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[Wp-mirror-list] Fwd: Issue getting the default configuration of wp-mirr

From: wp mirror
Subject: [Wp-mirror-list] Fwd: Issue getting the default configuration of wp-mirror 0.6 to work
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 14:42:53 -0500

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Guy Castagnoli <address@hidden>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 17:45:15 +0100
Subject: RE: Issue getting the default configuration of wp-mirror 0.6 to work
To: wp mirror <address@hidden>

Dear Kent,

may thanks for the orientation

Re 1) Search

I verified that the record for 'Violin' shows up in the
simplewiktionary database using your query - I got the same record.

I rebuilt the indexes of the page, revision, and text tables,
respectively, with an "ALTER TABLE x ENGINE=INNODB" statement but it
didn't make a difference.

Re 2) Infobox and 3) Templates and references

Looked into installing the current MediaWiki directly, and the
respective web-page is actually encouraging:

Am tempted to give it a try, but I think, I'll first study the
wp-mirror manual and get to know the components of "my" local
wiki-instance before, and hopefully Debian will update their
mediawiki-packages soon. Also, I'll try to get a better picture of
what's going on with searching in simplewiktionary..



-----Original message-----
From:wp mirror <address@hidden>
Sent:Sat 16-11-2013 11:47
Subject:Re: Issue getting the default configuration of wp-mirror 0.6 to work
To:Guy Castagnoli <address@hidden>; Wp-mirror-list
<address@hidden>; wpmirrordev <address@hidden>;
Dear Guy,

Thank you for letting me know about the issues with search and display.

1) Search

Regarding the `Violin' example, I am not sure why mediawiki fails to
find and display the definition. The records for `Violin' are indeed
there in simplewiktionary, as you may  confirm with the following SQL

(shell)$ mysql --host=localhost --user=root --password
Enter password:
mysql> select * from
where old_id=rev_id and rev_page=page_id and page_title like
*************************** 1. row ***************************
          page_id: 10848
   page_namespace: 0
       page_title: violin
     page_counter: 0
 page_is_redirect: 0
      page_is_new: 0
      page_random: 0.72429879006332
     page_touched: 20130809153040
      page_latest: 276083
         page_len: 1106
           rev_id: 276083
         rev_page: 10848
      rev_text_id: 276083
      rev_comment: r2.7.3) (Robot: Adding [[chr:violin]]
         rev_user: 4649
    rev_user_text: HydrizBot
    rev_timestamp: 20130809153040
   rev_minor_edit: 1
      rev_deleted: 0
          rev_len: 1106
    rev_parent_id: 272797
         rev_sha1: tsmuuyxr83lf1f0ega2eeq7lklniu94
           old_id: 276083
         old_text: {{wikipedia}}

* {{IPA|/ˌvaɪəˈlɪn/}}
* {{SAMPA|/address@hidden/}}
* {{audio|en-us-violin.ogg|Audio (US)}}

[[File:Violin sounds and techniques.ogg|right]]
[[File:Old violin.jpg|thumb|A violin]]
#{{countable}} A '''violin''' is a [[music]]al [[instrument]] played
by moving a [[bow]] across the [[string]]s.
#:''He has played the '''violin''' from when he was 6 years old.''

===Related words===

[[Category:Musical instruments]]


2) Infobox

Debian packages mediawiki 1.19.  However, to display an infobox, we
would need the mediawiki extention `scribunto' which requires
mediawiki 1.20+.  This is mentioned at the bottom of
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Infobox>.  So we are waiting
for debian to catch up.

But rest assured that the template for the infobox is indeed in the
simplewiki database.  You can see this with the following command

mysql> select * from
simplewiki.page,simplewiki.revision,simplewiki.text where
old_id=rev_id and rev_page=page_id and page_title like

3) Templates and references

Currently many templates and references do not display.  I am not in
every case sure why.  Again I think we are waiting for debian to catch
up with mediawiki.

Sincerely Yours,

On 11/14/13, Guy Castagnoli <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear Kent,
> The run of "wp-mirror --mirror" finished successfully. I didn't time it
> exactly, but I'd say, it took about 30 hours and the /var directory uses
> 109G - in other words, the size indications are roughly in line with the
> wp-mirror manual.
> While the search field in the main page of http://simple.wikipedia.site
> seems to be working fine, searches in http://simple.wiktionary.site produce
> no hits for several/most test terms I tried (e.g., "Violin" and "Butterfly"
> give no hits whereas "Japan" and "Canada" do, while the online simple
> Wiktionary has entries for all).
> Also, the simple wiki pages that I tested have empty reference sections
> (e.g. "George W. Bush") and, as far as I can tell, lack certain other
> features of the online version (mainly, the summary box at the top right of
> a page).
> It looks like I'll be busy for quite some time, figuring these things out
> and getting to know the underlying technologies.
> Many thanks for helping me get "airborne" with wp-mirror. Needless to say,
> that if I find anything that looks like a real bug, I'll let you know..
> Regards,
> Guy

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