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Re: wget2 | * configure.ac: Add -Wno-declaration-after-statement to clan

From: Avinash Sonawane (@rootkea)
Subject: Re: wget2 | * configure.ac: Add -Wno-declaration-after-statement to clang-15 manywarnings (660b3131)
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 13:01:44 +0000

Avinash Sonawane started a new discussion on configure.ac: 

>        WARN_CFLAGS="$WARN_CFLAGS -Wno-reserved-identifier"
>      fi
> +    if test $CLANG_VERSION -ge 15; then

Shouldn't this be `14`?

Also, maybe we shouldn't use `-Weverything` for clang? As per some `clang` devs 
that option is for testing clang itself (to test all possible warnings). There 
are even some conflicting warnings in `-Weverything`. And so just `-Wall 
-Wextra` should suffice instead?


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