to do two things in one go:
 to split backups across more than one tape, and to connect directly to an
@@ -43,54 +40,91 @@
 without GNU tar it could not have been done.  A two kilo-euro investment in
 software, hardware, training, and installtion on the vessel has been rescued
 from obselescence by me - with some help from GNU tar.
 GNU tar is an enhanced version of standard Unix tar.  But the enhancements
 are sensible, and merely looking at the help output one can see that they
 have been made by practical, experienced, people working with the code they
 write.  The code is solid, reliable, and achieves exactly what it sets out
 to do.  And it is familiar enough that anyone can use it.
 How long did it take me to make this astonishing change?  Twenty hours to
 download some binary packages to the vessel.  And around 3 minutes to
 install them.  Another hour for the changes to the application script, and
 6 hours to test. (Have you ever tried writing 8.6GB of data?).
 I have been using GNU, and GNU/linux, software for many years: since my days
 at Rockwell Automation at least, call that 1984.  I just thought it was time
 to say thank you to the originators of some of the most useful bits of code
 on the planet.
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