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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/po wesnoth-httt/ja.po wesnoth-sotbe/ja.po

From: Nobuhito Okada
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/po wesnoth-httt/ja.po wesnoth-sotbe/ja.po
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 14:47:18 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     Nobuhito Okada <address@hidden> 05/09/02 18:47:18

Modified files:
        po/wesnoth-httt: ja.po 
        po/wesnoth-sotbe: ja.po 

Log message:
        Updated Japanese translation


Index: wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/ja.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/ja.po:1.29 wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/ja.po:1.30
--- wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/ja.po:1.29  Mon Aug  1 11:43:53 2005
+++ wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/ja.po       Fri Sep  2 18:47:17 2005
@@ -8,16 +8,15 @@
 msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-"Project-Id-Version: 0.9.1\n"
+"Project-Id-Version: 0.9.5\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugs.wesnoth.org/\n";
 "POT-Creation-Date: 2005-08-01 13:28+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-06-06 02:27+0900\n"
-"Last-Translator: Nobuhito Okada <address@hidden>\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-08-16 15:15:38+0900\n"
+"Last-Translator: naoki iimura <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language-Team: Japanese Translation Team\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
-"X-Generator: KBabel 1.9\n"
 #: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne.cfg:6
 msgid "Heir to the Throne"
@@ -1065,7 +1064,6 @@
 msgstr "それで、船は私たちを Anduin 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:184
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Yes, we will sail to the Isle of Anduin, my home Konrad, and the home of "
 "many magi."
@@ -2538,7 +2536,9 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Hasty_Alliance.cfg:287
 msgid "But once we escape from this hole, I have a score to settle with you!"
+msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Hasty_Alliance.cfg:296
 msgid ""
@@ -3067,7 +3067,6 @@
 msgstr "誰かが村に隠れているのを見つけました!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:212
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "My lords, I have been hiding in the village from the orcs, like many of the "
 "other magi here. Perhaps we can work together to recapture the island!"
@@ -3080,7 +3079,6 @@
 msgstr "まさしく。邪悪な者
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:220
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "You can now recruit magi."
 msgstr "魔術師を雇えるようになりました。"
@@ -3097,7 +3095,6 @@
 msgstr "弟子よ! 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:254
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "You have not heard, master Delfador? Asheviere is trying to control the "
 "entire western coast. She hired many Orcs and sent them here. They were "
@@ -3107,7 +3104,7 @@
 "聞いていないのですか、Delfador 師匠? Asheviere は 西海岸å…
-"う反逆罪で出廷させるために Welgyn へ 
+"う反逆罪で出廷させるために Welgyn へ 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:259
 msgid ""
@@ -3258,7 +3255,6 @@
 msgstr "Xakae"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:277
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Surprise! Searching for magi, and all I get is these foul humans!"
 msgstr "驚いた! 
@@ -3423,14 +3419,13 @@
 "The Shinsplitters will aid you in your quest. Look, they rise from the "
 "villages to the west, the mighty Shinsplitters! To battle!"
 msgstr ""
-"Shinsplitter があなたの冒険を手助けしてくれるでしょう。 
-"西の村からのぼります。 強い Shinsplitter です! 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Mountain_Pass.cfg:205
 msgid ""
 "Well, we have defeated our foes. Let us hope the mountain does not defeat us!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "よし、敵を倒しました。 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Mountain_Pass.cfg:209
 msgid ""
@@ -4336,7 +4331,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/The_Lost_General.cfg:286
 msgid "I am Lionel. I am the Lost General. I will avenge myself upon you all!"
-msgstr "我は Linel。 我は失われた司令官だ。 お前たちå…
+msgstr "我は Lionel。 我は失われた司令官だ。 お前たちå…
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/The_Lost_General.cfg:290
 msgid "Avenge? What have we done to you that you must avenge?"
@@ -4406,8 +4401,8 @@
 "The party arrived at Elensefar at last, but found that the city had already "
 "fallen to the evil Orcs."
 msgstr ""
-"パーティはようやく Elensefar に到着しましたが、 
+"パーティはようやく Elensefar に到着しましたが、 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/The_Siege_of_Elensefar.cfg:160
 msgid "My lord! It seems the city has already fallen!"
@@ -4790,7 +4785,6 @@
 msgstr "友よ、また助けにきたぞ!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Valley_of_Death.cfg:261
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "White magi? Come to help us? But what are they doing here?"
 msgstr "白魔術師? 助けにきてくれた? 
Index: wesnoth/po/wesnoth-sotbe/ja.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/wesnoth-sotbe/ja.po:1.19 wesnoth/po/wesnoth-sotbe/ja.po:1.20
--- wesnoth/po/wesnoth-sotbe/ja.po:1.19 Mon Aug  8 12:47:06 2005
+++ wesnoth/po/wesnoth-sotbe/ja.po      Fri Sep  2 18:47:17 2005
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
 msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-"Project-Id-Version: Battle for Wesnoth 0.9.1\n"
+"Project-Id-Version: Battle for Wesnoth 0.9.5\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugs.wesnoth.org/\n";
 "POT-Creation-Date: 2005-08-08 14:30+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-05-31 23:46+0900\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-08-20 17:10:08+0900\n"
 "Last-Translator: naoki iimura <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language-Team: Japanese Translation Team\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
 #: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye.cfg:9
 msgid "(challenging)"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "(挑戦的)"
 #: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye.cfg:10
 msgid "Warrior"
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
 #: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye.cfg:10
 msgid "(difficult)"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "(難しい)"
 #: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye.cfg:11
 msgid "Warlord"
@@ -37,13 +37,15 @@
 #: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye.cfg:11
 msgid "(experts only)"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "(エキスパート専用)"
 #: data/campaigns/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye.cfg:14
 msgid ""
 "Let orcish leader Kapou'e join up with the runaway Tribes council and free "
 "his enslaved people."
 msgstr ""
+"オークのリーダー Kapou'e を逃亡した部族の評議会に参加
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:4
 msgid "Black Flag"
@@ -114,54 +116,59 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:77
 msgid "Kult The Red"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Kult The Red"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:135
 msgid "Transport Galleon"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "輸送用ガレオン船"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:137
 msgid "Transport"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "輸送"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:145
 msgid "So here is Tirigaz."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "さて、ここが Tirigaz だ。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:149
 msgid ""
 "Looks like they are to be facing attack from pirates of the High Sea. We "
 "should help them."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "彼らは荒海の海賊の攻撃を受けているようだ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:153
 msgid "I propose that Gork, you and I call for reinforcements."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Gork 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:157
 msgid ""
 "Call for reinforcements? Do you mean you don't want to fight for our "
 "brothers? Are you a coward, Vraurk?"
 msgstr ""
+"援軍を呼びにいくだって? 我々
の同胞のために戦いたくないというのか? Vraurk、"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:161
 msgid "Me? I'll show you if I'm a coward!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "私が? 私が臆病者かどうか見せてやる!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:165
 msgid ""
 "It is not time for quarreling! I'm to contain them, go find reinforcements."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:169
 msgid "This is a wise choice. Good luck, son of the Black Eye."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "賢い考えだ。黒眼の子よ、幸運を祈る。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:182
 msgid ""
 "Haha! Our plan is going well, let's surround them on land while our allies "
 "attack them from sea!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:191
 msgid ""
@@ -169,40 +176,51 @@
 "find forces to counter attack. Although we can't defeat those pirates "
 "without naval forces, we can wipe humans out of this region."
 msgstr ""
+"我々は両側から攻撃されている! Grüü、私が Tirigaz 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:195
 msgid "I love this strategy, chief!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "隊長、それはすばらしい戦略だ!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:263
 msgid "Pillage! Let's plunder these orcs!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "略奪せよ! このオークどもから略奪するのだ!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:274
 msgid "Aaaargh! I die!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "あああああ! 私は死ぬ!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:278
 msgid "Finally you paid for all of what you did to my Orc brothers!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:285
 msgid ""
 "We're back! We have bad news, the humans are regrouping on our tails, we "
 "must leave."
 msgstr ""
+"戻ってきたぞ! 悪い知らせだ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:289
 msgid ""
 "But where is the rest of the council? We haven't made such a long journey "
 "just to flee!"
 msgstr ""
+"しかし評議会の生き残りはどこにいるのだ? 我々はただ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:293
 msgid ""
 "We had news from them, all of them fled to the East, near the Mourned Hills. "
 "I think we should go for them as soon as possible and evacuate this city."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:297
 msgid ""
@@ -210,56 +228,61 @@
 "scorpions and outlaws. And bypassing it would take ages! Not to mention "
 "after this desert, we'll have to cross the Silent Forest!"
 msgstr ""
+"しかしそこは死の砂漠の向こうだ。 砂漠
+"だ。 そしてそこを迂回するのは時間がかかる! この砂漠
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Black_Flag.cfg:301
 msgid ""
 "So we have no choice ... I've never tasted scorpions but sure, this journey "
 "promises to be fun."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:4
 msgid "Clash of Armies"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "大群の衝突"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:23
 msgid "Defend Prestim successfully for four days"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Prestim を 4 日間うまく防衛する"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:27
 msgid "Destruction of a tower of Prestim"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Prestim の塔の破壊"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:39
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:104
 msgid "Death of Inarix"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Inarix の死"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:62
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:131
 msgid "Mkel"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Mkel"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:88
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:152
 msgid "Oumph"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Oumph"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:114
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:378
 msgid "Earl Lanbec'h"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Earl Lanbec'h"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:140
 msgid "Plouf"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Plouf"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:213
 msgid "So here we are, they are preparing to assault."
-msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:218
 msgid "Prestim's walls are rock hard, they'll break clean off on them."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Prestim 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:223
 msgid ""
@@ -267,76 +290,90 @@
 "built on three towers. If one of them is destroyed, a breach will allow "
 "humans to enter Prestim... needless to say, this would be the end for us."
 msgstr ""
+"Prestim の防壁は 3 
´å£Šã•ã‚Œã‚Œã°ã€ãã®ç ´"
+"れたところから人間どもに Prestim への侵å…
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:228
 msgid ""
 "I've received messengers from the Council, saying that they are regrouping "
 "tribes into the Great Horde."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:233
 msgid "Great! When do they arrive?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "すばらしい! 彼はいつ到着するのだ?"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:238
 msgid "In four days minimum. I fear it will be too late."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "最低でも 4 日かかる。遅すぎなければよいが。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:243
 msgid "I don't think so, there is still a way..."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "俺はそうは思わない。まだ方法はある……"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:248
 msgid "Which one?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "どのような?"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:253
 msgid ""
 "Most forces will cross the river by the ford where the bridge previously "
 "stood. If we manage to defend it, we might still have a chance."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:258
 msgid "And if we fail?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "それでもし失敗したら?"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:263
 msgid ""
 "Then they will assault Prestim at five versus one. We'll just have to pray "
 "to Mother Earth."
 msgstr ""
+"その場合、奴らは我々の 5 倍の勢力で Prestim を襲撃するだ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:268
 msgid "Great."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "すばらしい。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:273
 msgid "Then, the battle for Prestim began."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "こうして、Prestim を巡る戦いが始まった。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:292
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:378
 msgid "We arrive to honor our alliance, Earl Lanbec'h."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Earl Lanbec'h、我々も同盟を守るためにやってきたぞ。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:382
 msgid ""
 "Reinforcements, at last. We don't have much time, the Orcish hordes are on "
 "their way. To the attack!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:406
 msgid "Here we are! Hold on Prestim, we arrive to push them to the river!"
 msgstr ""
+"我々は到着した! Prestim を守ってくれ。我々
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:411
 msgid "They are too numerous now, RETREAT!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "奴らはもう数が多すぎる。退却!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:433
 msgid ""
 "The Great Horde at last! I was beginning to think they would never come."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ついに大連合体ができた! 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:438
 msgid ""
@@ -344,34 +381,39 @@
 "the morale of humans. Now they are retreating to their fortresses and will "
 "not venture out anytime soon."
 msgstr ""
+"お前の Prestim の防御は英雄的だ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:443
 msgid ""
 "It is now time to show them who we are and to lead the Great Horde in "
 "pursuit! We will not rest until we destitute Earl Lanbec'h!"
 msgstr ""
我々は "
+"Earl Lanbec'h を倒すまでは休むことはない!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:448
 msgid "End of Chapter I"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "第 1 章の終わり"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:449
 msgid ""
 "Kapou'e will come back in Son of the Black Eye, chapter II: 'The Great "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Kapou'e は黒眼の子 第 2 章
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Clash_Of_Armies.cfg:465
 msgid "No! The walls of Prestim are destroyed, we are done!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "だめだ! Prestim の防壁が破壊された。我々
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:4
 msgid "The Desert of Death"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "死の砂漠"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:24
 msgid "Defeat Ar Dant"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Ar Dant を倒す"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:36
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:35
@@ -380,46 +422,56 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:279
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:55
 msgid "Death of a Shaman"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "シャーマンの死"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:63
 msgid "Ar Dant"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Ar Dant"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:129
 msgid ""
 "It's been two days since we entered this desert. I have never been so hot "
 "and we have nearly finished our food."
 msgstr ""
+"砂漠に入ってからもう 2 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:133
 msgid ""
 "I'm hungry and we found no giant scorpion yet. I'm sure it would be "
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:137
 msgid ""
 "I hope we won't find one! They are terrible armored beasts and your troll "
 "clubs are useless against their heavy shells."
 msgstr ""
+"大サソリなど見つけたくない! 奴らは恐ろしく武装
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:141
 msgid ""
 "I've been told the best way to defeat them is to attack their eyes with "
 "sharp blades. But I hope too we won't meet them."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:145
 msgid ""
 "The sun is rising, we should resume our journey and find this oasis "
 "mentioned on the map before the sun gets high."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:149
 msgid ""
 "Stay alert! This oasis is known to be a den of outlaws and desert pillagers."
 msgstr ""
+"気を付けろ! このオアシスは無法者と砂漠の略奪者
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Desert_Of_Death.cfg:174
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:166
@@ -443,8 +495,8 @@
 "Look, companions! Those orcs don't imagine they are living their last day. "
 "Let's slay all of them and give this land back to our people!"
 msgstr ""
-"みんな、見ろ! オークどもは今日が生涯最後の日だ
とは気がついていない。 彼らを"
+"みんな、見ろ! オークどもは今日が生涯最後の日だ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/End_Of_Peace.cfg:112
 msgid ""
@@ -460,7 +512,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/End_Of_Peace.cfg:127
 msgid "Argh! I die! But other humans will go and slay you, filthy orcs!"
 msgstr ""
-"ああ! 私は死ぬ! 
ろう。 汚"
+"ああ! 私は死ぬ! 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/End_Of_Peace.cfg:135
@@ -472,8 +524,8 @@
 "We are victorious this time, but humans are organizing themselves in a huge "
 "army. We have just defeated a vanguard, they are coming massively."
 msgstr ""
が勝ったが、人間どもは巨大な軍を組織している。 我々
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/End_Of_Peace.cfg:143
 msgid "What should we do, chief?"
@@ -485,42 +537,42 @@
 "assistance. Some of them live in Barag Gor in the lands of the free tribes. "
 "We must leave, now!"
 msgstr ""
-"ない。 彼らのうちの何人かが自由民族の地の Barag Gor 
に住んでいる。 さあ、我々"
+"ない。彼らのうちの何人かが自由民族の地の Barag Gor 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/End_Of_Peace.cfg:151
 msgid ""
 "But the free tribes are beyond the Mountains of Haag. These moutains are "
 "infested of dwarves and wild trolls."
 msgstr ""
-"しかし自由民族の地は Hagg の山地を越えたところです。 
+"しかし自由民族の地は Hagg 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/End_Of_Peace.cfg:155
 msgid ""
 "We have no choice, we shall pass. The trolls have been our allies in the "
 "past--maybe they can help us. Hurry up, we must leave now."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:73
 msgid "Saving Inarix"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Inarix の救助"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:92
 msgid "Bring Inarix and at least four saurians to the fort on River Gork"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Inarix と少なくとも 4 体のトカゲ族を Gork 川のç 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:108
 msgid "Death of more than 5 saurians"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "5 体以上のトカゲ族の死"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:193
 msgid "Plonk"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Plonk"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:219
 msgid ""
@@ -528,10 +580,13 @@
 "fortified bridge over the Gork river was taken this morning by a small "
 "commando of elves, we have already tried to assault it twice without success."
 msgstr ""
+"援軍がついにやってきた! あなたが誰であっても、Prestim 
へようこそ! Gork 川に"
+"2 度の襲撃を行ったが、うまくいかなかった。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:223
 msgid "Ah! They are no match against my mace."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ああ! 奴らは俺のメイスにはかなわない。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:227
 msgid ""
@@ -539,24 +594,31 @@
 "are still trapped on the other side of the river some miles away. They won't "
 "be able to cross the river."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:231
 msgid ""
 "Elves and dwarves have joined humans against us and have set up camp nearby. "
 "Humans will arrive soon. We must destroy the southern bridge on the river."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:235
 msgid "We must do something!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "なんとかしなければ!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:239
 msgid "I know what we must do. Kill elves and help Inarix cross."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:243
 msgid "It won't be that easy! Our enemies are well entrenched."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "そんなに簡単にはいかないだろう! 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:247
 msgid ""
@@ -564,127 +626,149 @@
 "crossed. Any warriors trapped on the bridge or on the other side of the "
 "river will perish!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:269
 msgid ""
 "Here we are, my friends. Earl Lanbec'h and his kind is on our tails, we must "
 "hurry up."
 msgstr ""
+"我が友よ、我々はここにいる。Earl Lanbec'h 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:298
 msgid "Hurry up! The southern bridge is going to explode! Retreat! "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "急げ! 南側の橋は間もなく爆破される! 退却!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:329
 msgid ""
 "We've had too many casualties to be able to resist the humans, we have no "
 "choice but to surrender."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "犠牲者
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:343
 msgid ""
 "This has taken too much time, we should send all of our troops and send "
 "these creatures back to hell."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:347
 msgid "It won't be said that Elves were braver than us, everyone attack!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "エルフ族が我々よりも勇敢だ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:392
 msgid "At the saurians! Rip them to the last!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "トカゲ族を攻撃せよ! 奴らを死ぬまで切り裂け!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Saving_Inarix.cfg:396
 msgid "It is too late, we are defeated."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "遅すぎた。我々の負けだ。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:4
 msgid "Shan Taum The Smug"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "気取り屋 Shan Taum"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:23
 msgid "Survive the Shan Taum menace for 20 turns"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Shan Taum の脅威を 20 ターンの間乗り切る"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:58
 msgid "Shan Taum"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Shan Taum"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:104
 msgid "At last, here are the mourned hills! I hope everything will be OK."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ついに、嘆きの丘に着いた! これで万事 OK だ。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:108
 msgid "Why?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "なぜだ?"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:112
 msgid ""
 "Only trolls don't know that these lands are ruled by Shan Taum the Smug, who "
 "was a rival for Black Eye Karun."
 msgstr ""
+"この地を気取り屋 Shan Taum が支é…
+"だ。彼は黒眼の Karun のライバルだった。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:116
 msgid "I doubt he would welcome the son of the Black Eye."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "彼が黒眼の子を歓迎するとは思えないのだが。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:120
 msgid ""
 "Who is that? Kapou'e! What are you doing in my lands you ridiculous born "
 msgstr ""
+"誰だ? Kapou'e か! 我が地で何をしているのだ? 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:124
 msgid ""
 "Hold on, Shan Taum. We are not here to quarrel, we are here to escort our "
 "brothers and to deliberate about what we have to do."
 msgstr ""
+"待て、Shan Taum。我々はここに争いにきたのではない。我々
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:128
 msgid ""
 "Bwahaha! You are nothing! Where is your land? You became a beggar. You are "
 "as pathetic as your father!"
 msgstr ""
+"ぶわはは! お前などとるに足らん! 
お前の地はどこにあるのだ? お前は乞食になっ"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:132
 msgid ""
 "How can you talk that way about my father, you miserable coward?! I'll make "
 "a mug with your skull!"
 msgstr ""
が父のことをそのように言うことができるのか? 俺はお前"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:136
 msgid "Really? What would you drink with it? Mint cordial?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "本当か? お前はそれで何を飲むというのだ? 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:140
 msgid ""
 "Exasperated, Kapou'e launched an attack on his fellow orc Shan Taum the Smug."
 msgstr ""
+"Kapou'e は激怒して、彼の仲間のオーク、気取り屋 Shan Taum 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:159
 msgid ""
 "What is this? Are you mad!? Humans are to besiege our fortress at Prestim "
 "and you are fighting each other!?"
 msgstr ""
+"これは何事だ? お前たちは気が狂っているのか? 
人間どもが Prestim で我々の砦を"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:163
 msgid "Well, ermmm..."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ああ、いや……"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:167
 msgid ""
 "Kapou'e, rumors tell you made a long trip to seek assistance from us, and "
 "escorting Pirk, Gork and Vraurk. The council is grateful for that."
 msgstr ""
+"Kapou'e よ、噂ではお前は我々の助けを請うために 
Pirk、Gork、Vraurk を護衛しな"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:171
 msgid "I know what you want from us but I'm afraid we can't help you."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:175
 msgid "Really? But my people..."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "まさか? しかし我が同胞は……"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:179
 msgid ""
@@ -692,20 +776,25 @@
 "us some unity was your father, Black Eye Karun. Hearing rumors from your "
 "exploits, we understood you are a worthy son of your father."
 msgstr ""
+"ることができたのは、お前の父、黒眼の Karun だけなのだ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:183
 msgid ""
 "This is true. Now we are pressured from all sides by humans and elves; we "
 "need a leader that can unite all banners. This one is YOU!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:187
 msgid "Well, I'm not sure I deserve that..."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ああ、俺は自分にその価値があるかわからない……"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:191
 msgid "Did you hear? There is a battle waiting for us at Prestim!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "聞いたか? Prestim で戦いが俺たちを待っている!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:195
 msgid ""
@@ -713,6 +802,9 @@
 "of the river and your people won't be safe. You are the only one that can "
 "help us defend Prestim!"
 msgstr ""
+"Kapou'e よ、もし Prestim 
ろう。Prestim を守るために"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:199
 msgid ""
@@ -721,32 +813,38 @@
 "decide if we have to form the Great Horde again and give you the leadership "
 "on it."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Shan_Taum_The_Smug.cfg:219
 msgid "Nooo! Don't kill me, I surrender to you little earthworm."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "やめてくれ! 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:4
 msgid "Silent Forest"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "静寂の森"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:24
 msgid "Chase all elves from the western bank of river Bork"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "すべてのエルフを Bork 川の西岸から追い出す"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:63
 msgid "Lucile"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Lucile"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:79
 msgid "Raceme"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Raceme"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:127
 msgid ""
 "So here is the Silent Forest ... why is it named that way? Is it really that "
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:131
 msgid ""
@@ -754,16 +852,21 @@
 "hunt there and fish in the Bork river. But now, no one would enter there "
 "unless forced."
 msgstr ""
+"そこで狩りをし、また Bork 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:135
 msgid "Some people say these woods are haunted."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "この森には幽霊が出ると言う者もいる。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:139
 msgid ""
 "The fact is that few people entered this forest and returned home safe. Most "
 "likely, this forest is full of elvish renegades."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:143
 msgid ""
@@ -771,32 +874,40 @@
 "elvish poachers. If we ever meet some, I'll push them into the Bork river "
 "with great delight."
 msgstr ""
+"武装している。もし奴らを見つけたら、よろこんで Bork 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:153
 msgid ""
 "What is that? Orcs entering our forest? Fools! None of them will return "
 msgstr ""
+"あれはなんだ? オーク族が我々の森にå…
¥ã‚ã†ã¨ã—ている? 愚かな! 誰も生きて帰る"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:157
 msgid "I agree. We'll attack them on both sides."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "そのとおり。奴らを挟み撃ちにしてくれる。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:186
 msgid "No more elves? Where are you cowards!?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "もうエルフはいないのか? 臆病者
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:190
 msgid ""
 "Don't shout that loud, stupid troll. Do you remember we are in the Silent "
 "Forest? Perhaps there more are to come."
 msgstr ""
+"のか? おそらくもっとたくさんのエルフが来るだろう。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Silent_Forest.cfg:194
 msgid ""
 "I don't think so. They must have fled. Now that this forest has been cleared "
 "of elves, we can have a rest and then continue our journey."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:4
 msgid "The Siege Of Barag Gór"
@@ -815,21 +926,20 @@
 msgstr "Rugh"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:154
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Here is Barag Gór."
-msgstr "ここが Barag Gor だ。"
+msgstr "ここが Barag Gór だ。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:158
 msgid ""
 "Oh no! They are besieged by elves. We must help our brothers to get rid of "
 "this mob. But these filthy elves are so numerous."
 msgstr ""
-"ああ、なんてことだ! 彼らはエルフどもに包
囲されている。 我々の兄弟たちを助け"
+"ああ、なんてことだ! 彼らはエルフどもに包
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:162
 msgid "I have a subtle plan, chief."
-msgstr "隊長、私にすばらしい計画があります。"
+msgstr "隊長、俺にすばらしい計画がある。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:166
 msgid "Which plan?"
@@ -837,18 +947,17 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:170
 msgid "We go and we kill all of them. What do you think?"
-msgstr "敵に向かい、彼らをすべて殺すのです。 
+msgstr "敵に向かい、彼らをすべて殺すのだ。 どうだ?"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:174
 msgid "..."
 msgstr "……"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:178
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Then, Kapou'e launched his desperate attack to stop the siege of Barag Gór."
 msgstr ""
-"そして、Kapou'e は Barag Gor の包囲を止めるために必
+"そして、Kapou'e は Barag Gór の包囲を止めるために必
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:197
 msgid "Jetto"
@@ -859,46 +968,45 @@
 "Freedom! Many thanks, Son of The Black Eye. I'm Jetto, master of assassins, "
 "now you can count on the assassins guild to help you in your quest!"
 msgstr ""
-"自由だ! 黒眼の子よ、ありがとうございます。 私は暗殺者
の頭の Jetto です。 これ"
Jetto で"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:244
 msgid "They are retreating at last!"
-msgstr "彼らはついに後退します!"
+msgstr "彼らはついに後退します!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:248
 msgid ""
 "We're not out of the woods yet. I can see that more are pouring from the "
 "forest. We are not yet safe."
 msgstr ""
-"だ。 我々はまだ安全ではない。"
 ã€‚ "
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:252
 msgid ""
 "You are right, we have to leave to a safer place. You have helped us. Would "
 "you help us again and escort us to the Harbour of Tirigaz?"
 msgstr ""
-"そのとおりです。 我々はもっと安全なå 
´æ‰€ã¸ç«‹ã¡åŽ»ã‚‰ãªã‘ればなりません。 あなた"
-"は我々を助けてくれました。 我々をさらに助け、 Tirigaz 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:256
 msgid "Yes, I need to ask for assistance from the whole council. I'm with you."
 msgstr ""
-"いいだろう。 私はすべての評議会に協力を求める必
要がある。 あなた方とともにい"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:260
 msgid ""
 "Excellent. This is a dangerous journey, as we have to take a road near the "
 "elvish forest. This is the road near that yellow farm."
 msgstr ""
-"すばらしい。 我々
-"なるでしょう。 これはあの黄色い農場の近くの道です。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:267
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Bring the Shamans and then Kapou'e to the signpost"
 msgstr "シャーマンと Kapou'e を道しるべまで移動させる"
@@ -907,13 +1015,12 @@
 "We're safe, finally. Hurry up Kapou'e, come with us, we need to reach "
 "Tirigaz as soon as possible."
 msgstr ""
Kapou'e、急いで私たちとともに来てください。 我々
-"だけ早く Tirigaz に着く必要があります。"
+"け早く Tirigaz に着く必要があります。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:317
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Bring Kapou'e to the sign post"
-msgstr "シャーマンと Kapou'e を道しるべまで移動させる"
+msgstr "Kapou'e を道しるべまで移動させる"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:356
 msgid "Filiel"
@@ -921,88 +1028,89 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:363
 msgid "Aha! Surprise! You thought you could cross elvish lands safely!"
-msgstr "あは! 驚いたか! 
+msgstr "あは! 驚いたか! 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:383
 msgid "We've made it! Our journey is still long. Hurry up, my people!"
-msgstr "やり遂げた! 我々の旅はまだ長い。 我がå…
+msgstr "やり遂げた! 我々の旅はまだ長い。 我がå…
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:403
 msgid "They are destroying our castle! To my rescue my merry Elves!"
-msgstr "彼らは我々の城を破壊している! 
+msgstr "彼らは我々の城を破壊している! 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/The_Siege_Of_Barag_Gor.cfg:415
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "At your service, Etheliel. Let us push these evil creatures back to their "
-msgstr "助けにきたぞ、Etheliel。 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:4
 msgid "To the harbour of Tirigaz"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Tirigaz の港へ"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:43
 msgid "Defeat all enemy leaders"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "すべての敵のリーダーを倒す"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:81
 msgid "Na-Mana"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Na-Mana"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:108
 msgid "Ma-Rana"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Ma-Rana"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:174
 msgid "Ahhh, I'm so tired. It was a good idea to halt in such a quiet place."
-msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:178
 msgid "It is too quiet. Just plain boring."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ここは静かすぎる。まったく退屈な計画だ。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:182
 msgid "Shut up, I just heard something."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "静かに、何か聞こえる。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:186
 msgid ""
 "You're right. I can see something is moving in these hills. Looks like there "
 "are undead there."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:190
 msgid "Excellent! It is time for exercise!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "すばらしい! 訓練の時間だ!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:205
 msgid "Hmmm, what neat bottle! What is it?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ふうむ、なんときれいな瓶だろう! これはなんだ?"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:209
 msgid "It is written H.O.L.Y W.A.T.E.R"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "それには「せ・い・な・る・水」と書かれている"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:213
 msgid "I'm thirsty ... *gulp* *gulp*"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "のどが渇いた…… ごくごく"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:217
 msgid "Ahhh, that was yummy!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ああ、うまかった!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:229
 msgid "The day is coming, these night creatures will soon return to the pit."
-msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:233
 msgid "Grüü, are you forgeting we are ALSO night creatures?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Grüü、お前は我々も夜の生き物だ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/To_The_Harbour_Of_Tirigaz.cfg:237
 msgid "Err... well..."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ああ…… そうだった……"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:4
 msgid "Toward Mountains of Haag"
@@ -1028,9 +1136,9 @@
 "are near now. But beware, there are dwarves and wild trolls around. Hurry "
 "up! I can see the sign post that indicates their land."
 msgstr ""
自由民族の地はすぐ近くにあると感じる。 しかし気"
 急げ! 彼らの土地を指し"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:119
 msgid "What are these orcs doing here? They should be too tired to live."
@@ -1042,7 +1150,7 @@
 msgid ""
 "I've never pushed so far, we are crossing the border of the Black Eye lands."
 msgstr ""
-"俺はこんなに遠くまで来たことはない。 我々
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:149
@@ -1063,14 +1171,14 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:178
 msgid "Father, we should help them. Orcs are our allies."
-msgstr "父上、我々は彼らを助けるべきです。 
+msgstr "親父、俺たちは彼らを助けるべきだ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:182
 msgid ""
 "I don't know if we should do that. Orcs have been our allies in the past, "
 "but they have always treated us as fools."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:186
@@ -1078,25 +1186,25 @@
 "But Father, we don't know what they are seeking there, maybe this is a good "
 "occasion to get rid of these dwarves."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:190
 msgid ""
 "You are right, my son. We will help our orcish friends. But take care of "
 "you ... I would be desperate if something would happen to you."
 msgstr ""
-"息子よ、そのとおりだ。 我々
はオーク族の友を助けよう。 しかし注意するのだ……お"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:221
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/deaths.cfg:80
 msgid "Argh! I'm done. My people is doomed!"
-msgstr "ああ! 私は終わりだ。 我が一族は破滅だ!"
+msgstr "ああ! 私は終わりだ。我が一族は破滅だ!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:235
 msgid "Father! Oh no!"
-msgstr "父上! ああ、なんてことだ!"
+msgstr "親父! ああ、なんてことだ!"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:239
 msgid "Filthy dwarves! Now I'm to kill you to the last!"
@@ -1105,14 +1213,14 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:250
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/deaths.cfg:92
 msgid "Oh no, I'm defeated."
-msgstr "ああ、なんてことだ、私は負けた。"
+msgstr "ああ、なんてことだ、俺は負けた。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:259
 msgid ""
 "My son! I should have never brought him to this fight. Now we are to return "
 "to our caverns, and we will never go back."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:268
@@ -1131,19 +1239,19 @@
 "Barag-Gor in the distance."
 msgstr ""
 "うまくいった! 我々は Haag の山地を通り抜けた! 
この緑の丘を見ろ! 自由民族の"
-"地は近い。 Barag-Gor の壁が遠くに見える。"
+"地は近い。Barag-Gor の防壁が遠くに見える。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:312
 msgid ""
 "Blemaker, many thanks for your help in this fight. Would you like to join us "
 "in our journey with your son? Your help would be very appreciated!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:317
 msgid "Father, I'd like to join them. Would you mind it?"
-msgstr "父上、私は彼らに加わりたいと思います。 だ
+msgstr "親父、俺は彼らに加わりたいと思う。だめか?"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:321
 msgid ""
@@ -1151,13 +1259,13 @@
 "But take care, there are plenty of creatures that seek our end, like elves "
 "or humans. They are as clever as merciless."
 msgstr ""
け成長している。 私は、ここに留まらなけれ"
-"ばならない。 しかし気をつけるのだ、我々の滅
-"る。 エルフ族や人間のような。 彼らは無慈悲だがそれだ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:325
 msgid "Thanks, father. Don't worry, I'll take care of myself."
-msgstr "ありがとう、父上。 心é…
+msgstr "ありがとう、親父。心é…
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:335
 msgid ""
@@ -1165,16 +1273,16 @@
 "Would you like to join us in our journey? Your help would be very "
 msgstr ""
-"た。 我々の旅に加わる気はないか? 
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/Towards_Mountains_of_Haag.cfg:339
 msgid ""
 "My father would have come to help you. I would insult his memory not to help "
 "you. I come!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/deaths.cfg:16
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/deaths.cfg:32
@@ -1188,7 +1296,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/deaths.cfg:52
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/deaths.cfg:68
 msgid "The council will never be complete again. This is hopeless."
-msgstr "評議会が再び完成することはないだろう。 
+msgstr "評議会が再び完成することはないだ
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/deaths.cfg:104
 msgid "Without Inarix to lead his saurians, there is no hope."
@@ -1201,10 +1309,10 @@
 "peace treaty defined which lands were devoted to orcs or humans. Years that "
 "followed the treaty were prosperous."
 msgstr ""
-"Wesnoth の王、Rahul 1 世は、彼の治世の 4 
年目にオーク族と平和条約を締結 し"
-"た。 彼はオーク族の支配者、黒眼の Karun との 15 
年間の戦争を終えた。 平和条約"
+"Wesnoth の王、Rahul 1 世は、彼の治世の 4 
+"彼はオーク族の支配者、黒眼の Karun との 15 
 †èª¿ã ã£"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/story.cfg:10
 msgid ""
@@ -1213,8 +1321,8 @@
 "orcish lands and to push orcs to desolated hills."
 msgstr ""
 "Howgarth 3 世の治世の 13 年目、オーク族と北部の伯爵é 
˜ã®äººé–“との間に 緊張が高"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/story.cfg:15
 msgid ""
@@ -1224,17 +1332,17 @@
 "small army to his son-in-law baron Albert."
 msgstr ""
こうして、Lanbec'h 伯爵は"
決め、彼の義理の息子である "
-"Albert 男爵に小さな軍隊を与えた。"
決め、彼の義理の息子である Albert "
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/story.cfg:20
 msgid ""
 "Baron Albert personally led a small vanguard with the mission to establish a "
 "bridgehead inside Orcish lands."
 msgstr ""
-"Albert 男爵はオーク族の土地の内
部への足がかりを築くという使命を受け、 小さな"
+"Albert 男爵はオーク族の土地の内
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/story.cfg:25
 msgid ""
@@ -1242,41 +1350,8 @@
 "of orcish leader Kapou'e, the son of the Black Eye."
 msgstr ""
 "日暮れまでに、彼の軍隊はオークのリーダー Kapou'e の支é…
ä¸‹ã«ã‚ã‚‹ 山地に 到着し"
-"た。 Kapou'e は黒眼の子だった。"
+"た。Kapou'e は黒眼の子だった。"
 #: data/scenarios/Son_Of_The_Black_Eye/utils/utils.cfg:193
 msgid "Pirate Galleon"
 msgstr "海賊のガレオン船"
-#~ msgid "(easiest)"
-#~ msgstr "(易しい)"
-#~ msgid "(hardest)"
-#~ msgstr "(難しい)"
-#~ msgid ""
-#~ "You are right, we have to go to a safer place. You have helped us. Would "
-#~ "you help us again and escort us to the Harbour of Tirigaz?"
-#~ msgstr ""
-#~ "そのとおりです。 我々はもっと安全なå 
´æ‰€ã«è¡Œã‹ãªã‘ればなりません。 あなたは"
-#~ "我々を助けてくれました。 我々をさらに助け、 Tirigaz 
-#~ "せんか?"
-#~ msgid "Yes, I need to ask for assistance from whole council. I'm with you."
-#~ msgstr ""
-#~ "いいだろう。 私はすべての評議会に協力を求める必
要がある。 あなた方とともに"
-#~ "いよう。"
-#~ msgid ""
-#~ "Yes, but I can see that more are pouring from the forest. We are not in "
-#~ "safety."
-#~ msgstr ""
 ã€‚ 我々はまだ安"
-#~ "全ではない。"
-#~ msgid ""
-#~ "Excellent. This is a dangerous journey, as we have to take a road near "
-#~ "the elvish forest. This is the road near this yellow farm."
-#~ msgstr ""
-#~ "すばらしい。 我々
-#~ "旅になるでしょう。 これはあの黄色い農å 

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