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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] Versions and multiplayer servers

From: Susanna Björverud
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] Versions and multiplayer servers
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 13:58:11 +0100

Hej allesammans,

IMO it is quite confusing what mp-server runs what version of Wesnoth right now. I am trying to state here what I think the current state of affairs is. Excuse me if I am too verbose with self-evident things. And please correct what I have gotten wrong.

server.wesnoth.org was supposed to be for 'stable', but 0.8 the pointer to the official mp-server for it got messed up, and points to devsrv.wesnoth.org:15000

According to CyrilB, server.wesnoth.org currently runs 0.8.5., but 0.8.5 defaults to devsrv.wesnoth.org:15000. So to connect to server.wesnoth.org, join official server does not work. Debian package is however tweaked to point to wesnoth.debian.net.a

0.8.7 is set to run on devsrv.wesnoth.org:15000.

CVS-head runs on devsrv.wesnoth.org:14999.

I think that before the next release we need to re-establish guidelines for what server should run what version. This question is of course also closely tied in with how we shall look at the concept of stable/development release.

If we, as has been proposed, abandon the concept of stable release, then perhaps server.wesnoth.org should run last release, and devsrv.wesnoth.org only cvs-head. But the problem with this is of course the lesser availability of CyrilB in comparison with how available miyo has been in the past.

If we however keep the concept of stable releases, then server.w.o should, as stated in manual, run that version, and devsrv.w.o latest release.

In the meantime, perhaps devsrv.wesnoth.org should be aliased to either wesnoth.debian.net or server.wesnoth.org (and ask CyrilB to upgrade to 0.8.7) This would enable 0.8.7 players to play during migration to a new devsrv.

This would however leave cvs-head mp without a home, but cvs-head could easily be set to point to another home/alias. It might be possible to ask either miyo to keep running a daemon for it, or perhaps check if Jaramir could host it at wesnoth.slack.it. Or if anyone is willing to run it from their home system. Perhaps Jaramir could even host the daemon for development releases?

Also, campaigns.w.o needs a new home. Perhaps this could also be run from same host as cvs-head, or perhaps by cyril on server.wesnoth.org?

And finally a slightly unrelated matter: AFAIK, miyo had access to wesnoth.slack.it in case Jaramir was not around. I think we need to ask Jaramir if someone could take over that access. (And no, I am not volunteering, I do not have the necessary skills *smile*)


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