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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth ./changelog data/help.cfg

From: ott
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth ./changelog data/help.cfg
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 10:45:39 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     ott <address@hidden>    05/07/11 14:45:39

Modified files:
        .              : changelog 
        data           : help.cfg 

Log message:
        terrain descriptions for help, edits of Jetryl's originals


Index: wesnoth/changelog
diff -u wesnoth/changelog:1.784 wesnoth/changelog:1.785
--- wesnoth/changelog:1.784     Mon Jul 11 11:12:43 2005
+++ wesnoth/changelog   Mon Jul 11 14:45:38 2005
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
    * document that Woses receive no traits (#13630)
    * replay suggested save game now translated (#13558)
    * fixed some typos (#13714,#13715,#13716,#13717,#13718)
+   * added terrain descriptions to in-game help
  * unit balancing and modifications:
    * max level units given After-Max-Level-Advancement (AMLA) of 3 HP/100XP
      with no auto-heal; Necrophage has healing AMLA with no bonus HP
Index: wesnoth/data/help.cfg
diff -u wesnoth/data/help.cfg:1.30 wesnoth/data/help.cfg:1.31
--- wesnoth/data/help.cfg:1.30  Mon Jul  4 19:42:42 2005
+++ wesnoth/data/help.cfg       Mon Jul 11 14:45:39 2005
@@ -45,8 +45,7 @@
 title= _ "Terrains"
-text= _ "Placeholder text." + " Fill this in, with topics and images -- 
terrain generator has been removed."
@@ -268,5 +267,124 @@
+title= _ "Grassland"
+text= _ "Grassland represents open plains, whether cultivated, cut back for 
grazing, or wild. Being open ground, Grassland is both very easy to move 
across, but is also difficult to defend oneself in. Typically, those units that 
perform best on grassland are either cavalry, or very agile units which take 
advantage of the open space.
+Most units have defense of 30 to 40% on grassland."
+title= _ "Road"
+text= _ "Roads are beaten paths of dirt, formed by many travelers passing over 
them. As far as gameplay is concerned, Roads are identical to 
<ref>dst=terrain_grassland text=Grassland</ref>."
+title= _ "Forest"
+text= _ "Forests represent any woodland with significant undergrowth, enough 
to hinder passage. Though they slow nearly everyone down, forests do offer 
better defense to most units than open ground. Cavalry, however, have so much 
trouble navigating them that any benefit gained by stealth is negated. Elves 
are an exception to this general rule for forests. Not only do they possess 
full movement in forests, but they also gain a considerable defensive bonus. 
Dwarves are another exception to this rule; though they are able to plow 
through the forests without much loss of speed, their utter unfamiliarity with 
the terrain causes them to receive no defensive bonus.
+Most units have 50% defense in forests, but cavalry are limited to 40%. Elves, 
on the other hand, enjoy 60 to 70% defense, even their mounted units. Dwarves 
generally receive only 30% defense in forests."
+title= _ "Hills"
+text= _ "Hills represent any reasonably rough terrain, with enough dips and 
rises in the ground to provide some cover. Hills are difficult for most troops 
to navigate. Dwarves, Trolls, and Orcs have enough familiarity with the terrain 
that they can pass through it without being slowed down. Cavalry have enough 
trouble navigating the terrain that any defensive aid lent by cover is negated.
+Most units have about 50% defense in hills, whereas cavalry are limited to 
40%. Dwarves enjoy 60% defense in hills."
+title= _ "Mountains"
+text= _ "Mountains are steep enough that units often have to climb over 
obstacles to move. By this nature, they provide a considerable defensive bonus 
for most troops, but they also severely impede any passage through them. Most 
cavalry simply cannot enter mountainous terrain; however, elvish cavalry is an 
exception to this, as are the goblin wolf riders. Both Dwarves and Trolls are 
native to mountainous terrain, and have a very easy time getting around.
+Most units receive about 60% defense in mountains, whereas Dwarves enjoy 70%."
+title= _ "Swamp"
+text= _ "Swamps represent any sort of wetlands. Swamps slow down nearly 
everyone, and inhibit their ability to defend themselves. An exception to this 
is any race bodily skilled in navigating water; these receive both full 
movement and a defensive bonus.  Those that make their living in the wetlands 
are also adept at using this terrain for cover.
+Most units make do with 30% defense in swamps. Mermen, Naga, and Saurians all 
generally enjoy 60%."
+title= _ "Shallow Water"
+text= _ "Shallow water represents any body of water deep enough to come up to 
roughly a man's waist. This is enough to slow down nearly anyone and leave them 
wide open to attack. Dwarves, given that the water reaches up almost to their 
heads, have an extremely hard time of this. The exception is any race whose 
bodies naturally lend themselves to swimming, for which they receive a 
considerable defensive bonus and full movement.
+Most units make do with 20 to 30% defense in shallow water, whereas both Naga 
and Mermen enjoy 60%."
+title= _ "Deep Water"
+text= _ "Deep water represents any body of water deep enough to cover a man's 
head. Most units cannot enter deep water: it is the domain of units which can 
either fly, or are exceptionally strong swimmers.
+Mermen and Naga both receive 50% defense in deep water, with full movement."
+title= _ "Tundra"
+text= _ "Tundra is any grassland covered by snow, either permanently, or 
temporarily. Most units are slowed down by tundra, and have a harder time 
defending themselves.
+Most units have 20 to 40% defense in Tundra."
+title= _ "Ice"
+text= _ "Ice represents any body of frozen water. For gameplay purposes, it is 
identical to <ref>dst=terrain_tundra text=Tundra</ref>. Note that swimming 
units, even those who can breathe underwater, cannot swim underneath ice."
+title= _ "Castle"
+text= _ "Castles are any sort of permanent fortification. Nearly all units 
receive a considerable bonus to their defense by being stationed in a castle, 
and all units receive full movement in a castle. Stationing units in a castle 
represents its defensive capability. Without a unit in each wall hex, an enemy 
can simply sneak into the castle unchallenged, gaining the same defensive bonus 
as everyone inside.
+Most units have about 60% defense in a castle."
+title= _ "Sand"
+text= _ "The instability of sand makes it harder for most units to cross, and 
leaves them wide open to attack. In contrast, the wide feet or snakelike bodies 
of the lizardly races make sand much easier for them to navigate.
+Most units receive 20 to 40% defense in Sand."
+title= _ "Desert"
+text= _ "Deserts have a somewhat different composition than small sand pits or 
beaches, however for gameplay purposes they are identical. See 
<ref>dst=terrain_sand text=Sand</ref>."
+title= _ "Cave"
+text= _ "Cave terrain represents any underground cavern with enough room for a 
unit to pass. Most units are wholly unfamiliar with the terrain, and thus are 
both slowed down and hindered in defense. Dwarves and Trolls, who make their 
homes in caves, both have a relatively easy time navigating this terrain, 
especially dwarves, who by dint of their small size can navigate many obstacles 
that other races cannot.
+Most units receive 20 to 40% defense in Caves, whereas dwarves have 50%."
+title= _ "Savanna"
+text= _ "Savannas are plains of tall grass, found in the warmer climates of 
the world. For gameplay purposes, they are identical to 
<ref>dst=terrain_grassland text=Grassland</ref>."
+title= _ "Village"
+text= _ "Villages represent any group of buildings, human or otherwise. Almost 
all units, even cavalry, have any easy time navigating villages, and most units 
gain a defensive bonus from being stationed in a village. Villages allow units 
the resources to clean and tend to their wounds, which allows any unit 
stationed therein to heal eight hitpoints each turn, or to be cured of poison.
+Most units have 50 to 60% defense in villages, whereas cavalry receive only 

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