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Re: wget2 | Building on Windows (#567)

From: Michael Setzer II (@msetzerii)
Subject: Re: wget2 | Building on Windows (#567)
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2022 13:18:05 +0000

Michael Setzer II commented:

Did some more testing of the wget2.zip program. Under wine it works with 
multi-tasking set to 1 or 2, but higher numbers result in files not matching, 
and it also takes longer to run? With 1 it takes about 6 seconds to download 13 
pages and they all match exactly. With set to 2, it took 20 seconds?? With 
number 3 to 13 the some files fail to match. 
With the Linux wget2 I currently runs with 13 and files match exactly. With 
Linux 1 takes about 6 seconds, but with the 13 it is about 2 seconds and files 
always match.

Just did test on a Native Windows 10 machines and got somewhat similar results. 
With multi-tasking set to 1 it takes about 6.3 seconds to download 13 pages. 
With 2 it took about 8 seconds. Larger numbers sometimes created identical 
files. Once with 10 I had all files download and match, but ran a second time 
and some where same, but some different?? Since running with numbers higher the 
1 result in longer times, didn't make sense to do more testing? 

Not sure who created that wget2.zip file or why the uploads directory doesn't 
show up except for a direct download.
Program is like 22M in size, so seems to be statically compiled. Using upx 
compresses it to about 5M, but got same results using regular or compressed 

Well, just check back once in a while.
Is site where I found link..

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