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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] rarit 91

From: Homer Welcome
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] rarit 91
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 16:17:20 -0700

V A L / U M
V / A G R A
C / A L / S
A M B / E N
S O M ^
P R O Z ^ C
X ^ N A X
M E R / D / A
L E V / T R A

Nothing that you or your friends have to offer.
What of the Arkenstone of Thrain? said he, and at the same moment
the old man opened the casket and held aloft the jewel. The light leapt
from his hand, bright and white in the morning.
Then Thorin was stricken dumb with amazement and confusion. No one
spoke for a long while. Thorin at length broke the silence, and his

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