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wget2 | any plans for http3 ? (#625)

From: Teen (@yashpalgoyal1304)
Subject: wget2 | any plans for http3 ? (#625)
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2023 11:25:45 +0000

Teen created an issue: https://gitlab.com/gnuwget/wget2/-/issues/625



> However, partially due to the protocol's adoption of QUIC, HTTP/3 has lower 
> latency and loads more quickly in real-world usage when compared with 
> previous versions: in some cases over 3× faster than with HTTP/1.1 (which 
> remains the only HTTP version deployed by many websites).

> HTTP/3 is supported by 75% of web browsers (and 83% of "tracked desktop" web 
> browsers),[6] and 26% of the top 10 million websites.

> "is a major new feature in iOS 15"

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