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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth ./changelog po/wesnoth-editor/la.po po/...

From: Nils Kneuper
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth ./changelog po/wesnoth-editor/la.po po/...
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 12:03:35 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     Nils Kneuper <address@hidden>   05/08/25 16:03:34

Modified files:
        .              : changelog 
        po/wesnoth-editor: la.po 
        po/wesnoth-httt: la.po 
        po/wesnoth-lib : la.po 
        po/wesnoth     : la.po 

Log message:
        Updated Latin translation


Index: wesnoth/changelog
diff -u wesnoth/changelog:1.876 wesnoth/changelog:1.877
--- wesnoth/changelog:1.876     Tue Aug 23 22:39:46 2005
+++ wesnoth/changelog   Thu Aug 25 16:03:32 2005
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
    * new manual: Turkish
    * updated manual: German, Swedish
    * updated translations: Afrikaans, Basque, British English, Catalan, Czech,
-     Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish,
+     Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Polish,
      Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
    * updated man pages: English, German, Swedish
    * fixed some translated strings not being used (#14094)
Index: wesnoth/po/wesnoth-editor/la.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/wesnoth-editor/la.po:1.20 
--- wesnoth/po/wesnoth-editor/la.po:1.20        Mon Aug  1 11:43:46 2005
+++ wesnoth/po/wesnoth-editor/la.po     Thu Aug 25 16:03:33 2005
@@ -220,11 +220,11 @@
 #: src/editor/editor_dialogs.cpp:491
 msgid "X-Axis"
-msgstr "Axis ξ"
+msgstr "Axis X"
 #: src/editor/editor_dialogs.cpp:492
 msgid "Y-Axis"
-msgstr "Axis υ"
+msgstr "Axis Y"
 #: src/editor/editor_dialogs.cpp:493
 msgid "Flip around (this may change the dimensions of the map):"
Index: wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/la.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/la.po:1.40 wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/la.po:1.41
--- wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/la.po:1.40  Mon Aug  1 11:43:53 2005
+++ wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/la.po       Thu Aug 25 16:03:33 2005
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 "Project-Id-Version: Battle for Wesnoth 0.8.9-CVS\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugs.wesnoth.org/\n";
 "POT-Creation-Date: 2005-08-01 13:28+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-04-01 16:35+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-08-12 11:34+0200\n"
 "Last-Translator: Mark Polo <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language-Team: Latin\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
@@ -1049,7 +1049,6 @@
 msgstr "Et navis nos Anduinem portat?"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:184
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Yes, we will sail to the Isle of Anduin, my home Konrad, and the home of "
 "many magi."
@@ -1169,9 +1168,8 @@
 "gregibus Reginae Obscurae."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:330
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "I have failed in my duty to protect the Rightful Heir and the port."
-msgstr "Defeci in officio meo heredem legitimum protegendi et portum."
+msgstr "Defeci in officio meo Heredem Legitimum protegendi et portum."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:334
 msgid ""
@@ -1381,7 +1379,6 @@
 msgstr "Monstrum in lacu illo latebat!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Dwarven_Doors.cfg:250
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "The legend was true! There are always tentacled creatures hiding in the "
 "lakes near the Dwarven Kingdoms."
@@ -1600,14 +1597,13 @@
 "est. Conradus Sceptrum habet. Thronum accipiet."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Elven_Council.cfg:164
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Well, I have the Scepter! I will return and the people will accept me as "
 "Queen! My mother is only Queen Mother. The Throne is rightfully mine, and I "
 "will rule from it with justice and fairness. I may even accept you as my "
 "adviser and counselor, Delfador."
 msgstr ""
-"Sceptrum habeo! Reveniam et populus me reginam accipet. Mater mea tantum "
+"Sceptrum habeo! Reveniam et populus me Reginam accipet. Mater mea tantum "
 "Regina Mater est. Thronum legitime meum est, et ex eo iuste et recte "
 "regnabo. Te fortasse auctorem et concillarium accipiam, Delfador."
@@ -1948,9 +1944,8 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Elves_Besieged.cfg:329
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "I... I don't think I can make it anymore."
-msgstr "Non...non puto plus facere posse"
+msgstr "Non...non puto me plus facere posse."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Elves_Besieged.cfg:333
 msgid "Prince... you must keep fighting! Nooooooo!"
@@ -3012,21 +3007,18 @@
 msgstr "Aliquem latentem in pago inveni!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:212
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "My lords, I have been hiding in the village from the orcs, like many of the "
 "other magi here. Perhaps we can work together to recapture the island!"
 msgstr ""
 "Domini mi, latui in pago ab orcis, sicut multi alii magi hic. Forsitan una "
-"laborare possimus ut insulam recapiamus!"
+"laborare possimus ut insulam recipiamus!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:216
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Certainly, let us join together to fight the evil ones."
-msgstr "Certe, nos coniungimus ad orcos malos pugnandos."
+msgstr "Certe, nos coniungimus ad malos pugnandos."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:220
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "You can now recruit magi."
 msgstr "Nunc magos conscribere potes."
@@ -3043,7 +3035,6 @@
 msgstr "Discipule mi! Quomodo insula a qualibus capta est?"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:254
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "You have not heard, master Delfador? Asheviere is trying to control the "
 "entire western coast. She hired many Orcs and sent them here. They were "
@@ -3202,7 +3193,6 @@
 msgstr "Xacae"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:277
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Surprise! Searching for magi, and all I get is these foul humans!"
 msgstr "Deprensus sum! Quaesivi Magos et tantum hos homines foedos inveni!"
@@ -3341,7 +3331,6 @@
 "Nanos tribus mei accessam vos iuvatum!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Mountain_Pass.cfg:172
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "If this is true, Konrad, perhaps we should take another route and go around "
 "the mountain, rather than trying to defeat these new foes."
@@ -3370,7 +3359,6 @@
 "occidente, Findores Tibiarum fortes! Ad proelium!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Mountain_Pass.cfg:205
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Well, we have defeated our foes. Let us hope the mountain does not defeat us!"
 msgstr "Sane hostes nostros vicimus. Speremus ne mons nos vincat!"
@@ -4690,7 +4678,6 @@
 msgstr "Denuo veni vos adiuvatum, amici!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Valley_of_Death.cfg:261
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "White magi? Come to help us? But what are they doing here?"
 msgstr "Magine albi? Adiuvatumne nos? Sed quid faciunt hic?"
Index: wesnoth/po/wesnoth-lib/la.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/wesnoth-lib/la.po:1.26 wesnoth/po/wesnoth-lib/la.po:1.27
--- wesnoth/po/wesnoth-lib/la.po:1.26   Mon Aug  8 12:47:06 2005
+++ wesnoth/po/wesnoth-lib/la.po        Thu Aug 25 16:03:34 2005
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@
 "Project-Id-Version: Wesnoth 0.8.8\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugs.wesnoth.org/\n";
 "POT-Creation-Date: 2005-08-08 14:28+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-04-01 16:04+0200\n"
-"Last-Translator: Mark Polo <address@hidden>\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-08-12 11:28+0200\n"
+"Last-Translator: Mark Polo <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language-Team: Latin\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
@@ -23,11 +23,11 @@
 #: src/hotkeys.cpp:46
 msgid "Previous unit"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Unitas previa"
 #: src/hotkeys.cpp:47
 msgid "Hold Position"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Positionem Mantenere"
 #: src/hotkeys.cpp:48
 msgid "End Unit Turn"
@@ -58,13 +58,12 @@
 msgstr "Conspectus Solitus"
 #: src/hotkeys.cpp:55 src/preferences.cpp:887
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Toggle Full Screen"
-msgstr "Scrinium Totum"
+msgstr "Scrinium Totum vel in Fenestra Permutare"
 #: src/hotkeys.cpp:56
 msgid "Screenshot"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Imago Scrinii"
 #: src/hotkeys.cpp:57
 msgid "Accelerated"
@@ -184,7 +183,7 @@
 #: src/hotkeys.cpp:87
 msgid "Set Player's keep"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Arcem lusoris Imponere"
 #: src/hotkeys.cpp:88
 msgid "Flood Fill"
@@ -342,13 +341,12 @@
 msgstr "Imagines Tempi Invertere"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:901
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Sound effects"
-msgstr "Iactationes Aureolae Monstrare"
+msgstr "Iactationes Aureolae"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:902
 msgid "Music"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Musica"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:904
 msgid "Music Volume:"
@@ -368,7 +366,7 @@
 #: src/preferences.cpp:918
 msgid "Sound effects on/off"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Iactationes Aureolas ponere/tollere"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:922
 msgid "Change the sound effects volume"
@@ -376,7 +374,7 @@
 #: src/preferences.cpp:925
 msgid "Music on/off"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Musicam ponere/tollere"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:929
 msgid "Change the music volume"
@@ -449,14 +447,12 @@
 msgstr "Aspicere et imponere claves notarum"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:1158
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "yes"
-msgstr "Ita"
+msgstr "ita"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:1160
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "no"
-msgstr "Infectum Reddere"
+msgstr "non"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:1219
 msgid "Prefs section^General"
@@ -472,7 +468,7 @@
 #: src/preferences.cpp:1222
 msgid "Advanced section^Advanced"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Provecta"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:1278
 msgid "There are no alternative video modes available"
@@ -496,11 +492,11 @@
 #: src/preferences.cpp:1362
 msgid "Action"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Actio"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:1362
 msgid "Binding"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Adligatio"
 #: src/preferences.cpp:1374
 msgid "Change Hotkey"
@@ -520,7 +516,7 @@
 #: src/show_dialog.cpp:416 src/show_dialog.cpp:429
 msgid "OK"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Sane"
 #: src/show_dialog.cpp:422
 msgid "Yes"
@@ -541,7 +537,7 @@
 #: src/show_dialog.cpp:852
 msgid "Receiving data..."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Data recipiens..."
 #: src/show_dialog.cpp:883
 msgid "KB"
Index: wesnoth/po/wesnoth/la.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/wesnoth/la.po:1.51 wesnoth/po/wesnoth/la.po:1.52
--- wesnoth/po/wesnoth/la.po:1.51       Mon Aug  8 12:47:10 2005
+++ wesnoth/po/wesnoth/la.po    Thu Aug 25 16:03:34 2005
@@ -6,11 +6,11 @@
 msgid ""
 msgstr ""
-"Project-Id-Version: Wesnoth Latin 0.8.9-CVS\n"
+"Project-Id-Version: Wesnoth Latin 1.0.0\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugs.wesnoth.org/\n";
 "POT-Creation-Date: 2005-08-08 13:32+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-08-07 22:51+0200\n"
-"Last-Translator: Mark Polo <address@hidden>\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-08-25 17:48+0200\n"
+"Last-Translator: Mark Polo <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language-Team: Latin\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
@@ -18,25 +18,23 @@
 #: data/amla.cfg:8
 msgid "Max HP bonus +{HP_ADVANCE}"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Bonum ad SP maxima +{HP_ADVANCE}"
 #: data/amla.cfg:21
 msgid "Full Heal"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Curatio Plena"
 #: data/fonts.cfg:6
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "DejaVuSans.ttf,FreeSans.ttf,sazanami-gothic.ttf,gkai00mp.ttf"
 msgstr "DejaVuSans.ttf,FreeSans.ttf,sazanami-gothic.ttf,gkai00mp.ttf"
 #: data/game.cfg:27
 msgid "Binary Saves"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Servata Binaria"
 #: data/game.cfg:34
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Show Combat"
-msgstr "Certamen"
+msgstr "Certamina Monstrare"
 #: data/help.cfg:9
 msgid "Introduction"
@@ -67,9 +65,8 @@
 msgstr "Agri"
 #: data/help.cfg:54 data/help.cfg:60 data/help.cfg:244
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Overview"
-msgstr "Superscriberene?"
+msgstr "Prospectus"
 #: data/help.cfg:55
 msgid ""
@@ -82,7 +79,6 @@
 "agit. Hae facultates in loco hoc scribentur dum eis occurres."
 #: data/help.cfg:63
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
@@ -96,18 +92,17 @@
 "Proelium pro Occidiseptentrione lusus est defixus in tractibus de fantasia "
 "et rebus militaribus nonnihil insolitus inter lusus modernos rerum "
-"militarium. Dum alii lusus implicationem nituntur et in normis et in "
-"lusione, Proelium pro Occidiseptentrione nititur simplictitatem normarum et "
-"lusionis. Hoc non facit ut lusus simplicis sit tamen -- ex normis his "
-"simplicibus copiae rerum militarium oriuntur, facientes ut lusus faciliter "
-"est discere sed provocatio est in eo dominari."
+"militarium. Dum alii lusus implicationem nituntur, Proelium pro "
+"Occidiseptentrione nititur simplictitatem normarum et lusionis. Hoc non "
+"facit ut lusus simplicis sit tamen -- ex normis his simplicibus copiae rerum "
+"militarium oriuntur, facientes ut lusus faciliter est discere sed provocatio "
+"est in eo dominari."
 #: data/help.cfg:68
 msgid "Fundamentals of Gameplay"
 msgstr "Elementa lusoris"
 #: data/help.cfg:69
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "These pages outline all you need to know to play Battle for Wesnoth. They "
 "cover how to play and the basic mechanics behind the game. As you play the "
@@ -117,8 +112,9 @@
 msgstr ""
 "Haec pagina omnia summatim describit quae sapere necesse est ut Proelium pro "
 "Occidiseptentrione lusas. Includit quomodo lusas et scientias machinales "
-"post lusum. Nota bene: summarium tantum est -- ut exceptiones et condiciones "
-"speciales videas, sis sequere ligamina inclusa."
+"post lusum. Dum ludis, informatio nova adduntur in paginas has, cum novos "
+"aspectos lusus invenias. Ut exceptiones et condiciones speciales videas, sis "
+"sequere ligamina inclusa."
 #: data/help.cfg:71
 msgid ""
@@ -131,6 +127,15 @@
 "then <italic>text='Heir to the Throne'</italic>. As Battle for Wesnoth can "
 "be quite challenging, you may wish to start on <italic>text=Easy</italic>."
 msgstr ""
+"Ad iniciandum optimum est cliccare super bullam <italic>text=Schola</italic> "
+"in elencho principali. Hoc te fert ad scholam interactivam, ubi res basicas "
+"Occidiseptentrionis disceris. Posthac commendatus es ludere primum "
+"stipendium Heres Throni - clicca <italic>text=Stipendium</italic> deinde "
+"<italic>text='Heres Throni'</italic>. Quoniam Proelium pro "
+"Occidiseptentrione valde arduum esse potest, fortasse in modo "
+"<italic>text=Facilis</italic> incipere velis."
 #: data/help.cfg:74
 msgid ""
@@ -139,11 +144,14 @@
 "will be shown explaining that item. This is especially useful when you "
 "encounter new <ref>dst=abilities text=abilities</ref> for the first time."
 msgstr ""
+"Dum ludis, habeto in mente desciptionem brevem apparaturum esse cum mus "
+"super multas res in ludo moveatur, e.g. nuntias in tabellis statutis. "
+"Praesertim utile est cum novas <ref>dst=abilities text=facultates</ref> "
+"primum inveneas."
 #: data/help.cfg:79
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "About the Game"
-msgstr "Lusum relinquere"
+msgstr "De Lusu"
 #: data/help.cfg:80
 msgid ""
@@ -155,6 +163,13 @@
 "If your computer has a connection to the Internet, you can play against "
 "other people across the Internet."
 msgstr ""
+"Ludus accidit in serie proeliorum, quae missiones dicuntur. Omnis missio "
+"milites tuos contra milites unius pluriumve adversariorum mittit. Potest "
+"contra computatrum ludere, aut cum amicis qui tempora in sella prae "
+"computatro mutant (lusus sellae calidae). Si computatrum tuum ad rete locale "
+"coniungitur, etiam potes contra alias personas in reti ludere. Se "
+"connectionem ad Interrete habes, contra alias personas in Interreti ludere "
 #: data/help.cfg:82
 msgid ""
@@ -166,6 +181,13 @@
 "need to reach a destination, to rescue someone, to solve a puzzle, or just "
 "to survive a certain number of turns."
 msgstr ""
+"Omnis missio nonnulla proposita habet, qui in initio missionis monstratur. "
+"Haec proposita scribunt quae factura sunt ut vincas, et quae vitatura sunt "
+"ut non vincaris. Saepe propositum est omnes hostes vincere, sed nonnumquam "
+"debes finem quendam attingere, aliquem servare, nodum enorare, aut tantum "
+"superesse numerum quendam tractuum."
 #: data/help.cfg:84
 msgid ""
@@ -176,6 +198,11 @@
 "preserving your best troops so that they can be used again in later "
 "scenarios in the campaign."
 msgstr ""
+"Stipendia ex multitudine missionum constant, alter alterum sequens, "
+"historiam narrantes. In stipendio neccesse est saepe cautius ludere, servans "
+"milites optimos ad utendum in missionibus posterioribus stipendii."
 #: data/help.cfg:89
 msgid "Recruiting and Recalling"
@@ -193,6 +220,16 @@
 "units available for recruitment, along with their gold cost. Click on a unit "
 "to see its statistics, then press the recruit button to recruit it."
 msgstr ""
+"Omnis pars incipit cum uno duce in arce. In initio ullius prolii, et "
+"nonnumquam in eo, necesse erit <ref>dst=units text=unitates</ref> in "
+"exercitum tuum conscribere. Si conscribere vis, oportet ducem (e.g. Conradum "
+"in stipendio 'Heres Throni') in hexagoni Arcis <ref>dst=terrain_castle "
+"text=Castelli</ref> ullius habere. Deinde conscribere potes, eligens "
+"Conscribere ex elencho aut cliccans dextre in hexagoni eligens "
+"<italic>text=Conscribere</italic>. Hoc monstratur elenchum conscriptionis, "
+"quod unitates scribit qui conscribi possunt cum pretio auri. Si vis "
+"facultates unitatis videre, clicca super eam.Postea potest bullam "
+"'conscribere' premere ut eam conscribas."
 #: data/help.cfg:92
 msgid ""
@@ -203,6 +240,12 @@
 "keep. You may only recruit as many units as you have free hexes in your "
 "castle, and you cannot spend more gold than you actually have on recruiting."
 msgstr ""
+"Si in hexagoni castelli dextre cliccavisti eligens conscribere, unitas nova "
+"in hoc loco appariet. Alioqi appariet in loco quodam libero vicino arce. "
+"Solum tot unitates conscribere potes quot loca libera in castello habes, et "
+"non potest plus aurum dare quam habes in conscribendo."
 #: data/help.cfg:94
 msgid ""
@@ -211,6 +254,10 @@
 "Recruited units come with two random <ref>dst=traits text=Traits</ref> which "
 "modify their statistics."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates conscripta duo <ref>dst=traits text=Lineamenta</ref> fortuita "
+"habent quae abilitates eorum mutant."
 #: data/help.cfg:96
 msgid ""
@@ -220,6 +267,11 @@
 "Recalling costs a standard 20 gold and presents you with a list of all "
 "surviving units from previous scenarios."
 msgstr ""
+"In missionibus subsequentibus etiam potest revocare unitates qui ex proeliis "
+"anterioribus supersunt. Revocatio unitatis constat semper XX nummis aureis "
+"et tibi dat elencho omnium unitatum superessendum ex missionibus praeviis."
 #: data/help.cfg:98
 msgid ""
@@ -229,41 +281,47 @@
 "support. See <ref>dst=income_and_upkeep text='Income and Upkeep'</ref> for "
 "more information."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates non solum auro constant ad Conscribendum aut Revocandum, sed etiam "
+"opus est pecuniam impendere ut sustineantur. Vide <ref>dst=income_and_upkeep "
+"text='Merces Impensaque'</ref> si plures nuntios vis."
 #: data/help.cfg:103
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Orbs"
-msgstr "Orci"
+msgstr "Orbes"
 #: data/help.cfg:104
 msgid ""
 "On top of the energy bar shown next to each unit of yours is an orb. For "
 "units you control, this orb is:"
 msgstr ""
+"Super palum energiae iuxta quenquam unitatem tuam orbis est. Orbis unitatis "
+"a te controlatae est:"
 #: data/help.cfg:105
 msgid "green if it hasn't moved this turn,"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "viridis si nondum mota est hoc tractu,"
 #: data/help.cfg:106
 msgid "yellow if it has moved, but could still move further or attack, or"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "fulvus si iam mota est, sed etiamnun moveri oppugnareve potest, aut"
 #: data/help.cfg:107
 msgid "red if it has used all its movement this turn."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ruber si omni motu huius tractus iam usa est."
 #: data/help.cfg:108
 msgid "The orb is blue if the unit is an ally you do not control."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Orbis est caeruleus si unitas socia est, non a te controlata."
 #: data/help.cfg:109
 msgid "Enemy units have no orb on top of their energy bar."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Unitates hostium orbe super palum energiae carent."
 #: data/help.cfg:114
 msgid "Hitpoints and Experience"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Puncta Salutis et Experientiae"
 #: data/help.cfg:115
 msgid ""
@@ -272,6 +330,10 @@
 "experience points (XP). A freshly recruited unit starts with no experience "
 "points, and gains experience by fighting enemies."
 msgstr ""
+"Quaeque unitas numerum quendam punctorum salutis (PS) habet. Si "
+"punctasalutis unitatis sub unum cadunt, moritur unitas. Quaeque unitas etiam "
+"numerum quendam punctorum experientiae (PE) habet. Unitas nuper conscripta "
+"non habet puncta experientiae, et ea meret in proelio contra hostes."
 #: data/help.cfg:116
 msgid ""
@@ -279,6 +341,8 @@
 "using two numbers (the current value and the maximum value the unit can "
 msgstr ""
+"Puncta salutis et experientiae in tabella statutis monstrantur duobus "
+"numeris (vis praesens et vis maxima quam unitas habere potest)."
 #: data/help.cfg:117
 msgid ""
@@ -287,6 +351,10 @@
 "experience bar, which turns white as the unit is about to "
 "<ref>dst=experience_and_advancement text=advance</ref>."
 msgstr ""
+"Puncta salutis etiam monstratur palo energia iuxta quamque unitatem, qui "
+"colorem habet viridem, fulvum aut rubrum. Unitas cum punctis experientiae "
+"atque palum experientiae caeruleum habet. Hic in album mutat, si unitas "
+"<ref>dst=experience_and_advancement text=promotura est</ref>."
 #: data/help.cfg:122 src/help.cpp:1197
 msgid "Movement"
@@ -303,6 +371,14 @@
 "clicking will cause the unit to move towards it by the fastest route over "
 "this and subsequent turns."
 msgstr ""
+"Motus in Proelio pro Occidiseptentrione facilis est. Clicca super unitatem "
+"quae moveri vis ad eligendam, deinde in hexagonem quo moveri debet. Dum "
+"unitas electa est, omnis hexagonis quo moveri potest illustratur, alii omnes "
+"obscurantur. Si murem super hexagonem illustratum movetur, monstratur ratio "
+"defensus quem unitas in eo hexagone habeat. Si murem super hexagonem "
+"obscuratem movetur, etiam numerus tractuum necessarius ad hoc hexagone "
+"attingendum monstratur, cliccum hoc efficit ut unitas in directione huis "
+"hexagonis movetur in itinere celerrimo in hoc et tractibus subsequentibus."
 #: data/help.cfg:125
 msgid ""
@@ -318,6 +394,16 @@
 "it, selecting Unit Description, and then looking at <italic>text='Terrain "
 msgstr ""
+"Quaeque unitas numerum quendam punctorum motus quibus utitur cum in novo "
+"hexagone movetur, pendens ex Agro in hac hexagone. E.g. Campus quasi semper "
+"I puncto motus constat. Numerus certus punctorum moti quibus unitas utitur "
+"entrans in hexagonem pendet ex genus unitatis - in silva, unitates Dryadalum "
+"tantum I puncto utuntur, plurimi homines et orci II, sed equites III. Potes "
+"discere quot punctibus motus unitas eget ut in agrum quendam intret cliccans "
+"dextre in eam, eligens Descriptio Unitatis, et spectans partem "
+"<italic>text='Immutationes Agri'</italic>."
 #: data/help.cfg:127
 msgid ""
@@ -330,6 +416,14 @@
 "as only <ref>dst=ability_skirmisher text='Skirmishers'</ref> can ignore "
 "zones of control."
 msgstr ""
+"Dum unitates moventur debes etiam in mente Zonas Imperii habere. Quaeque "
+"unitas zonam imperii in hexagonis vicinis generat, et omnis unitas hostium "
+"quae hos hexagones intrat finem motus facit. Discere quomodo zonas imperii "
+"in rem tuam pars significans Occidiseptentrionis est, quia tantum "
+"<ref>dst=ability_skirmisher text='Excursores'</ref> zonas imperii "
+"praetermittere possunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:129
 msgid ""
@@ -339,6 +433,11 @@
 "Cmd-v. Ctrl-b or Cmd-b shows where the enemy could move, if your units were "
 "not on the map to block their progress."
 msgstr ""
+"Si vis videre quo hostes in proximo tractu moveri possunt, preme Ctrl-v aut "
+"Cmd-v. Ctrl-b aut Cmd-b monstrat ubi hostes moveri possent, si unitates tuae "
+"obstantes non essent in charta."
 #: data/help.cfg:134
 msgid "Combat"
@@ -356,9 +455,17 @@
 "involves weapons such as swords, axes or fangs; and ranged, which usually "
 "involves weapons such as bows, spears and fireballs."
 msgstr ""
+"Certamina in Proelio pro Occidiseptentrione semper inter unitates in "
+"hexagonibus vicinis accidit. Clicca in unitatem et postea in hostem quem "
+"oppugnare vis: unitas se movet unitatem inimicam versus, et cum altera iuxta "
+"alteram sit incipit certamen. Oppugnator et defensor oppugnant alterni, "
+"usque quisque omnibus oppugnationibus propriis utitur. Oppugnator eligit "
+"unum ex telis suis ad oppugnandum et defensor ulscitur cum uno ex telis suis "
+"ex genere eodem. Duo sunt genera oppugnationis: concursus, cum telis ut "
+"gladiis, bipennibus aut dentibus; et a longe, cum telis ut arcibus, hastis "
+"et globis ignis."
 #: data/help.cfg:137
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
@@ -380,6 +487,15 @@
 "5 damage, while an Orcish Grunt with a 9-2 attack can only strike twice (but "
 "at 9 damage for each hit)."
 msgstr ""
+"Primam oppugnationem habet oppugnator, deinde ulscicitur defensor. Quaeque "
+"oppugnatio aut ferit, faciens copiam datam damni, aut aberrat, nullum damnum "
+"faciens. Oppugnationes variant alterni usque quaeque unitas omnibus ictibus "
+"utitur. Aliae unitates alios numeros ictuum habent, e.g. Pugnator Dryadalis "
+"cum oppugnatione V-IV quater oppugnare potest, et quandocumque ferit V "
+"puncta damni facit, sed Manipularis Orcorum cum oppugnatione IX-II tantum "
+"bis oppugnare potest (quamquam cum IX punctis damni quandocumque ferit)."
 #: data/help.cfg:141
 msgid ""
@@ -403,6 +519,15 @@
 "Conversely, the elf's chance of hitting the attacker in return depends on "
 "what terrain the attacker is in."
 msgstr ""
+"Quaeque unitas feriri potest et probabilitas pendet ex agro in quo sita est. "
+"Tabella statutis hanc monstrat, etiam cliccans dextre super unitatem et "
+"Descriptio Unitatis eligens, monstratur sub <italic>text='Immutationes "
+"Agri'</italic>. E.g. nonnulli dryadales rationem defensus LXX pro cento in "
+"silva, ergo unitas oppugnans eos tantum probabilitatem XXX pro cento habet "
+"feriendo. E contrario, probabilitas feriendi dryadalis in ulscicione pendet "
+"ex agro in quo stat unitas oppugnans."
 #: data/help.cfg:145
 msgid ""
@@ -414,6 +539,13 @@
 "regardless of terrain, and, when used offensively, Marksmen always have at "
 "least a 60% chance to hit, regardless of terrain."
 msgstr ""
+"Haec norma admittit duas exceptiones: <ref>dst=weaponsspecial_magical "
+"text='Oppugnationes magicae'</ref> et <ref>des=weaponsspecial_marksman "
+"text='Periti arcus'</ref>. Oppugnationes magicae semper probabilitatem LXX "
+"pro cento habent ferire, neglegentes agrum, et in oppugnatione, Peritiarcus "
+"semper saltem LX pro cento probilitatem habent ferire, neglegentes agrum."
 #: data/help.cfg:147
 msgid ""
@@ -437,6 +569,15 @@
 "modified by the circumstances, select <italic>text='Damage Calculations'</"
 "italic> in the attack selection menu."
 msgstr ""
+"Omnis oppugnatio feriens damnum efficit fundamentale quod ex genere "
+"oppugnationis pendex. E.g. Pugnator Dryadalis cum oppugnatio V-IV damnum "
+"fundamentale V punctorum facit. Hoc mutatur plerumque a "
+"<ref>dst=damage_types_and_resistance text=Repugnantia</ref> et "
+"<ref>dst=time_of_day text='Tempore Diei'</ref> Si vis videre quomodo damnum "
+"fundamentale a statu rerum mutetur, elige <italic>text='Rationes Damni'</"
+"italic> ex elencho elegendi oppugnationem."
 #: data/help.cfg:151
 msgid ""
@@ -447,6 +588,12 @@
 "<ref>dst=weaponspecial_charge text=Charge</ref>, which doubles the damage "
 "dealt by both attacker and defender when the unit with Charge attacks."
 msgstr ""
+"Paucae unitates <ref>dst=abilities text=facultates</ref> habent quae damnum "
+"in concursu afficiunt. Creberrima earum est <ref>dst=weaponspecial_charge "
+"text=Incurrere</ref>, quae efficit ut oppugnator et defensor damnum duplice "
+"faciunt si unitas incurrens oppugnat."
 #: data/help.cfg:156
 msgid "Damage Types and Resistance"
@@ -460,6 +607,11 @@
 "and Holy attacks. Different units may have resistances which alter the "
 "damage which they take from certain damage types."
 msgstr ""
+"In Occidiseptentrione adsunt tria genera damni quae fere ex oppugnationibus "
+"physicis veniunt: Lamina, Transfigens et Incussus. Praeterea adsunt tria "
+"genera damni quae fere ex oppugnationibus magicis veniunt: Ignis, Frigidum "
+"et Sanctae. Unitates variae repugnantias habere possunt quae damnum mutant "
+"quae accipiunt a generibus quibusdam damni."
 #: data/help.cfg:159
 msgid ""
@@ -471,6 +623,13 @@
 "unit has -100% resistance against a damage type, it will suffer 100% more "
 "damage when hit by that type."
 msgstr ""
+"Repugnantiae valde facilius operant: si unitas repugnantiam XL pro cento "
+"contra genus damni habet, damnum inflictum XL pro cento minuitur. Unitas "
+"potest etiam nuda ante genera nonnulla damni esse. Si unitas nuditatem (quae "
+"scripta est ut repugnantia negativa) de C pro cento contra genus quoddam, "
+"damnum C pro cento augebitur cum feriatur hoc genere."
 #: data/help.cfg:161
 msgid ""
@@ -480,6 +639,10 @@
 "are vulnerable to Impact and Fire damage, and extremely vulnerable to Holy "
 msgstr ""
+"E.g., Ossa valde repugnant Laminas et Transfixiones, sed nuda sunt ante "
+"damnum Concussus vel Ignis, et valde nuda contra damnum Sanctum."
 #: data/help.cfg:163
 msgid ""
@@ -489,6 +652,10 @@
 "damage. This applies even if the defender has 100% resistance to the damage "
 msgstr ""
+"Si oppugnatio ferit, facit salem I punctum damni, etsi defensor repugnantia "
+"C pro cento contra hoc genus habet."
 #: data/help.cfg:168
 msgid "Time of Day"
@@ -501,6 +668,12 @@
 " Chaotic units get +25% damage at night, and -25% in daytime\n"
 " Neutral units are unaffected by the time of day."
 msgstr ""
+"Tempus diei mutat damnum unitatum quarumdam ut sequens:\n"
+" Filii lucis faciunt magis quartae partis damni die, et minus quartae partis "
+" Filii tenebrarum faciunt magis quartae partis damni noctu, et minus quartae "
+" Filios crepusculi dies et nox non afficiunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:175
 msgid ""
@@ -510,6 +683,11 @@
 "pane. For the usual day/night cycle, Morning and Afternoon count as day, "
 "First and Second Watch count as night:\n"
 msgstr ""
+"Tempus diei prasens sub charta minima in tabella statutis observari potest. "
+"Fere considerantur Antemeridiem et Postmeridiem ut dies et Vigiliae Prima et "
+"Secunda ut nox:\n"
 #: data/help.cfg:175 data/schedules.cfg:5
 msgid "Dawn"
@@ -523,7 +701,7 @@
 #: data/help.cfg:177 data/schedules.cfg:42 data/schedules.cfg:49
 #: data/schedules.cfg:67
 msgid "Afternoon"
-msgstr "Meridiem"
+msgstr "Postmeridiem"
 #: data/help.cfg:178 data/schedules.cfg:59 data/schedules.cfg:89
 #: data/schedules.cfg:111
@@ -543,10 +721,11 @@
 "Keep in mind that some scenarios take place underground, where it is "
 "perpetually night!"
 msgstr ""
+"Habeto in mente: nonnullae missiones sub terra occurunt, ubi semper nox est!"
 #: data/help.cfg:187
 msgid "Experience and Advancement"
-msgstr "Experientia et Honores"
+msgstr "Experientia et Promotiones Gradu"
 #: data/help.cfg:188
 msgid ""
@@ -555,6 +734,10 @@
 "combat, however, it gains much more experience - 4 for a level 0 unit, 8 for "
 "level 1, 16 for level 2, 24 for level 3, and so forth."
 msgstr ""
+"Si ambae unitates certamen supersunt, puncta experientiae recipit aequa "
+"gradu unitatis contra quam pugnant. Sed si unitas unitatem occidit, valde "
+"plus experientiae recipit - IV occidens unitatem ex gradu nullo, VIII ex "
+"gradu I, XVI ex gradu II, XXIV ex gradu III, cet."
 #: data/help.cfg:190
 msgid ""
@@ -565,6 +748,12 @@
 "they immediately advance to the next level, healing fully in the process. In "
 "some cases, you will be given a choice of advancement options."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates copiam quendam habent ut promoveantur gradu (haec XX pro cento "
+"minuitur si unitas lineamentum 'Argutus' habet). Si hanc copiam obtinent, "
+"statim promoventur ad gradum proximum et plene curantur. Nonnumquam debes "
+"eligere ex elencho optionum promotionis."
 #: data/help.cfg:194
 msgid ""
@@ -581,13 +770,22 @@
 "number of units, for example the Necrophage, will actually heal with AMLA "
 "effects. Most units just gain the bonus to the Maximum HP."
 msgstr ""
+"Etsi complures unitates tres gradus habent, non omnes. Paucae unitates (ut "
+"<ref>dst=unit_Mage text=Magi</ref>) quattuor habent. Postquam unitas gradum "
+"maximum attingit, potest habere Promotionem Post Maximum Gradum (PPMG).\n"
+"PPMG unitatem mutat cum metam experientiae obtinuit, sed manet in gradu "
+"eodem. Effectus solitus PPMG est incrementare puncta salutis maxima III "
+"punctis quotiens C PE consequuntur. Nota bene: pauce unitates, ut "
+"Necrophagus, curantur ex effectibus PPMG. Unitates complures tantum bonum in "
+"punctis salutis maximis accipiunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:199
 msgid "Healing"
 msgstr "Restauratio Salutis"
 #: data/help.cfg:200
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "In combat, your units will inevitably take damage. When a unit "
 "<ref>dst=experience_and_advancement text=advances</ref>, it will heal fully. "
@@ -595,9 +793,11 @@
 "not. Wesnoth offers several other ways for your units to heal, all of which "
 "take place at the beginning of your turn, before you take action."
 msgstr ""
-"In certamine unitates tuae necessariae damnatae erunt. Wesnoth nonnullas "
-"vias restaurationis salutis unitatum praebet, omnes in initio loci ordinis "
-"tui occurrunt, priusquam egeris."
+"In certamine unitates tuae necessariae damnatae erunt. Cum unitas "
+"<ref>dst=experience_and_advancement text=promovitur</ref>, plene medebitur. "
+"Hoc accedere potest in fine certaminis contra hostium, sive tractus tuus est "
+"sive non. Occidiseptentrione nonnullas alias vias restaurationis salutis "
+"unitatum praebet, omnes in initio tractus tui occurrunt, priusquam egeris."
 #: data/help.cfg:202
 msgid ""
@@ -606,12 +806,18 @@
 "Resting: A unit which neither moves, attacks, nor is attacked will heal 2HP "
 "in its next turn."
 msgstr ""
+"Requiescens: Unitas quae non movetur, oppugnat nec oppugnatur II PS in "
+"tractu proximo medebitur."
 #: data/help.cfg:203
 msgid ""
 "Villages: A unit which starts a turn in a village will heal 8HP."
 msgstr ""
+"Pagi: Unitas quae tractus in pago incipit VIII PS medebitur."
 #: data/help.cfg:204
 msgid ""
@@ -619,6 +825,9 @@
 "<ref>dst=ability_regenerates text=Regeneration</ref>: Certain units (such as "
 "trolls) will automatically heal 8HP every turn."
 msgstr ""
+"<ref>dst=ability_regenerates text=Regeneratio</ref>: Unitates quaedam (ut "
+"troglodytae) medentur VIII PS omni tractu."
 #: data/help.cfg:205
 msgid ""
@@ -629,6 +838,11 @@
 "and are fighting on the same side as the healing unit, and only up to 4HP "
 "per unit."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates medentes: Unitates cum lineamento <ref>dst=ability_heals "
+"text=Medetur</ref> VIII PS damni omni tractu medebuntur, et damnum Veneni "
+"impediunt. Tantum unitates ex parte propia possunt mederi si in hexagonibus "
+"vicinis sunt. Non possunt mederi plus quam IV PS pro unitate."
 #: data/help.cfg:206
 msgid ""
@@ -638,6 +852,11 @@
 "those units will be healed or cured that are adjacent to and are fighting on "
 "the same side as the healing unit, and only up to 8HP per unit."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates sanantes: Unitates cum lineamento <ref>dst=ability_cures "
+"text=Sanat</ref> sanabunt maxime XVIII PS damni omni tractu, et Venenum "
+"curant. Tantum unitates vicinas et ex parte propia sanabuntur, usque ad VIII "
+"PS pro unitate."
 #: data/help.cfg:208
 msgid ""
@@ -649,6 +868,12 @@
 "effective at healing their individual wounds. Finally, units heal fully "
 "between scenarios."
 msgstr ""
+"Sanatio requiescendi combinat cum aliis formis sanationis, sed pagi, "
+"regeneratio, sanatio et medetio non combinant. Unitas quae sanat aut medetur "
+"plures unitates sanationem facit minus efficienter. Demum omnis unitas qui "
+"supervivit missionem plene sanabitur."
 #: data/help.cfg:213
 msgid "Income and Upkeep"
@@ -661,6 +886,10 @@
 "gold over from one scenario to the next. There are two aspects to this; "
 "Income and Upkeep."
 msgstr ""
+"In Occidiseptentrione non satis est solum unitates conscribere et pugnare. "
+"Necesse est etiam aurum tuum aspicere, praesertim in stipendiis, in quibus "
+"aurum ex missione in proximam missionem mittitur. Hoc comprendit duas res: "
+"Mercedes Impensamque."
 #: data/help.cfg:216
 msgid ""
@@ -671,6 +900,12 @@
 "have ten villages, you would normally gain 12 gold each turn. Your Upkeep "
 "costs are subtracted from this income, as detailed below."
 msgstr ""
+"Merces facilis est. Merces fundamentalis II nummi aurei pro tractu est. Omni "
+"pago cui imperas, unum nummum adiuncturm accipis. Ergo si decem pagos habes, "
+"accipies XII nummos auri omni tractu. Impensae minuent mercedem, ut infra "
+"descripturum est."
 #: data/help.cfg:218
 msgid ""
@@ -683,6 +918,13 @@
 "per turn. For example, if you have twelve level one units and ten villages, "
 "you would have to pay two gold each turn in upkeep."
 msgstr ""
+"Impensa quoque satis facilia est. Quaeque unitas impensis eget aequalis "
+"gradu suo. Potest sustinere tot gradus unitatum quot pagos habes, impensam "
+"non solvendo. Sed pro omni gradu unitatis quem habes ultra numerum pagorum, "
+"unum nummum auri solvere debes. E.g. si habes duodecim unitates ex gradu "
+"primo et decem pagos, solvere debes II nummos omni tractu ut impensas."
 #: data/help.cfg:220
 msgid ""
@@ -692,6 +934,10 @@
 "levels of units and ten villages, your resultant Income would be 10 gold per "
 msgstr ""
+"Impensae a Mercede tuo deducuntur, in casu itaque duodecim graduum unitatum "
+"et decem pagorum, Merces tuus consequens decem nummi pro tractu sit."
 #: data/help.cfg:221
 msgid ""
@@ -701,6 +947,11 @@
 "Delfador), or units who join you during a scenario (such as the Horseman in "
 "the second scenario of Heir to the Throne) will usually have the Loyal trait."
 msgstr ""
+"Exceptio magni momenti una Impensis: unitates cum lineamento Fidelis numquam "
+"solvunt impensam. Unitates quibus missionem incipias (ut Conrado et "
+"Delfadore) et unitates quae tecum coniunguntur in missione (ut eques in "
+"missione altera Heredis Throni) habent plerumque lineamentum Fidelis."
 #: data/help.cfg:226
 msgid "Wrap Up"
@@ -714,15 +965,19 @@
 "everything you need to know to play the Heir to the Throne scenario. Have "
 "fun, and good luck!"
 msgstr ""
+"Hic explicit explicatio rationum fundamentalum Occidiseptentrionis. Forsitan "
+"de Artibus Imperatoriis legere velis, aut cum <ref>dst=traits "
+"text=Lineamentis</ref> et <ref>dst=abilities text=Facultatibus</ref> te "
+"adsuefacere, sed iam scis omnem necessarium ut stipendium 'Heres Throni' "
+"ludas. Iocum habeto, et bonam fortunam!"
 #: data/help.cfg:232
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Contributors"
 msgstr "+Qui confert"
 #: data/help.cfg:238
 msgid "License"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Potestas"
 #: data/help.cfg:245
 msgid ""
@@ -731,6 +986,10 @@
 "modifications that change a unit's attributes slightly. They are usually "
 "randomly assigned to a unit when it is recruited."
 msgstr ""
+"Plurimae unitatae duo lineamenta habent. Inmortui tamen tantum lineamentum "
+"'Inmortuus' habent, et Vosia nullum lineamentum recipiunt. Lineamenta "
+"immutationes sunt quae leviter propria unitatis mutant. Fere assignantur "
+"fortuite unitati cum conscribatur."
 #: data/help.cfg:247
 msgid ""
@@ -741,6 +1000,12 @@
 "text=Quick</ref>, <ref>dst=traits_resilient text=Resilient</ref>, and "
 "<ref>dst=traits_strong text=Strong</ref>."
 msgstr ""
+"Lineamenta quae omni unitati non Inmortuo praebentur sunt "
+"<ref>dst=traits_intelligent text=Argutus</ref>, <ref>dst=traits_quick "
+"text=Celer</ref>, <ref>dst=traits_resilient text=Mollis</ref>, et "
+"<ref>dst=traits_strong text=Fortis</ref>."
 #: data/help.cfg:249
 msgid ""
@@ -750,15 +1015,21 @@
 "text=Loyal</ref>, <ref>dst=traits_undead text=Undead</ref>, and "
 "<ref>dst=traits_dextrous text=Dextrous</ref>."
 msgstr ""
+"Lineamenta alia quae unitatibus assignari possunt sunt <ref>dst=traits_loyal "
+"text=Fidelis</ref>, <ref>dst=traits_undead text=Inmortuus</ref>, et "
+"<ref>dst=traits_dextrous text=Sollers</ref>."
 #: data/help.cfg:254
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Intelligent"
-msgstr "argutus"
+msgstr "Argutus"
 #: data/help.cfg:255
 msgid "Intelligent units require 20% less experience than usual to advance."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates argutae egent XX pro cento minus experientiae quam solita est ut "
 #: data/help.cfg:257
 msgid ""
@@ -770,15 +1041,23 @@
 "significant a change as advancing a level. If you have many 'maximum level' "
 "units you may wish to recall units with more desirable traits."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates argutae valde utiles sunt in initio stipendii qui promoveri ad "
+"gradus superiores celerius possunt. Posthac in stipendiis 'Argutus' minus "
+"utilis est quia Promotio Post Maximum Gradum (PPMG) mutatio minus "
+"significans est quam gradu promotio. Si multas unitates ex 'gradu maximo' "
+"habes, fortasse velis unitates revocare qui meliora lineamenta possident."
 #: data/help.cfg:262
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Quick"
-msgstr "celer"
+msgstr "Celer"
 #: data/help.cfg:263
 msgid "Quick units have 1 extra movement point, but 10% less HP than usual."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates celeres habent I punctum adiunctum motus, sed minus X pro cento PS "
+"quam solita."
 #: data/help.cfg:265
 msgid ""
@@ -791,15 +1070,22 @@
 "without this trait and are subsequently less good at holding contested "
 msgstr ""
+"Celer est lineamentum maxime conspicuum, maxime in unitatibus lentioribus ut "
+"Troglodytis et Peditius Armatis. Unitates cum lineamento Celer saepe "
+"mobilitatem amplificatam in agro aspro, qui tibi interest considerare cum "
+"milites tuos disponas. Unitates Celeres etiam minus duras sunt quam unitates "
+"quae hoc lineamento carent, ergo minus bonae sunt positiones repugnatas "
 #: data/help.cfg:270
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Resilient"
-msgstr "mollis"
+msgstr "Mollis"
 #: data/help.cfg:271
 msgid "Resilient units have 7 more HP than usual."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Unitates molles VII PS plures quam solita habent."
 #: data/help.cfg:273
 msgid ""
@@ -811,17 +1097,25 @@
 "defense, or high resistances. Resilient units are especially useful for "
 "holding strategic positions against opponents."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates molles in omnibus campis stipendii utiles esse possunt, et hoc "
+"lineamentum utile est omni unitati. Mollis saepe maxime iuvat cum in unitati "
+"possidens combinationem quendam paucorum punctorum salutis, defensum fortem "
+"aut repugnantias altas. Unitates molles praesertim utiles sunt tenendo loca "
+"idonea contra hostes."
 #: data/help.cfg:278
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Strong"
-msgstr "fortis"
+msgstr "Fortis"
 #: data/help.cfg:279
 msgid ""
 "Strong units do 1 more damage for every successful strike in melee combat, "
 "and have 2 more HP."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates fortes I punctum plus damni efficiunt cuique oppugnationi felici in "
+"concursu, et II PS adiuncta habent."
 #: data/help.cfg:281
 msgid ""
@@ -832,11 +1126,16 @@
 "can be very useful when a tiny bit of extra damage is all that is needed to "
 "turn a damaging stroke into a killing blow."
 msgstr ""
+"Quamquam utile est omni unitati concursus, Fortis lineamentum validissimum "
+"est unitatibus quae numerum elevatum oppugnationum, sicut Pugnatori "
+"Dryadali. Unitates fortes valde utiles sunt cum aliquantulum damni necesse "
+"est ut efficiatur ex ictu nocenti ictus occidens."
 #: data/help.cfg:286
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Loyal"
-msgstr "fidelis"
+msgstr "Fidelis"
 #: data/help.cfg:287
 msgid ""
@@ -844,6 +1143,9 @@
 "of every turn, which is equal to their level. Loyal units do not incur this "
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates Fideles non solvunt impensam. Plurimae unitates impensa aequale "
+"gradu suo in fine omnis tractus solvere debent. Unitates Fideles hoc pretium "
+"non subeunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:289
 msgid ""
@@ -856,15 +1158,23 @@
 "This trait is never given to recruited units, so it may be unwise to dismiss "
 "such units or to send them to a foolish death."
 msgstr ""
+"In stipendiis unitates quaedam ad milites lusoris libere se coniungere "
+"constiuunt. Haec unitates habent lineamentum 'Fidelis'. Etsi pretium "
+"solvendum esse potest ut revoces eos, numquam solvent impensas. Ergo "
+"pretiosae sunt in stipendiis longis, ubi copiae auri parvae sunt. Unitates "
+"conscriptae numquam hoc lineamentum numquam recipiunt, ergo insipiens est "
+"tales unitates dimittere aut in mortem stultem mittere."
 #: data/help.cfg:294 data/multiplayer.cfg:69 data/multiplayer.cfg:158
 #: data/multiplayer.cfg:260 data/translations/english.cfg:129
 msgid "Undead"
-msgstr "Inmortui"
+msgstr "Inmortuum"
 #: data/help.cfg:295
 msgid "Undead units are immune to poison."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Unitates Inmortuae immunes sunt contra venenum."
 #: data/help.cfg:297
 msgid ""
@@ -875,15 +1185,22 @@
 "them. This can make them invaluable in dealing with foes who use poison in "
 "conjunction with their attacks."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates inmortuae habent fere lineamentum unicum 'Inmortuum'. Quoniam "
+"unitates inmortuae corpora mortuorum sunt, excitatae ut iterum pugnent, "
+"venenum effectum nullum in eis habet. Hoc eas facit utiles in proelio contra "
+"hostes qui veneno in oppugnatione utuntur."
 #: data/help.cfg:302
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Dextrous"
-msgstr "sollers"
+msgstr "Sollers"
 #: data/help.cfg:303
 msgid "Dextrous units do 1 more damage for every successful strike with a bow."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates sollertes I punctum damni adiunctum faciunt omni ictu felici cum "
 #: data/help.cfg:305
 msgid ""
@@ -894,6 +1211,12 @@
 "are gifted with natural talent that exceeds their brethren. These elves "
 "inflict an additional point of damage with each arrow."
 msgstr ""
+"Sollers est lineamentum quod Dryadales soli possidunt. Populus Dryadalis "
+"propter leporem insolitum et facilitatem magnam cum arcu cognoscitur. "
+"Nonnullis tamen ingenia naturalia dantur quae fratrum excedunt. Hi dryadales "
+"punctum adiunctum omni saggita efficiunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:310 data/terrain.cfg:144
 msgid "Grassland"
@@ -909,6 +1232,12 @@
 "Most units have defense of 30 to 40% on grassland."
 msgstr ""
+"Campus vicarius est omnium planitierum apertorum, cultorum, pascendorum, aut "
+"saevorum. Terra aperta, trans Campum facile movetur, sed defensus dificilis "
+"est. De more unitates optimae in campo perficientes sunt equites aut "
+"unitates pernicissimae quae spatio aperto feliciter uti possunt.\n"
+"Plurimae unitates defensum XXX vel XL pro cento in Campis."
 #: data/help.cfg:320 data/terrain.cfg:118 data/terrain.cfg:126
 msgid "Road"
@@ -920,6 +1249,8 @@
 "As far as gameplay is concerned, Roads are identical to "
 "<ref>dst=terrain_grassland text=Grassland</ref>."
 msgstr ""
+"Viae semitae humi complanate a viatoribus multis qui eis usi sunt. In normis "
+"ludi, Viae sunt <ref>dst=terrain_grassland text=Campis</ref> consimiles."
 #: data/help.cfg:328 data/terrain.cfg:325
 msgid "Forest"
@@ -941,6 +1272,18 @@
 "Elves, on the other hand, enjoy 60 to 70% defense, even their mounted units. "
 "Dwarves generally receive only 30% defense in forests."
 msgstr ""
+"Silvae vicariae sunt omnium terrarum silvestrarum cum virgulatis quae iter "
+"vitant. Quasi omnes lentificatae sunt a silvis, sed dant defensum melius "
+"plurimis unitatibus quam terra aperta. Equites tamen difficultatem permagnam "
+"habent movendo in silvis; omne beneficium furti negatur. Dryadales "
+"exceptionem huius normae generalis silvarum formant. Non solum possidunt "
+"motum plenum in silvis, sed etiam habent beneficium magnum in defensu. Nani "
+"quoque exceptionem formant; etsi per silvas sine perditia celeritatis arant, "
+"infamiliaritas huius agri negat beneficium defensus.\n"
+"Plurimae unitates quidem defensum L pro cento in silvis habent, sed equites "
+"tantum XL. Ac Dryadales defensum LX vel LXX gaudent, et cum equitibus. Nani "
+"fere recibunt tantum defensum XXX pro cento in silvis."
 #: data/help.cfg:338 data/terrain.cfg:286
 msgid "Hills"
@@ -958,6 +1301,15 @@
 "Most units have about 50% defense in hills, whereas cavalry are limited to "
 "40%. Dwarves enjoy 60% defense in hills."
 msgstr ""
+"Colles vicarii sunt omni agro satis aspro, cum ascensibus et descensibus "
+"sufficientibus in terra ut latebras praebent. Colles sunt agrum difficile "
+"plurimis militibus navigare. Nani, Troglodytae et Orci consuetudinem "
+"sufficientem habent in collibus ut per eos eunt sine lentificatione. Equites "
+"satis difficultatis habent navigando in iis ut negetur beneficium defensus a "
+"Unitates plurimae habent defensum L pro cento in collibus, equites "
+"limitantur a XL. Nani gaudent habere defensum LX in collibus."
 #: data/help.cfg:348 data/terrain.cfg:310
 msgid "Mountains"
@@ -975,6 +1327,13 @@
 "Most units receive about 60% defense in mountains, whereas Dwarves enjoy 70%."
 msgstr ""
+"Montes satis ardui sunt ut unitates saepe impedimenta scandere debent ut "
+"moveantur. Haec natura praebet bonum magnum defensus plurimis militatibus, "
+"sed etiam obstat itinere per eos. Plurimi equites non possunt intrare in "
+"montes; equites dryadales et lupites cobalorum sunt exceptiones. Nani et "
+"Troglodytae ambo indigenae sunt in montibus, et facillime moventur in eis.\n"
+"Unitates plurimae defensum circa LX pro cento in montibus, Nani LXX."
 #: data/help.cfg:358 data/terrain.cfg:55
 msgid "Swamp"
@@ -991,6 +1350,14 @@
 "Most units make do with 30% defense in swamps. Mermen, Naga, and Saurians "
 "all generally enjoy 60%."
 msgstr ""
+"Paludines vicariae sunt omnium terrarum humidarum. Paludines lentificant "
+"quasi omnes et facultatem defensus inhibeunt. Exceptiones sunt stirpes "
+"peritae navigando aquam; hae motum plenum et beneficium defensus accipiunt. "
+"Qui indigenae sunt in terris humidis quoque latebras facilius inveniunt in "
+"hoc agro.\n"
+"Plurimae unitates habent tantum XXX pro cento defensum in paludinis. Nereii, "
+"Nagae et Lacertae fere gaudent LX."
 #: data/help.cfg:368 data/terrain.cfg:34
 msgid "Shallow Water"
@@ -1008,6 +1375,14 @@
 "Most units make do with 20 to 30% defense in shallow water, whereas both "
 "Naga and Mermen enjoy 60%."
 msgstr ""
+"Aqua satis profunda est ut attingat circa medium corpus hominis. Hoc satis "
+"est ut quasi omnes lentificentur et nudi sint oppugnationibus. Nani, quorum "
+"capita quasi ab aqua operiuntur, tempus valde difficile habent. Exceptiones "
+"sunt stirpes cuius corpus idoneus est natando. Hae recibunt beneficium "
+"permagnum defensus et motum plenum.\n"
+"Unitates plurimae habent tantum defensum XX vel XXX pro cento in aqua, Nagae "
+"et Nerei LX."
 #: data/help.cfg:378 data/terrain.cfg:25
 msgid "Deep Water"
@@ -1021,6 +1396,11 @@
 "Mermen and Naga both receive 50% defense in deep water, with full movement."
 msgstr ""
+"Gurgites sunt aquae quae satis profundae sunt ut operiant caput hominis. "
+"Plurimae unitates gurgites non intrare possunt: regnum est volantes et "
+"natantes eximie fortes.\n"
+"Nerei et Nagae recipiunt defensum L pro cento in gurgitibus, cum motu pleno."
 #: data/help.cfg:388 data/terrain.cfg:257
 msgid "Snow"
@@ -1034,6 +1414,11 @@
 "Most units have 20 to 40% defense in snow."
 msgstr ""
+"Nix est terra planea et glacialis, aut perpetue (ut tesca arctica) aut ad "
+"tempus (ut campus a nive opertus). Plurimae unitates lentificatantur a nive "
+"et impediuntur in defensu.\n"
+"Plurimae unitates defensum XX ad XL pro cento habent in nive."
 #: data/help.cfg:398 data/terrain.cfg:265
 msgid "Ice"
@@ -1045,6 +1430,9 @@
 "identical to <ref>dst=terrain_tundra text=Snow</ref>. Note that swimming "
 "units, even those who can breathe underwater, cannot swim underneath ice."
 msgstr ""
+"Glacies est aqua gelida. In ludo idem est ut <ref>dst=terrain_tundra "
+"text=Nix</ref>. Unitates natantes quamquam sub aqua spirare possunt, sub "
+"glacie non natare possunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:406 data/terrain.cfg:374 data/terrain.cfg:485
 msgid "Castle"
@@ -1061,6 +1449,13 @@
 "Most units have about 60% defense in a castle."
 msgstr ""
+"Castella sunt ullum genus munimenti. Quasi omnes unitates benificium "
+"aliquantum ad defensum in castello recipiunt, et omnes motum plenum ibi "
+"habent. Unitates collocatae in castello monstrat capacitatem defensus. Sine "
+"unitatibus in omni hexagone muri hostes intrare potest, recipiens bonum "
+"defensivum ut defensores.\n"
+"Unitates plurimae defensum LX in castello habent."
 #: data/help.cfg:418 data/terrain.cfg:100
 msgid "Sand"
@@ -1074,11 +1469,15 @@
 "Most units receive 20 to 40% defense in Sand."
 msgstr ""
+"Mobilitas harenae efficit ut difficilius est plurimis unitatibus transire, "
+"et eae nudificat. Sed pedes ampli aut corpora serpentipedia stirpium "
+"lacertanarum efficiunt ut facilius harenam navigent.\n"
+"Unitates plurimi defensum XX ad XL pro cento in Harena recipiunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:428 data/terrain.cfg:109
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Desert"
-msgstr "Colles Deserti"
+msgstr "Desertum"
 #: data/help.cfg:431
 msgid ""
@@ -1086,6 +1485,8 @@
 "beaches, however for gameplay purposes they are identical. See "
 "<ref>dst=terrain_sand text=Sand</ref>."
 msgstr ""
+"Compositio locorum desertorum differt a litoribus et fossis parvis harenae, "
+"sed in ludo omnes idem sunt. Vide <ref>dst=terrain_sand text=Harenam</ref>."
 #: data/help.cfg:436 data/terrain.cfg:357
 msgid "Cave"
@@ -1102,6 +1503,13 @@
 "Most units receive 20 to 40% defense in Caves, whereas dwarves have 50%."
 msgstr ""
+"Agri Cavernae sunt loca sub terra per quae unitates ire possunt. Unitates "
+"plurimae omnino insolentes sunt in cavernis, et lente moventur ac impeditur "
+"in defensu. Nani et Troglodytae cavernas incolunt et facile hoc agrum "
+"navigant, praesertim Nani quia parvi sunt et impedimenta vitare possunt quae "
+"aliae stirpes impedunt.\n"
+"Unitates plurimae defensum XX ad XL in Cavernis habent, nani L."
 #: data/help.cfg:446 data/terrain.cfg:151
 msgid "Savanna"
@@ -1113,6 +1521,8 @@
 "world. For gameplay purposes, they are identical to "
 "<ref>dst=terrain_grassland text=Grassland</ref>."
 msgstr ""
+"Campi Tropici habent herbam altam et siti sunt in locis calidioribus terrae."
+"In ludo idem sunt <ref>dst=terrain_grassland text=Campis</ref>."
 #: data/help.cfg:453 data/terrain.cfg:43 data/terrain.cfg:64
 #: data/terrain.cfg:159 data/terrain.cfg:168 data/terrain.cfg:179
@@ -1133,6 +1543,13 @@
 "Most units have 50 to 60% defense in villages, whereas cavalry receive only "
 msgstr ""
+"Pagi sunt multitudines aedificiorum a hominibus aut aliis stirpibus "
+"aedificati. Quasi omnes unitates facile moventur in pagis, quoque equites; "
+"plurimi accipiunt beneficium defensus cum in pago sunt. Pagi permittunt ut "
+"unitates sanentur - VIII PS in tractu - aut a veneno curentur.\n"
+"Unitates plurimae defensum L aut LX pro cento habent in pagis, sed equites "
+"tantum XL."
 #: data/help.cfg:465 data/terrain.cfg:423
 msgid "Canyon"
@@ -1145,6 +1562,9 @@
 "is concerned, only units capable of flying over canyons can cross this "
 msgstr ""
+"Fauces sunt angustiae in terra, quae profunditatem ignotam possidunt. Muri "
+"Faucium valde sunt declives et diebus egent transitare. In ludo tantum "
+"unitates volantes hoc agrum transire possunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:472 data/terrain.cfg:472
 msgid "Lava"
@@ -1156,6 +1576,8 @@
 "terrain can only be crossed by those units capable of flying a considerable "
 "distance above it."
 msgstr ""
+"Pericula inherentia in conando ambulare super saxa liquefacta satis aperta "
+"sunt. Hoc agrum transitur tantum a unitates qui super ea alte volare possunt."
 #: data/help.cfg:479 data/terrain.cfg:462
 msgid "River Ford"
@@ -1170,6 +1592,10 @@
 "choosing whichever one offers the best defensive and movement bonuses for "
 "the unit on it."
 msgstr ""
+"Si flumen vadosum fit, id transire facile est unitatibus terrenis. Creaturae "
+"quoque natantes motum plenum in his locis habent. In ludo, vadum fluminis "
+"consideratur aut campus aut aqua, eligens utrum benificia meliora defensus "
+"et motus pro unitate in eo."
 #: data/help.cfg:486 data/terrain.cfg:75 data/terrain.cfg:83
 #: data/terrain.cfg:91
@@ -1190,17 +1616,28 @@
 "occupying the bridge hex. Note that a swimming unit and a land unit are not "
 "capable of occupying a bridge hex at the same time."
 msgstr ""
+"Iis qui unum aedificare possunt es facultas pontem facendi liberatio a "
+"natura inconstanti fluminum, quorum vada veniunt et eunt cum imbre et site, "
+"non considerans luxuriam pedum siccorum, quorum detrimentum nullo modo res "
+"iocunda est in mensibus frigidis anni.\n"
+"Pro iis que in terra aut in mari eunt, pons est pars melior utriusque mundi "
+"- in ludo, consideratur aut campus aut aqua, utercumque benificia meliora "
+"unitati in ponte praebet in defensu et motu. Nota bene: impossibile est ut "
+"unitas natans et unitas ambulans vel volans eodem tempore in hexagone pontis "
 #: data/help.cfg:495 data/terrain.cfg:349
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Cave Wall"
-msgstr "Murus cavernae"
+msgstr "Murus Cavernae"
 #: data/help.cfg:497
 msgid ""
 "Cave walls are made of solid stone, renowned for its ability to impede even "
 "the most determined traveler."
 msgstr ""
+"Muri cavernae ex saxo solido fiunt, cuius facultas impedendo etiam viatorem "
+"obstinatissimum bene conoscitur."
 #: data/items.cfg:264
 msgid ""
@@ -1455,9 +1892,8 @@
 msgstr "Potes venire si vis, sed dux tantum cum Baldrade loqui vult."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Blitz.cfg:7
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "2p - Blitz"
-msgstr "Fulgur"
+msgstr "II l - Fulgur"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Blitz.cfg:9
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Charge.cfg:9
@@ -1466,87 +1902,97 @@
 "Charta duellis pro lusione celerrima. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Charge.cfg:7
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "2p - Charge"
-msgstr "Incurrere"
+msgstr "II l - Incurrere"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Den_of_Onis.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Den of Onis"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II l - Labitulum Onis"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Den_of_Onis.cfg:4
 msgid ""
 "Danger lurks around every corner in this underground battlefield, a duel map "
 "where force and subterfuge meet. Recommended settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Periculum latet circum omnem angulum in hoc campo proelii subterraneo, "
+"charta duellis ubi vis et latebra obviaverunt. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro "
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Divide_and_Conquer.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Divide and Conquer"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II l - Diducere et Vincere"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Divide_and_Conquer.cfg:4
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "This small duel map divides the field of battle into three segments. "
 "Recommended settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
-"Charta duellis pro lusione celerrima. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
+"Charta duellis parva agrum certaminis in tria segmenta dividit. Impostatio "
+"suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Hamlets.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Hamlets"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II l - Vici"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Hamlets.cfg:4
 msgid ""
 "Warfare transforms the simple farms and villages of a peaceful region into a "
 "subtly parceled battlefield. Recommended settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Res bellica praedia et pagos simplices regionis traquillae transformat in "
+"campum proelium subtile divisum. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Hornshark_Island.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Hornshark Island"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II p - Insula Pristis Cornatae"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Hornshark_Island.cfg:4
 msgid ""
 "Players must navigate the dispersive terrain of this small but "
 "topographically dense island. Recommended settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Lusores navigare debent agros diffugentes huius insulae parvae sed densae "
+"topographice. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Meteor_Lake.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Meteor Lake"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II p - Lacus Meteorolithi"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Meteor_Lake.cfg:4
 msgid ""
 "Long ago, a great meteor fell from the heavens, leaving its mark on this "
 "coniferous region. Recommended settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Iampridem cecidit meteoron magnum de caelo, cicatricem relinquens in hac "
+"regione coniferi. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Sablestone_Delta.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Sablestone Delta"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II l - Delta Saxorum Atrorum"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Sablestone_Delta.cfg:4
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Two armies collide on this disjointed coastal landscape of hidden caves and "
 "jagged rivers. Recommended settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
-"Charta duellis pro lusione celerrima. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
+"Duo exercitus concurrent in prospectu agrorum maritimo hoc cum cavernis "
+"occultis et fluminibus serratis. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Silverhead_Crossing.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Silverhead Crossing"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II l - Transitus Caputis Argentei"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Silverhead_Crossing.cfg:4
 msgid ""
 "Players must traverse all manner of terrain in pursuit of victory on this "
 "multi-fronted duel map. Recommended settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Necesse est lusoribus transire omne genus agri victoriam quaerentibus in hac "
+"charta multiplicum frontum duellis. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Sullas_Ruins.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Sullas Ruins"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II l - Ruinae Sullae"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Sullas_Ruins.cfg:4
 msgid ""
@@ -1554,10 +2000,13 @@
 "and ice now remain in the shadow of this once mighty empire. Recommended "
 "settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Inundatum a maribus et quassatum ab elementis hiemis, tantum ruinae, aqua et "
+"gelidum in umbra huius olim magni imperii manent. Impostatio suasa: II auri "
+"pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:3
 msgid "2p - Wesbowl"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "II l - Occidicratera"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:6
 msgid ""
@@ -1566,6 +2015,10 @@
 "blunt weapons, and healers are on hand, so when units are killed, they "
 "return to that player's end zone with an injury."
 msgstr ""
+"In Occidicratera lusor pilam ad zonam finis alterius lusoris movere debet. "
+"Sed lusor alius unitates tuas oppugnare potest. Occidicratera luditur telis "
+"hebibus et sanatores adunt, ergo unitates occissae redeunt ad zonam finis "
+"huius lusoris cum damno."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:11
 msgid ""
@@ -1577,21 +2030,28 @@
 "#Opponent moves the balls to your endzone more times than you move them to "
 msgstr ""
+"@Utramlibet pilam in zonam finis adversariorum tuorum saepius movere quam ii "
+"eam in zonam tuam movent\n"
+"#Adversarii pilas saepius in zonam finis tuam quam tu in eorum zonam eas "
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:199
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:476
 msgid "Red scores! Current score is $redscore-$bluescore"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Rubri punctum ferunt! Puncta stant $redscore-$bluescore"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:247
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:524
 msgid "Blue scores! Current score is $redscore-$bluescore"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Caerulei punctum ferunt! Puncta stant $redscore-$bluescore"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:337
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:614
 msgid "Should I pass the ball to $passto.type ($xloc,$yloc)?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Pilamne $passto.type ($xloc,$yloc) dare debeo?"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:339
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:616
@@ -1607,54 +2067,55 @@
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:661
 msgid "Blue team wins! Final score: $redscore-$bluescore"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Vincit pars caerulea! Puncta stant in fine: $redscore-$bluescore"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:673
 msgid "Red team wins! Final score: $redscore-$bluescore"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Vincit pars rubra! Puncta stant in fine: $redscore-$bluescore"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/2p_Wesbowl.cfg:685
 msgid "Draw! Final score: $redscore-$bluescore"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Exitus incertus! Puncta stant in fine: $redscore-$bluescore"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/3p_1v1v1Hex.cfg:3
 msgid "3p - 1v1v1Hex"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "III l - I vs I vs I Hexagonis"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/3p_1v1v1Hex.cfg:4
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Three players do battle in this small, enclosed region. Recommended settings "
 "of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
-"Charta duellis pro lusione celerrima. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
+"Tres lusores pugnant in regione hac parva inclusaque. Impostatio suasa: II "
+"auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/3p_Morituri.cfg:3
 msgid "3p - Morituri"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "III l - Morituri"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/3p_Morituri.cfg:4
 msgid ""
 "Only one faction will emerge victorious from this tightly bordered three-"
 "player map. Recommended settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Pars unica ex charta hac anguste definita vincens egredietur trium lusorum. "
+"Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/3p_Triple_Blitz.cfg:3
 msgid "3p - Triple Blitz"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "III l - Fulgur Triplice"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/3p_Triple_Blitz.cfg:4
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Three players come head to head on this water-cut battlefield. Recommended "
 "settings of 2G per village."
 msgstr ""
-"Charta duellis pro lusione celerrima. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
+"Tres lusores conveniunt in hoc agro certaminis aqua secato. Impostatio "
+"suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_An_Island.cfg:7
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "4p - An Island"
-msgstr "Insula"
+msgstr "IV l - Insula"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_An_Island.cfg:10
 msgid ""
@@ -1670,7 +2131,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_Bluewater_Province.cfg:3
 msgid "4p - Blue Water Province"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "IV l - Provincia Aquae Caeruleae"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_Bluewater_Province.cfg:4
 msgid ""
@@ -1679,10 +2140,14 @@
 "snowcapped mountains of this small province, its villagers hardly seem to "
 "take notice. Recommended settings of 2 gold per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Dicitur Provincia Aquae Ceruleae destructa et readificata circiter "
+"vigenties. Nunc dum exercitus iterum in rivos saxosos et montes nive "
+"operitos provinciae parvae huius convergunt, vicani eius vix animadvertere "
+"videntur. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_CastleHoppingIsle.cfg:9
 msgid "4p - Castle Hopping Isle"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "IV l - Insula Saliendi ad Castella"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_CastleHoppingIsle.cfg:11
 msgid ""
@@ -1690,11 +2155,13 @@
 "play. Recommended setting of 2 gold per village, and players 1, 3 vs players "
 "2, 4 for 2v2."
 msgstr ""
+"Multa castella prope collocata et idonee sita. Charta parva ad lusionem "
+"celerem. Imposita suasa: II auri pro pago, et lusores I et III contra "
+"lusores II et IV in II vs II."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_Clash.cfg:3
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "4p - Clash"
-msgstr "Concursus"
+msgstr "IV l - Concursus"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_Clash.cfg:5
 msgid ""
@@ -1706,47 +2173,48 @@
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_King_of_the_Hill.cfg:3
 msgid "4p - King of the Hill"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "IV l - Rex Collis"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_King_of_the_Hill.cfg:5
 msgid ""
 "Who will remain standing as King of the Hill? Best played as a free-for-all "
 "(with everyone fighting everyone else)."
 msgstr ""
+"Quis manebit in pede Rex Collis? Tempus monstrabit... Impositio suasa: omnes "
+"contra omnes."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_Lagoon.cfg:3
 msgid "4p - Lagoon"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "IV l - Stagnum"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_Lagoon.cfg:4
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Four factions contend for dominance over this watery settlement. Recommended "
 "settings of 1G per village."
 msgstr ""
-"Charta duellis pro lusione celerrima. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro pago."
+"Factiones quattuor certant ut dominentur super coloniam hac aquosam. "
+"Impostatio suasa: I aurum pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_Siege_Castles.cfg:7
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "4p - Siege Castles"
-msgstr "Castellum Obsidionis"
+msgstr "IV l - Castella Obsidionis"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_Siege_Castles.cfg:9
 msgid "Take control of this huge river delta."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Imperare huic delta fluminis permagno."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:3
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "4p - The Valley of Death"
-msgstr "Vallis Mortis"
+msgstr "IV l - Vallis Mortis"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_The_Valley_of_Death.cfg:5
 msgid "Can you defeat all enemies and declare victory in this desolate valley?"
 msgstr ""
+"Potestne omnes inimicos vincere et victoriam edicere in valle hac desolata?"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_The_Wilderlands.cfg:3
 msgid "4p - The Wilderlands"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "IV l - Loca Deserta"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/4p_The_Wilderlands.cfg:4
 msgid ""
@@ -1754,27 +2222,29 @@
 "caves, rivers, and the ruins of ancient fortresses. Recommended settings of "
 "1G per village."
 msgstr ""
+"Regio vasta locorum desertorum saevorum indomitorumque, ager designatus "
+"silvis, cavernis, fluminibus et ruinis castellorum vetustatum. Impostatio "
+"suasa: I aurum pro pago."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/5p_ForestOfFear.cfg:3
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "5p - Forest of Fear"
-msgstr "Silva Metus"
+msgstr "V l - Silva Metus"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/5p_ForestOfFear.cfg:5
 msgid "In this mixed landscape, five armies battle for supremacy."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "In hoc agro mixto contendunt quinque exercitus ut vincant."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/6p_Hexcake.cfg:3
 msgid "6p - Hexcake"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "VI l - Placenta Hexagonalis"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/6p_Hexcake.cfg:5
 msgid "2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 team game."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Lusio in partibus: II contra II aut III contra III."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/6p_Smallolof.cfg:3
 msgid "6p - Smallolof"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "VI l - Olovus Parvus"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/6p_Smallolof.cfg:4
 msgid ""
@@ -1782,15 +2252,20 @@
 "where six boxed-in armies come to a head. Recommended settings of 2 gold per "
 msgstr ""
+"Solus rei militaris peritus supererit in hoc campo proelii pernici et "
+"cohibenti, ubi sex exercitus inclusi pugnant. Impostatio suasa: II auri pro "
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/7p_battleworld.cfg:7
 msgid "7p - Battle World"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "VII l - Mundus Proelii"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/7p_battleworld.cfg:9
 msgid ""
 "Up to 7 armies thrash about in this peaceful land. Prepare for a long battle."
 msgstr ""
+"Usque ad VII exercitus in hac terra pacata verberant. Para te ad proelium "
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Random_Scenario.cfg:3
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Random_Scenario.cfg:17
@@ -1802,6 +2277,8 @@
 "Randomly generated map. Note: random maps are often unbalanced, but if you "
 "have time, you can regenerate them until you get a good one."
 msgstr ""
+"Charta fortuite generata. Nota bene: chartae fortuitae saepe non libratae "
+"sunt, sed si tempus adest, eas regenerare potest, donec bonam invenias."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Random_Scenario_Desert.cfg:3
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Random_Scenario_Desert.cfg:17
@@ -1814,6 +2291,9 @@
 "unbalanced, but if you have time, you can regenerate them until you get a "
 "good one."
 msgstr ""
+"Charta fortuite generata ubi deserta agrum crebrum formant. Nota bene: "
+"chartae fortuitae saepe non libratae sunt, sed si tempus adest, eas "
+"regenerare potest, donec bonam invenias."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Random_Scenario_Marsh.cfg:3
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Random_Scenario_Marsh.cfg:17
@@ -1826,6 +2306,9 @@
 "unbalanced, but if you have time, you can regenerate them until you get a "
 "good one."
 msgstr ""
+"Charta fortuite generata ubi paludines agrum crebrum formant. Nota bene: "
+"chartae fortuitae saepe non libratae sunt, sed si tempus adest, eas "
+"regenerare potest, donec bonam invenias."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Random_Scenario_Winter.cfg:3
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Random_Scenario_Winter.cfg:17
@@ -1838,11 +2321,13 @@
 "terrains. Note: random maps are often unbalanced, but if you have time, you "
 "can regenerate them until you get a good one."
 msgstr ""
+"Charta fortuite generata inter hieme et vere, cum agris nive operitis. Nota "
+"bene: chartae fortuitae saepe non libratae sunt, sed si tempus adest, eas "
+"regenerare potest, donec bonam invenias."
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/scenarios.cfg:3
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "2p - Across The River"
-msgstr "Trans Flumen"
+msgstr "II l - Trans Flumen"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/scenarios.cfg:5
 msgid ""
@@ -1850,6 +2335,10 @@
 "pretty well balanced towards both sides.\n"
 "You can use it AI vs AI to see how well a faction fares against another."
 msgstr ""
+"Haec charta idonea est probationibus duarum partum, quia satis aequus est "
+"Potest eo uti IA contra IA, si vis sapere quomodo pugnat altera pars contra "
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:4
 msgid "Basic Training"
@@ -1860,6 +2349,8 @@
 "I am here to learn how to fight in a battle. As an experienced elder mage, "
 "surely you can explain the art of combat to me..."
 msgstr ""
+"Adsum ut discam pugnare in preolio. Ut magus senex peritus, certe potes "
+"artem certaminis mihi explicare..."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:75
 msgid ""
@@ -1868,6 +2359,10 @@
 "select Recruit, and select 'OK'. You can only recruit units on castle tiles "
 "connected to the keep your leader is on."
 msgstr ""
+"Priusquam in proelium intras, necesse est unitates conscribere. Ad unitatem "
+"conscribendum clicca dextre super hexagonem castelli ubi vis unitatem "
+"conscribere. Tunc eligere Conscribere atque 'Bene'. Tantum in castellis "
+"vicinis arci ducis tui conscribere potes."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:78
 msgid "Recruit a unit"
@@ -1875,7 +2370,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:85
 msgid "Excellent! You have recruited an Elvish Fighter."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Optime! Conscripsisti Pugnatorem Dryadalem."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:88
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:112
@@ -1884,7 +2379,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:197
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:223
 msgid "What do I do next?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid facio deinceps?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:99
 msgid ""
@@ -1892,6 +2387,9 @@
 "turn. To do this, simply click the 'End Turn' button in the lower-right hand "
 msgstr ""
+"Quoniam unitates nondum moveri possunt in tractu in quo conscriptae sunt, "
+"debes tractum finire. Ad faciendum hoc, clicca simpliciter in 'Tractum "
+"finire' deorsum in angulo dextro."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:102
 msgid "End your turn"
@@ -1899,7 +2397,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:109
 msgid "You have successfully ended your turn."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Feliciter tractum finivisti."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:118
 msgid ""
@@ -1907,10 +2405,13 @@
 "it, then select his destination. In this case, his destination is the forest "
 "next to the Elvish Shaman, Merle."
 msgstr ""
+"Pensum insequentum est movere Pugnatorem Dryadalem tuum. Ad movendam "
+"unitatem, eam primum elige, deinde finem eius. In hoc casu, finis est silva "
+"iuxta Flaminem Dryadalem, Merlem."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:121
 msgid "Move your Elvish Fighter next to Merle"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Pugnatorem Dryadalem iuxta Merlem movere."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:147
 msgid ""
@@ -1918,6 +2419,9 @@
 "he moved next to an enemy unit, he has lost all his movement for this turn; "
 "this is called the 'zone of control'."
 msgstr ""
+"Optime! Feliciter movisti Pugnatorem Dryadalem tuum. Sed quia iuxta unitatem "
+"hostium mota est, omnem motum huius tractus perdidit; hoc dicitur 'zona "
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:156
 msgid ""
@@ -1925,6 +2429,9 @@
 "then select its target, which must be next to the attacking unit. You will "
 "then see the attack options box, where you must select an attack to use."
 msgstr ""
+"Nunc debes oppugnare cum pugnatore. Ad oppugnandum, primum elige unitatem, "
+"deinde scopum, qui iuxta unitatem oppugnandam esse debet. Tunc videbis "
+"cistam optionum oppugnationis, ubi oportet eligere oppugnationum qua utetur."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:159
 msgid "Attack Merle"
@@ -1932,11 +2439,11 @@
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:177
 msgid "You have successfully attacked Merle."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Feliciter Merlem oppugnavisti."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:186
 msgid "End your turn, and wait for Merle to attack you."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Tractum finire, et spera usque Merlis te oppugnat."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:194
 msgid ""
@@ -1944,21 +2451,26 @@
 "it gets experience from the combat. Once a unit gains enough experience, it "
 "advances to the next level, and becomes more powerful."
 msgstr ""
+"Pugnator tuus superest oppugnationi Merlis. Quotiens unitas prolio superest, "
+"recipit experientiam ex proelio. Cum unitas satis experientia recepit, "
+"promovetur ad gradum altiorem et potentior fit."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:203
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:206
 msgid "Move your fighter onto a village."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Pugnatorem tuum ad pagum movere."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:220
 msgid "Villages heal the units on them."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Pagi unitates in eis sanant."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:229
 msgid ""
 "Now, you must defeat Merle by reducing her to 0 HP or lower. Just attack "
 msgstr ""
+"Nunc Merlem vincere debes, minuens SP eius ad nulla aut minora. Simpliciter "
+"oppugna etiam atque etiam."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:232
 msgid "Defeat Merle"
@@ -1971,6 +2483,9 @@
 "you lose. In order to continue the tutorial, I will have to teleport you "
 "back onto your keep."
 msgstr ""
+"Ei! Ducem ex arce movisti. Memento, cum dux non in arce sit, non potest "
+"conscribere. Meminire etiam, si moritur dux, vinceris. Ut schola pergi "
+"possit, te rursus in arcem per ianuam magicam movere necesse est."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:270
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:229
@@ -1978,6 +2493,8 @@
 "Unfortunately, you lost, because your leader was defeated. Hopefully you "
 "have gained wisdom from my teachings anyway."
 msgstr ""
+"Infeliciter victus es, quia dux victus est. Utinam sapientiam adipisceres "
+"quoquo modo ex doctrinis meis."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:278
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:237
@@ -1985,15 +2502,17 @@
 "Unfortunately, you lost, because you ran out of time. Hopefully you have "
 "gained wisdom from my teachings anyway."
 msgstr ""
+"Infeliciter victus es, quia tempus exit. Utinam sapientiam adipisceres "
+"quoquo modo ex doctrinis meis."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:290
 msgid "You have successfully completed the first training scenario."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Missionem scholae primam feliciter explevisti."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:293
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:287
 msgid "Hooray!"
-msgstr "Euge!"
+msgstr "Papae!"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:299
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:249
@@ -2016,16 +2535,18 @@
 "over. We will now proceed to the next scenario, in which you will fight me "
 "in a mock battle."
 msgstr ""
+"Etsi missionem primam explevisti, schola nondum expletur. Procedemus nunc ad "
+"missionem alteram, in qua contra me pugnabis in proelio ficto."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:4
 msgid "Traits and Specialties"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Lineamenta et Propria"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:46
 msgid ""
 "Now you will be subject to a more difficult test. You must defeat me in mock "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Nunc experieris difficilius. Me in proelio ficto vincere debes."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:50
 msgid ""
@@ -2035,6 +2556,11 @@
 "Recall, select your fighter, then select 'OK'. You should also recruit "
 "Elvish Fighters and Elvish Archers."
 msgstr ""
+"In missionibus plurimis vincere potest saltem vincens omnes duces hostium. "
+"Vince in hac missione me vincens. Pugnator tuus ex missione priori te in hoc "
+"proelio iuvare potest. Ad revocandum eum, clicca dextre super hexagonem "
+"castelli, elige Revocare, elige Pugnatorem tuum, et 'Bene' elige. Debes "
+"conscribere quoque Pugnatores Dryadales et Saggitarios Dryadales."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:69
 msgid ""
@@ -2048,6 +2574,15 @@
 msgstr ""
+"Docturae peritiae:\n"
+"Tempus Diei\n"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:71
 msgid "Defeat Delfador"
@@ -2065,7 +2600,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:94
 msgid "You have successfully recalled your Elvish Fighter."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Pugnatorem Dryadalem feliciter revocavisti."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:97
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:109
@@ -2084,33 +2619,42 @@
 "statistics shown before you recruited them. This is because they have been "
 "assigned traits."
 msgstr ""
+"Forsit animadvertas unitates tuas propria leviter alia ac propria monstrata "
+"priusquam eas conscripsisti. Est ita quia lineamenta reciperunt."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:119
 msgid ""
 "When you recruit and recall units, you lose gold. If this would cause you to "
 "have less than 0 gold, you cannot recruit or recall."
 msgstr ""
+"Cum unitates conscribas et revoces, aurum perdis. Si aurum sub nullum iret, "
+"non posset conscribere vel revocare."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:131
 msgid ""
 "The sun is setting over Wesnoth. The time of day affects how much damage "
 "units of different alignments can inflict upon each other."
 msgstr ""
+"Sol occidit in Occidiseptentrione. Tempus diei damnum afficit quod unitates "
+"alterius gratiae diei et noctis in se infligunt."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:143
 msgid "Each hex has a terrain, which gives the hex distinctive properties."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Omnis hexagonis agrum habet, qui ei propria dat."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:155
 msgid ""
 "Each attack has a damage type which affects how much damage different units "
 "take from that attack."
 msgstr ""
+"Omnis oppugnatio genus damni habet, qui damnum contra unitates diversas "
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:167
 msgid ""
 "Many units have a specialty which changes the rules of play in some way."
 msgstr ""
+"Nonnullae unitates proprium habent quod normas lusionis quodammodo mutat."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:189
 msgid ""
@@ -2118,10 +2662,13 @@
 "your units found a potion which will make him do more damage on his attack. "
 "To see his new combat statistics, look at the Status Table."
 msgstr ""
+"Res nonnulae propria unitatis quod eis utitur mutant. Una ex unitatibus tuis "
+"potionem invenit quae efficit ut plus damni faciat in oppugnationibus. Si "
+"vis propia nova videre, specta Tabellam Statutis."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:197
 msgid "This potion increases the damage of all the drinker's attacks by four."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Haec potio damnum omnium oppugnationum bibentis IV puncta auget."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:218
 msgid ""
@@ -2129,14 +2676,17 @@
 "recapture the ones that they already have. This will cut off their gold "
 "supply and make them unable to recruit."
 msgstr ""
+"Memento inimicum prohibere pagos capiendo et eos qui habet recapere. Hoc "
+"copias auri eius secabit ne possit conscribere."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:284
 msgid "Next, you may want to begin a campaign, or play multiplayer."
 msgstr ""
+"Deinde forsitan stipendium incipere velis aut cum pluribus lusoribus ludere."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:11
 msgid "That was explained well! But.."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Bene explicatum est! Sed..."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:44
 msgid ""
@@ -2147,10 +2697,16 @@
 "Gaining experience\n"
 "Winning scenarios"
 msgstr ""
+"Docturae peritiae:\n"
+"Unitates conscribens\n"
+"Utitates movens\n"
+"Unitates hostium oppugnans\n"
+"Experientiam adipiscens\n"
+"In missionibus vincens"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:45
 msgid "Current objective:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Propositum hic est:"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:55
 msgid "Death of Delfador"
@@ -2158,7 +2714,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:66
 msgid "How do I recruit units?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo unitates conscribo?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:66
 msgid ""
@@ -2168,6 +2724,11 @@
 "recruit, and select 'OK'. In order to recruit faster, you can use 'Ctrl-"
 "Shift-R' to re-recruit the last type of unit you recruited."
 msgstr ""
+"Ad conscribendam unitatem, clicca dextre in hexagoni castelli in quo "
+"unitatem conscribere vis. Tunc elige Conscribere. Aut cursorem supra "
+"hexagonem tenens, 'Ctrl-R' preme. Tunc genus unitatis volutae elige et'Bene' "
+"elige. Ut celerius conscribas te iuvat 'Ctrl-Shift-R' quod reconscribit "
+"genus unitatis quod novissime conscripsisti."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:67
 msgid ""
@@ -2179,14 +2740,20 @@
 "dies, you lose the game. You can win most scenarios by defeating all enemy "
 msgstr ""
+"Dux est unitas conscribens. Si dux in arce est, unitates in hexagonibus "
+"castelli vicinis conscribere potest. Duces sunt fere unitates potentes, "
+"quorum utraque pars tantum unum habet. Dux est etiam plerumque primam "
+"unitatem a parte tua controllata et in arce incipit missionem. Premens 'l' "
+"ducem rapide eligitur. Si moritur dux, ludum perdis. In plurimis missionibus "
+"vinces omnes duces hostium vincens."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:67
 msgid "What's a leader?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quis est dux?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:68
 msgid "How should I choose what kind of units to recruit?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo oportet unitates conscriptas eligere?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:68
 msgid ""
@@ -2194,10 +2761,13 @@
 "of the unit selection box, and cost, which is displayed after the name of "
 "the unit. You will learn more about these statistics throughout the tutorial."
 msgstr ""
+"Peritias earum diligenter legere debes - monstrantur in parte laeva cistae "
+"electionis unitatum - et pretium quod post eius nomen monstratur. Plus de "
+"his propriis in schola disces."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:69
 msgid "What happens when I recruit a unit?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid accidit cum unitatem conscribam?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:69
 msgid ""
@@ -2205,10 +2775,13 @@
 "choice. It also receives two traits, which will be discussed later. It "
 "cannot move or attack until you end your turn."
 msgstr ""
+"Cum unitatem conscribas, apparet cum salute plena in hexagoni electo "
+"castelli. Atque recipit duo lineamenta, de quibus postea loquemur. Non "
+"potest movere oppugnareve priusquam tractum tuum fineris."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:73
 msgid "How do I end my turn?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo tractum finio?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:73
 msgid ""
@@ -2216,10 +2789,12 @@
 "click and select End Turn, or select the End Turn button in the lower-right "
 "hand corner."
 msgstr ""
+"'Alt-E' presso finitur tractus. Aut dextre clicca et 'Tractum Finire' elige, "
+"aut bullam 'Tractum Finire' deorsum in dextero angulo elige."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:74
 msgid "What happens when I end my turn?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid accidit cum tractum meum finiam?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:74
 msgid ""
@@ -2230,10 +2805,15 @@
 "current turn is displayed on the status bar next to the image of a flag. "
 "When this number exceeds the maximum number of turns, you lose the game."
 msgstr ""
+"Tractu finito, partes aliae tractus habent. In tractu omnis partis tantum "
+"haec pars movetur. Postquam omnes partes tractum finiverunt, tractum novum "
+"incipit. Hoc accidente omnes unitates motum plenum recipiunt. Numerus "
+"tractus in asseri statutis sursum iuxta imaginem vexilli. Si hic numerus "
+"magis est quam numerus maximus tractuum, plerumque ludum perdis."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:78
 msgid "How far can my Elvish Fighter move?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quousque Pugnator Dryadalis meus moveri potest?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:78
 msgid ""
@@ -2248,6 +2828,14 @@
 "that space every turn. If you accidentally set a unit on a course, select it "
 "twice to remove the course."
 msgstr ""
+"Pugnator Dryadales numerum quendam punctorum motus in initio tractu recipit; "
+"hoc dicitur celeritas. Pugnatore moto in tramite omnis hexagonis traversa "
+"(cum fine) constat punctis motus. Pugnatore Dryadale electo, omnis hexagonis "
+"in quem hoc tractu non moveri potest obscuratur. Si finis non attingetur hoc "
+"tractu, numerus apparet monstrans numerum tractuum necessariorum ut hunc "
+"movatur. Si hexagonem longinquum cliccas, unitas in tramite per plures "
+"tractus ad hoc finem movetur. Si erras in eligendo tramitem, unitatem bis "
+"elige ut trames tollatur."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:79
 msgid ""
@@ -2257,14 +2845,18 @@
 "movement. Zones of control can be used to block enemies from reaching your "
 "weak and wounded units."
 msgstr ""
+"Zona imperii unitatis includit omnes hexagones adiacentes unitatis. Unitates "
+"non possunt transire zonam imperii aliarum unitatum, tantum intrare. Hoc "
+"factoomnia puncta relicta motus perduntur. Zona imperii inimici obstrui "
+"possunt ne pertineant ad unitates debiles damnatasve."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:79
 msgid "What's the zone of control?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid est zona imperii?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:80
 msgid "How do I tell who is allied and who is an enemy?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo scio quis socius sit et quis inimicus?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:80
 msgid ""
@@ -2276,10 +2868,17 @@
 "Colors', in Preferences, causes the color of a unit's controller is "
 "displayed as a disc below the unit."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates a te controlata haben orbis energiae viridis, fulvus vel ruber "
+"super palum salutis earum (palum viridem iuxta eas). Si unitas nondum "
+"movetur, orbis viridis est; si adhuc moveri potest, fulvus; si non moveri "
+"potest, ruber. Unitates ab inimico controlatae non habent orbem. Sociae "
+"unitates quas non controlas ut ego habent orbem caeruleum. Praeterea optio "
+"'Colores Partium Monstrare' efficit ut color controlatoris unitatis sub "
+"unitatem ut circulus monstretur."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:84
 msgid "Can Merle retaliate from my attack?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Potestne Merlis ab oppugnatione mea ulscici?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:84
 msgid ""
@@ -2296,6 +2895,17 @@
 "to retaliate at all. However ranged units cannot shoot across multiple "
 "hexes; this is one of the distinctive features of Wesnoth."
 msgstr ""
+"Cum unitas oppugnata sit, ulscicitur uno telorum eius. Post quemquam "
+"oppugnationem oppugnatoris, defensor ulscicitur una oppugnatione. Sic pergit "
+"usque una parte nondum oppugnationes habet, tunce pars altera omnes "
+"oppugnationes habet sine ulscicione. Unitas ulscici potest tantumgenere "
+"telorum ut oppugnatoris. I.e. oppugnatione a procul cum oppugnatione a "
+"procul ulscicitur, et concursus cum concursu. Plurimae unitates fortiores "
+"sunt in concursu quam a procul. Unitates qui oppugnationes fortes a procul "
+"habent utiles sunt in ulscicione contra unitates concursores. Nonnullae "
+"unitates carent oppugnationibus a procul et contra hoc genus ulscici non "
+"possunt. Oppugnationes a procul non possibile sunt trans hexagones plures; "
+"hoc est prorium ludi Occidiseptentrionis."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:85
 msgid ""
@@ -2308,10 +2918,17 @@
 "damage per blow and has 4 blows, so it can deal up to 56 damage in a single "
 msgstr ""
+"Quaeque oppugnatio damnum quendam facit cum feriat - numerus quidam "
+"oppugnationum est pro ceramine. Hi numeri dicitur damni et oppugnationum "
+"monstrantur sub nomen oppugnationis in tabella statutis unitatis et iuxta "
+"eam in elencho oppugnationum. Ut celeriter damnum maximum oppugnationis "
+"computes, muliplica hos numeros. E.g. oppugnatio mea fulgoris efficit XIV "
+"puncta damni pro oppugnatione et IV oppugnationes habet. Ergo potest "
+"infligere usque ad LVI puncta damni in certamni singulo."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:85
 msgid "How can you tell how powerful a unit's attacks are?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo scio si oppugnationes unitatis fortes sunt?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:86
 msgid ""
@@ -2319,14 +2936,17 @@
 "based on the defender's skill at defending blows, and is listed on the "
 "attack options menu after the damage and strike numbers for the bow attack."
 msgstr ""
+"Unitates oppugnationes evitare possunt. Probabilitas feriendi se fundat in "
+"peritiae defensoris in defensu et monstratur in elencho oppugnationum post "
+"numeros damni et oppugnationum."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:86
 msgid "Will my fighter hit every time when he attacks?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Ferietne semper pugnator meus cum oppugnet?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:90
 msgid "What's experience?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid est experientia?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:90
 msgid ""
@@ -2336,10 +2956,15 @@
 "experience is gained from defeating an enemy unit. The amount of XP gained "
 "from killing an enemy is equal to 8 times the enemy's level."
 msgstr ""
+"Si unitas contra unitatem aliam pugnat, puncta experientiae (PE) recipit "
+"aequa gradu unitatis contra quam pugnant. Gradus mensura est potestatis "
+"unitatis. Sed si unitas unitatem occidit, valde plus experientiae recipit - "
+"IV occidens unitatem ex gradu nullo, VIII ex gradu I, XVI ex gradu II, XXIV "
+"ex gradu III, cet."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:91
 msgid "What happens when a unit advances?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid accidit si unitas promovetur?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:91
 msgid ""
@@ -2350,10 +2975,15 @@
 "when a unit advances, it is healed completely and any handicaps that have "
 "been cast on it are removed. This is known as 'advance-heal'."
 msgstr ""
+"Si unitas promovetur se mutat in genere alio unitatis, pendens ex genere "
+"priori unitatis. Nonnumquam adsunt plures optiones promotionis. Unitates "
+"promotae fere potiores sunt, et ex gradu altiore quam antea. Si unitas "
+"promovetur, quoque plene sanatur et impedimenta ulla tolluntur. Hoc dicitur "
+"'sanatio promotionis'."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:95
 msgid "What happens when a unit moves onto a village?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid accidit si unitas in pagum movetur?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:95
 msgid ""
@@ -2366,10 +2996,16 @@
 "benefit of villages, villages can be used in battle. Villages heal the units "
 "on them 8 HP per turn."
 msgstr ""
+"Quotiescumque unitas in pagum movetur, vexillum elevat pro parte sua. Haec "
+"actio omnem motum reliquum tollit. Pagi cum vexillis benificia multa parti "
+"dant, e.g. unum aurum pro tractu dant et impensam I aurum minuunt. Numerus "
+"pagorum tuorum monstratur in assere statutis iuxta imaginem domus. Praeter "
+"beneficia economica pagorum, utiles sunt in proelio. Sanant unitates in eis "
+"VIII PS pro tractu."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:96
 msgid "How do I heal when there aren't any villages nearby?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo sano si non adsunt pagi vicini?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:96
 msgid ""
@@ -2380,10 +3016,15 @@
 "Elvish Shaman are healed 4 HP per turn. Finally, whenever you beat a "
 "scenario all of your units are fully healed."
 msgstr ""
+"Quoque sine pagis unitates sanare potes. Si unitas non movetur vel oppugnat "
+"vel oppugnatur, sanatur 2 PS ex quiete. Nonnullae unitates possunt unitates "
+"vicinas sanare. Flamen Dryadales exemplum est; unitates vicinae Flamini "
+"Dryadali sanantur 4 PS omni tractu. Demum cum missionem vincas omnes "
+"unitates plene sanantur."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:100
 msgid "How do I know how to complete a scenario? Will you always tell me?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quo pacto scio quomodo missionem terminam? Tune semper mihi dices?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:100
 msgid ""
@@ -2394,10 +3035,15 @@
 "conditions and defeat conditions, and when any of the conditions are met, "
 "the scenario is over. Hopefully, it was a victory condition that was met."
 msgstr ""
+"Nonnumquam difficilis est ex dialogo scire quomodo vincas. Hoc in casu "
+"proposita missionis adspectare debes, quae post dialogum monstrantur. Atque "
+"potes ea legere premens 'Proposita Missionis' in elencho. Proposita sunt "
+"elenchum condiciones victoriae cladisque, cum impletur unam ex eis, missio "
+"desinit. Utinam esset condicio victoriae quae impleta est."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:101
 msgid "What happens when I win a scenario?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid accidet si vicero missionem?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:101
 msgid ""
@@ -2407,6 +3053,10 @@
 "immediately after you win. However between scenarios, 20% of your gold is "
 msgstr ""
+"Cum vincas missionem, omnes unitates viventes supersunt et plene sanantur, "
+"et impensa in tractibus relictis non solvitur. Si exercitus in hac regione "
+"permanet, omnes pagi se dedunt post victoriam tuam. Inter missiones tamen "
+"perduntur XX pro cento auri tui."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:105
 msgid ""
@@ -2415,14 +3065,17 @@
 "recruited units, except that instead of a new unit appearing, a unit from a "
 "previous scenario will appear."
 msgstr ""
+"Primum, necesse est XX nummos auri solvere omni unitati quae revocatur, "
+"neglegens genus. Aliter, unitates revocatae sunt similes unitatibus "
+"conscriptis, praeterquam pro unitati novo, unitas ex missione priori apparet."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:105
 msgid "What happens when I recall a unit?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid accidit si unitatem revoco?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:106
 msgid "How should I decide which units to recall?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo consituere debeo quales unitates revocandas esse?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:106
 msgid ""
@@ -2431,6 +3084,10 @@
 "and are thus likely to advance. You should recall units that will be useful "
 "for the scenario you are in; for example in a forest scenario, recall elves."
 msgstr ""
+"Normaliter debes revocare unitates quae iam ad gradum proximum promotae "
+"sunt. Forse quoque unitates multa cum experientia revocare velis, quia "
+"probabiliter promovebuntur. Unitates utiles in missioni praesenti revocandae "
+"sunt, sicut dryadales in missione in silva."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:110
 msgid ""
@@ -2440,10 +3097,15 @@
 "the Status Table, and the function of a specific trait can be found by "
 "putting your cursor over that trait."
 msgstr ""
+"Lineamenta addunt diversitatem unitatibus, quia non omnes unitates unius "
+"generis eaedem sunt. Hoc fit quia omni unitate assignantur fortuite duo "
+"lineamenta cum generata sit. Lineamenta unitatis in tabula statutis "
+"monstrantur et potes videre nuntios de lineamento quidem si cursorem super "
+"nomen lineamenti moves."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:110
 msgid "What do traits do?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid faciunt lineamenta?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:111
 msgid ""
@@ -2454,14 +3116,19 @@
 "traits when they are recruited. Also, some races and units may have traits "
 "that are unique to them."
 msgstr ""
+"Lineamenta diversa sunt quattuor, et bona habent ut PS augere aut PE ad "
+"promotionem minuere. Omnia lineamenta faciunt ut unitas fortior sit - absunt "
+"lineamenta 'negativa'. Plurimae unitates habent probilitatem eandem ad "
+"recipiendum ullum lineamentum. Nonnullae stirpes aut unitates lineamenta "
+"unica habere possunt."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:111
 msgid "What kind of traits can my units get?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Qualia lineamenta unitates meas accipere possunt?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:115
 msgid "How much gold do my units cost?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quanto constant unitates?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:115
 msgid ""
@@ -2474,10 +3141,17 @@
 "displayed on the status bar at the top after a picture of gold and then a "
 "red arrow."
 msgstr ""
+"Debes aurum solvere cum unitatem conscribas vel revoces. Pretium "
+"conscribendi sub nomen unitatis monstatur; pretium revocandi est semper XX "
+"auri. Unitas constat quoque nummis in omni tractu in quo in imperio tuo est. "
+"Pretium hoc 'impensa' dicitur et idem est gradui unitatis. Unitates nec "
+"conscriptae nec revocate (ut dux) non constant auro. Impensa tota omnium "
+"unitatum monstratur in assere statutis sursum iuxta imaginem nummi aurei et "
+"saggittae rubrae."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:116
 msgid "How do I get gold?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo recipio aurum?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:116
 msgid ""
@@ -2488,6 +3162,11 @@
 "you usually need more gold than that, you should flag villages, which give "
 "you 1 gold per turn."
 msgstr ""
+"In omni missione recipis partem auri ex missione priori. Si minus nummorum "
+"habes quam C, recipis C. Numerus nummorum monstratur in assere statutis post "
+"imaginem auri. Post initium missionis, II auri recipis omni tractu. Quia "
+"fere plus auri necessarium est, debes capere pagos, quia dant I aurum pro "
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:120
 msgid ""
@@ -2497,14 +3176,19 @@
 "25% less. At night it is reversed. During twilight, all units do their "
 "normal damage. Neutral units such as elves are unaffected by day and night."
 msgstr ""
+"Tres sunt gratiae diei et noctis: Filii lucis, Filii crepusculi et Filii "
+"tenebrarum. Atque tempora diei tria sunt: dies, crepusculum/diluculum, nox. "
+"Die faciunt filii lucis, ut homines, plus XXV pro cento damni et filli "
+"tenebrarum, ut inmortui, XXV pro cento minus. Et vice versa noctu. Filii "
+"crepusculi, ut dryadales, non habent bona nec impedimenta ex tempore diei."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:120
 msgid "What are the different alignments and times of day?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quales sunt gratiae diei et noctis et tempora diei?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:121
 msgid "How do I know what time of day it is?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo scio tempus diei?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:121
 msgid ""
@@ -2515,6 +3199,11 @@
 "a different sequence, such as underground where it is perpetually night. You "
 "can find out the current time of day by looking at the Status Table."
 msgstr ""
+"Tempora diei eunt fere in sequentia: aurora (diluculum), antemeridiem et "
+"postmeridiem (dies), vesper (crepusculum), vigilia prima et secunda (nox); "
+"hoc tunc repetitur. Imago solis vel lunae tempus monstrat. Nonnullae "
+"missiones sequentiam aliam habent, sicut sub terra ubi semper nox est. "
+"Tempus diei potes videre in tabula statutis."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:125
 msgid ""
@@ -2528,14 +3217,21 @@
 "For example; many elves have 70% defense in woods, and are therefore hit 30% "
 "of the time."
 msgstr ""
+"Propia duorum agrorum iam descripta sunt, pagi et castellum. Sed propia "
+"plurimorumque agrorum subtiliora sunt, et afficiunt beneficia et maleficia "
+"unitatum diversorum in eis. Proprium primum agri est numerus punctorum motus "
+"necessarius ut per eum unitas eat. Secundum est defensum quod ager "
+"unitatibus dat quae in eo sunt. Est probabilitas ex cento quae constituit si "
+"unitas feritur in hoc agro. E.g. dryadales nonnulli habent defensum LXX pro "
+"cento in silva, itaque feritur XXX pro cento."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:125
 msgid "What are the different properties that terrains have?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quae sunt diversa propria agrorum?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:126
 msgid "How do I find out the properties of a specific terrain?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo propria agri cuiusdam invenio?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:126
 msgid ""
@@ -2547,6 +3243,12 @@
 "of the hex, then the selected unit's defense, then the number of move points "
 "it will cost the selected unit to move through that hex."
 msgstr ""
+"Si vis propria agri cuiusdam unitati, clicca dextre super unitatem et sub "
+"Descriptione Unitatis lege Immutationes Agri. Si nescis qui ager in hexagone "
+"est, move cursorem super eum et vide sursum in parte dextera scrinii. Hic "
+"monstrantur nomen agri, coordinata hexagonis, defensum unitatis electae, "
+"tunc numerus punctorum motus necessarius ut haec unitas per hexagonem "
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:130
 msgid ""
@@ -2558,10 +3260,17 @@
 "bonuses/penalties like time of day, so two -50% penalties would add up to -"
 msgstr ""
+"Omne genus unitatum habet repugnantiam quendam contra omne genus "
+"oppugnationis. Repugnantia est ex cento dicta et detrahitur a damno telorum "
+"illius generis. E.g. si Explorator Dryadalis a Saggitario Dryadali "
+"oppugnatur, saggitarius facit XX pro cento plus damni quam solet quia "
+"Exploratores Dryadales repugnantiam negativam XX pro cento habent. Hic "
+"beneficium/maleficium additur ad alios factores ut tempus diei. Duo "
+"maleficia de L pro cento summant ad C pro cento."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:130
 msgid "How does resistance affect attack damage?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo afficit repugnantia damnum?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:131
 msgid ""
@@ -2572,10 +3281,16 @@
 "weak to it. To find out a specific unit's resistance, right-click on the "
 "unit, select Unit Description, then look at Resistances."
 msgstr ""
+"Genera damni sunt VI: lamina, transfigere, incussus, frigidum, ignis, et "
+"sanctum. Unitates armatae habent repugnantiam bonam contra oppugnationes "
+"physicas (lamina, transfigere et incussus) sed malam contra magicas (ignis "
+"et frigidum). Unitates viventes repugnant sanctum, sed inmortui valde "
+"debiles sunt contra eum. Si vis invenire repugnantia unitatis, clicca dextre "
+"super eam, elige Descriptionem Unitatis, et vide Repugnantias."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:131
 msgid "What are the different damage types?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Qualia sunt genera damni?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:135
 msgid ""
@@ -2583,10 +3298,12 @@
 "specialty. To find a description of a unit's specialty, put your cursor over "
 "the name of the specialty."
 msgstr ""
+"Quodque proprium fit rem diversam; propterea est proprium. Si vis "
+"descriptionem proprii unitatis legere, move cursorem super nomen proprii."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:135
 msgid "What do specialties do?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quid faciunt propria?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:136
 msgid ""
@@ -2595,10 +3312,14 @@
 "abilities, and attack specials. Abilities apply to units while attack "
 "specials only apply to one of the unit's attacks."
 msgstr ""
+"Propria veniunt ex genere unitatis; e.g. omnes Legati habent proprium "
+"'ductum'. Duo sunt genera propriorum: peritiae et oppugnationes praecipuas. "
+"Peritiae afficiunt unitates et oppugnationes praecipuae tantum unam ex "
+"oppugnationibus eius."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:136
 msgid "Which units get specialties?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quae unitates habent propria?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:137
 msgid ""
@@ -2608,14 +3329,19 @@
 "hitting enemies regardless of what terrain they are on. Units do more damage "
 "while next to a unit of higher level with leadership."
 msgstr ""
+"Multa sunt propria et iucundum est discere de eis in Occidiseptentrione. "
+"Propria frequentissima sunt 'magicalis' et 'ductus'. Oppugnationes magicales "
+"habent probabilitatem feriendi LXX pro cento neglegens agrum. Unitates "
+"faciunt damnum augmentum si iuxta unitatem ex gradu superiore cum ductu "
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:137
 msgid "What kinds of specialties can my units get?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Qualia propria accipiunt unitates?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:138
 msgid "How do I use specialties?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo utor propriis?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:138
 msgid ""
@@ -2624,6 +3350,9 @@
 "you must move a unit with leadership next to another unit, then attack with "
 "the other unit."
 msgstr ""
+"Si vis proprio uti, saltem movere et/vel oppugnare cum unitatibus secundum "
+"eum. E.g. si vis ductu uti, debes movere unitatem cum ductu iuxta unitatem "
+"aliam et cum alia unitate oppugnare."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:142
 msgid ""
@@ -2632,24 +3361,28 @@
 "who picks them up a new weapon. However there are usually not that many "
 "objects in a campaign."
 msgstr ""
+"Res inventae diversae sunt in variis stipendiis. In Heres Throni, res "
+"plurimae nova tela sunt. Non sunt tamen fere multae res in stipendio."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:142
 msgid "What kind of objects am I likely to encounter?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quales res sane invenio?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:143
 msgid "How long do these objects last?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quamdiu permanent res hae?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:143
 msgid ""
 "Most objects are permanent changes to the unit that receives them. However a "
 "few objects, such as holy water, last only until the end of the scenario."
 msgstr ""
+"Res plurimae sunt immutationes stabiles ad unitatem. Paucae tamen res, ut "
+"aqua sancta, permanent tantum usque ad finem missionis."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:147
 msgid "How do I play a campaign?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo ludo stipendium?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:147
 msgid ""
@@ -2657,10 +3390,13 @@
 "to play, then select Easy, Normal, or Hard. Heir to the Throne is the "
 "suggested for newcomers to Wesnoth."
 msgstr ""
+"Si vis stipendium incipere, elige 'Stipendium' in elencho initiali, elige "
+"stipendium quod ludere vis, tunc gradum difficultatis. Heres Throni "
+"stipendium est commendatum novibus lusoribus Occidiseptentrionis."
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:148
 msgid "How do I play multiplayer?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Quomodo ludo cum lusoribus pluribus?"
 #: data/scenarios/tutorial/utils.cfg:148
 msgid ""
@@ -2669,6 +3405,10 @@
 "server, where you can join a game by selecting it, then selecting 'Join "
 msgstr ""
+"Si vis Occidiseptentrionem contra homines ludere, elige 'Cum lusoribus "
+"pluribus'. Tunc elige 'Ad Moderatrum Officiale Coniungere'. Ita coniungeris "
+"ad moderatrum et se potest iungere ad ludum, eum eligens tunc 'Ad Lusum "
 #: data/schedules.cfg:123 data/schedules.cfg:130
 msgid "Underground"
@@ -2728,28 +3468,24 @@
 msgstr "Castra"
 #: data/terrain.cfg:393
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Dwarven Castle"
-msgstr "Castellum nanorum"
+msgstr "Castellum Nanorum"
 #: data/terrain.cfg:403
 msgid "Keep"
 msgstr "Arx"
 #: data/terrain.cfg:430
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Ruin"
-msgstr "ruina"
+msgstr "Ruina"
 #: data/terrain.cfg:440
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Sunken Ruin"
-msgstr "ruina demersa"
+msgstr "Ruina Demersa"
 #: data/terrain.cfg:451
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Swamp Ruin"
-msgstr "ruina paludinis"
+msgstr "Ruina Paludinis"
 #: data/themes/default.cfg:78
 msgid "Menu"
@@ -3375,6 +4111,8 @@
 "This unit's resistance is doubled, up to a maximum of 50%, when defending."
 msgstr ""
+"Repugnantia huius unitatis duplicatur (maximum L pro cento) in defensu."
 #: data/translations/english.cfg:83 data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:16
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:18 data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:18
@@ -3408,15 +4146,14 @@
 "scopi adest. (Non movetur cum unitatibus sociis.)"
 #: data/translations/english.cfg:96
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Whether used offensively or defensively, this attack presses the engagement "
 "until one of the combatants is slain."
 msgstr ""
-"In offensione haec oppugnatio certamen presset donec unus ex pugnatoribus "
-"interfectus erit."
+"In offensione vel defensione, haec oppugnatio certamen presset donec unus ex "
+"pugnatoribus interfectus erit."
 #: data/translations/english.cfg:99
 msgid ""
@@ -3571,7 +4308,7 @@
 #: data/units/Ancient_Lich.cfg:3
 msgid "Ancient Lich"
-msgstr "Ossa magi vetusta"
+msgstr "Ossa Magi Vetusta"
 #: data/units/Ancient_Lich.cfg:22
 msgid ""
@@ -3583,6 +4320,12 @@
 "high chance of hitting an opponent. The touch of a lich drains the victim's "
 "life to renew the lich."
 msgstr ""
+"Animatio huius ordinis est nuntius temporis antiqui. Qui Ossibus Magi "
+"Vetustis obviam it sane peiora temet quam mortem.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnationes a procul Ossium Magi magicales sunt, et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi. Tactus Ossium Magi vitam victimae "
+"exhaurit et ossa renovat."
 #: data/units/Ancient_Lich.cfg:44 data/units/Demilich.cfg:32
 #: data/units/Dread_Lich.cfg:21 data/units/Ghost.cfg:23 data/units/Lich.cfg:24
@@ -3675,6 +4418,16 @@
 "Special Notes: Woses regenerate by using natural resources around them, "
 "without needing to huddle in villages to obtain sustenance and aid."
 msgstr ""
+"Fabula fabulosa est de agricola qui quercum magnam in pratulo habebat, arbor "
+"quae stabat cum pater primum aratrum in terra egit, sub quo familia memorias "
+"multas habebat. Offensio ei erat cum uno mane expergitus est invenit eam "
+"nescio quomodo raptam. Tantum terra nuda erat in loco eius. Agricola miser "
+"numquam idem erat posthac.\n"
+"Occursi tales sunt nuntia unica de Vosiis Vetustis.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Vosia regenerant ex rebus naturae circa ea et non necesse "
+"est ea in pagis ire receptum alimentum et adiutorium."
 #: data/units/Ancient_Wose.cfg:43 data/units/Elder_Wose.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Wose.cfg:24
@@ -3764,6 +4517,19 @@
 "Special Notes: the arch mage's fireballs are magical, and always have a high "
 "chance of hitting an opponent."
 msgstr ""
+"Titulus Magi Principis tribuitur tantum post vitam studii et rerum gestarum. "
+"Fere exercentur Magi Principes ut magistri aut consilarii eorum qui satis "
+"sapientes sunt ut sapientiam magorum quaerant. Plures exercentur a patronis "
+"divitibus, quod fructuosum est ambobus, quia post facta fortituita aut verba "
+"consilii, magus liber est ad investigationes proprias. Alii excultam vitam "
+"hominum vitant, dies ut solitarii consumens, fere studiens aliquam rem cui "
+"plerique non adsentiantur.\n"
+"Etsi non experimenta sunt in certamini, si necesse est, Magus Princeps totam "
+"potestatem artis sui expedire potest, quod non minori aestimari debet.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: magi principis globi ignis magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi."
 #: data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:40 data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:152
 #: data/units/Dark_Sorcerer.cfg:24 data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:32
@@ -3832,6 +4598,16 @@
 "creeping around behind that enemy. Their throwing knives are also poisoned, "
 "which will continually sap away an enemy's strength."
 msgstr ""
+"Fures maximi nonnumquam negotium habent multo plus quam bona victimae "
+"rapere. Periti certaminis cum sica et insolite leves pede, hi minaces "
+"omnibus instrumentis utuntur ut victimas silenter occidant - cultri venenosi "
+"a procul vel sica in tergo. Funesti noctu, aliquantulum incommodi sunt in "
+"proeliis diurnis sub sole.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: si unitas ex parte sicarii inimicum alienat, sicarius potest "
+"in tergum percutere, damnum duplice infligens, si post inimicum situs est. "
+"Cultri iacti eius atque venenosi sunt, quod fortitudinem inimici adsidue "
 #: data/units/Assassin.cfg:37 data/units/Assassin.cfg:119
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderer.cfg:38
@@ -3951,6 +4727,10 @@
 "victims into submission. Like any sort of outlaw, they're not comfortable "
 "fighting in broad daylight, being used to working at night."
 msgstr ""
+"Latrones coetus sunt versicolor hominum, plerique praeteritorum dubiosorum. "
+"Manus fortis sunt in coetis reorum. Etsi astutia vel intelligentia egent, "
+"excellunt in opere praeferito (quid est victimas in obsequium verberare). Ut "
+"omnes rei, incommodi sunt in sole et pugnant melius noctu."
 #: data/units/Bandit.cfg:34 data/units/Drake_Enforcer.cfg:43
 #: data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:61 data/units/Great_Troll.cfg:24
@@ -3962,16 +4742,14 @@
 msgstr "scipio"
 #: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:3
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "female^Battle Princess"
-msgstr "Proscripta Regalis"
+msgstr "Filia Regina Proelii"
 #: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:19 data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:70
 msgid "leadership,skirmisher"
 msgstr "ductus,excursator"
 #: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:21 data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:72
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "A noble by birth, the Princess has learnt swordplay with the greatest "
 "generals, and battle tactics with the greatest sages, making her both a "
@@ -3980,8 +4758,8 @@
 msgstr ""
 "Nobilis natu, Filia Reginae artem gladiatorum magnis cum imperatoribus "
 "didicit et rationes belli a maximis sapientibus; ergo est dux et pugnatrix "
-"magna. Fortis voluntatis, obduruit in proelio. Potest auxilium eis ferre in "
-"arte pugnae qui ei vicini sunt."
+"magna. Obdurata in proelio et fortis voluntatis, potest auxilium eis ferre "
+"in arte pugnae qui ei vicini sunt."
 #: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:36 data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:75
 #: data/units/Bowman.cfg:33 data/units/Cavalier.cfg:41
@@ -4061,7 +4839,6 @@
 msgstr "Coniector Ossium"
 #: data/units/Bone_Shooter.cfg:15
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Of a necromancer's creations, some take more strongly to the false life "
 "given them. Potency of life is given equipment to match; archers, in "
@@ -4070,10 +4847,11 @@
 "Dubbed simply 'Bone-Shooters' by their unfortunate enemies, these "
 "abominations are a terror to all who live."
 msgstr ""
-"Hi, quorum domini creaturas potentiores censent, armamentarium vere turpe "
-"praebiti sunt. Pharetrae eorum non sagittis ligneis implentur, sed ossibus "
-"victimarum earum. Nominati simpliciter Coniectores Ossium ab hostibus "
-"infelicibus, hi nefas terrent omnes vivos."
+"Nonnuli creaturarum nigromantii fortius vitam falsam quae iis datur "
+"prendunt. Arma idonea haec potentiae vitae datur; coniectores praesertim "
+"saepe armamentarium vere turpe praebiti sunt. Pharetrae eorum non sagittis "
+"ligneis implentur, sed ossibus victimarum earum. Nominati simpliciter "
+"'Coniectores Ossium' ab hostibus infelicibus, hi nefas terrent omnes vivos."
 #: data/units/Bone_Shooter.cfg:36 data/units/Soul_Shooter.cfg:27
 msgid "stab"
@@ -4173,6 +4951,10 @@
 "woodsman, bowmen have reasonable prowess with both a bow and a short sword, "
 "and are very common on the battlefield."
 msgstr ""
+"Usus artis sagittariorum extra venantionem notus est ab initiis, et "
+"sagittarii necesarii sunt in artis belli post hominum memoriam. Fere sunt ex "
+"originis humilibus, ut coloni vel ex silvis, peritiae habent satis cum arcu "
+"et cum gladio. Frequentissimi sunt in campo proelii."
 #: data/units/Cavalier.cfg:3
 msgid "Cavalier"
@@ -4215,6 +4997,13 @@
 "Cavalrymen are very useful for taking and holding positions on open ground, "
 "for screening friendly soldiers, and also for scoutwork."
 msgstr ""
+"Equites armati aliis rationibus belli et armis utuntur quam equites. "
+"Armatura eorum est gravior et gerunt gladium et scutum, non lanceam. Non "
+"incurrunt in hostes, sed oppugnant gladio et currunt, ut equus et eques "
+"instrumentum concursus fiant.\n"
+"Equites armati utiles sunt ut terra aperta capta sit et tenuta, milites "
+"socii protegantur, et terra exploretur."
 #: data/units/Cave_Spider.cfg:3
 msgid "Giant Spider"
@@ -4295,6 +5084,9 @@
 "to turn the living to stone. Needless to say, this makes them extremely "
 msgstr ""
+"Primo aspectu creaturae mysticae serpentiformes debiles videntur, sed "
+"aspectus decipit. Cum modo hostes aspiciunt, Basilisci eos petrificant, ergo "
+"periculosi sunt valde. "
 #: data/units/Cockatrice.cfg:33
 msgid "gaze"
@@ -4366,6 +5158,17 @@
 "Special Notes: The attacks of a dark adept are magical, and always have a "
 "high chance of hitting an opponent."
 msgstr ""
+"Si discipuli ab ea attrahuntur, esca magicae nigrae debet esse premium satis "
+"magnum, quia ei qui exercet eam in terris excolitis supplicium capitale "
+"minatur. Tamen adsunt qui artem hanc sequuntur, nam premium immortalitas "
+"ipsa est. In cultis secretis latentes aut in ordinibus tenebrosis regionum "
+"infernorum initiati, disciplina quae patuntur hi fanatici eos fere ad "
+"defatigationem et debilitationem fert.\n"
+"In hac conditione, telum unicum eorum est ars quam se obstringunt discere.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: periti obscuri oppugnationes magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent .feriendi."
 #: data/units/Dark_Adept.cfg:38 data/units/Dark_Sorcerer.cfg:47
 #: data/units/Necromancer.cfg:38
@@ -4373,9 +5176,8 @@
 msgstr "unda gelida"
 #: data/units/Dark_Adept.cfg:63
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "female^Dark Adept"
-msgstr "Regina Obscura"
+msgstr "Perita Obscura"
 #: data/units/Dark_Queen.cfg:3
 msgid "female^Dark Queen"
@@ -4397,7 +5199,7 @@
 #: data/units/Dark_Sorcerer.cfg:3
 msgid "Dark Sorcerer"
-msgstr "Magus Tenebrosus"
+msgstr "Veneficus Tenebrosus"
 #: data/units/Dark_Sorcerer.cfg:21
 msgid ""
@@ -4418,14 +5220,28 @@
 "marked with the plague, and any foe struck down by it will rise again in "
 msgstr ""
+"Magica Nigra horrorem instinguit in primis quia paulum de ea a vulgo scitur. "
+"Si vere immortalitatem praebet, videatur transformatio in ossibus magi esse "
+"quod quam primum confecturum sit, ut infirmitas et pestilentia non magum "
+"interficiant. Sed nonnumquam vetustus veneficus tenebrosus visus est qui "
+"manifeste tam potens erat quam ossa magi.\n"
+"Tantum coniecturas facere possimus cur talis homo semitam immortalitatis "
+"demoratur vel tote dimittat. Forsitan esse ossa magi non sit plene "
+"immortalitas vera quae adfirmatur esse aut pretium funestum et non dictum "
+"sit ut transformetur.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: venefici tenebrosi oppugnationes a procul magicales sunt et "
+"semper probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi. Virga venefici tenebrosi "
+"pestilentia signatur, et hostes ab ea interfecti rursus ut inmortui "
 #: data/units/Dark_Sorcerer.cfg:29 data/units/Soulless.cfg:42
 #: data/units/Soulless.cfg:117 data/units/Soulless.cfg:193
 #: data/units/Soulless.cfg:270 data/units/Soulless.cfg:346
 #: data/units/Soulless.cfg:422 data/units/Soulless.cfg:498
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "plague(Walking Corpse)"
-msgstr "Cadaver Ambulans"
+msgstr "pestilentia(Cadaver Ambulans)"
 #: data/units/Dark_Spirit.cfg:3
 msgid "Dark Spirit"
@@ -4455,17 +5271,16 @@
 msgstr "Dux Ossium"
 #: data/units/Death_Knight.cfg:19
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Tales are told of the mightiest warriors and generals, who, cursed with hate "
 "and a sense of betrayal, came back to this world as Death Knights. Wielding "
 "the same weapons as they did before, they command the Undead in their quest "
 "for revenge."
 msgstr ""
-"Nonnumquam pugnatores et imperatores fortissimi qui odio et sensu "
-"proditionis maledicti sunt in hunc mundum Duces Ossium regressi sunt. Gerunt "
-"ipsa arma quae vivens gerebant et imperant Inmortuis in investigatione "
+"Fabulae narrantur ut nonnumquam pugnatores et imperatores fortissimi qui "
+"odio et sensu proditionis maledicti sunt in hunc mundum Duces Ossium "
+"regressi essent. Gerunt ipsa arma quae vivens gerebant et imperant Inmortuis "
+"in investigatione ultionis."
 #: data/units/Death_Knight.cfg:34 data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:28
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Steelclad.cfg:27
@@ -4484,13 +5299,16 @@
 "the skills they once had. Though frail, these monsters are much faster than "
 "the rest of their kind, both on foot and with their blades."
 msgstr ""
+"In vita nefas quae 'Laminae Mortis' dicuntur periti erant certaminis, miles "
+"sollers et funesti. Domini novi fere hoc animadvertant et eis tela dant "
+"idonea peritiae eorum. Quamquam fragiles sunt, hae bestiae multo celeriores "
+"sunt quam reliqui generis sui et pede et lamina."
 #: data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:3
 msgid "Deathmaster"
 msgstr "Dominus Mortis"
 #: data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:17
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Gwiti's wanderings on a dark path have given him power normally not granted "
 "to mortals, but with a terrible cost: the undead that he gave his soul to "
@@ -4498,8 +5316,8 @@
 "true undead and a terror to all that lives."
 msgstr ""
 "Errationes Guitii in via obscura ei potestatem dederunt, quae non plerumque "
-"mortalibus tributa est, sed terribili pretio. Inmortui quibus animam suam "
-"dedit et corpus mortale paulatim postulant, et ad tempus erit inmortuus "
+"mortalibus tributa est, sed terribili pretio: inmortui quibus animam suam "
+"dedit etiam corpus mortale paulatim postulant, et ad tempus erit inmortuus "
 "verus et pavor omnibus viventibus."
 #: data/units/Demilich.cfg:3
@@ -4507,7 +5325,6 @@
 msgstr "Semiossa Magi"
 #: data/units/Demilich.cfg:17
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "After too much time dabbling with forbidden magics and dark arts, these magi "
 "have begun to pay a heavy price. Demiliches have started losing their "
@@ -4540,6 +5357,18 @@
 "victims of this poison will continually take damage until they can be cured "
 "in town or by a healer."
 msgstr ""
+"'Lupi diri' differunt a lupis vulgis tantum in magnitudine et colore. "
+"Altiores sunt quam umerus equi et fames habent par. Tantum insanus eis "
+"libenter obviam it, sed coboli magno pretio privato eos domare possunt, si "
+"ita oportet dicere.\n"
+"Ungues lupi non commune videntur periculosi, sed quia bestia tam magna est, "
+"sunt densiores et longiores quam clavi ferrei. Lupites eorum venenum in "
+"ungues anteriores ungunt, non dissimile veneno sicariorum orcorum, ergo "
+"laceratio unguibus eorum ictus acerbissimus est.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: qui unguibus lupi diri laceratur venenabitur; victimae huius "
+"veneni adsidue damnabuntur usque sanantur in pago vel a sanatore."
 #: data/units/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:54 data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:34
 #: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:36 data/units/Drake_Inferno.cfg:25
@@ -4569,15 +5398,16 @@
 "honorem magnum ei in acie dant."
 #: data/units/Drake_Blademaster.cfg:4
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Drake Blademaster"
-msgstr "Gladiator Draculorum"
+msgstr "Dominus Laminarum Draculorum"
 #: data/units/Drake_Blademaster.cfg:20
 msgid ""
 "The drakes who master the use of a sword are sworn into a special order. The "
 "mark of this is the black and white warpaint they display in battle."
 msgstr ""
+"Draculi qui dominantur usi gladii in ordinem praecipuam iurantur. Signum "
+"huius est pigmentum belli nigrum et album quod monstrant in certamine."
 #: data/units/Drake_Blademaster.cfg:46 data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:53
 #: data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:56 data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:54
@@ -4599,6 +5429,9 @@
 "This, coupled with their sheer size and clawed hands makes for a dangerous "
 "foe in combat."
 msgstr ""
+"Incenditores Draculorum sunt pauci et superbi, qui vere fortidudines a "
+"patribus acceperunt, praesertim facultas spirantis ignem. Hoc una cum "
+"magnitudine et manibus unguitis adversarios periculosos in certamine facit."
 #: data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:3
 msgid "Drake Clasher"
@@ -4621,11 +5454,20 @@
 "weaknesses of their kind, such as the strong vulnerability to spears and "
 msgstr ""
+"Concursor Draculorum volare et ignem spirare non possunt, et plerique putant "
+"relegationem eorum ad certamen concursus ob vitium est - conatus uti eo quod "
+"aliter debilitas sit. Forse est vitium, sed advocati illius rationis non "
+"consideraverunt convenientiam certamini contra draculos aequales.\n"
+"Re vera sunt Iudices ordinum draculorum. Etsi arma nunc plerumqe sollemnia "
+"sunt, sunt nihilo minus efficacia. In concursibus cum stirpibus minoribus "
+"invenerunt magnitudinem naturalem et fortitudinem ipsas tela potentia esse "
+"et cum armis huius ordinis miles carent debilitatibus communibus generis "
+"sui, ut nuditate hastibus et sagittis."
 #: data/units/Drake_Enforcer.cfg:3
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Drake Enforcer"
-msgstr "Incenditor Draculorum"
+msgstr "Exsequor Draculorum"
 #: data/units/Drake_Enforcer.cfg:19
 msgid ""
@@ -4633,6 +5475,9 @@
 "hours at the forge have provided them with a bristling array of weaponry, "
 "and have clad them head to toe in shining armor."
 msgstr ""
+"Exsequores Draculorum magni fortitudinem crudam generis sui repraesentant."
+"Horae longae in fornace eis praebuerunt habitum horrescentem armorum, et eos "
+"vestiverunt a capite ad pedem in armatura nitida."
 #: data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:3
 msgid "Drake Fighter"
@@ -4661,6 +5506,9 @@
 "armor, they belch columns of flame at any who oppose them, a testament to "
 "the strength and majesty of their kind."
 msgstr ""
+"Draculi Ignis magni domini sunt flaminis interni. Vestiti armatura nitida "
+"eructant columnas ignis in omnes qui eos opponunt. Testamenta sunt "
+"fortitudini et maiestati generis sui."
 #: data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:3
 msgid "Drake Flameheart"
@@ -4677,6 +5525,13 @@
 "it to deal more damage in combat, though this only applies to units of lower "
 msgstr ""
+"Dicitur ordines antiquissimi draculorum - decendentes directi a draconibus "
+"ipsis - venas habere in quibus ignis fluit potius quam sanguis. Halitus "
+"ignis eorum fidem dat huic rationi, sed ratione ulla nemo contatus est unum "
+"eorum secare ut id demonstet.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Ob ductu Cordis Flammae oppugnationes unitatum vicinorum "
+"maiorem damnum infligere possunt, sed tantum si sunt ex gradu inferiore."
 #: data/units/Drake_Flare.cfg:3
 msgid "Drake Flare"
@@ -4692,6 +5547,12 @@
 "to deal more damage in combat, though this only applies to units of lower "
 msgstr ""
+"Stirps antiquus draculi sunt, satis sapientes ut duces naturales oboediant. "
+"Qui dicuntur 'flammae' ab hostibus sunt draculi qui sperant hos duces et in "
+"bello et in pace esse.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Ob ductu Flammae oppugnationes unitatum vicinorum maiorem "
+"damnum infligere possunt, sed tantum si sunt ex gradu inferiore."
 #: data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:3
 msgid "Drake Gladiator"
@@ -4706,13 +5567,17 @@
 "maces which complement their already impressive array. Their intense focus "
 "on their weapons comes at the slight expense of their defensive abilities."
 msgstr ""
+"Gladiator semitam omnino aliam quam Caeditores ambulat. Magis quam "
+"exercitationem intendunt in arte telorum eorum. Sunt fabri societatis "
+"draculorum et ergo tela optima possidunt - laminas acutissimas et hastas, et "
+"scipiones quae complent vestes eorum. Animi intentio in tela nocet leviter "
+"facultates defensus."
 #: data/units/Drake_Glider.cfg:3
 msgid "Drake Glider"
 msgstr "Labens Draculorum"
 #: data/units/Drake_Glider.cfg:20
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Drake Gliders wear as little armor as possible so they can quickly escape "
 "their foes when they leave their caves. These Drakes are competent fighters, "
@@ -4733,9 +5598,8 @@
 msgstr "adfligere"
 #: data/units/Drake_Hurricane.cfg:3
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Hurricane Drake"
-msgstr "Draculus Ignis"
+msgstr "Draculus Procellae"
 #: data/units/Drake_Hurricane.cfg:19
 msgid ""
@@ -4743,6 +5607,9 @@
 "those drakes which are gifted with flight. Soaring high in the air, they can "
 "see past most defensive cover and spit fire at their foes with impunity."
 msgstr ""
+"Domini regni aeris Draculi Procellae flos sunt draculorum volantium. In "
+"sublime lati videre possunt ultra latebras defensivas et ignem in hostes "
+"impune spuere."
 #: data/units/Drake_Inferno.cfg:3
 msgid "Inferno Drake"
@@ -4756,13 +5623,17 @@
 "shining, flame-colored armor is a mark of their proud and powerful caste, "
 "the ideal to which their brethren aspire."
 msgstr ""
+"Conflagrationes volantes dicuntur Inferni Draculorum. Sunt domini haliti "
+"ignis et aemulantur Dracones praecedentes in facultate utentis eo. Facultas "
+"haec naturalis eos quasi immunes igni facit. Armatura nitida colorata ut "
+"flammae signum est huius ordinis potentis et superbi. Sunt exemplares quae "
+"fratres attingere volunt."
 #: data/units/Drake_Sky.cfg:3
 msgid "Sky Drake"
 msgstr "Draculus Caeli"
 #: data/units/Drake_Sky.cfg:20
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Sky drakes are truly the kings of the sky. Using their momentum and fire "
 "breath as weapons these drakes are the bane of many. They can swiftly swoop "
@@ -4784,6 +5655,11 @@
 "boar. Their training has also enhanced their stamina and defensive skills, "
 "which is a major advantage over their close cousins the Gladiators."
 msgstr ""
+"Caeditores sunt concursores qui periti sunt bipennis magis quam gladio et "
+"hasta. Magnitudo eorum eis permittit telo magnitudinis paris uti, satis "
+"magnum ut equum transfigere possint ut homo aperem. Exercitio eorum atque "
+"auxit peritias defensivas et patientiam, praestantias super consobrinos "
 #: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:25 data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:43
 #: data/units/Drake_Warden.cfg:26 data/units/Drake_Warden.cfg:44
@@ -4799,9 +5675,8 @@
 msgstr "ictus primus"
 #: data/units/Drake_Warden.cfg:4
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Drake Warden"
-msgstr "Flamma Draculorum"
+msgstr "Praefectus Draculorum"
 #: data/units/Drake_Warden.cfg:20
 msgid ""
@@ -4810,20 +5685,24 @@
 "on this earth would dare stand against them. The Wardens' weapon of choice "
 "is the halberd, which they use to great effect."
 msgstr ""
+"Praefectus est fastigium ordinis concursorum, excolatus ex Caeditoribus "
+"optimis. Fortitudinem ita fabricati sunt ut pauci milites in terra hac "
+"contra eos stare audent. Tela electionis eorum est bipennis, qua ad effectum "
+"magnum utuntur."
 #: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:4
 msgid "Drake Warrior"
 msgstr "Pugnator Draculorum"
 #: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:19
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Drake Warriors wield swords with great skill, and possess the fire breathing "
 "skills of their ancestors. The great strength of their kind allows them to "
 "strike withering blows, and to withstand punishment in equal measure."
 msgstr ""
-"Pugnatores Draculorum acinaces flexos magna peritia gerunt et facultates "
-"spirandi ignem maiorum. Pugnatores periti fient Bellatores Draculorum."
+"Bellatores Draculorum gladios magna peritia gerunt et facultates spirandi "
+"ignem maiorum possident. Fortitudo eorum magna eis permittit oppugnationibus "
+"torrentibus ferire et verbera in mensura aequa accipere."
 #: data/units/Draug.cfg:3
 msgid "Draug"
@@ -4851,7 +5730,7 @@
 #: data/units/Dread_Lich.cfg:3
 msgid "Dread Lich"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Ossa Magi Horroris"
 #: data/units/Dread_Lich.cfg:18
 msgid ""
@@ -4862,6 +5741,11 @@
 "immortality will have to provide consolation for what he has lost in his "
 "quest to achieve them."
 msgstr ""
+"Demum sacrificium ultimum solvit Haatelis pro artibus tenebrosis in quas "
+"fodit et ipse inmortuus factus est. In fastigio potestatis eius ossa magi "
+"facta sunt, repraesentatio ambulans horroris. Sine dubio transivit iam "
+"Rubiconem suum et potestas et immortalitas suae consolationem ei praebere "
+"debent pro omnibus quae perdidit in anquirendo eas."
 #: data/units/Duelist.cfg:3
 msgid "Duelist"
@@ -4885,6 +5769,18 @@
 "Special Notes: their skill at skirmishing allows these fencers to dart right "
 "past an opponent, ignoring zones of control."
 msgstr ""
+"Mos proprius est nobilium Occidiseptentrionis, filios suos in uno ex duobus "
+"ordines militares adscribere, exercentes eos in arte equitatis vel rudium. "
+"Certatior nominatur quia mos est inter nobiles iuvenes certare in duellis. "
+"Calor iniuriae nonnumquam instigat demonstrationem iurium naturalium.\n"
+"Periti in ludo rudium (qui apparent nobiles sed non semper sunt) quoque "
+"scorpionem parvam secum ferunt absconditam sub pallium. Etsi lente "
+"oneraturae et dictae ignominiosae, valde utiles sunt. Qui longe in ordinibus "
+"vivere vult saepe tribuit concessiones ad utilitatem et superessendam.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: peritia in excurrendo permittit hi lanistae ultra inimicos "
+"emicare neglegentes zonas imperii."
 #: data/units/Duelist.cfg:37 data/units/Fencer.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Master_at_Arms.cfg:38
@@ -4929,6 +5825,12 @@
 "Dwarven citadels are both renowned and feared; weapons that have broken the "
 "mightiest of warriors in a single blow."
 msgstr ""
+"Nescimus cur Custodes Draconis sic nominantur a fratribus nanis. Forsitan "
+"veniat nomen a virgis peculiaribus quas gerunt et quae ignem et mortem "
+"eructant. Forsitan est quia tela talia atque contra Draconem verum minae "
+"sint, si hae bestiae rursus videbuntur in terra. Utut est res, propter haec "
+"tela custodes castellos magnos nanorum noti sunt et metuti. Haec tela "
+"bellatores fortissimus in ictu unico fregerunt."
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Dragonguard.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Dragonguard.cfg:39
@@ -4960,15 +5862,14 @@
 msgstr "Custos Nanorum"
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:22
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "The most resilient dwarves sometimes join the Dwarvish army as Guardsmen. "
 "Slow and without a strong attack, they guard the Army's flank, soaking up a "
 "lot of damage, and hurling heavy spears for defense."
 msgstr ""
 "Nani mollissimi nonnumquam in exercitu Nanorum Custodes ingrediuntur. Lenti "
-"et oppugnatione forti carentes, custodiunt cornua exercitus, damnum magnum "
-"ferentes et hastas graves in hostes iactantes."
+"et oppugnatione forti carentes, custodiunt cornua Exercitus, damnum magnum "
+"ferentes et hastas graves in hostes iactantes in defensione."
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:3
 msgid "Dwarvish Lord"
@@ -4981,6 +5882,9 @@
 "target with a thrown hand axe at several paces. Though slow on their feet, "
 "these dwarves are a testament to the prowess of their kin."
 msgstr ""
+"Vestiti armatura nitida hi nani apparent ut reges sub montibus. Securem et "
+"malleum gerentes peritia optima, et hostem ferire possunt a aliquot passibus "
+"cum securem manus. Lenti pedibus, testamenta sunt virtuti stirpis sui."
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:61
 msgid "hatchet"
@@ -4997,6 +5901,10 @@
 "presence somehow imbue it with power. Though rarely seen in combat, a master "
 "of these runes can put them to terrifying use."
 msgstr ""
+"Magica nanorum, quam paule cognoscitur, plerumque se manifestat in incriptio "
+"litterarum in superficie rei, et praesentia earum nescio quomodo eam cum "
+"potentia imbuit. Rare vistus in certamini dominus litterarum eis formidolose "
+"uti potest."
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Runemaster.cfg:21
 msgid "runic hammer"
@@ -5058,6 +5966,12 @@
 "make any of their own, realized they were lucky to no longer be fighting the "
 "dwarves, and vowed never to do so again."
 msgstr ""
+"Cum homines Occidiseptentrionis primum nanis obviam ierunt, potestas "
+"Tonatorum Nanorum eos confudit, quia mortem a longe iecerunt per "
+"peculiares ... 'virgas' quas in proelio tulerunt. Post pacem Kalianis, "
+"populus Haldrici nondum tela haec intellegentes et non potentes ea "
+"fabricari, se felices nominant quia non etiam contra nanos pugnabant et "
+"iusiuraverant numquam rursus pugnare contra eos."
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderer.cfg:63
 msgid "thunderstick"
@@ -5080,6 +5994,14 @@
 "Though a single shot from these 'thundersticks' can take several minutes to "
 "prepare, the results are seen by the Dwarves as being well worth the wait."
 msgstr ""
+"Custodes Tonitrus Nanorum noti sunt a telis peculiaribus, virgis ligneis et "
+"ferreis quae strepitus tonitrus faciunt in ira. Machinatio post haec tela "
+"mysteriosa est, secretum quod nani Knalgae ad sepulchrum ferunt, putativi "
+"fabri eorum. Nuntiatus est nanos pulvum nigrum insolitum in os telorum "
+"haurire, quod dictum est pabulum bestiae quae intus habitat.\n"
+"Etsi iactus ex his 'fustibus tonitrus' complura momenta temporis requiret ad "
+"parandum, Nani dicunt eventus dignos mora esse."
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderguard.cfg:48
 msgid "dragonstick"
@@ -5090,29 +6012,27 @@
 msgstr "Nanus Saevus"
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Ulfserker.cfg:16
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Dwarves are an ancient race of powerful fighters. Ulfserkers are the most "
 "ferocious of these in battle: they persist until either their enemy is dead "
 "or they themselves perish, no matter how many wounds they receive."
 msgstr ""
-"Nani genus vetustum pugnatorum potentum sunt. Nani Saevi ferocissimi sunt in "
-"pugna: oppugnant sine mora usque ad mortem proprium aut mortem hostis, "
-"neglegentes vulnera propria."
+"Nani genus vetustum pugnatorum potentum sunt. Nani Saevi ferocissimi eorum "
+"sunt in pugna: oppugnant sine mora usque ad mortem proprium aut mortem "
+"hostis, neglegentes vulnera propria."
 #: data/units/Elder_Mage.cfg:3
 msgid "Elder Mage"
 msgstr "Magus senex"
 #: data/units/Elder_Mage.cfg:22
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Once great, Elder Magi have seen their power a little diminished from "
 "wearying years of battle. Nevertheless they remain feared on the battlefield "
 "on account of their powerful lightning bolts."
 msgstr ""
 "Olim magni, Magi Senes potestatem suam post annos fatigosos proelii paulum "
-"minuere viderunt. Metuti etiam in acie ob fulgoribus potentibus eorum manent."
+"minuere viderunt. Metuti tamem in acie ob fulgoribus potentibus eorum manent."
 #: data/units/Elder_Mage.cfg:40
 msgid "lightning"
@@ -5139,6 +6059,17 @@
 "Special Notes: Woses regenerate by using natural resources around them, "
 "without needing to huddle in villages to obtain sustenance and aid."
 msgstr ""
+"Formas multas possidunt Vosia, omnes ut arbores. Cum provehant aetate, "
+"crescunt valde. Fabulae narrantur de vosia quae super creaturas sub eis "
+"immanent. Ergo rare videntur - quia stant in somnu et persimiles videntur ut "
+"arbores cum forma insolita. Etiam dryadalis incautus ab eis nonnumquam "
+"Vosia non sunt omnino bellatores, sed potentia eorum capax est violentiae, "
+"si quis iram eorum excitat.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Vosia regenerant ex rebus naturae circa ea et non necesse "
+"est ea in pagis ire receptum alimentum et adiutorium."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Archer"
@@ -5153,6 +6084,11 @@
 "their natural grace ensures that they can best any of humanity's fresh "
 msgstr ""
+"Dryadales semper noti sunt ob artem sagittariorum, peritia quae eis "
+"naturalis est ex multis rationibus. Et fragiles corporis funesti esse "
+"possunt cum arcu in manu, et in temporibus belli, multi eam tollunt. "
+"Inexperientia relativa eorum in certamine eos reliquit aliquantum nudos, sed "
+"gratia naturalis efficit ut novos conscriptos omnes hominum vincere possunt."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:105
 msgid "female^Elvish Archer"
@@ -5178,6 +6114,17 @@
 "enemy unless they are immediately adjacent, or have revealed themselves by "
 msgstr ""
+"Nomen peculiare 'Vindicum' dryadalum venit ex ratione militari qua saepe ab "
+"iis vagis peritis. Hostes permittuntur per defensum falsum frangere, et cum "
+"milites nudis post aciem primum eos sequantur, hi sagittarii ex latebris "
+"saltunt et oppugnant, tollentes copias et circumdedens hostes in ictu unico "
+"Hoc nonnumquam dictum est ultio pro fratribus mortuis in proelio. Etsi ratio "
+"non sic inventa est, descriptio haec non parum diligens est.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: peritia vindicum in silvis eos facit inivisibiles hostibus "
+"nisi iuxta eos stant aut vindex se revelat oppugnans."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Avenger.cfg:119
 msgid "female^Elvish Avenger"
@@ -5200,6 +6147,14 @@
 "to deal more damage in combat, though this only applies to units of lower "
 msgstr ""
+"Dryadales, dissimiles multis alteribus stirpibus, celeriter accipiunt et "
+"sequuntur unum parum qui experientia certaminis habet. Dissedet multum cum "
+"hominibus, quibus ductus saepe mixtura mobilis vi et minarum est. Coniunctio "
+"voluntatis accipere sapientiam ducum et inclinationis eligere duces dignos "
+"est vis tacitus dryadalum.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Ob ductu Praefecti oppugnationes unitatum vicinorum maiorem "
+"damnum infligere possunt, sed tantum si sunt ex gradu inferiore."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Champion.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Champion"
@@ -5214,6 +6169,11 @@
 "a secondary pursuit, is executed with a skill that most of humanity can only "
 "stare at with wonder."
 msgstr ""
+"Illi pauci dryadales qui se in tela belli de industria acuunt fiunt aliquid "
+"quod famam dociliem stirpis eorum repugnat. Devotio et peritia una cum "
+"integritatis formae efficiunt ut domini sunt gladiorum incomparabiles. Etiam "
+"ars sagittariorum, quae est studium secundarium eorum, exercitur tanta "
+"peritia quam plurimi homines tantum in admiratione stupere possunt."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:3
 msgid "female^Elvish Druid"
@@ -5232,6 +6192,16 @@
 "one the strikes they can deliver in combat. Druids are capable of healing "
 "units around them, and curing them of poison."
 msgstr ""
+"Magica dryadalum silvarum non bene idonea est certaminis, sed tamen valida. "
+"Silvae quas incolunt verbo imperii adcelerari possunt et eos qui pacem "
+"minitantur verberare.\n"
+"Ingenium principale eorum est sanatio, et propter hanc facultatum druidae "
+"dryadalum a populo venerantur.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnatio inlaqueans druidae inimicos lentificat et minuit "
+"uno numerus oppugnationum in certamine. Druidae possunt unitates vicinas "
+"sanare et a veneno curare."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:45 data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:54
 msgid "ensnare"
@@ -5263,9 +6233,8 @@
 #: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:117 data/units/Elvish_High_Lord.cfg:43
 #: data/units/Elvish_Lord.cfg:38 data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:117
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:84
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "faerie fire"
-msgstr "tactus nymphalis"
+msgstr "ignis orealis"
 #: data/units/Elvish_Fighter.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Fighter"
@@ -5278,6 +6247,10 @@
 "can grasp the basics of swordsmanship and archery in an uncannily short "
 "time, and put them to effective use on the battlefield."
 msgstr ""
+"Dryadales natura non sunt bellicosi, sed in temporibus necessitatis, gratia "
+"naturalis eis bene servit una cum artificio docto. Valde celeriter discit "
+"dryadalis fundamenta artis gladiatoris et sagittarii et eis bene utuntur in "
+"campo proelii."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Hero.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Hero"
@@ -5289,6 +6262,10 @@
 "fighter into a master of combat. Those who are honored as heroes are strong "
 "with both sword and bow, skills that never fade for lack of practice."
 msgstr ""
+"Ex comparatione pauca puncta experientiae necesse sunt dryadalem ex "
+"pugnatore satis docto in dominum certaminis mutare. Qui venerantur heroes "
+"fortes sunt gladio et arcu, et hae facultates numquam marcescunt carentia "
 #: data/units/Elvish_High_Lord.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish High Lord"
@@ -5301,6 +6278,9 @@
 "times of peace, a High Lord in the full of his wrath is an awesome sight "
 msgstr ""
+"Duces dryadalum non fiunt pallidi et fragiles ex aetate. Potius tunc "
+"crescunt ad vim verum. Quieti et meditantes in temporibus pacis, Dominus "
+"Maximus in plena ira sua est quidem spectaculum formidolosum."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Lady.cfg:4
 msgid "female^Elvish Lady"
@@ -5313,6 +6293,9 @@
 "unflagging fealty of their people, which is the greatest gift any ruler "
 "could ask for."
 msgstr ""
+"Dryadales duces eligunt ob potentiam et sapientiam; providentia eos protegit "
+"in temporibus incertis. Regnum iustum eorum oboedientia constanti populi "
+"eorum compensatur, quae donum est maximum ducis."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Lady.cfg:21
 msgid "shove"
@@ -5328,6 +6311,9 @@
 "society. Elvish Lords are the wisest and strongest of their people, and are "
 "fearsome in their command of magic."
 msgstr ""
+"Nobiles dryadalum virtum possidunt par statuti eorum in societate. Domini "
+"Dryadales sapientissimi et fortissimi sunt populi sui, formidolosi in "
+"imperio magicae."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Marksman.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Marksman"
@@ -5346,6 +6332,15 @@
 "Special Notes: Their marksmanship gives these elves a high chance of hitting "
 "their enemy, but only on the attack."
 msgstr ""
+"Una res quae confert ad peritiam dryadalum cum arcu est visus perclarus "
+"eorum. Dryadalis qui arte sagittariorum exercitur scopos ferire potest quos "
+"homines non videre possunt, etiam noctu, et sagittam alteram onerare quasi "
+"simul ac prima volare sita est.\n"
+"Peritia pretium unicum habet: carentia exercitationis cum gladio.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: ut periti arcus hi dryadales probabilitatem feriendi bonam "
+"habent, sed tantum si oppugnant."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Marksman.cfg:65 data/units/Elvish_Marksman.cfg:185
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:65
@@ -5380,6 +6375,14 @@
 "to deal more damage in combat, though this only applies to units of lower "
 msgstr ""
+"Vivacitas et intelligentia naturalis dryadalum efficit ingenium flagitosum "
+"in rebus militaribus, satis ut fastidio talium rerum respondeat. Dryadales "
+"meminerunt res clarius quam homines et saepe intuire possunt quod necesse "
+"est alios docere. Certe in occasionibus infrequentibus in quibus dryadalis "
+"mentem in bellum intendit, ratio belli est opus domini.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: ob ductu Imperatoris oppugnationes unitatum vicinorum "
+"maiorem damnum infligere possunt, sed tantum si sunt ex gradu inferiore."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Outrider.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Outrider"
@@ -5397,6 +6400,13 @@
 "choose when fighting on their home ground, a fact that has saved many of "
 "their number from death."
 msgstr ""
+"Equites Electi Dryadalis esse nuntios regales regnorum dryadalum docentur. "
+"Etsi natura populi pacifica est, experientia eorum efficit ut funesti sunt "
+"in certamine. Nullus homo peritiam eorum cum arcu ex equo exaequavit - re "
+"vera plurimis difficile sit eam in terra firma exaequare.\n"
+"Celeritas horum militum permitit dryadales oppugnare ubi et quando velint si "
+"in patria pugnant. Hoc multos eorum a morte servavit."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Ranger.cfg:2
 msgid "Elvish Ranger"
@@ -5414,6 +6424,13 @@
 "enemy unless they are immediately adjacent, or have revealed themselves by "
 msgstr ""
+"Etsi homo multos annos in silva habitat, semper sentiet se hospem esse in "
+"loco ad quem non pertinet. Contrarium est dryadalibus. Dryadalis qui "
+"doctrinae silvarum studet fit dominus idoneus earum et una cum satis "
+"peritiae arcus et gladii fiunt implementa potentia belli.\n"
 #: data/units/Elvish_Ranger.cfg:117
 msgid "female^Elvish Ranger"
@@ -5433,6 +6450,13 @@
 "This combination of incredible mobility, and potent combat strength is one "
 "of the greatest assets the elves possess in warfare."
 msgstr ""
+"Equites dryadales per silvas se movere possunt celeritate quae ullo homini "
+"funesta sit. Quamvis homines certe stupidi reliquet ob equitem, atque "
+"interrogationes adsunt de equis, quia facta eorum quasi supernaturales "
+"Coniuncio haec mobilitatis incredibilis et potestatis certaminis unum ex "
+"bonorum maximorum quod dryadales in bello possidunt."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Scout.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Scout"
@@ -5446,6 +6470,11 @@
 "thick of the forest with nary a scratch. They are, perhaps, some of the only "
 "cavalry in existence that fares better in the woods than on open ground."
 msgstr ""
+"Equites dryadales silvarum peritiam nonnullam arcus et gladii habent, sed "
+"peritia vera eorum est facultas cum equis. Alii dryadales quoque mirantur "
+"celeritatem insolitam in silvis, quia per virgulta silvarum emicant quin "
+"radantur. Forse sunt unici equites qui melius pugnant in silvis quam in "
+"terra aperta."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:3
 msgid "female^Elvish Shaman"
@@ -5467,6 +6496,16 @@
 "healing, though they can only delay the effects of poison, not cure them "
 msgstr ""
+"Pars naturae dryadalum est nympharum, propter quod facultatem naturalem "
+"magicae habent, quae peragitur in affinitate mundo naturali, quem socium in "
+"certamine advocare possunt. Hostes qui in silvis errant mox se inveniant "
+"inlaqueatos a radicibus ipsis in quibus stant, et sic fiunt minus minaces.\n"
+"Facultates medicinales dryadalum sunt quoque notae, et utiles in proelio.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnatio inlaqueans flaminis inimicos lentificat et minuit "
+"uno numerus oppugnationum in certamine. Possunt mederi, sed effectus veneni "
+"tantum demorari possunt."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Sharpshooter"
@@ -5483,6 +6522,14 @@
 "Special Notes: Their marksmanship gives these elves a high chance of hitting "
 "their enemy, but only on the attack."
 msgstr ""
+"Fabula est olim dryadalis sagittam comprimit, eam ex aere una propria "
+"iaculans. Testamentum est ad peritiam dryadalum talem fabulam credibilem "
+"esse. Manuballistarii Tecti Dryadales artis sagittariorum simpliciter "
+"Nota Praecipua: "
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:123
 msgid "female^Elvish Sharpshooter"
@@ -5503,6 +6550,14 @@
 "one the strikes they can deliver in combat. Shydes are capable of healing "
 "units around them, and curing them of poison."
 msgstr ""
+"Devotio ad partem nymphalem eius aliquando mutat virginem dryadalem in "
+"creatura amborum mundorum. Ductae a natura vix comprehensa, hae "
+"procuratrices formosae silvarum dryadalum exemplum maximum sunt gratiae et "
+"mysteriae populi earum.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnatio inlaqueans hamadryadis inimicos lentificat et "
+"minuit uno numerus oppugnationum in certamine. Hamadyades possunt unitates "
+"vicinas sanare et a veneno curare."
 #: data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:28 data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:25
 msgid "faerie touch"
@@ -5562,6 +6617,18 @@
 "Special Notes: their skill at skirmishing allows fencers to dart right past "
 "an opponent, ignoring zones of control."
 msgstr ""
+"Lanistae credunt armaturam quem gerunt plurimi milites in certamine inimicum "
+"pessimum eorum esse. Etsi armatura ictum mollit, evitans eum miles omnem "
+"effectum malum negat. Facultas evadendis oppugnationes luxuria est, quae "
+"tantum aptis corporis est quibus exercitionem severum patiuntur.\n"
+"Gerentes sicam et gladium levem, lanistae leves sunt pedi et utiles in "
+"sitibus multis ubi pares armatae incommodum habent. Delectantur, saepe ad "
+"verbum, saltando in circulos circum milites ut pedites armatos, irridentes "
+"pretium solutum armatura gravi eorum.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: peritia in excurrendo permittit lanistae ultra inimicos "
+"emicare neglegentes zonas imperii."
 #: data/units/Fighter.cfg:3 data/units/Fighter.cfg:44
 msgid "Fighter"
@@ -5623,6 +6690,11 @@
 "despite their pitiable weaponry, they are quite good at harrying their "
 "enemies, especially under cover of darkness."
 msgstr ""
+"Hi rei minimi nominantur saepe 'grassatores' a maioribus quia pensa eorum "
+"requirunt ut grassentur per campum explorantes vel nuntios ferentes. "
+"Patientia et peritia in pede quae ex hoc veniunt eis bene servit in "
+"certamine, et quamvis tela misera habeant, possunt bene inimicos vexare, "
+"praesertim noctu."
 #: data/units/Footpad.cfg:20 data/units/Footpad.cfg:86 data/units/Thug.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Troll.cfg:23 data/units/Troll_Hero.cfg:23
@@ -5677,7 +6749,6 @@
 msgstr "Legatus"
 #: data/units/General.cfg:28
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "As the leaders of their armies, Generals are responsible for the protection "
 "of large or important areas in the kingdoms they swore fealty to. Their "
@@ -5687,9 +6758,12 @@
 "to deal more damage in combat, though this only applies to units of lower "
 msgstr ""
-"Duces magni exercituum hominum Imperatores regiones magnas aut magni momenti "
-"protegere debent in regnis humanis. Imperatores oppugnationes unitatum ex "
-"gradu I vel II ordinare possunt, quare virtus eorum pugnae augetur."
+"Duces magni exercituum hominum Legati regiones magnas aut magni momenti "
+"protegere debent in regnis humanis quibus serviunt. Peritia et experientia "
+"eorum satis est ut hae ordina egerant.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Ob ductu Legati oppugnationes unitatum vicinorum maiorem "
+"damnum infligere possunt, sed tantum si sunt ex gradu inferiore."
 #: data/units/Ghost.cfg:3
 msgid "Ghost"
@@ -5709,6 +6783,16 @@
 "Special Notes: Ghosts have very unusual resistances to damage, and move "
 "quite slowly over open water."
 msgstr ""
+"Una ex misericoridiis maximis creatoris est anima humana immutabilis et "
+"indestructibilis. Res multae quas faciunt necromantium exercentes tamen "
+"perterrentes sunt.\n"
+"Inlaqueatus in integumento fascinationum vilium spiritus est ut ventus in "
+"velis navis. Machinatio quae ex hoc carcere resultat est servus fidelis, qui "
+"ad omne opus ligari potest quod dominus vult.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Repugnatiae ad damnum larvarum insolitae sunt. Moventur "
+"satis lente trans aquam."
 #: data/units/Ghoul.cfg:3
 msgid "Ghoul"
@@ -5730,21 +6814,30 @@
 "poison will continually take damage until they can be cured in town or by a "
 msgstr ""
+"Tantum exercentes necromantium periti sciunt quomodo homo in pallidum "
+"transformandus sit, et secretum non dicendum est. Quosquos ritus infandos "
+"perfecerunt, eventus est bestia quae nihil scit de diebus ut homo, creatura "
+"quae repit nuda ut in die in quo natus est et se ex carne mortuorum "
+"Propter talia facta necromantium condemnatum est maximo cum odio.\n"
+"Nota praecipua: ungues pallidi operiuntur veneno cuius victimae adsidue "
+"damnabuntur usque sanantur in pago vel a sanatore."
 #: data/units/Giant_Mudcrawler.cfg:3
 msgid "Giant Mudcrawler"
 msgstr "Repens Luti Ingente"
 #: data/units/Giant_Mudcrawler.cfg:17
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Giant Mudcrawlers are a larger kind of Mudcrawler, and are magical "
 "constructs of soil and water. They attack by belching lumps of mud at their "
 "foes, or by slapping them with their fists."
 msgstr ""
-"Repentia Luti Ingentia exstructiones sunt magicae ex humo et aqua, maiora "
-"Repentibus Luti. Oppugnant aspergentes aquam ferventem in hostes aut pugnis "
+"Repentia Luti Ingentia genus maius Repentis Luti sunt, exstructiones magicae "
+"ex humo et aqua. Oppugnant ructantes massas luti in hostes aut ferientes "
 #: data/units/Giant_Mudcrawler.cfg:44 data/units/Skeleton_Archer.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Soulless.cfg:37 data/units/Soulless.cfg:112
@@ -5761,7 +6854,7 @@
 #: data/units/Giant_Mudcrawler.cfg:66 data/units/Mudcrawler.cfg:43
 msgid "mud glob"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "globus luti"
 #: data/units/Giant_Scorpion.cfg:3
 msgid "Giant Scorpion"
@@ -5772,6 +6865,8 @@
 "A normal scorpion is dangerous enough - one the size of a man needs little "
 msgstr ""
+"Scorpio vulgaris satis est periculosa - scorpio cum magnitudine hominis non "
+"meret explicationem."
 #: data/units/Giant_Scorpion.cfg:20
 msgid "sting"
@@ -5795,6 +6890,13 @@
 "Special Notes: the length of their weapon allows an impaler to strike first "
 "in melee, even in defense."
 msgstr ""
+"Cobalis utuntur orci ut pabulum aciei primi inimicorum. Cobali qui supersunt "
+"nescio quomodo semper se armant ut ita pergant. Hasta multo maior eos iuvat "
+"compensare brachiis brevibus, et armatura melior iuvat protegere formas "
+"exiguas eorum.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: longitudo teli permittit ut infigens primum oppugnet in "
+"certamine, etsi defensor est."
 #: data/units/Goblin_Knight.cfg:3
 msgid "Goblin Knight"
@@ -5811,6 +6913,13 @@
 "The wolves they are given are bred for speed and strength, making them quite "
 "dangerous in combat."
 msgstr ""
+"Lupites 'Ordinis' Cobalorum paulum habent in comune cum hominis huius "
+"tituli. Re vera hic titulus tantum ab inimicis datur. Sunt flos lupitum, "
+"sicut equites ordinis flos equitum sunt, sed promovuntur ob eventum in "
+"incursione temeraria aut in facto de natura similiter vili.\n"
+"Lupi eorum aluntur ut fortes et rapidi sint, et satis periculosi sunt in "
 #: data/units/Goblin_Pillager.cfg:3
 msgid "Goblin Pillager"
@@ -5826,6 +6935,12 @@
 "Special Notes: being caught in a net slows enemies down and reduces by one "
 "the strikes they can deliver in combat."
 msgstr ""
+"Nonnulli coboli lupos educant ne timeant ignem. In incusionibus hi coboli in "
+"partibus subsidiariis funguntur; cremant domus et agros hostis et retia "
+"gerunt quae vastationem efficiunt in defensoribus aut ulciscoribus.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: qui in reti inlaqueatus est lentificatur et minuitur uno "
+"numerus oppugnationum in certamine."
 #: data/units/Goblin_Pillager.cfg:24
 msgid "torch"
@@ -5851,6 +6966,13 @@
 "failure of the orcish bloodline, though no one knows enough of their history "
 "to state anything conclusive."
 msgstr ""
+"Inter fetos orcorum nonnulli nati sunt multo minores et debiliores quam "
+"reliqui. Hi exigui nominantur 'Coboli' et despiciuntur a fratribus. In "
+"proelio his arma miserrima dantur et orci eis ut scuto utuntur ut Dominis "
+"Belli tempus detur ad parandum oppugnationis verae.\n"
+"Nonnulli putant existentiam harum creaturarum initium esse defectionis "
+"sanguinis orcorum, sed nemo satis de historia scit ut certe loquatur."
 #: data/units/Grand_Knight.cfg:3
 msgid "Grand Knight"
@@ -5864,6 +6986,11 @@
 "head of a charge is a terrifying sight for infantry, and is often enough to "
 "break right through a defensive line."
 msgstr ""
+"Optimati fastigium peritiae cum gladio et lancea attigerunt. Gerentes "
+"armaturam gravem ferream et equis vehuntur qui potius potentia quam "
+"celeritate aliti sunt, hi bellatores nucleum formant equitatus ullius serii. "
+"Optimatus incurrens ante aciem spectaculum formidolosum est peditibus, et "
+"saepe satis est ut per aciem defensivam frangat."
 #: data/units/Grand_Knight.cfg:21
 msgid ""
@@ -5872,6 +6999,11 @@
 "Special Notes: the Grand Knight's charging lance attack doubles both damage "
 "dealt and received. This does not affect his defensive retaliation."
 msgstr ""
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnatio lanceae incurrentis Optimati infligit damnum "
+"duplice et fit ut damnum receptum duplice fiet. Hoc non accedit in "
+"ulscicione defensu."
 #: data/units/Grand_Knight.cfg:41 data/units/Knight.cfg:40
 #: data/units/Lancer.cfg:25 data/units/Paladin.cfg:46
@@ -5883,7 +7015,6 @@
 msgstr "Imperator"
 #: data/units/Grand_Marshal.cfg:24
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "The rank of Grand Marshal is one of the most esteemed in the armies of "
 "humanity, and those who bear its title have surpassed many trials by fire, "
@@ -5896,8 +7027,10 @@
 msgstr ""
 "Gradus Imperatoris inter aestimatissimos in exercitu humanitatis est, et qui "
 "eum fert multas probationes ignis superavit, virtutem nonnullum monstrans in "
-"proelio et facultatem rationis belli. Praesentia eorum in acie adiutorium "
-"magnum est illis qui sub eis militant."
+"proelio et facultatem rationis belli.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Ob ductu Imperatoris oppugnationes unitatum vicinorum "
+"maiorem damnum infligere possunt, sed tantum si sunt ex gradu inferiore."
 #: data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:3
 msgid "Great Mage"
@@ -5920,6 +7053,18 @@
 "Special Notes: the great mage's fireballs are magical, and always have a "
 "high chance of hitting an opponent."
 msgstr ""
+"Qui consideratur dignus esse titulo Magi Magni quasi legenda est in tempore "
+"proprio, et praecones in vicis didiscunt vi titulum cum discretione "
+"applicare. Consilium magorum maiorum aetatis deliberat qui titulum capere "
+"debat, et in discessione maior pars necesse est. Immemor huius, qui serie "
+"consideratur dignus huic honori sine dubio dominus artis est prae quasi "
+"omnibus paribus.\n"
+"Etsi bellatores omnino non sunt, applicatio artis ad proelium saepe infundit "
+"reverentiam in aliis militibus.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: magi magni globi ignis magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi."
 #: data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:101
 msgid "female^Great Mage"
@@ -5940,28 +7085,32 @@
 "Special Notes: Trolls possess the regeneration ability, which heals them as "
 "though they were always stationed in a village."
 msgstr ""
+"Si troglodyta, ingeniosus in potentia vitae, aetatem et sapientiam pares "
+"conficit, fit extraordinarius, bestia quam meminerunt in generationes. Gesta "
+"eorum potentiae et astutiae fons sunt plurimarum fabularum de troglodytae; "
+"spectaculum fabularum caro factarum non diminuit magnificentiam eorum.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Troglodytae possunt regenerare, et se sanant semper ut in "
 #: data/units/Gryphon.cfg:3
 msgid "Gryphon"
 msgstr "Gryps"
 #: data/units/Gryphon.cfg:17
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "These majestic and powerful creatures are masters of the sky. Gryphons are "
 "both dangerous and wary of other intelligent creatures, and thus should not "
 "be disturbed without a good reason."
 msgstr ""
-"Dimidia parte leonis, dimidia parte avis, hae creaturae augustae caelos "
-"mundi dominantur. Providi sunt Grypes ante altera genera sapientia et non "
-"perturbandi sunt sine causa gravi."
+"Hae creaturae augustae fortesque caelos dominantur. Providi sunt Grypes ante "
+"altera genera sapientia et non perturbandi sunt sine causa gravi."
 #: data/units/Gryphon_Master.cfg:3
 msgid "Gryphon Master"
 msgstr "Dominus Grypum"
 #: data/units/Gryphon_Master.cfg:20
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Gryphon Masters have long experience flying the Gryphons, which have become "
 "an extension of themselves. This special relationship makes the heart of the "
@@ -6006,6 +7155,20 @@
 "Special Notes: the length of their weapon allows a halberdier to strike "
 "first in melee, even in defense."
 msgstr ""
+"Bipennis telum difficile et valde grave est, sed potens est in manibus "
+"periti. Atque flexibilior est quam hasta ex qua descendit. Sicut scit omnis "
+"bipennatus, telum IV puncta ictus habet, plus II quam hasta vel dolo; haec "
+"sunt apex, lamina, dens in fundo hastilis, et punctum interiorem in lamina, "
+"quo uti potest in motu retrogrado in directionem gerentis. Propterea telum "
+"versutum est in certamine, praesertim contra equites.\n"
+"Sed bipennis carior insignite est fabricare quam hasta, et in manibus "
+"novitii minus efficax. In exercitibus Occidiseptenrionis mox est haec tela "
+"tantum dolatis veteranis dare, qui se demonstraverunt peritiam habere ut eis "
+"recte utantur in campo belli.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: longitudo teli permittit ut bipennatus primum oppugnet in "
+"certamine, etsi defensor est."
 #: data/units/Heavy_Infantryman.cfg:3
 msgid "Heavy Infantryman"
@@ -6022,6 +7185,13 @@
 "in the weight of the metal, and the great care that must be taken of it, but "
 "in certain situations, these troops are well worth the trade-offs."
 msgstr ""
+"Pedites armati insoliti sunt in proeliis Occidiseptentrionis. Difficile est "
+"eos in bellum mittere, et de more utuntur tantum in defensu urbis vel "
+"castelli ubi collocati sunt. Induti a capite ad pedem in armatura ferrea "
+"gravis et gerens scipiones magnas, praestant pedites armati in proposito "
+"unico eorum, certamine. Pauci in acie confirmat eam satis. Incommoda sunt "
+"evidentia: et pondus magnus metalli et cura magna quae poscit. In statutibus "
+"particularibus, milites hi multum valent, plus quam incommoda."
 #: data/units/Horse_Lord.cfg:3
 msgid "Horse Lord"
@@ -6056,6 +7226,12 @@
 "must take care against both spearmen and archers, for whom their large size "
 "and momentum provide inviting targets."
 msgstr ""
+"Saepe venientes ex regionibus saeviores Occidiseptentrionis, Equites a puero "
+"in arte equitandi et in regulis honoris educantur. Incursus ab equite est "
+"ratio belli potens sed temeraria, quae virtutem iterum atque iterum "
+"monstravit. Equites praestant plurimis peditibus, praesertim si non sunt in "
+"acie, sed debent cautiores esse ante hastatos et sagittarios, quia magnitudo "
+"et impetus scopos suaves eis praebent."
 #: data/units/Horseman.cfg:21
 msgid ""
@@ -6064,6 +7240,11 @@
 "Special Notes: the Horseman's only attack is a charge, which doubles both "
 "damage dealt and received. This does not affect his defensive retaliation."
 msgstr ""
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnatio lanceae incurrentis Equitis infligit damnum "
+"duplice et fit ut damnum receptum duplice fiet. Hoc non accedit in "
+"ulscicione defensu."
 #: data/units/Initiate.cfg:3
 msgid "Initiate"
@@ -6095,6 +7276,15 @@
 "they cannot run on the battlefield. Too often have they seen a distant "
 "comrade fall, yet were powerless to reach the scene in time to help."
 msgstr ""
+"Contundores Ferrei nominantur ex rationibus valde evidentibus. Homines in "
+"hac armatura tam fortes sunt quam immanes et sunt propugnatores custodum "
+"castelli. Sed cari sunt sustinere et non possunt mitti ad proelia longinqua "
+"sine praesidio servorum qui eos adiuvant.\n"
+"Etsi formidabiles sunt in certamine, incommoda multa sunt armaturae eorum. "
+"Facile fessi fiunt, et in campo proelii currere non possunt. Nimis saepe "
+"viderunt socium longinquum cadentem, sed impotentes erant ad eum adveniendo "
+"ad tempus ut eum adiuvarent."
 #: data/units/Javelineer.cfg:3
 msgid "Javelineer"
@@ -6113,6 +7303,14 @@
 "Special Notes: the length of their weapon allows a javelineer to strike "
 "first in melee, even in defense."
 msgstr ""
+"Hastati quasi semper nonnullas pilas quibus hostes a procul vexant, si non "
+"occidunt. Nonnulli tamen ingenium naturale cum eis habent. Hi pilati "
+"beneficium magnum sunt exercitui, quia ad peritiam in concursu additur "
+"facultatem proelii a longe. Saepe pilas in hostes iacere possunt sine metu "
+"ulciscionis, et nihilo minus terram in concursu tenere.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: longitudo teli permittit ut pilati primum oppugnet in "
+"certamine, etsi defensor est."
 #: data/units/Knight.cfg:3
 msgid "Knight"
@@ -6127,6 +7325,12 @@
 "patience, are far safer than a charge. Their lances are still at the ready, "
 "however, and growing experience with these weapons is only to their benefit."
 msgstr ""
+"Equites cum peritia et modestia promoventur ad Equites Ordinis. Veterani "
+"proelii, eventum saepe fatalem male incurrentis viderunt et prudentiam "
+"didicerunt in usu. Ergo gerunt Equites Ordinis quoque gladios, et se "
+"exercent in rationibus belli qui requirentes patientiam multo tutiores sunt "
+"quam incurrens. Lanceae tamen adhuc paratae sunt et peritia crecens his cum "
+"telis quoque eis benificium est."
 #: data/units/Knight.cfg:21
 msgid ""
@@ -6135,6 +7339,11 @@
 "Special Notes: the Knight's charging lance attack doubles both damage dealt "
 "and received. This does not affect his defensive retaliation."
 msgstr ""
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnatio lanceae incurrentis Equitis Ordinis infligit "
+"damnum duplice et fit ut damnum receptum duplice fiet. Hoc non accedit in "
+"ulscicione defensu."
 #: data/units/Lancer.cfg:3
 msgid "Lancer"
@@ -6149,6 +7358,12 @@
 "infantrymen who've made the mistake of breaking formation, and in piercing "
 "defensive lines. However, they have limited use in defense."
 msgstr ""
+"Lanceati sunt inter acerrimos et metutos equites in omni Occidiseptentrione. "
+"Induentes armaturam minimam, se liberant ut celeriter equitent, celerius "
+"quam pares. Rationes belli eorum temerariae sunt gladius ancipis, saepe "
+"obtinentes gloriam aut mortem rapidum. Lanceati excellunt in venando pedites "
+"qui ex acie errant et per acies defensivas ingrediendo. Usus eorum in "
+"defensu tamen limitatus est."
 #: data/units/Lancer.cfg:22
 msgid ""
@@ -6157,6 +7372,11 @@
 "Special Notes: the Lancer's charging lance attack doubles both damage dealt "
 "and received. This does not affect his defensive retaliation."
 msgstr ""
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnatio lanceae incurrentis Lanceati infligit damnum "
+"duplice et fit ut damnum receptum duplice fiet. Hoc non accedit in "
+"ulscicione defensu."
 #: data/units/Lich.cfg:3
 msgid "Lich"
@@ -6178,13 +7398,24 @@
 "high chance of hitting an opponent. The touch of a lich drains the victim's "
 "life to renew the lich."
 msgstr ""
+"Repraesentatio physica finis magicae nigrae est Ossa Magi: investigatio "
+"immortalitatis. Quamquam multa sacrificantur in resurrectione, fiens ossa "
+"magna mortem fraudat terroris eius. Quia mens remanet et spiritus sequitur, "
+"etsi corpus perditur.\n"
+"Nescitur (nisi in circulos secretos necromantiae) si haec vita ducitur in "
+"incertum aut tandum diu. Sed consideratio ipsa tributum fert magnitudini "
+"eventus consecuti.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Ossium Magi oppugnationes a longe magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi. Tactus Ossium Magi vitam victimae "
+"exhaurit et ossa renovat."
 #: data/units/Lieutenant.cfg:3
 msgid "Lieutenant"
 msgstr "Centurio"
 #: data/units/Lieutenant.cfg:23
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Trained at swords and crossbows, Lieutenants lead small groups of human "
 "soldiers, coordinating their attacks.\n"
@@ -6194,8 +7425,10 @@
 msgstr ""
 "Educati cum gladio et scorpione, Centuriones greges parvas militum humanorum "
-"ducunt. Oppugnationes eorum ordinant et facultatem pugnae eorum qui ex "
-"gradibus inferiores augent."
+"ducunt, Oppugnationes eorum ordinantes.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Ob ductu Centurionis oppugnationes unitatum vicinorum "
+"maiorem damnum infligere possunt, sed tantum si sunt ex gradu inferiore."
 #: data/units/Longbowman.cfg:3
 msgid "Longbowman"
@@ -6209,6 +7442,11 @@
 "certainly lack. Longbowmen carry their weaponry as a badge of pride, and "
 "most bowmen look forward to the day they can begin using one."
 msgstr ""
+"Arcus longi vetantur sagittariis inexpertis ob legem physicalem: necesse est "
+"fortitudinem magnum habere ut talis adducatur ac iactus additus et potentia "
+"augmentata inutiles sunt sine proposito firmo cum telo, quo certe egent "
+"novitii. Sagittarii Maiores gerunt tela eorum ut signum superbum, et plurimi "
+"sagittarii exspectant diem in quo eo uti incipere possunt."
 #: data/units/Lord.cfg:3 data/units/Lord.cfg:79
 msgid "Lord"
@@ -6252,6 +7490,24 @@
 "Special Notes: the ranged attack of a mage is magical, and always has a high "
 "chance of hitting an opponent."
 msgstr ""
+"Saepe homines machinationes mundi in quo vivunt secum reputaverunt. Nonnulli "
+"id ultra meditationes inanes ferre conantur, id fit inceptum primum vitarum "
+"eorum. Magi complures annos in studio consumerunt et summam scientiae "
+"cumulaverunt quae eos prae allis ponit. In mundo in quo pauci legere et "
+"scribere possunt, hi homines se plene obstrinxerunt ad quaerendum scientiam. "
+"Ordines eorum pleni sunt liberis nobilum bonae spei aut iis qui effugium ex "
+"inani intellectuali nato ex vita operae petiverunt.\n"
+"Irrisivum est, quia cum scientia adquisita et arbitrio modesto eius "
+"communitas magorum sane societatem gubernare posset, si umquam conarentur. "
+"Sed amor eorum nec pecunia nec potestas est, et qui studium magicae vidit "
+"instrumentum ad fines tales saepe caret fide necessaria ut dominetur.\n"
+"Fragiles corporis et carens omni consuetudine in certamine, artes magorum "
+"tamen valde utiles in proelio.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: magi oppugnationes a procul magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi."
 #: data/units/Mage.cfg:47 data/units/Mage.cfg:130
 #: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:100 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:236
@@ -6288,6 +7544,18 @@
 "also have the power of Illumination, which increases the lighting level in "
 "the area adjacent to the mage."
 msgstr ""
+"Post annos experientiae piissimi magi albi potestates animi vastas "
+"accipiunt. Studio severo in via lucis auxilium eius petere possunt ut umbras "
+"noctis eliminent.\n"
+"Sequentes regulas severas pietatis et honoris, hi homines assidue laborant "
+"ut vitam et ordinem mundo turbato in quo vivunt praebant.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: magi luminis oppugnationes lucis magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi. Haec lux damnum immane facit in "
+"immortuos et quoque in vivos aliquantulum. Magi Luminis possunt unitates "
+"vicinas sanare et a veneno curare. Atque potestatem possidunt illuminationis "
+"quae potestatem lucis in areis vicinis auget."
 #: data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:51 data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:128
 #: data/units/Mermaid_Diviner.cfg:48 data/units/Mermaid_Priestess.cfg:43
@@ -6321,10 +7589,17 @@
 "their human counterparts have speculated, perhaps in envy, that this is only "
 "by dint of age."
 msgstr ""
+"Sagittarii periti artis eorum verticem attingerunt cum homini ullo possibile "
+"sit. Gerens et gladium et arcum magnum taxi, hi bellatores praesentia sua "
+"cohortes saggitariorum coronant, multes inimicos ictibus exactis occidentes. "
+"Peritia cum gladio non praetermittenda est, quia tam boni sunt cum eo ut "
+"gladiatores novitii. Ex stirpibus mundi, tantum dryadales homines superant "
+"in arte sagittariorum, et homines putant, fortasse invidiosi, id tantum ex "
+"aetate venire."
 #: data/units/Master_at_Arms.cfg:3
 msgid "Master at Arms"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Magister Telorum"
 #: data/units/Master_at_Arms.cfg:22
 msgid ""
@@ -6343,6 +7618,18 @@
 "Special Notes: their skill at skirmishing allows these master fencers to "
 "dart right past an opponent, ignoring zones of control."
 msgstr ""
+"Lanistae peritae locum tenent vitae invidendum. Etsi vita eorum temeraria et "
+"periculosa est, attigrunt iam tempus in quo beneficia eius metunt. Noti ob "
+"peritiam et mores nepotis, hi viri honesti gestus optimatum naturalum habent "
+"et sequuntur ab oculis multarum dominarum nobilium.\n"
+"Luxiuriam saepe habent eligendi magistratum et liberi sunt ad terram "
+"pervagandam si volunt. Saepe inveniuntur praefecti custodum castelli vel "
+"magistri academiae militaris, honores ubi natura eorum immodesta non tantum "
+"accipitur sed etiam fortasse utilis est.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: peritia in excurrendo permittit hi lanistae periti ultra "
+"inimicos emicare neglegentes zonas imperii."
 #: data/units/Mermaid_Diviner.cfg:3
 msgid "female^Mermaid Diviner"
@@ -6363,6 +7650,17 @@
 "power of Illumination, which increases the lighting level in the area "
 "adjacent to the mermaid."
 msgstr ""
+"Sacerdotes Nereiae vocationem earum sequuntur fervore qui pares humanos "
+"nonnihil deprehensos reliquit. Fortasse radices eius sunt in legenda de "
+"pavore tenebroso sine nomine quod olim pernicies erat populi earum. Etsi "
+"paulum de eo dicitur, clarum est potestatem lucis id nescio quomodo vincisse "
+"et populum servavisse.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Nota Praecipua: auguris oppugnationes lucis magicales sunt "
+"et semper probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi. Haec lux damnum immane facit "
+"in immortuos et quoque in vivos aliquantulum. Augures possunt unitates "
+"vicinas sanare et a veneno curare. Atque potestatem possidunt illuminationis "
+"quae potestatem lucis in areis vicinis auget."
 #: data/units/Mermaid_Enchantress.cfg:3
 msgid "female^Mermaid Enchantress"
@@ -6380,6 +7678,15 @@
 "Special Notes: The blasts of water conjured by mermaids are magical in "
 "nature, and always have a high chance of hitting their opponents."
 msgstr ""
+"Nereiae, ut dryadales, facultatem potentem et nativam magicae possidunt, sed "
+"satis differt a facultate dryadalum. Qui facultatis huius dominatur gratia "
+"fruitur in populo. Hac facultate in artibus multiplicis utuntur, ex quibus "
+"homines nondum de multis somniaverunt. Usus evidens in bello vetatur in "
+"proeliis contra genus earum - haec potestas pars maior est protectionis "
+"populi contra monstra ex gurgite natantia.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: nereiae aspergines aquae magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi."
 #: data/units/Mermaid_Enchantress.cfg:40 data/units/Mermaid_Initiate.cfg:42
 #: data/units/Mermaid_Siren.cfg:69 data/units/Sea_Hag.cfg:31
@@ -6402,6 +7709,15 @@
 "Special Notes: the blasts of water conjured by mermaids are magical in "
 "nature, and always have a high chance of hitting their opponents."
 msgstr ""
+"Nereiae juvenes saepe in magicas aquae populo earum nativas initiantur. "
+"Facultates mirabiles quae praebent singulares sunt inter stirpes et "
+"monstrant partem nymphalem naturae earum.\n"
+"Quamquam fragiles sunt, potestas aquae eas formidolosas efficit in "
+"certamine, nam aquam ipsam vocare possunt ut inimicos percutiat.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: nereiae aspergines aquae magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi."
 #: data/units/Mermaid_Priestess.cfg:3
 msgid "female^Mermaid Priestess"
@@ -6422,6 +7738,16 @@
 "damage to the undead, and even does some to living creatures. Priestesses "
 "are capable of healing units around them, and curing them of poison."
 msgstr ""
+"Nereii fidem compartant quem plurimi homines sequuntur, sed ex cultura, sunt "
+"nereae quae eum servant, nam ingeniosiores sunt. Eae constituerunt pacem et "
+"vitam in mundum ferre et artes sanationis studiare. Diligentia earum et "
+"pietas facultates animi eis praebent, quibus populum a monstris "
+"supernaturalibus protegunt.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Nota Praecipua: sacerdotis oppugnationes lucis magicales "
+"sunt et semper probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi. Haec lux damnum immane "
+"facit in immortuos et quoque in vivos aliquantulum. Sacerdotes possunt "
+"unitates vicinas sanare et a veneno curare. "
 #: data/units/Mermaid_Siren.cfg:3
 msgid "Siren"
@@ -6442,9 +7768,19 @@
 "Special Notes: the attacks of a siren are magical in nature, and always have "
 "a high chance of hitting their opponents."
 msgstr ""
+"Natura nymphala nereiarum fortissima est in Sirenibus. Coniunctio cum "
+"nymphis tam potens est ut saepe putantur deae maris. Etsi falsum est, error "
+"credibilis est, quia deae maris rare videntur etiam a nereis. Species "
+"magicae earum persimilis est: aqua circum sirene imperatur ut vult siren, "
+"quasi ut extensio nereiae ipsius.\n"
+"Intentiones sescenti huius potestatis rare in mentem incolentium terrae "
+"veniunt. Ii saltem eam mirantur.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: sirenis oppugnationes magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi."
 #: data/units/Mermaid_Siren.cfg:27
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "naia touch"
 msgstr "tactus naiadis"
@@ -6482,6 +7818,13 @@
 "Special Notes: being caught in a net slows enemies down and reduces by one "
 "the strikes they can deliver in combat."
 msgstr ""
+"Retia pondis ornata quibus nereii in bello pugnantur telum difficile est "
+"usu; qui artis dominantur diligitur et colitur a sociis. Hoc telum spondet "
+"valde praestantiam nereiorum in elemento proprio et efficit ut stirps atquae "
+"minae sint inimicis qui tantum approperant aquam.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: qui in reti inlaqueatus est lentificatur et minuitur uno "
+"numerus oppugnationum in certamine."
 #: data/units/Merman_Fighter.cfg:3
 msgid "Merman Fighter"
@@ -6514,6 +7857,10 @@
 "of need, many mermen of that occupation will volunteer to swell the ranks of "
 "their military."
 msgstr ""
+"Sollertiae quibus nereii utuntur piscantes hasta faciliter vertuntur in "
+"bellum, praesertim contra eos qui non domi sunt in aqua. In temporibus "
+"necessitatis, multi nereii illius occupationis nomen dant ut ordines "
+"exercitus eorum inflentur."
 #: data/units/Merman_Javelineer.cfg:3
 msgid "Merman Javelineer"
@@ -6526,6 +7873,10 @@
 "impact of one is considerably greater. In the water, the mobility of the "
 "mermen more than makes up for this when facing foes who cannot swim."
 msgstr ""
+"Nereii illi qui artis pilati dominantur quasi tam efficaces fieri possunt "
+"quam sagittarii. Etsi gravitas telorum iactum impedit, incussus eorum multo "
+"gravior est. In aqua, mobilitas nereiorum huic compensat contra inimicos qui "
+"nesciunt natare."
 #: data/units/Merman_Netcaster.cfg:3
 msgid "Merman Netcaster"
@@ -6545,6 +7896,16 @@
 "Special Notes: being caught in a net slows enemies down and reduces by one "
 "the strikes they can deliver in combat."
 msgstr ""
+"Piscatus, ut a nereiis exercitatur, constat ex persecutione circuli piscium "
+"in retia expectantia. Etsi haec non multum damnum in se faciunt, nereii eis "
+"valide utuntur contra milites qui vadum transire conantur. Retia minora et "
+"pondis ornata per aera iactari possunt - non utuntur his in temporibus "
+"pacis, sed valida sunt in bello. Ope telorum talium milites in aqua "
+"immobiles faciunt, et maiori momenti planunt campus lusionis contra milites "
+"in terra, qui aliter eis illic praestant.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: qui in reti inlaqueatus est lentificatur et minuitur uno "
+"numerus oppugnationum in certamine."
 #: data/units/Merman_Spearman.cfg:3
 msgid "Merman Spearman"
@@ -6559,6 +7920,11 @@
 "effective. They are also useful in melee, even deep under the surface, which "
 "is something that certainly cannot be said of arrows."
 msgstr ""
+"Arti sagittariorum paulum favent nereii; munus eius impletur ab arte "
+"pilatorum. Etsi pila iacta quasi inutilia sunt sub aqua, valide sunt nimis "
+"in superficie, ubi pondus eorum permittit ut complures pedes sub aqua "
+"mergant retinentes satis momenti ut damnum infligant. Atque utiles sunt in "
+"concursu, quoque sub aquis, quod non dici potest de sagittis."
 #: data/units/Merman_Triton.cfg:3
 msgid "Merman Triton"
@@ -6621,13 +7987,12 @@
 msgstr "Repens Luti"
 #: data/units/Mudcrawler.cfg:18
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Mudcrawlers are magical constructs of soil and water. They attack by "
 "belching lumps of mud at their foes."
 msgstr ""
 "Repentia Luti exstructiones sunt magicae ex humo et aqua. Oppugnant "
-"aspergentes aquam ferventem in hostes."
+"ructantes massas luti in hostes."
 #: data/units/Naga-Fighter.cfg:3
 msgid "Naga Fighter"
@@ -6736,6 +8101,15 @@
 "was a discovery that nonetheless had terrible ramifications. This art alone "
 "may have caused humanity's condemnation of what is now known as "
 msgstr ""
+"Unus ex maximis circulis illius qui dicitur 'magica nigra' ars est "
+"necromantiae, facultas terribilis excitandis mortuos in vitam falsam. Haec "
+"facultas erat passus primus in via fraudendis mortem de premio suo ultimo. "
+"Etsi non erat absolutio spei eorum, haec inventio ramos terribiles tamen "
+"habuit. Haec ars sola effecit ut homines magicam nigram totam condemnarent "
+"et dedit terrori nova tela.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: mortuorum evocatoris oppugnationes a procul magicales sunt "
+"et semper probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi."
 #: data/units/Necrophage.cfg:3
 msgid "Necrophage"
@@ -6752,6 +8126,12 @@
 "this poison will continually take damage until they can be cured in town or "
 "by a healer."
 msgstr ""
+"Voraces facti ab fame insancto carnis mortui Necrophagi cibum expectatum "
+"oppugnant ferocitate ut bestiae. Cum satiantur a carne victimarum, omnis "
+"damni sanantur ut nuper vocati et reincipiant investigationem carnis.\n"
+"Nota praecipua: ungues necrophagi operiuntur veneno cuius victimae adsidue "
+"damnabuntur usque sanantur in pago vel a sanatore."
 #: data/units/Nightgaunt.cfg:3
 msgid "Nightgaunt"
@@ -6770,6 +8150,15 @@
 "damage, and move quite slowly over open water. Nightgaunts are able to hide "
 "at night, leaving no trace of their presence."
 msgstr ""
+"Nescitur cur hae creaturae personatae sint, et nemo vultum a persona opertum "
+"vidit et vixit. Hae formae terribiles rare a viventis videntur, et qui "
+"superest et de eis loquitur, otio carebat ad studiandum hostem.\n"
+"Nota·Praecipua:·si·unitas·ex·parte·macris noctis·inimicum·alienat,"
+"·macer·potestin tergum·percutere,·damnum·duplice·infligens,"
+"·Moventur satis·lente·trans aquam. Noctu latere possunt, nullum vestigium "
+"praesentiae suae relinquens."
 #: data/units/Noble_Commander.cfg:3
 msgid "Noble Commander"
@@ -6786,7 +8175,7 @@
 "Commanders one day."
 msgstr ""
 "Juvenes et audaces, Pugnatores gladio pugnant et vulnerabiles sunt hostium "
-"oppugnationibus. Sed potentiam habent ut Duces magni olim fiant."
+"oppugnationibus e longe. Sed potentiam habent ut Duces magni olim fiant."
 #: data/units/Noble_Lord.cfg:3
 msgid "Noble Lord"
@@ -6813,15 +8202,15 @@
 msgstr "Immane"
 #: data/units/Ogre.cfg:17
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Ogres are giant creatures that usually live alone in the wilderness, "
 "remarkably similar to humans in form, though large and misshapen. While they "
 "can be easily outrun or outsmarted, their strength is not to be "
 msgstr ""
-"Immania stulta sunt quasi humana quae in solitudine vivunt. Etsi faciliter "
-"praeverti aut decipi possunt, vis eorum non minoris aestimanda est."
+"Immania creaturae sunt permagna quae solita vivunt in solitudine, insigniter "
+"similia hominibus forma, sed magna et deformia. Etsi faciliter praeverti aut "
+"decipi possunt, vis eorum non minoris aestimanda est."
 #: data/units/Ogre.cfg:20 data/units/Young_Ogre.cfg:41
 msgid "cleaver"
@@ -6859,10 +8248,18 @@
 "victims of this poison will continually take damage until they can be cured "
 "in town or by a healer."
 msgstr ""
+"Etsi nonnulli usum veneni ignavum esse putant, orci favent veneno ut telo, "
+"praesertim debiliorum formae. Sicarii orcorum, qui eo in cultris iactis "
+"utuntur, de more sunt aliquantum fragiles, sed mire agiles. Rare sunt qui "
+"occidunt inimicos, sed rationes belli eorum subsidium magnum sunt fratribus "
+"eorum saevioribus et maioribus.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Sicarii Orcorum veneno in cultris iactis utuntur, quorum "
+"victimae adsidue damnantur usque curantur in pago vel a sanatore."
 #: data/units/Orcish_Assassin.cfg:38 data/units/Orcish_Slayer.cfg:44
 msgid "throwing knives"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "cultri iacti"
 #: data/units/Orcish_Crossbowman.cfg:3
 msgid "Orcish Crossbowman"
@@ -6903,7 +8300,6 @@
 msgstr "Dux Orcorum"
 #: data/units/Orcish_Leader.cfg:18
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Orcish Leaders are the chiefs of their tribe. They make the important "
 "decisions and lead their people into battle. They carry a bow out of "
@@ -6911,17 +8307,16 @@
 "powerful fighters. Their natural leadership skills make them very precious "
 "in battle: if the Leader is lost, so is the battle."
 msgstr ""
-"Domini Orcorum principes sunt tribus eorum. Sententias magni momenti faciunt "
+"Duces Orcorum principes sunt tribus eorum. Sententias magni momenti faciunt "
 "et populum in proelium ducunt. Arcum gerunt ex necessitate, sed peritiores "
-"sunt gladio; pugnatores protentes omnino sunt. Peritiae ductus naturales eos "
-"faciunt pretiosos valde in proelio:si perditur Dominus, ita proelium."
+"sunt gladio; pugnatores potentes omnino sunt. Peritiae ductus naturales eos "
+"faciunt pretiosos valde in proelio:si perditur Dux, ita proelium."
 #: data/units/Orcish_Ruler.cfg:3
 msgid "Orcish Ruler"
 msgstr "Dominus Orcorum"
 #: data/units/Orcish_Ruler.cfg:18
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Orcish Rulers are the chiefs of their tribe. They make the important "
 "decisions and lead their people into battle. They carry a bow out of "
@@ -6931,7 +8326,7 @@
 msgstr ""
 "Domini Orcorum principes sunt tribus eorum. Sententias magni momenti faciunt "
 "et populum in proelium ducunt. Arcum gerunt ex necessitate, sed peritiores "
-"sunt gladio; pugnatores protentes omnino sunt. Peritiae ductus naturales eos "
+"sunt gladio; pugnatores potentes omnino sunt. Peritiae ductus naturales eos "
 "faciunt pretiosos valde in proelio:si perditur Dominus, ita proelium."
 #: data/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:3
@@ -7017,11 +8412,18 @@
 "victims of this poison will continually take damage until they can be cured "
 "in town or by a healer."
 msgstr ""
+"Maiores et peritiores sicarii orcorum ab inimicis 'Interfectores' "
+"nominantur, quamquam distinctio nonnihil inclara est. Interfectores rapidi "
+"sunt pedi et agiles in certamine, quia non induunt armaturam. Telum electum "
+"eorum, venenum, implementum saevum est, et usus eius in campo proelio causa "
+"vera est dominationis orcorum.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Interfectores Orcorum veneno in cultris iactis utuntur, "
+"quorum victimae adsidue damnantur usque curantur in pago vel a sanatore."
 #: data/units/Orcish_Slurbow.cfg:3
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Orcish Slurbow"
-msgstr "Interfector Orcorum"
+msgstr "Scorpiarius Magnus Orcorum"
 #: data/units/Orcish_Slurbow.cfg:18
 msgid ""
@@ -7031,13 +8433,16 @@
 "than their Elven and Human counterparts, they still maintain an edge in "
 "melee strength and stamina."
 msgstr ""
+"Scopiarii Magni scorpionem eorum emendaverunt addentes uncum intorquentem et "
+"fistulam ferream. Ergo possunt iactare tela plumbea funesta cum potestate et "
+"cura. Etsi debiliores sunt in certamine a procul quam pares dryadales et "
+"homines, fortiores sunt in concursu et in patientia."
 #: data/units/Orcish_Sovereign.cfg:3
 msgid "Orcish Sovereign"
 msgstr "Rex Orcorum"
 #: data/units/Orcish_Sovereign.cfg:19
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Orcish Sovereigns are the chiefs of their tribe. They make the important "
 "decisions and lead their people into battle. They carry a bow out of "
@@ -7047,7 +8452,7 @@
 msgstr ""
 "Reges Orcorum principes sunt tribus eorum. Sententias magni momenti faciunt "
 "et populum in proelium ducunt. Arcum gerunt ex necessitate, sed peritiores "
-"sunt gladio; pugnatores protentes omnino sunt. Peritiae ductus naturales eos "
+"sunt gladio; pugnatores potentes omnino sunt. Peritiae ductus naturales eos "
 "faciunt pretiosos valde in proelio:si perditur Rex, ita proelium."
 #: data/units/Orcish_Warlord.cfg:3
@@ -7055,15 +8460,14 @@
 msgstr "Dominus Belli Orcorum"
 #: data/units/Orcish_Warlord.cfg:17
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Only orcs with both great cunning and unsurpassed strength can become "
 "Warlords. Masters of the sword, and even possessing some skill with the bow, "
 "these beast-warriors lead their brethren with an iron hand."
 msgstr ""
 "Tantum Orci magna cum astutia et singulari cum vi Domini Belli fieri "
-"possunt. Periti et arcu et gladio, hi pugnatores bestiales turbas belli "
-"orcorum ducunt."
+"possunt. Periti gladio et facilitatem nonnullam arcu possidentes, hi "
+"pugnatores bestiales fratres manu ferrea ducunt."
 #: data/units/Orcish_Warrior.cfg:3
 msgid "Orcish Warrior"
@@ -7093,6 +8497,12 @@
 "are somewhat ill at ease fighting during the day, preferring the cover of "
 msgstr ""
+"Post nonnullos annos servitii, 'grassatores' surgunt in ordines conreorum. "
+"Quia iam se in certamine demonstraverunt nunc dantur opera periculosiora et "
+"partem maiorem spoliorum. Etse multi adversarii electionem telorum eorum "
+"irrident, proscripti sciunt capacitatem mortiferentem eorum et possunt "
+"invenire nova saxa ad manum. Aliquantum solliciti sunt proscripti in "
+"certamine die, anteponentes integumentum noctis."
 #: data/units/Outlaw.cfg:76
 msgid "female^Outlaw"
@@ -7148,6 +8558,11 @@
 "in combat, and their piety grants them other gifts. A Paladin is a bane to "
 "the unworldly, and has trained in ministering to the wounds of his comrades."
 msgstr ""
+"Equites ordines virtutis maximi Paladinis se iuraverunt in ordines "
+"monasticos et fortitudine tantum in causa iustitiae utuntur. Quamquam minus "
+"magnificus est in campo proelii quam optimatus, Paladinus vis potens est in "
+"certamine et pietas eius ei dona alia praebet. Perniciosus est inmortuis et "
+"didicit mederi vulnera sociorum."
 #: data/units/Paladin.cfg:26
 msgid ""
@@ -7159,6 +8574,13 @@
 "some to living creatures. Paladins are capable of some healing, though they "
 "can only delay the effects of poison, not cure them entirely."
 msgstr ""
+"Nota Praecipua: Oppugnatio lanceae incurrentis Paladini infligit damnum "
+"duplice et fit ut damnum receptum duplice fiet. Hoc non accedit in "
+"ulscicione defensu. Oppugnatio sancta damnum permagnum infligit in inmortuis "
+"et nonnullum in viventibus. Possunt mederi, sed effectus veneni tantum "
+"demorari possunt."
 #: data/units/Peasant.cfg:3
 msgid "Peasant"
@@ -7181,7 +8603,7 @@
 #: data/units/Pikeman.cfg:3
 msgid "Pikeman"
-msgstr "Hastatus Maior"
+msgstr "Dolatus"
 #: data/units/Pikeman.cfg:22
 msgid ""
@@ -7195,6 +8617,14 @@
 "Special Notes: the length of their weapon allows a pikeman to strike first "
 "in melee, even in defense."
 msgstr ""
+"Hastati bonae spei in exercitibus Occidiseptentrionis saepe promoventur ad "
+"dolatos, gerentes arma multo superiora quam armatura quae reciperunt cum "
+"conscripti sunt. Dolo multo longior est quam hasta et aliis rationibus belli "
+"eget. Acies dolatorum perniciosa est equitibus incurrentibus, et cum "
+"disciplina idonea dolati plurimis peditibus praestare possunt.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: longitudo teli permittit ut dolatus primum oppugnet in "
+"certamine, etsi defensor est."
 #: data/units/Pikeman.cfg:25
 msgid "pike"
@@ -7270,6 +8700,19 @@
 "Special Notes: the red mage's fireballs are magical, and always have a high "
 "chance of hitting an opponent."
 msgstr ""
+"Cum tirocinium prospere terminet, magus nudatur ex vestibus caeruleis "
+"tironis et recipit vestes rubros magistri. Coloni saepe male significant "
+"hanc mutationem, et mendose appellant magistros 'Magos Rubros'. Atque "
+"mendosa est opinio qui dixit colorem vestum ex facultate elicendi ignem ex "
+"aere determinatum esse. Haec praestigiae utiles sunt, sed a magis putantur "
+"intentio crassa scientiae diligenter redundatae.\n"
+"Fragiles formae et indocti in rationibus belli, 'Magi Rubri' multas "
+"praestigias habent in manicis, e.g. globi ignis qui nomen vulgus eorum "
+"Nota Praecipua: magi rubri globi ignis magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi."
 #: data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:100
 msgid "female^Red Mage"
@@ -7287,6 +8730,11 @@
 "their past. Such questions aside, a Revenant is a powerful tool in combat: a "
 "fearless warrior that feels no pain, and which will fight to the bitter end."
 msgstr ""
+"Revenientes sunt bellatores olim magni quibus vita falsa datur ut rursus "
+"pugnent. Memoria temporis vitae eorum iam perditur. Atque venefici qui eos "
+"excitaverunt tantum coniecturas facere possunt de historia eorum. Neglectis "
+"talibus interrogationibus Reveniens instrumentum potens est in proelio: "
+"bellator sine metu qui dolorem non sentit et usque ad finem pugnabit."
 #: data/units/Rogue.cfg:3
 msgid "Rogue"
@@ -7305,6 +8753,15 @@
 "an enemy, the rogue may backstab, inflicting double damage, by creeping "
 "around behind that enemy."
 msgstr ""
+"Capita circuli ullius furum statutem eorum sollertia meruunt. Hi veteratores "
+"multos momentos ingratos consumerunt emicantes per turbas et evadentes illos "
+"qui eos male volunt. Haec peritiae valde utiles sunt in pugna. Magistri cum "
+"cultro, atque cultros ad amussim iacere possunt. Horae longae pergrassatae "
+"noctu eos relinquunt commodiores pugnantes in tenebris.\n"
 #: data/units/Rogue.cfg:65
 msgid "female^Rogue"
@@ -7325,6 +8782,13 @@
 "reliability and mastery of close combat are their best assets, for which "
 "they are well-renowned."
 msgstr ""
+"Bucellarii ex optimis gladiatoribus in Occidiseptentrione eliguntur. "
+"Serviunt nobilibus altioribus ut praetoriani vel signum statutis "
+"redemptorum. Vis praecipuus bucellariorum collocatur in Capitolio ut "
+"custodes castelli et familiae regalis. Quod superiores eos fidedignos "
+"putant, mittuntur saepe praeter mercennarios in missiones magnae "
+"significatio. Fiducia et peritia in concursu bona optima sunt eorum, ob quas "
+"bene cognoscuntur."
 #: data/units/Saurian.cfg:20
 msgid ""
@@ -7343,7 +8807,6 @@
 msgstr "Insidiator Lacertarum"
 #: data/units/Saurian_Ambusher.cfg:18
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Saurian Ambushers are highly skilled in the use of the spear. Despite their "
 "lethargic cold blooded heritage, and their relative frailty, they are highly "
@@ -7508,6 +8971,9 @@
 "academically trained, he will need some experience in the field before his "
 "leadership is sound and acknowledged."
 msgstr ""
+"Centurio est praefectus infimus in ordinibus exercitus regalis. Etsi in "
+"academia doctus est, experientia eget ex campo, priusquam ductus eius firmis "
+"et notus est."
 #: data/units/Shadow.cfg:3
 msgid "Shadow"
@@ -7527,6 +8993,17 @@
 "slowly over open water. Shadows are able to hide at night, leaving no trace "
 "of their presence."
 msgstr ""
+"Cum facta est lux in mundo et forma data ignotis, pavor coactus est in "
+"tenebras. Usque ab hac die, umbrae mundi terrorem hominibus continent, etsi "
+"homines nesciunt cur.\n"
+"Mortuorum evocatur facile respondere potest ad hac interrogationem.\n"
+"·Moventur·satis·lente·trans·aquam.·Noctu latere possunt, nullum 
vestigium "
+"praesentiae suae relinquens."
 #: data/units/Shock_Trooper.cfg:3
 msgid "Shock Trooper"
@@ -7543,6 +9020,14 @@
 "covers monsters, rather than men. The drawback of such heavy armor is, of "
 "course, the time it takes to move into and out of combat."
 msgstr ""
+"Concursores graves flos sunt peditum armatorum, et dimidia pars usus eorum "
+"in bello est ut minae. Tantum homines staturae prodigiosae in ordinem "
+"ingredi possunt. Gerentes armaturam nigram gravem multis cum clavibus "
+"spectaculum formidolosum sunt videre. Species concursorum gravium "
+"frangentium inimicum aspergillo saepe satis est ut animum hostis quasset, "
+"qui nonnumquam putant hanc armaturam monstra non homines operire. Incommodum "
+"talis armaturae gravis est certe tempus necessarium ut in certamen aut ex "
+"proelio moveantur."
 #: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:3
 msgid "Silver Mage"
@@ -7576,6 +9061,27 @@
 "villages instantly, though the player must control both, and the destination "
 "village must be unoccupied."
 msgstr ""
+"Viae variae studii magorum ad fines insignite diversos ducunt. Magi argentei "
+"vim studiant qui realitatem ligat, et aliquantum intelligunt de mysteriis "
+"mundi qui vastior est quam alii umquam animo finxerunt. Saepe considerantur "
+"sapientes vel mysticos errantes. Magi argentii agunt sub propositis quae "
+"alii magi nesciunt. Etsi adiutant magisteria quae eis saepe in proelio "
+"utuntur, remanent nonnihil procul.\n"
+"Re vera habent ordinem proprium inter magos, ordo qui secreta eadam a "
+"paribus occultat. Unum est facultas transcurrendis spatia magna multo "
+"celerius quam possibile in pede. Socii huius ordinis loqui de eo cum paribus "
+"magis ex ordinibus aliis ardenter nolunt. Cum quidam rare opus eorum "
+"scrutatus est, semper conatus dereliquerunt et numquam rursus de eo locutus "
+"Magi argentei physice solleriores sunt quam alii magi, et peritiae eorum "
+"certae sunt in proelio, si dux magum cogere potest eis uti.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: magi argentei oppugnationes a procul magicales sunt et "
+"semper probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi. Possunt quoque ianuas magicas "
+"inter duos pagos ilico conficere, etsi necesse est pagos esse de parte magi "
+"et ambos pagos vacuos."
 #: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:139
 msgid "female^Silver Mage"
@@ -7608,16 +9114,16 @@
 msgstr "Ossa"
 #: data/units/Skeleton.cfg:16
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Skeletons are warriors who have been slain in battle and brought back by "
 "dark magics. Nearly mindless, and unwavering in their purpose, they fear "
 "neither pain, nor death, and their mere presence will often frighten away "
 "any who would challenge their master."
 msgstr ""
-"Ossa sunt pungnatores qui in proelio interfecti et a artibus tenebrosis "
-"relati sunt. Sicut omnes inmortui possunt facile incantamentis igneis et "
-"sanctis vulnerari, sed tela cum laminis resistunt."
+"Ossa sunt pungnatores qui in proelio interfecti et artibus tenebrosis relati "
+"sunt. Quasi sine mente et immoti in propositis, non timent nec dolorem nec "
+"mortem, et praesentia eorum ispa saepe absterret eos qui dominum eorum "
+"provocare volunt."
 #: data/units/Skeleton.cfg:61 data/units/Skeleton_Archer.cfg:3
 msgid "Skeleton Archer"
@@ -7631,6 +9137,10 @@
 "to achieve the tasks laid before them, for death holds no fear for one who "
 "is already dead."
 msgstr ""
+"Sagittarius osseus differt paulum ab 'ossibus' quae eum saepe comitantur - "
+"peccatum est contra naturam: bellator excitatus ex mortuis ad rursus "
+"pugnandum. In manibus domini eorum, hi milites quidlibet facient ut opera "
+"eorum attingant, nam mors mortuis nullum pavorem continet."
 #: data/units/Sleeping_Gryphon.cfg:3
 msgid "Sleeping Gryphon"
@@ -7690,6 +9200,14 @@
 "Special Notes: the length of their weapon allows a spearman to strike first "
 "in melee, even in defense."
 msgstr ""
+"Gladii sunt luxuria cara pro multis, et coloni eos vix emere possunt. Sed "
+"hastae faciliores sunt factu, et etiam sine capite geri possunt, quamquam "
+"plurimi id emere possunt. Induentes armaturam ex corio et forse gerentes "
+"scutum et nonnullas pilas, pars magna formant in plurimis exercitibus. Saepe "
+"in acie priori collocantur quasi sine exercitatione.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: longitudo teli permittit ut hastatus primum oppugnet in "
+"certamine, etsi defensor est."
 #: data/units/Spectre.cfg:3
 msgid "Spectre"
@@ -7709,6 +9227,16 @@
 "renew the spectre. Spectres have very unusual resistances to damage, and "
 "move quite slowly over open water."
 msgstr ""
+"Nonnumquam nominantur 'homines vacuuos' spectra sunt bracchium dextrum "
+"dominorum suorum. Haec nefas terrorem rectum sunt viventibus et sine somnio "
+"custodiant regnum domini.\n"
+"Creatio horum non est factum humilem; periculum verum cum uni obviam eas "
+"adest: saepe sunt tantum praenuntii potentia periculosioris quae eos "
+"Nota Praecipua: ictus a lamina eorum vitam ex victima exhauriet et spectrum "
+"renovabit. Repugnatiae·ad·damnum·spectrorum·insolitae·sunt."
 #: data/units/Swordsman.cfg:3
 msgid "Swordsman"
@@ -7723,6 +9251,11 @@
 "A sword is not without its own drawbacks, but is much more maneuverable than "
 "a spear, and much better in close quarters."
 msgstr ""
+"Veteranus saepe reservabit satis pecuniae ut armaturam meliorem et gladium "
+"compret. Etsi gerens gladium pro hastam difficilis est, plurimi hastati "
+"quaerunt hac optionem, cognoscentes incommoda teli relicti. Gladius quoque "
+"non est sine incommodis, sed mobilior est quam hasta et melior in concursu "
 #: data/units/Tentacle.cfg:3
 msgid "Tentacle of the Deep"
@@ -7754,6 +9287,17 @@
 "an enemy, the thief may backstab, inflicting double damage, by creeping "
 "around behind that enemy."
 msgstr ""
+"Post hominum memoriam, socii 'collegiorum' diversorum captorum murum quae in "
+"omni urbe satis magna exoriuntur morem peculariam habebant: Capillum "
+"candidum calce reddunt. Post annos colorem habet caeruleum pallidum. Hoc "
+"audax est facere, qui ars eorum saepe ingreditur in gestos illicitos. Fures "
+"habent multas peritias et ex necessitate leves sunt pede et gerunt bonum "
+"cultrum. Beate utuntur rationibus belli minus honestis in certamine, quia "
+"'pugnam iustam' non aestimant.\n"
 #: data/units/Thief.cfg:106
 msgid "female^Thief"
@@ -7771,6 +9315,10 @@
 "sustenance. Regardless of their background, they all share the practice of "
 "beating their victims with large clubs."
 msgstr ""
+"Percussores veniunt ex diversis fontibus; pauci nati sunt percussores, sed "
+"multi sunt milites qui inutiles exercitui habiti sunt aut coloni qui ex "
+"terris expulsi sunt. Fiunt percussores ut alimentum inveniant. Neglectis "
+"praeteritis omnes victimas fustibus verberant."
 #: data/units/Transport_Galleon.cfg:3
 msgid "Transport Galleon"
@@ -7818,6 +9366,14 @@
 "Special Notes: Trolls possess the regeneration ability, which heals them as "
 "though they were always stationed in a village."
 msgstr ""
+"Troglodytae homines et nanos vexunt, qui nesciunt origines harum creaturarum "
+"nec potestatem qui cogit vim insolitum et fortitudinem eorum. Troglodytus "
+"adultus immanet super hominem; atque sine telis minae sint in certamine. "
+"Fustes magni quibus in pugnis utuntur agunt ut extensiones bracchiorum "
+"eorum; troglodytae eis utuntur ad praedam in obsequium cogere.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Troglodytae possunt regenerare, et se sanant semper ut in "
 #: data/units/Troll_Hero.cfg:3
 msgid "Troll Hero"
@@ -7832,6 +9388,11 @@
 "Special Notes: Trolls possess the regeneration ability, which heals them as "
 "though they were always stationed in a village."
 msgstr ""
+"Nonnulli troglodytae nati sunt cum nimio vi et fortitudine generis sui. In "
+"societate in qua potentia rectum facit, socii stirpis eos heroes appellant.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Troglodytae possunt regenerare, et se sanant semper ut in "
 #: data/units/Troll_Rocklobber.cfg:3
 msgid "Troll Rocklobber"
@@ -7850,6 +9411,14 @@
 "regeneration ability, which heals them as though they were always stationed "
 "in a village."
 msgstr ""
+"Cogitatio iacendi saxum in certamine certe in mentem plurium troglodytarum "
+"venit, et nonnulli ea ut tela sustulerunt. Quia saxa tam magna non facilia "
+"sunt inventu, Iactores de more ea ferunt in sacco super humeros. Ex corium "
+"sacci quoque fundus fiat.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: etsi incommoda sunt, saxa iacta ab iis monstris multo "
+"funestiora sunt quam ulla sagitta, si possunt ferire. Troglodytae possunt "
+"regenerare, et se sanant semper ut in pago."
 #: data/units/Troll_Warrior.cfg:3
 msgid "Troll Warrior"
@@ -7869,6 +9438,15 @@
 "Special Notes: Trolls possess the regeneration ability, which heals them as "
 "though they were always stationed in a village."
 msgstr ""
+"De more necesse non est troglodytas arma propia uti et ei anteponunt saxa et "
+"ramos qui eis bene serviunt. Sed nonnulli troglodytae visi sunt induentes "
+"armaturam asperam et gerentes malleos ferreos. Putantur socii orcorum origo "
+"et fabri eorum esse, quia investigationes in cavernis troglodytarum nullam "
+"evidentiam inveniunt utendi implementa, nec certe fabrorum. Si troglodytae "
+"iam pericolosi sunt in certamine, troglodyta armata plene terrens est.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Troglodytae possunt regenerare, et se sanant semper ut in "
 #: data/units/Troll_Whelp.cfg:3
 msgid "Troll Whelp"
@@ -7885,6 +9463,13 @@
 "Special Notes: Trolls possess the regeneration ability, which heals them as "
 "though they were always stationed in a village."
 msgstr ""
+"Est oxymoron dicere troglodytam catulum, quia corpora eorum iam robustiora "
+"sunt quam hominum adultorum. Inepti sunt et nondum recte ambulant, sed "
+"repunt in quattuor membris, sed vis crudus stirpis omnibus incommodis "
+"Nota Praecipua: Troglodytae possunt regenerare, et se sanant semper ut in "
 #: data/units/Vampire_Bat.cfg:3
 msgid "Vampire Bat"
@@ -7991,7 +9576,7 @@
 #: data/units/White_Mage.cfg:3
 msgid "White Mage"
-msgstr "Magus Alba"
+msgstr "Magus Albus"
 #: data/units/White_Mage.cfg:30 data/units/White_Mage.cfg:105
 msgid ""
@@ -8011,6 +9596,20 @@
 "damage to the undead, and can even damage living creatures. White magi are "
 "capable of healing units around them, and curing them of poison."
 msgstr ""
+"Alcuni magi, discentes de mundo circa se et videntes dolores et sordes in "
+"quibus homines nimis saepe vivunt, non possunt vitam ad studium in academiis "
+"dedicare. Hi vitam magorum relinquunt et ingrediuntur in ordines monasticos, "
+"peritiis receptis utentes pro bono omnium. Post ordinationem vagant saepe "
+"per mundum, ministrantes aegros et laesos.\n"
+"Etsi non educati in certamine, socius potens sunt contra unum inimicum. Si "
+"necesse est, possunt advocare potentiam lucis ut inmortuos ex mundo "
+"Nota Praecipua: magi albi oppugnationes lucis magicales sunt et semper "
+"probabilitatem bonam habent feriendi. Haec lux damnum immane facit in "
+"immortuos et quoque in vivos aliquantulum. Magi albi possunt unitates "
+"vicinas sanare et a veneno curare."
 #: data/units/White_Mage.cfg:81
 msgid "female^White Mage"
@@ -8032,6 +9631,13 @@
 "mounts have a rather easy time traversing the mountains, though water and "
 "woods will still slow them down."
 msgstr ""
+"Nemo certus est quomodo facta sit mos educandi et equitandi lupes. Coboli "
+"minores et debiliores sunt quam orci. Qui lupum adipiscitur partes tutiores "
+"in proelio habent et haud scio an facetas.\n"
+"Lupi fere hominem armatam numquam sustinere possint, sed cobalum in "
+"armaturam ex corio onus facile est latu. Valde dissimiles equis, lupi "
+"navigant faciliter per montes, quamquam aqua et silvae eos lentificabunt."
 #: data/units/Wose.cfg:3
 msgid "Wose"
@@ -8053,6 +9659,18 @@
 "Special Notes: Woses regenerate by using natural resources around them, "
 "without needing to huddle in villages to obtain sustenance and aid."
 msgstr ""
+"Rare visum, etiam a dryadalibus, Vosium ordo est creaturarum de quo paulum "
+"cognoscitur. Dryadales scientiam aliquantam habent: sciunt ea non ex "
+"arboribus descendisse, etsi similes sunt formae, et coniuncta esse ad mundum "
+"nympharum plus quam dryadales ipsi, sed in via alia. Nemo scit proposita et "
+"machinationes generis huius, quamquam multi ea putant custodes mundi "
+"Vosia non sunt omnino bellicosa, sed vim magnam possidunt. Sed non habent "
+"consuetudinem motu, et lenta sunt.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: Vosia regenerant ex rebus naturae circa ea et non necesse "
+"est ea in pagis ire receptum alimentum et adiutorium."
 #: data/units/Wraith.cfg:3
 msgid "Wraith"
@@ -8074,35 +9692,44 @@
 "renew the wraith. Wraiths have very unusual resistances to damage, and move "
 "quite slowly over open water."
 msgstr ""
+"Formae hae cruciatae quae olim erant bellatores sunt inter formidolosissima "
+"quae evocator mortuorum facere potest, quia gladius discindet per eas ut per "
+"aera ipsum. Ex quo multi putant eas bestias invictas esse, sed haec "
+"credentia longe est a veritate.\n"
+"Propterea domini idolonorum dant eis instrumentum per quod magicae "
+"renovantur quae eos animant ex vita minarum eorum.\n"
+"Nota Praecipua: ictus a lamina idoloni vitam ex victima exhauriet et eum "
+"renovabit. Repugnatiae·ad·damnum·idolonorum·insolitae·sunt."
 #: data/units/Yeti.cfg:3
 msgid "Yeti"
 msgstr "Ietium"
 #: data/units/Yeti.cfg:31
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Little is known about Yetis, ape-like creatures said to live in remote and "
 "snow-covered mountains. Few profess to have seen one, and their existence is "
 "doubted by many."
 msgstr ""
-"Ietia creaturae sunt quasi humanae ingentes quae in montibus habitant. Pauci "
-"occursum cum uno superant et multi existentiam eorum dubitant."
+"Pauca nota sunt de Ietibus; creaturae sunt quasi simiae ingentes quae "
+"dicuntur in montibus remotis et nive opertis habitare. Pauci dicunt se ea "
+"vidisse et multi existentiam eorum dubitant."
 #: data/units/Young_Ogre.cfg:3
 msgid "Young Ogre"
 msgstr "Immane Juvene"
 #: data/units/Young_Ogre.cfg:16
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "When still young, Ogres are sometimes captured and taken into the army to be "
 "trained. They cannot manage weapons skillfully, but that is of little "
 "concern given their strength."
 msgstr ""
-"Cum iuvena sunt, Immania ad exercitum feruntur doctum. Non possunt tela "
-"perite gerere, ergo lamina magna eis datur, sperens eos satis prudentes esse "
-"ut eam in hostes librent non contra guttura eorum."
+"Dum iuvena sunt, Immania nonnihil capiuntur et ad exercitum feruntur doctum. "
+"Non possunt tela perite gerere, sed parvi momenti est quia valde fortia sunt."
 #: data/units/Youth.cfg:3
 msgid "Youth"
@@ -8165,13 +9792,12 @@
 msgstr "+Moderatores Redditorum"
 #: src/about.cpp:132
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "+Afrikaans Translation"
-msgstr "+Reditio danica"
+msgstr "+Reditio africana australis"
 #: src/about.cpp:136
 msgid "+Basque Translation"
-msgstr "+Reditio vasca"
+msgstr "+Reditio basca"
 #: src/about.cpp:141
 msgid "+Bulgarian Translation"
@@ -8230,9 +9856,8 @@
 msgstr "+Reditio italica"
 #: src/about.cpp:234
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "+Japanese Translation"
-msgstr "+Reditio serica"
+msgstr "+Reditio iaponica"
 #: src/about.cpp:239
 msgid "+Latin Translation"
@@ -8255,9 +9880,8 @@
 msgstr "+Reditio russica"
 #: src/about.cpp:271
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "+Serbian Translation"
-msgstr "+Reditio germanica"
+msgstr "+Reditio serba"
 #: src/about.cpp:274
 msgid "+Slovak Translation"
@@ -8276,9 +9900,8 @@
 msgstr "+Reditio Suecica"
 #: src/about.cpp:294
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "+Turkish Translation"
-msgstr "+Reditio danica"
+msgstr "+Reditio turca"
 #: src/about.cpp:300
 msgid "+Contributors"
@@ -8348,17 +9971,16 @@
 msgstr "nuditas defensoris contra"
 #: src/actions.cpp:599
-#, fuzzy
 msgid " (+steadfast)"
-msgstr "constans"
+msgstr " (+constans)"
 #: src/actions.cpp:661
 msgid "(both should survive)"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "(ambo debent superesse)"
 #: src/actions.cpp:663
 msgid "% Pr[kills/killed by/both survive]"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "% Pr[necati/necati a/ambo supersunt]"
 #: src/actions.cpp:867 src/actions.cpp:1033 src/display.cpp:1038
 msgid "poisoned"
@@ -8470,19 +10092,19 @@
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:418 src/dialogs.cpp:434
 msgid "%b %d %y"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "%b %d %y"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:424
 msgid "%H:%M"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "%H:%M"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:427
 msgid "%A, %H:%M"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "%A,·%H:%M"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:430
 msgid "%b %d"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "%b·%d"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:454
 msgid "No Saved Games"
@@ -8525,9 +10147,8 @@
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:550
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Date"
-msgstr "Porta"
+msgstr "Datum"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:550 src/game.cpp:893 src/help.cpp:1117
 #: src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:29 src/playturn.cpp:2052 src/playturn.cpp:2232
@@ -8569,7 +10190,7 @@
 #: src/display.cpp:465
 msgid "Screenshot"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Imago Scrinii"
 #: src/display.cpp:1025
 msgid "healthy"
@@ -8593,9 +10214,9 @@
 msgstr "Proelium pro Occidiseptentrione"
 #: src/game.cpp:629
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Warning: The file you have tried to load is corrupt. Loading anyway.\n"
-msgstr "Pliga quam restituere conaris corrupta est"
+msgstr ""
+"Monitum: Pliga quam restituere conaris corrupta est. Tamen restituens.\n"
 #: src/game.cpp:651 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:902
 msgid ""
@@ -8815,18 +10436,16 @@
 msgstr "Linguam antepositam elige: "
 #: src/game.cpp:1340
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "The following add-on campaign(s) had errors and could not be loaded:"
-msgstr "Charta lusus restitui non potest: "
+msgstr "Haec stipendia errores continent et restitui non possunt: "
 #: src/game.cpp:1345
-msgstr ""
 #: src/game.cpp:1354
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Warning: Errors occurred while loading game configuration files: '"
-msgstr "Mendum in restituendo pligas configuationis: '"
+msgstr "Monitum: Menda in restituendo pligas configuationis lusus: '"
 #: src/game.cpp:1404
 msgid "Error loading game configuration files: '"
@@ -8849,9 +10468,8 @@
 msgstr "Clades:"
 #: src/gamestatus.cpp:476
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Could not write to file"
-msgstr "Non poteram cum hospite coniungere."
+msgstr "Non poteram pligam scribere"
 #: src/help.cpp:1057
 msgid "Advances to: "
@@ -8954,16 +10572,15 @@
 #: src/help.cpp:2288
 msgid "Reference to unknown topic: "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Referentia ad locum ignotum: "
 #: src/help.cpp:2663
 msgid "The Battle for Wesnoth Help"
 msgstr "Adiutorium Proelii pro Occidiseptentrione"
 #: src/help.cpp:2710
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Parse error when parsing help text: "
-msgstr "Mendum in lusione: "
+msgstr "Mendum traductionis in tradendo textum adiutorii: "
 #: src/intro.cpp:94
 msgid "Next"
@@ -9007,11 +10624,11 @@
 #: src/mapgen_dialog.cpp:102
 msgid "Number of Hills:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Numerus Collum:"
 #: src/mapgen_dialog.cpp:103
 msgid "Max Hill Size:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Magnitudo Maxima Collum:"
 #: src/mapgen_dialog.cpp:104
 msgid "Villages:"
@@ -9050,9 +10667,8 @@
 msgstr "Hospitem elige ad quem coniungitur: "
 #: src/multiplayer.cpp:123 src/multiplayer.cpp:160
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Connecting to Server..."
-msgstr "Ad Moderatrum Coniungere"
+msgstr "Ad Moderatrum Coniungens..."
 #: src/multiplayer.cpp:133
 msgid "Connecting to remote host..."
@@ -9063,10 +10679,11 @@
 "The server requires version '$version1' while you are using version "
 msgstr ""
+"Moderatrum requirit versionem '$version1' sed uteris versio '$version2'"
 #: src/multiplayer.cpp:154
 msgid "Server-side redirect loop"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Sinus redirectionis a parte moderatri"
 #: src/multiplayer.cpp:186
 msgid "You must log in to this server"
@@ -9203,7 +10820,7 @@
 #: src/multiplayer_create.cpp:50 src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:204
 msgid "Use map settings"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Impostationibus chartae uti"
 #: src/multiplayer_create.cpp:51
 msgid "Fog Of War"
@@ -9235,7 +10852,7 @@
 #: src/multiplayer_create.cpp:99
 msgid "Use scenario specific settings"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Impostationibus missionis uti"
 #: src/multiplayer_create.cpp:102
 msgid "Enemy units cannot be seen unless they are in range of your units"
@@ -9304,17 +10921,15 @@
 #: src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:29
 msgid "Map"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Charta"
 #: src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:30
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Settings"
-msgstr "Impostationes..."
+msgstr "Impostationes"
 #: src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:30
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Status"
-msgstr "Census"
+msgstr "Modus"
 #: src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:107
 msgid "Observe Game"
@@ -9410,21 +11025,19 @@
 #: src/network.cpp:79
 msgid "invalid network handle"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "nomen retis invalidum"
 #: src/network.cpp:112
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Client disconnected"
-msgstr "Hospes remotus disiungitur."
+msgstr "Cliens disiungitur."
 #: src/network.cpp:430
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Could not add socket to socket set"
-msgstr "Non poteram cum hospite coniungere."
+msgstr "Non poteram portum ad congeriem portuum adiungere"
 #: src/network.cpp:441
 msgid "Could not send initial handshake"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Non potui mittere salutationem initialem"
 #: src/playcampaign.cpp:145
 msgid "Defeat"
@@ -9435,9 +11048,8 @@
 msgstr "Victus es!"
 #: src/playcampaign.cpp:159
-#, fuzzy
 msgid " replay"
-msgstr "remonstrare"
+msgstr " remonstratum"
 #: src/playcampaign.cpp:167
 msgid "Do you want to save a replay of this scenario?"
@@ -9452,9 +11064,8 @@
 msgstr "Lusus non servari potest"
 #: src/playcampaign.cpp:216
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Downloading next level..."
-msgstr "Stipendium trahitur..."
+msgstr "Stipendium proximum trahitur..."
 #: src/playcampaign.cpp:285
 msgid "Do you want to save your game?"
@@ -9501,7 +11112,7 @@
 msgstr "Aurum: "
 #: src/playlevel.cpp:854
-#, fuzzy, no-c-format
+#, no-c-format
 msgid "80% of gold is retained for the next scenario"
 msgstr "LXXX pro cento auri retinentur pro scaenario insequenti"
@@ -9556,10 +11167,9 @@
 msgstr "Telum eligere: "
 #: src/playturn.cpp:1311
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "You have not started your turn yet.  Do you really want to end your turn?"
-msgstr "Tractum nondum coepisti. Visne vere tractum finire?"
+msgstr "Tractum nondum coepisti.  Visne vere tractum finire?"
 #: src/playturn.cpp:1319 src/playturn.cpp:1324
 msgid "Some units have movement left. Do you really want to end your turn?"
@@ -9671,9 +11281,8 @@
 msgstr "Opus est saltem $cost nummos auri ut unitatem revoces."
 #: src/playturn.cpp:2053
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Level"
-msgstr "e gradu"
+msgstr "E gradu"
 #: src/playturn.cpp:2080
 msgid "Dismiss Unit"
@@ -9887,9 +11496,8 @@
 msgstr "Litterae inexpectatae in initio versi"
 #: src/serialization/parser.cpp:124
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Missing closing tag for tag $tag at $pos"
-msgstr "Elementum finale pro elemento $tag (versus $line)"
+msgstr "Elementum finale pro elemento $tag (positio $pos) abest"
 #: src/serialization/parser.cpp:139
 msgid "Unterminated [element] tag"
@@ -9916,9 +11524,10 @@
 msgstr "Elementum finale non exspectatum"
 #: src/serialization/parser.cpp:179
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Found invalid closing tag $tag2 for tag $tag (opened at $pos)"
-msgstr "Elementum finale invalidum inventum pro elemento $tag (versus $line)"
+msgstr ""
+"Elementum finale invalidum $tag2 inventum pro elemento $tag (aperto in "
+"positione $pos)"
 #: src/serialization/parser.cpp:204 src/serialization/parser.cpp:216
 msgid "Empty variable name"
@@ -9934,11 +11543,11 @@
 #: src/serialization/parser.cpp:285
 msgid " included from "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr " inclusus ex "
 #: src/serialization/parser.cpp:306
 msgid "$error at $pos"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "$error in $pos"
 #: src/titlescreen.cpp:200
 msgid "TitleScreen button^Tutorial"
@@ -10018,16 +11627,15 @@
 #: src/unit.cpp:1074 src/unit.cpp:1201
 msgid "; "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "; "
 #: src/unit.cpp:1153
 msgid "XP to advance"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "PE ad promotionem"
 #: src/unit.cpp:1192
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ": "
-msgstr "PS: "
+msgstr ": "
 #: src/unit_types.cpp:331
 msgid "strikes"

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