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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt zh_CN.po

From: Jord Polo
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt zh_CN.po
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 11:38:36 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     Jordà Polo <address@hidden>     05/03/31 16:38:36

Modified files:
        po/wesnoth-httt: zh_CN.po 

Log message:
        updated chinese translation


Index: wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/zh_CN.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/zh_CN.po:1.5 
--- wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/zh_CN.po:1.5        Wed Mar 30 18:50:51 2005
+++ wesnoth/po/wesnoth-httt/zh_CN.po    Thu Mar 31 16:38:36 2005
@@ -1,11 +1,15 @@
-# translation of wesnoth-httt.po to Chinese
+# Chinese translations for Battle for Wesnoth package.
+# Copyright (C) 2004 Wesnoth development team
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the Battle for Wesnoth 
+# Automatically generated, 2005.
 # Lim Choon Kiat <address@hidden>, 2005.
 msgid ""
 msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: wesnoth-httt\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugs.wesnoth.org/\n";
 "POT-Creation-Date: 2005-03-29 16:58+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-03-30 16:04+0800\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-03-31 16:31+0800\n"
 "Last-Translator: Lim Choon Kiat <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language-Team:  <address@hidden>\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
@@ -393,7 +397,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:138
 msgid "Sir Kalm"
-msgstr "甘先生"
+msgstr "甘爵士"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Battle_for_Wesnoth.cfg:153
 msgid "Asheviere"
@@ -487,17 +491,19 @@
 msgid "Very well. Be careful!"
 msgstr "好. 小心啊!"
-# I have no word for Naga. Please put this phrase as fuzzy. Hope someone can 
contribute the word for Naga.
-# (At the meanwhile, I use only sounds-like equivalent, which is not good.)
+# Tentative translation for Naga:
+# Bay/Sea Of Pearls Dragon
+# (Awaiting comments from Team)
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:186
 msgid "But boss, why are we only using bats and nagas?"
-msgstr "但都督啊, 为何只用蝙蝠和纳贾?"
+msgstr "但都督啊, 为何只用蝙蝠和珍珠海龙?"
-# I have no word for Naga. Please put this phrase as fuzzy. Hope someone con 
contribute the word for Naga.
-# (At the meanwhile, I use only sounds-like equivalent, which is not good.)
+# Tentative translation for Naga:
+# Bay/Sea Of Pearls Dragon
+# (Awaiting comments from Team)
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:191
 msgid "Because we need to control the seas and the merman folk, and nagas and 
bats are best for doing that!"
-msgstr "因为我们要控制众海和人鱼, 蝙蝠
+msgstr "为我们要控制众海和人鱼, 蝙蝠和珍珠
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Bay_of_Pearls.cfg:196
 msgid "But orcs are the most powerful race in all of..."
@@ -742,151 +748,177 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:4
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:49
 msgid "Blackwater Port"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "黑水码头"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:25
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Hasty_Alliance.cfg:19
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_Anduin.cfg:23
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Snow_Plains.cfg:24
 msgid "Defeat the enemy leader"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "击败敌将"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:29
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Isle_of_the_Damned.cfg:27
 msgid "Resist until the end of the turns"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "抗拒至步伐完毕"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:41
 msgid "Death of Sir Kaylan"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "凯兰爵士阵亡"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:69
 msgid "Sir Kaylan"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "凯兰爵士"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:90
 msgid "Mokolo Qimur"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "魔蛞咯.麒穆"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:112
 msgid "Veocyn"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "威尔芯"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:124
 msgid "Yran"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "毅蚺"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:133
 msgid "Haldiel"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "哈蒂尔"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:152
 msgid "We should be able to board a ship at Blackwater Port, but it seems the 
Orcs are heading there too. Rebels who hate Asheviere and are loyal to the 
memory of the king desperately hold the port, as it is one of the only places 
where they can ship supplies and weapons."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "我等应可在黑水码头登船, 但半兽妖好像也往那行. 
反艾斯威勒, 忠于先王者, 积极护码, 因此乃å…
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:156
 msgid "Delfador, some Orcs are following us! We must make haste!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "黎伐多, 有半兽妖跟踪我们! 还是快走吧!"
+# I took it on myself to add words (two characters only) of emotions to this 
+# One is before the second exclamation mark, the other the last. These 
characters are unique to Chinese Language but not English. Though meaningless 
to English Language, they are rich expressions of emotions in Chinese. So much 
spoken in common speeches that Singaporeans and Malaysians use them in English! 
(Have you heard the term 'Singlish'? Basically, it is English infiltrated with 
Chinese words like the two inserted, as well as some Malay and Tamil.)
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:160
 msgid "Delfador, my old friend! We had heard of your coming, and of the 
attacks on the Elves. It is good to see you again, although I would prefer it 
were not in such sad times."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "黎伐多, 我多年的故友! 有闻您的到访, 
也闻精灵被侵之事. 好高兴再见到您. 哎! 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:164
 msgid "Konrad, this is Kaylan, one of the mightiest of the horse lords, and 
one of the few who is willing to oppose the dark crown. Rumor has it that his 
lance has slain fifty men and a hundred orcs."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "孔列, 此乃凯兰爵士, 马将中之勇者也. 
此乃少数愿叛昏君者之一. 谣言他枪已毙, 人有五十, 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:168
 msgid "It seems the orcs have come here too, to try to wrest this port from 
our hands. Our defenses are still weak, but reinforcements will arrive soon!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "看来半兽妖已到此地, 有意夺取码头. 
我军防卫力衰落, 但增强队伍即将到来!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:172
 msgid "We will help you fight them off until the reinforcements arrive."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "我等愿帮你助阵, 直到增强队伍到来."
+# This is the first time Sir Kaylan speaks with Konrad. In Chinese History, 
when a Knight speaks with the King, they knelt and bow head to the floor. With 
such a history in Chinese's mind, I translated the words with full humility and 
respect a Knight will bestow to a would-be King he loved. (A great difference 
in tone of voice from the way he speaks with Delfador, his old friend)
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:176
 msgid "Hopefully with your help we can ward them off. But you must not tarry 
here long, for your survival is even more important to our cause than the 
strength of the port. A ship is due here in two days, surely it will be able to 
take you to safety."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "愿与君之力, 我等可驱敌. 但君不可久留此地, 因
君之存亡关系大局. 此乃远超码头之益. 二日内有船渡岸, 
+# Anduin is translated based on "sounds-like" principle.
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:180
 msgid "And the ship will take us to Anduin?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "这船会带我等去安度云?"
+# This is the first occurance of "mage" in this po file.
+# Two options I have so far:
+# 1. Magician (sounds weird and low class to Chinese -- like street performers)
+# 2. Taoist (Sounds religious, but easily understood by Chinese to be fighters 
of evil spirits)
+# To make it less "religious", I add Wesnoth, hence "Wesnoth Taoist".
+# (Hence "home of many mages" translated to "home of Wesnoth Taoists")
+# ********************************************************
+# What Chinese film producers think of "Taoist"
+# ********************************************************
+# In many Hong Kong/Taiwan movies,
+# 1. Taoist in ghost movies ward off evils spirits, like that of White Mages.
+# 2. In non-ghost, Kung Fu movies, Taoist possess great, destructive powers 
(full of pyro-technic explosive effects), like red-mages.
+# (They however, do not have much on Teleportation. Perhaps difficult to film 
and not probably interesting. Many Taoist, hovever, can fly though. Wonder if 
they can be interpolate to mean teleportation or not.)
+# Note: Many Chinese Kung Fu movies (non-mythological) based their works on 
the philosophy coined by a famous writer called Jin Yung. Much like many 
Medivial Characters stem from "Dungeons & Dragons", many Chinese philosophical 
characters stem from his works (while many other mythological characters like 
Dragons, stem from Chinese myths).
+# Lim C.K.
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:184
 msgid "Yes, we will sail to the Isle of Anduin, my home Konrad, and the home 
of many mages."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "不错. 我等将漂往安度云岛, 我的家乡, 孔列, 
+# Note: To be consistent with the respectful attitude Kaylan have for Konrad, 
the word "Konrad" is translated with only the word "Kong" followed by "Jun" (a 
word used by Chinese to mean gentleman, but in this context, a respectful 
address from a subordinate to his/her Lord and King when addressing the 
superior's name.)
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:188
 msgid "I will send one of my horsemen to serve under you. I offer you my 
support Konrad, and the support of my men - from now on you will be able to 
recruit horsemen."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "我将令一马兵随君. 我给予孔君一切资助, 包
括我等下属. 从现在起, 君可录取马兵."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:192
 msgid "Thank you, sir. But how shall I best use these horsemen? How do they 
differ from Elves?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "多谢爵士. 但马兵要何用才益? 他们与精灵何异?"
+# This is the first occurance of the word "Lawful" in Wesnoth context.
+# There is a direct translation "he fa". But in Chinese, this applies to 
people who obeys the law.
+# It is contextually wrong for Wesnoth. Hence I attempts to coin a term 
(perhaps can be patented for Wesnoth): "Shun Yang Zhe". This is an extract from 
the Taoist theory of "Ying and Yang" well known among Chinese.
+# (I am sure we will become a laughing stock if I translate "Lawful" into one 
who obeys Law and "Chaotic" into one who disobey Law. Reason: This is a game 
involving war. Civil law does not apply. In Wesnoth, even "Chaotic" has the 
rights to win and stay in the territory, like the Dark Hordes.)
+# Hence I recommend: "Lawful" = "Shun Yang Zhe", "Chaotic" = "Shun Ying Zhe", 
"Neutral" = "Ying Yang He Zhe". I think most Chinese will like these terms. 
Reason: One with "Ying Yang" balanced has no problem with day or night. 
(Exactly what a neutral unit is). A "Shun Yang Zhe" (Literally one who favours 
"Yang" (Transliterate: "Sun", day) will like day and same goes for "Shun Ying 
Zhe" (One who favours "Ying" (transliterate: darkness, night) ) will favour 
night more!
+# Well, Developers, please give your approval.
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:197
 msgid "Elves are a powerful race, Konrad, more powerful than my own people 
usually acknowledge. But horsemen are powerful in a different way. They have no 
long range attack, but can charge into combat, inflicting double normal damage, 
though taking double damage in return. They are also lawful, meaning they are 
better at day, and worse at night. Horsemen are unmatched on open land, though 
Elves will serve you better in rugged terrain."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "禀告孔君, 精灵乃级强之族, 强过我族人所愿意承认. 
但马兵强处有别. 他们没法远击, 只能冲敌, 因
而给敌双成损害, 故而受害双成也. 马兵乃顺阳者, 意å…
¶æ—¥æˆ˜ä¸ºå¼º, 夜战为落. 马兵在扩地乃无敌, 
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:202
 msgid "Elves may be the lords of the forest, but horsemen are powerful as 
well. On the plains under the midday sun they can fell the toughest foes with 
sharp spears and under heavy hoofs!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "精灵虽森林之主, 但马兵也厉害非常. 在日ç…
§ä¸‹çš„扩地, 马兵之枪和重蹄, 可毙敌军之威也!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:207
 msgid "Recruit troops wisely, Konrad, and remember that you can recall 
experienced units from past battles to help you fight again."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "孔列, 得谨慎录取新兵. 你也可招回前战, 
有经验的战士, 来助你今日之战."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:215
 msgid "Reinforcements have arrived! Forward men! I expect each of you to bring 
me back the head of an orc!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "增强队伍到了! 大伙冲啊! 我令每个å…
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:219
 msgid "So many foul humans riding on horses! There is no way we can defeat 
them. Quick, we must make our escape!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "好多臭属人骑士! 我们没有可能打败他们. 快逃吧!"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:224
 msgid "Yredd"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "伊列"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:236
 msgid "Tarcyn"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "塔杏"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:248
 msgid "Syryn"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "佘英"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:260
 msgid "Cicyn"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "锡芯"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:272
 msgid "Ginvan"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "荆玩"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:284
 msgid "Simyr"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "欣伊"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:302
 msgid "Thank you for the help, friends. The ship should arrive soon, it will 
take you to Anduin."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "感谢诸君相救. 船随即就到, 君应可渡安度云."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:314
 msgid "We should embark now."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "我等得上船了."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:318
 msgid "Safe voyage to you, friends. Rest assured that we will never surrender 
to the forces of the Dark Queen."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "祝诸君一帆风顺. 我等誓不降于妖后和她的随从. "
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:329
 msgid "I have failed in my duty to protect the Rightful Heir and the port"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "我失责, 无法保全太子与码头."
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:333
 msgid "Without his help, we will be unable to use the ships. There is no 
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "没他搭救, 我等无法用船. 没希望了……"
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Crossroads.cfg:4
 msgid "Crossroads"

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