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Re: wget2 | WGET2 doesn't recognize Yggdrasil IPv6 addresses (#624)

From: @rockdaboot
Subject: Re: wget2 | WGET2 doesn't recognize Yggdrasil IPv6 addresses (#624)
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2023 12:54:36 +0000

Tim Rühsen commented on a discussion: 

> However, wget2 incorrectly parses the address as http://200:488

Is it possible that you have a very outdated version of wget2 ?  
Try wget2 --version; it should show 2.0.1

E.g. with `-d`, wget2 2.0.1 logs are
03.134918.743 dequeue job http://[200:488f:e5d7:de2a:cc39:8758:509f:a0fe]
03.134918.743 resolving 200:488f:e5d7:de2a:cc39:8758:509f:a0fe:80...
03.134918.743 has 200:488f:e5d7:de2a:cc39:8758:509f:a0fe:80
03.134918.743 trying 200:488f:e5d7:de2a:cc39:8758:509f:a0fe:80...               

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