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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth changelog

From: Yann Dirson
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth changelog
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 06:31:47 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     Yann Dirson <address@hidden>    05/04/10 10:31:47

Modified files:
        .              : changelog 

Log message:
        record some bugs fixed by silene - did not add #12602 though (not sure 
whether is not a cvs-internal fix)


Index: wesnoth/changelog
diff -u wesnoth/changelog:1.574 wesnoth/changelog:1.575
--- wesnoth/changelog:1.574     Sun Apr 10 10:24:36 2005
+++ wesnoth/changelog   Sun Apr 10 10:31:47 2005
@@ -114,6 +114,10 @@
  * changed plague to allow plague(unit_type) as well as undead_variation
  * more progress towards a completely-usable 320x240 PDA port (campaigns 
should now be playable)
  * fixed bug that made the ai recruit badly
+ * fixed auto-move using up all of the remaining moves when there are no empty 
hexes on the unit's path (#9649)
+ * fixed merged castles in random maps (#8848)
+ * fixed villages in the rightmost column not getting a name (#11152)
+ * fixed drawing error in the titlescreen (#12534)
  * added debug command to give gold to current side
  * fixed user campaigns appearing twice with zipios enabled
  * slight cleanup of the terrain graphics code

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