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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth changelog

From: ott
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth changelog
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 06:43:18 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     ott <address@hidden>    05/08/26 10:43:18

Modified files:
        .              : changelog 

Log message:
        latest revisions


Index: wesnoth/changelog
diff -u wesnoth/changelog:1.878 wesnoth/changelog:1.879
--- wesnoth/changelog:1.878     Thu Aug 25 18:10:38 2005
+++ wesnoth/changelog   Fri Aug 26 10:43:17 2005
@@ -8,14 +8,17 @@
    * updated man pages: English, German, Swedish
    * fixed some translated strings not being used (#14094)
    * improve layout of some parts of help (#14075)
+   * fixed several typos and errors (including #14228,#14207,#14076,#14077)
  * campaigns
    * Eastern Invasion: revisions to Weldyn Under Attack and Evacuation
    * The Rise of Wesnoth: fixed glitch in The River Road (forum thread 7148)
  * graphics and sound
-   * new unit portraits for Ghoul, Mermaid Initiate, Merman Fighter,
-       Merman Hunter,Naga Fighter, Nagini Fighter
-   * revised unit images and/or animations for Duelist, Elvish Shyde, Fencer,
-       Heavy Infantryman, Master at Arms, Shock Trooper
+   * new unit portraits for Elvish Shaman, Ghoul, Grand Knight, Halberdier,
+       Li'sar, Mermaid Initiate, Merman Fighter, Merman Hunter,Naga Fighter,
+       Nagini Fighter, Orcish Assassin, Royal Guard, Saurian Skirmisher
+   * revised unit images and/or animations for Direwolf Rider, Duelist,
+       Elvish Shyde, Fencer, Grand Knight, Heavy Infantryman, Horseman, Knight,
+       Lancer, Master at Arms, Paladin, Shock Trooper
    * fixed missing storm trident image (#14111)
    * new observer icon
    * fixed wrong ice missile image used by Elvish High Lord (#14132)
@@ -37,6 +40,7 @@
    * show wait cursor for long operations, if not using color cursors (#12670)
    * part-fix campaign text overflowing due to width being too narrow (#13961)
    * fixed tooltips disappearing when using dfool's theme (#14084)
+   * prestart events now happen before the player is shown the map (#12957)
  * revised multiplayer maps: Bluewater Province, Charge, Hamlets,
      Hornshark Island, Meteor Lake, Sablestone Delta
  * fixed AI units not getting rest-healing, causing replay errors
@@ -47,6 +51,7 @@
  * revised network code, try to use non-blocking I/O if available
  * new description= attribute of [attack], name="x" now implies
      description=_"x" and icon="attacks/x.png" if not specified (#12788,#14113)
+ * AI in multiplayer can now recruit healers and mixed fighters (#14096)
  * various bug fixes and code cleanups
 Version 0.9.5:

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