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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/po/de wesnoth-ei.po wesnoth-httt.po wes...

From: Isaac Clerencia
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/po/de wesnoth-ei.po wesnoth-httt.po wes...
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 16:17:41 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     Isaac Clerencia <address@hidden>        04/09/28 20:11:11

Modified files:
        po/de          : wesnoth-ei.po wesnoth-httt.po wesnoth.po 

Log message:
        Updated German translation


Index: wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-ei.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-ei.po:1.4 wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-ei.po:1.5
--- wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-ei.po:1.4     Sun Sep 12 18:22:38 2004
+++ wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-ei.po Tue Sep 28 20:11:11 2004
@@ -32,11 +32,11 @@
 "X-Poedit-Language: German\n"
 "X-Poedit-Country: GERMANY\n"
-#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion.cfg:5
+#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion.cfg:6
 msgid "The Eastern Invasion"
 msgstr "Die Ost-Invasion"
-#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion.cfg:9
+#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion.cfg:10
 msgid ""
 "royalguard.png,Royal Guard,(hardest)"
@@ -44,6 +44,12 @@
+#: data/campaigns/Eastern_Invasion.cfg:11
+msgid ""
+"Lead the loyal armies of Wesnoth in battle against the undead hordes from "
+"the East."
+msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:4
 msgid "Approaching Weldyn"
 msgstr ""
@@ -57,31 +63,31 @@
 "#Death of Gweddry\n"
 "#Death of Dacyn\n"
 "#Death of Owaec\n"
-"#Death of Sudoc"
+"#Death of Konrad II"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:122
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:125
 msgid ""
 "We have finally reached Weldyn, but it seems the undead have surrounded it. "
 "We must break through to reach the king!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:136
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:139
 msgid ""
 "We have reached Weldyn. Now we must have a council to decide what to do next."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:141
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:144
 msgid "Come, into the castle."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:146
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:149
 msgid ""
 "Wait. First, what was that prophecy the lich talked about? I think you know "
 "of what he spoke."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:161
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Approaching_Weldyn.cfg:164
 msgid "Weldyn has been captured, and Wesnoth is no more..."
 msgstr ""
@@ -270,21 +276,21 @@
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Captured.cfg:810
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:164
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:166
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:393
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Tribal_Warfare.cfg:235
 msgid "Holy Water"
 msgstr "Weihwasser"
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Captured.cfg:813
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:167
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:169
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:396
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Tribal_Warfare.cfg:238
 msgid "This water will make all of your weapons holy for your whole life!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Captured.cfg:814
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:168
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:170
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:397
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Tribal_Warfare.cfg:239
 msgid "I am not suited to using this item! Let another take it."
@@ -458,63 +464,65 @@
 msgid "The Escape Tunnel"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:18
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:20
 msgid ""
 "@Reach the end of the tunnel\n"
-"#Death of Gweddry"
+"#Death of Gweddry\n"
+"#Death of Dacyn\n"
+"#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:94
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:96
 msgid "Where are we? I can't see where we are going."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:99
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:101
 msgid ""
-"I do not know. There are trolls in here, which may try to fight us. now "
+"I do not know. There are trolls in here, which may try to fight us. Now "
 "hurry, we have to move quickly with those Lichs still behind us."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:120
-msgid "This sign says 'Dead End'"
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:122
+msgid "This sign says 'Dead End'."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:133
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:135
 msgid "Who goes there?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:138
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:140
 msgid ""
 "We are travelers loyal to the king of Wesnoth. Will you help us escape these "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:143
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:145
 msgid ""
 "Yes, we will help you, for we have no love for the trolls. Anyone attacked "
 "by them deserves some help, I think."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:205
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:207
 msgid ""
 "There is a great fortune in this chest of treasure! I can count two hundred "
 "pieces of gold!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:279
-msgid "We have found you, human- Prepare to die!"
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:281
+msgid "We have found you, human! Prepare to die!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:284
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:286
 msgid ""
 "So Mal-Ravanal does not follow us himself. That at least is good. But still, "
 "we must get out of this tunnel!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:298
-msgid "We have reached the end of the escape tunnel. I see daylight above us."
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Escape_Tunnel.cfg:300
+msgid "We have reached the end of the escape tunnel. I see daylight above us!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Evacuation.cfg:4
@@ -552,7 +560,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Evacuation.cfg:125
 msgid ""
-"Well, i see those arcs are chasin' you, and if I blow up the bridge, they "
+"Well, I see those arcs are chasin' you, and if I blow up the bridge, they "
 "can't get across. It'll help you escape."
 msgstr ""
@@ -570,7 +578,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Evacuation.cfg:145
 msgid ""
-"Deal. I c'n blow'er up once i get to that signpost ov'r 'ere. Thats where my "
+"Deal. I c'n blow'er up once I get to that signpost ov'r 'ere. Thats where my "
 "eq'pment is."
 msgstr ""
@@ -614,8 +622,8 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Evacuation.cfg:296
 msgid ""
-"Good, we have  escaped from these orcs. Now we have to go south. i think the "
-"undead probably aren't as densely populated this far west, so we won't get "
+"Good, we have escaped from these orcs. Now we have to go south. I think the "
+"undead probably aren't as numerous this far west, so we won't get "
 "immediately killed, anyway."
 msgstr ""
@@ -630,7 +638,7 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Evacuation.cfg:341
 msgid ""
 "Well, we didn't have to blow up the bridge after all, but we still have to "
-"go south. Hopefully the Undead are not as populated this far west."
+"go south. Hopefully the Undead are not as numerous this far west."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Evacuation.cfg:346
@@ -724,40 +732,40 @@
 msgid "These humans have dared to come this far into my land. Crush them!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:149
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/The_Outpost.cfg:208
-msgid "You dare to attack ME?!? Go back to your master!"
-msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:226
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:156
 msgid ""
 "Thank you for destroying that skeleton warrior! Every time you kill one of "
 "the Revenants, one of my ally knights is let free!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:231
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:161
 msgid "Why? Are you the undead's prisoners?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:236
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:166
 msgid ""
 "Yes. My allies and I were questing when we were ambushed by undead. The "
 "guard is playing a sick game- whenever one of their warriors dies, one of us "
 "is let free, but whenever you lose a fighter, they kill one of us."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:241
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:171
 msgid ""
 "This sounds like a dangerous game. We will try to free as many of you as "
 "possible before we escape from here."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:246
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:176
 msgid ""
 "There are five of us still locked up in the jail. All of us will join you if "
 "you can get us free."
 msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Mal-Ravanals_Capital.cfg:234
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/The_Outpost.cfg:208
+msgid "You dare to attack ME?!? Go back to your master!"
+msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:4
 msgid "Northern Outpost"
 msgstr ""
@@ -835,8 +843,38 @@
 "We will all die now!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:338
-msgid "{M}"
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:348
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:349
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:350
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:351
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:352
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:353
+msgid ""
+"You have gotten rid of some of these bandits, but I fear many still remain. "
+"Keep searching."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:356
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:357
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:358
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:359
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:360
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:361
+msgid ""
+"Good work so far. I suspect we have significantly weakened the bandit's "
+msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:364
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:365
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:366
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:367
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:368
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:369
+#: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Northern_Outpost.cfg:370
+msgid ""
+"I think you have killed most of them. I hope those that are left don't kill "
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Eastern_Invasion/Ogre_Training.cfg:4
Index: wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-httt.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-httt.po:1.4 wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-httt.po:1.5
--- wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-httt.po:1.4   Sun Sep 12 18:22:38 2004
+++ wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-httt.po       Tue Sep 28 20:11:11 2004
@@ -44,6 +44,12 @@
+#: data/campaigns/Heir_To_The_Throne.cfg:11
+msgid ""
+"Fight to gain back the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate "
+msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/A_Choice_Must_Be_Made.cfg:5
 msgid "A Choice Must Be Made"
 msgstr ""
@@ -652,7 +658,7 @@
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:4
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:35
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:33
 msgid "Blackwater Port"
 msgstr ""
@@ -668,7 +674,7 @@
 "#Death of Sir Kaylan"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:104
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:102
 msgid ""
 "We should be able to board a ship at Blackwater Port, but it seems the Orcs "
 "are heading there too. Rebels who hate Asheviere and are loyal to the memory "
@@ -676,7 +682,7 @@
 "they can ship supplies and weapons."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:109
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:107
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "Delfador, some Orcs are following us! We must make haste!"
 msgstr ""
@@ -684,27 +690,27 @@
 "#-#-#-#-#  wesnoth.po (Battle for Wesnoth 0.8.2-CVS)  #-#-#-#-#\n"
 "Defaldor, ein paar Orks sind uns auf den Fersen! Wir müssen uns beeilen!"
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:114
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:112
 msgid ""
 "Delfador, my old friend! We had heard of your coming, and of the attacks on "
 "the Elves. It is good to see you again, although I would prefer it were not "
 "in such sad times."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:119
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:117
 msgid ""
 "Konrad, this is Kaylan, one of the mightiest of the horse lords, and one of "
 "the few who is willing to oppose the dark crown. Rumor has it that his lance "
 "has slain fifty men and a hundred orcs."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:124
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:122
 msgid ""
 "It seems the orcs have come here too, to try to wrest this port from our "
 "hands. Our defenses are still weak, but reinforcements will arrive soon!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:130
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:128
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "We will help you fight them off until the reinforcements arrive."
 msgstr ""
@@ -712,7 +718,7 @@
 "#-#-#-#-#  wesnoth.po (Battle for Wesnoth 0.8.2-CVS)  #-#-#-#-#\n"
 "Wir werden euch helfen, sie aufzuhalten."
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:135
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:133
 msgid ""
 "Hopefully with your help we can ward them off. But you must not tarry here "
 "long, for your survival is even more important to our cause than the "
@@ -720,30 +726,30 @@
 "to take you to safety."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:140
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:138
 msgid "And the ship will take us to Anduin?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:145
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:143
 msgid ""
 "Yes, we will sail to the Isle of Anduin, my home Konrad, and the home of "
 "many mages."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:150
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:148
 msgid ""
 "I will send one of my horsemen to serve under you. I offer you my support "
 "Konrad, and the support of my men - from now on you will be able to recruit "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:155
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:153
 msgid ""
 "Thank you, sir. But how shall I best use these horsemen? How do they differ "
 "from Elves?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:160
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:158
 msgid ""
 "Elves are a powerful race, Konrad, more powerful than my own people usually "
 "acknowledge. But horsemen are powerful in a different way. They have no long "
@@ -753,31 +759,31 @@
 "though Elves will serve you better in rugged terrain."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:165
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:163
 msgid ""
 "Recruit troops wisely, Konrad, and remember that you can recall experienced "
 "units from past battles to help you fight again."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:183
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:181
 msgid ""
 "Reinforcements have arrived! Forward men! I expect each of you to bring me "
 "back the head of an orc!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:188
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:186
 msgid ""
 "So many foul humans riding on horses! There is no way we can defeat them. "
 "Quick, we must make our escape!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:240
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:238
 msgid ""
 "Thank you for the help, friends. The ship should arrive soon, it will take "
 "you to Anduin."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:255
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:253
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "We should embark now."
 msgstr ""
@@ -785,13 +791,13 @@
 "#-#-#-#-#  wesnoth.po (Battle for Wesnoth 0.8.2-CVS)  #-#-#-#-#\n"
 "Wir sollten nun an Bord gehen."
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:260
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:258
 msgid ""
 "Safe voyage to you, friends. Rest assured that we will never surrender to "
 "the forces of the Dark Queen."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:271
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:269
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "I have failed in my duty to protect the Rightful Heir and the port"
 msgstr ""
@@ -799,7 +805,7 @@
 "#-#-#-#-#  wesnoth.po (Battle for Wesnoth 0.8.2-CVS)  #-#-#-#-#\n"
 "Ich konnte den Leuten aus Blackwater Port nicht helfen...."
-#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:276
+#: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Blackwater_Port.cfg:274
 #, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Without his help, we will be unable to use the ships. There is no hope..."
@@ -1129,8 +1135,8 @@
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Elven_Council.cfg:131
 msgid ""
-"Rescued him from my mother? But nineteen years ago Konrad would have been an "
-"infant! What is this you are talking about?"
+"Rescued him from my mother? But seventeen years ago Konrad would have been "
+"an infant! What is this you are talking about?"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/Heir_To_The_Throne/Elven_Council.cfg:136
Index: wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-trow.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-trow.po:1.4 wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-trow.po:1.5
--- wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-trow.po:1.4   Sun Sep 12 18:22:38 2004
+++ wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth-trow.po       Tue Sep 28 20:11:11 2004
@@ -44,6 +44,12 @@
+#: data/campaigns/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:11
+msgid ""
+"Lead Prince Haldric through the destruction of the Green Isle and across the "
+"Ocean to establish the very kingdom of Wesnoth itself."
+msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:4
 msgid "Lizard Beach"
 msgstr ""
@@ -60,42 +66,42 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:138
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:128
 msgid ""
 "After a long trek Prince Haldric and his companions find themselves on a "
 "sunny beach. While normally this would be a pleasant occurrence, they soon "
 "find the Saurians hard at work."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:144
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:134
 msgid "Monsters! We're being invaded by monsters."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:150
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:140
 msgid "We must hold the beach until we can call our Naga friends."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:156
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:146
 msgid "Us monsters? Hmph. . . prepare to meet our blades."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:162
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:152
 msgid "(Sigh) I bet he doesn't even see the irony in that."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:171
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:161
 msgid "We were too slow. . . Every Naga in the Sea will be upon us!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:212
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:202
 msgid "Ick! When you kill them they divide."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:266
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:256
 msgid "We must protect the Saurians we need the metal!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:290
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Beach.cfg:280
 msgid "We've cleared the beach. Let's return to the elves."
 msgstr ""
@@ -115,71 +121,71 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:230
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:233
 msgid "Ruby of Fire"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:232
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:235
 msgid ""
 "The Ruby of Fire was imbued with magic in the distant West, and can be used "
 "to scorch enemies into submission."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:261
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:264
 msgid ""
 "Several months pass. Jessica has translated Lich-Lord Caror's Book. Prince "
 "Haldric is busy trying to understand the secrets of the Ruby of Fire."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:266
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:269
 msgid "I think I've figured something out. Look."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:276
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:279
 msgid ""
 "Ouch! Hot, hot, hot! Gee, somebody should really attach this thing to a "
 "sceptre or something! I think I'll save it for closer ranged combat for now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:281
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:284
 msgid "Watch it! Well, at least you're improving."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:286
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:289
 msgid ""
 "Humph. Fool of a boy's just gonna burn us all up. Humans, always playing at "
 "being Wizards."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:291
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:294
 msgid "Orcs Sighted! They've seized the frontier! To arms! To arms!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:296
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:655
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:299
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:658
 msgid "For the glory of Southbay!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:301
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:304
 msgid ""
 "Prince Haldric, I'll concentrate on holding Southbay. You must defeat the "
 "Orcs. The ships aren't ready yet. We must defeat this army of Orcs to buy us "
 "more time. Try not to kill us all with that ruby!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:306
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:309
 msgid "Very well. I'll do my best."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:323
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:326
 msgid "I come seeking the Crown Prince!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:328
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:331
 msgid "Who is this fish man?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:333
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:336
 msgid ""
 "He's a big part of the reason your son made it to the lands of the East. "
 "Lord Typhon provided us with pearls and an escort for our voyages, in "
@@ -187,19 +193,19 @@
 "blacksmith when you live underwater."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:338
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:341
 msgid "Indeed it is. But where is the Prince?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:343
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:346
 msgid "The Crown Prince is dead. But we have need of your services again- -"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:348
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:351
 msgid "Under the same terms?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:353
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:356
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Spy_in_the_Woods.cfg:113
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Spy_in_the_Woods.cfg:123
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Elf_Lords.cfg:491
@@ -207,127 +213,127 @@
 msgid "Agreed."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:358
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:361
 msgid ""
 "Good. We need the steel for our own war in the deep. I formally place the "
 "might of the Merfolk at your disposal!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:371
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:374
 msgid "Make haste. We must secure the frontier or it's all over!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:400
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:403
 msgid ""
 "King Addroran your day is done. Prepare to be ground to dust. If you're "
 "lucky I may raise you from death for my own amusement. Oh, and what's this? "
 "I sense, I sense the Ruby of Fire."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:405
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:408
 msgid ""
 "You monster! You've betrayed our people- - to ally youself with these Orcs?!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:413
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:416
 msgid ""
 "Fool girl! My ambition extends in to infinity. I will survive. That is more "
 "than can be said for you. King Addroran, meet your son, you'll be joining "
 "him soon enough."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:418
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:421
 msgid "NO!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:423
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:426
 msgid "Fath-er! Join. . . us. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:428
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:431
 msgid "His older brother was more attractive. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:470
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:473
 msgid ""
 "Their reserves are arriving and we haven't secured the frontier! We're dead!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:484
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:487
 msgid "Southbay"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:498
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:501
 msgid "To Clearwater Port"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:512
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:515
 msgid "To the Midlands & Oldwood"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:526
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:529
 msgid "To the Northrun"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:540
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:543
 msgid "To the Midlands"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:554
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:557
 msgid "New Southbay"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:568
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:571
 msgid "They sealed it, there is no escape for you!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:580
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:583
 msgid "I am finished."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:585
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:588
 msgid "We needed him to hold Southbay. We're done for!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:598
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:601
 msgid "We've defeated the Orcs. Let's rig the Ships and get out of here."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:603
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:606
 msgid "My sons- - As we agreed. I will hold Southbay until my last breath."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:608
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:611
 msgid ""
 "With the help of the Merfolk, and my knowledge of an island that will make a "
 "good re-provisioning point, we should be able to embark for the great lands "
 "that are to the East."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:613
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:616
 msgid ""
 "What I don't like is the fact that Lich-Lord Jevyan, whom our capital is "
 "named after, betrayed my people. To make matters worse he knows that you "
 "have that ruby."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:618
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:621
 msgid ""
 "There's not much we can do about that now. I dub this fine ship the Eldaric, "
 "in honour of my father. About that island. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:623
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:626
 msgid "Great, more boats, and now an Ocean!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:628
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:631
 msgid ""
 "After you make it to this new land, send some of the ships back, for there "
 "may still be survivors in Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:641
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Final_Spring.cfg:644
 msgid "My Son!"
 msgstr ""
@@ -345,82 +351,82 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:125
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:127
 msgid ""
 "Argh, the Orcish vanguard must have flanked us even further to the East! "
 "They're already holding the mouth of the pass. We have to get out of the "
 "mountain pass before winter comes or we're all dead meat!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:131
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:133
 msgid "Father, I wish you were here. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:137
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:139
 msgid ""
 "I'd drop the sentiment, and pick up your sword. There's plenty of fighting "
 "ahead of us!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:143
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:145
 msgid "You won't get much further boy. Grrrr!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:158
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:160
 msgid "Who goes there?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:166
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:168
 msgid "Burin, Burin the Lost. Who be yee?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:172
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:174
 msgid ""
 "I'm Prince Haldric, we have little time to talk. We must make haste through "
 "the pass. . . What are you?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:178
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:180
 msgid ""
 "I'm a Dwarf! Damn fool of a boy! I got lost while exploring deep "
 "underground, almost a century ago. I've never found my way home. But it "
 "seems nice enough here."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:184
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:186
 msgid "Nice? The Orcs have come and we must flee!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:190
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:192
 msgid ""
 "Orcs! It's been a long time since I felt the satisfying crunch of one of "
 "those under my Axe. Time for a fight!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:196
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:198
 msgid "You've fought Orcs before?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:202
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:204
 msgid ""
 "Fool Boy! Where did you grow up? Enough of this, let's go get some Orcs!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:212
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:214
 msgid ""
 "We're trapped in the pass! I can see their re-enforcements! All is lost! Is "
 "that. . . Is that snow. . . We're so dead!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:226
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:228
 msgid "SE - The River Road. SW - The Midlands."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:240
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:242
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:248
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:250
 msgid ""
 "Now, should I go South-East on the River Road, or South-West through the "
 "midlands? The River Road crosses the Swamp of Esten, so I doubt that even "
@@ -428,59 +434,59 @@
 "there now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:252
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:254
 msgid "I think I'll take the River Road. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:257
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:259
 msgid "Good. The Midlands are probably an Orc infested ruin by now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:263
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:265
 msgid ""
 "SWAMP! I'm under 5 feet tall, and I don't float! Argh, have it your way."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:274
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:276
 msgid "We'll go through the Midlands. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:279
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:281
 msgid "I suspect that the Midlands might be in ruins by now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:285
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:287
 msgid ""
 "It's better than the swamp, I'm under 5 feet tall, and I don't float! "
 "Besides, I'd rather enjoy meeting more orcs."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:344
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:346
 msgid "Come and get it!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:349
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:412
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:351
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:414
 msgid "Die human."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:354
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:417
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:356
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:419
 msgid "Uh-oh!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:407
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:409
 msgid "I'll not go so easily!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:428
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:430
 msgid ""
 "We've escaped the pass. Well, at least I know that the orcs can be beaten. "
 "Hmmm, I guess that this is the last I'll see of my home. . . and my Father. "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:433
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Harrowing_Escape.cfg:435
 msgid ""
 "We should make our way to Southbay. It is the largest city on the Isle. We "
 "should be able to make a stand there. Failing that, there's always "
@@ -717,115 +723,115 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:87
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:88
 msgid ""
 "The trouble seems to have finally reached to the heart of the Isle, to the "
 "isolated lands of King Eldaric IV."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:92
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:93
 msgid ""
 "It looks like an Wesfolk rabble have seized the Northern Keep! Prepare for "
 "battle Haldric!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:97
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:98
 msgid "Father, I am of age, may I lead our forces in battle?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:102
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:103
 msgid ""
 "You're showing initiative son! I'm proud of you! You may lead our forces to "
 "battle, but I'll stay near to keep an eye on you."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:107
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:108
 msgid "Onward to victory!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:112
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:113
 msgid ""
 "Look a little prince-ling, and his merry men! We'll teach you a lesson for "
 "what your kind did to us!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:121
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:122
 msgid ""
 "Don't forget about some of the more isolated the villages, we'll need the "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:130
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:131
 msgid "Make haste Son! We must win before the summer crop is in ruin."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:142
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:143
 msgid "I evoke surrender! Don't kill me. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:147
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:148
 msgid "Why have you come to trouble our lands?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:152
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:153
 msgid ""
 "Trouble your lands! Bah! Your fool Prince of Southbay has attacked our "
 "lands. The Lich-Lords had no choice. . . They opened a gate. . . and. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:157
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:158
 msgid "And what?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:162
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:163
 msgid ""
 "They pledged to visit all of the terrors of the hells upon this Isle. They "
 "built a great stone gate to the heart of the homeland of the Orcs in the "
 "distant West! Now even us Wesfolk must flee or be slaves."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:167
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:168
 msgid "Orcs are just creatures of tall tales!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:172
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:173
 msgid ""
 "You've been on this Isle too long. I assure you that orcs exist. By now "
 "there are probably a half dozen gates to the orcish homeland. There is no "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:177
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:178
 msgid ""
 "We must prepare the defences! Haldric, stay at the keep, I must go and "
 "fortify our frontier."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:182
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:183
 msgid "My forces are defeated, under your customs of surrender I will go now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:187
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:188
 msgid ""
 "You may go. See to it that you trouble us no more, for the custom states "
 "that you may evoke surrender but once. If we meet again, I won't be so "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:201
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:202
 msgid "We have run out of time. . . The crops shall spoil, we'll starve!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:214
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:215
 msgid "Die Wesfolk Scum!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:226
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/A_Summer_of_Storms.cfg:227
 msgid "Feel my wrath you fiend!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:4
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:435
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:438
 msgid "Clearwater Port"
 msgstr ""
@@ -844,24 +850,24 @@
 "#Miss the Last Ship"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:241
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:244
 msgid ""
 "Our Prince has managed to make it to Clearwater Port, with the Orcs on his "
 "heels. While the Orcs haven't caught up with him yet, the winter snow has, "
 "and the Ships seem to be missing from the port."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:247
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:250
 msgid "Ha! Clearwater Port still stands!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:253
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:256
 msgid ""
 "Lieutenant, who is in command here? And where are the ships? We risk being "
 "trapped in this city for the winter if the port freezes over."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:259
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:262
 msgid ""
 "I am, my Lord, I command the local garrison. Our whole fishing fleet is "
 "evacuating people to Southbay as we speak. The ships should be back in a few "
@@ -869,18 +875,18 @@
 "pushed them back into the swamp!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:265
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:268
 msgid ""
 "Unfortunately, it was only a feint and orc reinforcements quickly overran "
 "our positions. We lost most of our forces, my lord, including the King of "
 "Clearwater, who was bravely leading the charge."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:271
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:274
 msgid "That's horrible!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:277
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:280
 msgid ""
 "The blood of many good soldiers stained the frozen field that day. And still "
 "they press on. The king left no heir, but the other nobles have fled to "
@@ -890,7 +896,7 @@
 "with refugees from all over."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:283
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:286
 msgid ""
 "We're only holding the city until the last of the refugees are gone. You, my "
 "lord, are free to retreat to safety when the next ship comes. But, if I may "
@@ -899,7 +905,7 @@
 "before the last of the people can be evacuated"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:289
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:292
 msgid ""
 "Well, we are the last of the refugees from our lands, for the Orcs are right "
 "on our heels! We have Wesfolk with us, they have been of service, they are "
@@ -907,189 +913,189 @@
 "will help you defend these walls as long as we can."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:295
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:298
 msgid ""
 "I thank you, my lord. But we are to bring these Wesfolk too? It would be..."
 "highly irregular. Are you sure, my lord?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:301
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:304
 msgid "Yes. Be sure that it is understood that these are our friends."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:307
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:310
 msgid "Yes Sir!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:313
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:316
 msgid "Yes Sir, indeed! You need us to help hold out until the ships arrive."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:319
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:322
 msgid ""
 "Ships! Nobody said anything about ships. Will this torture ever end! Ahhh, "
 "the Orcs will help take my mind off things."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:325
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:328
 msgid ""
 "To your posts men! We should be able to evacuate everyone in three more boat "
 "loads. Until then, let us make those orcs pay dearly for every inch of our "
 "land. For our homes, for our people, for our fallen King!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:338
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:341
 msgid "You killed my family! Die!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:350
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:353
 msgid "'But they're Wesfolk.' Bah!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:359
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:362
 msgid ""
 "Push 'em into the sea! They're in our winter homes! Oh, and Tan-Vragar, I "
 "hope they like your little surprise!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:393
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:396
 msgid "On ode to ye, on 'yer way, I hope you have a brighter day!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:407
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:410
 msgid "Deadman's Ford"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:421
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:424
 msgid "The River Road - To the Swamp of Esten."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:605
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:608
 msgid ""
 "My lord, the first ship has arrived! Prince Haldric, if you and your men "
 "must leave for Southbay just go to the pier to board the ship."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:620
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:623
 msgid ""
 "My lord, the first ship is departing. But the second ship should arrive "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:648
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:651
 msgid ""
 "My lord, the second ship has arrived! Prince Haldric, if you and your men "
 "want to leave for Southbay just go to the pier to board the ship."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:664
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:667
 msgid ""
 "My lord, the second ship is departing. But the last ship will be here before "
 "long. With your help we can hold on just a while longer"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:692
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:695
 msgid ""
 "My lord, the last ship has arrived! Finally the last of our people can flee "
 "to safety. Prince Haldric, you and your men must go now! Go to the pier to "
 "board the ship for Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:708
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:711
 msgid "My lord, the last ship is departing. We're Trapped!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:761
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:811
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:863
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:764
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:814
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:866
 msgid "My lord, the ship isn't here yet. Come help us defend against the orcs"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:772
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:823
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:874
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:775
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:826
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:877
 msgid ""
 "Shirk not your duty soldier. When the boat arrives, this is where Prince "
 "Haldric must go to lead you to the ship. Until then, help us defend against "
 "the orcs."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:891
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:894
 msgid "Let me have peace in Death! My love, I'll be there soo-"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:897
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:900
 msgid "We needed him to get out of here. We're Trapped!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:911
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:914
 msgid ""
 "We've escaped from the orcs before we were trapped by the ice! Now, on to "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:917
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:920
 msgid "I know I mentioned I can't float."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:923
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:926
 msgid "Might I suggest a bit of a detour?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:929
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:932
 msgid "Why?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:935
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:938
 msgid ""
 "You have the Ruby of Fire, but you have no idea what it does, correct? You "
 "know that Lich you have petrified just outside of Southbay-"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:941
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:944
 msgid ""
 "Yeah, Lich Point! Where we first used our mages in battle, and turned the "
 "tide of war against your people."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:947
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:950
 msgid ""
 "Erm, yeah. . . He was the arch rival of our dearly departed Lich-Lord "
 "Lenvan. He coveted the ruby, and was studying it. The only copy of his notes "
 "got petrified along with him."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:953
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:956
 msgid ""
 "If we make landfall outside of Southbay, we'll be trapped. Of that I am sure!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:959
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:962
 msgid ""
 "My family was from Southbay, my father was a soldier there. The city's sewer "
 "entrance is near that fossil of a Lich."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:965
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:968
 msgid ""
 "Wow, this is beginning to sound dangerously like a plan. Lieutenant Aethyr "
 "will you join us?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:971
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:974
 msgid ""
 "No. These monsters killed my family. My wife, my daughters. There is nothing "
 "left for me. I'll stay, by the time the Orcs wrestle Clearwater Port away "
 "from me there'll be nothing but rubble left!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:977
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:980
 msgid ""
 "The peasant farmers seem to like you. Who knows, maybe they'll be of some "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:983
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Clearwater_Port.cfg:986
 msgid ""
 "Resources are scarce, we need all of the help we can get. Be brave and fight "
 "hard my friend!"
@@ -1110,91 +1116,91 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:154
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:156
 msgid "She's. . . She's beautiful."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:193
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:195
 msgid "You will be made to serve. . . Come admire me. Feel my love."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:198
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:200
 msgid "She is so. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:203
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:205
 msgid "Haldric think with your brain!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:208
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:210
 msgid "Get her before she can cause too much trouble!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:230
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:232
 msgid "The temple is quite empty."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:356
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:358
 msgid ""
 "After a short trip by sea Haldric arrives on the Elves' cursed isle. A fog "
 "hangs in the air."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:362
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:364
 msgid ""
 "I said no more ships. Double crossing humans! Ahhh, I've been with you this "
 "far. Who'd of though, a nautical dwarf."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:368
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:370
 msgid "I suspect we'll be facing more undead. Be careful."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:374
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:376
 msgid ""
 "These will be the long dead. Not like the undead that my people used, and "
 "they are elf-dead. Be careful indeed."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:380
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:382
 msgid "All Soldiers of Darkness will meet the same fate by my hand."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:389
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:391
 msgid ""
 "Those elves are finally at rest. I hope that the curses they laid upon us "
 "hold no weight."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:395
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:397
 msgid "Haldric, you're too paranoid."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:420
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:422
 msgid "I curse upon all of your kin that visit this isle."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:432
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:434
 msgid "I wish a blight upon you and yours. May you never see peace."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:444
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:446
 msgid "My soul will haunt this place until the end of time! A curse upon you!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:453
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:455
 msgid "Without their Queen the undead are simply fading away!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:473
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:475
 msgid "Back, back to the grave with you!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:488
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:490
 msgid "We still have to defeat that Vampire Queen!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:507
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Cursed_Isle.cfg:509
 msgid ""
 "No! The ship that was supposed to pick us up sees that there's still "
 "fighting. It's not stopping. We're trapped."
@@ -1485,7 +1491,8 @@
 msgid ""
 "Without the Lieutenant's noble sacrifice we would have never carried the "
 "day. We have won a great victory here today but much has been lost, many "
-"good people- My father- Eldaric."
+"good people- My father- Eldaric, King Addroran. However, there is hope, and "
+"a new land spread before us!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Epilogue.cfg:173
@@ -1671,153 +1678,153 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:207
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:210
 msgid ""
 "Da big bosses said we'd be in da city by winter. Bosses wrong, stinky humans "
 "still there, and I'm a tinkin- -"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:212
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:215
 msgid "Wait! I see a ship! Humans is coming! Smash 'em good!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:231
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:234
 msgid ""
 "Prince Haldric has arrived at Fallen Lich Point, to retrieve the Lich's "
 "Book, and flee into the Sewers of Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:255
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:258
 msgid ""
 "Okay. Let's unstone that Lich and get his book, then get into the sewers. "
 "Ummm, what language would that book be in?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:260
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:263
 msgid "Some pep talk. The book will probably be in the Old Wesfolk tongue."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:265
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:268
 msgid "Ohhh."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:270
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:273
 msgid "Just get the book, I think I should be able to translate it."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:275
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:278
 msgid "Then into Southbay's sewer."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:280
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:283
 msgid "Right."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:295
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:298
 msgid ""
 "INSCRIPTION: This monolith was erected by me, <CHIPPED AWAY>, first Mage of "
 "the good people of the Green Isle. By it's power the Lich is bound in stone. "
 "To end the spell a noble of the line of Kings should utter the following. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:318
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:270
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:321
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:271
 msgid "Hmm... after some thought. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:322
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:325
 msgid "I think I'll say that magic phrase."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:334
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:337
 msgid ""
 "The Lich is free! Let's bash him and grab that book. That sounds like a job "
 "for you, Lady Jessica!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:339
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:342
 msgid "Hmph! You're just happy because that monolith proves your paternity!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:344
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:347
 msgid "Free, I'm free, and I feel the Ruby of Fire! It will be mine."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:349
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:352
 msgid "No you won't you soldier of darkness!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:356
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:359
 msgid "I think I'll wait a while before uttering any magic phrases."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:362
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:365
 msgid "We have more pressing matters to deal with before we free that Lich."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:368
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:371
 msgid "Afraid you'll find out you're not of the line of Kings?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:379
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:382
 msgid "This sounds like a job for Prince Haldric, hopefully."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:389
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:392
 msgid "The Lich-Lord is already free."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:406
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:409
 msgid "NW - Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:411
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:414
 msgid "More Like NW - Every Orc on the Isle. Hmph!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:443
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:446
 msgid "We have the book, let's get out of here!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:449
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:452
 msgid "Sounds good to me."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:480
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:483
 msgid "I seem to be forgetting something. Ohhh, the book!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:490
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:493
 msgid "Prince Haldric must be the first into the sewers of Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:514
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:517
 msgid "Rarlg - argh, a raul-rarlg!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:519
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:524
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:529
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:522
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:527
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:532
 msgid "Oh my!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:534
-msgid "And he brought friends."
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:537
+msgid "And he brought a friend."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:554
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:556
 msgid "So close. So close."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:560
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:562
 msgid "I found the book in what was left of his robes! Let's get out of here!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:615
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:617
 msgid "I can hear their re-enforcements coming! We're trapped! All is lost!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:629
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Fallen_Lich_Point.cfg:631
 msgid "Sewer - Danger Keep Out!"
 msgstr ""
@@ -1837,74 +1844,84 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:188
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:194
 msgid ""
 "After some time at sea an island is spotted. The Eldaric docks at a crude "
 "port that appears to be deserted."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:193
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:199
 msgid "Land! Land! Bless the Lords of Light!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:198
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:204
 msgid ""
-"This is the elder Prince's Island all right. We had a heck of a time "
+"This is the Elder Prince's island all right. We had a heck of a time "
 "pacifying the Drakes who live here. Oh my, it looks like they've rearmed!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:203
-msgid "To Arms! We must take this island."
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:209
+msgid "We come in peace. We only seek to re-provision our ships."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:214
+msgid "<Whispering> I don't think diplomacy is going to work."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:219
+msgid ""
+"Ssso humansss, you've come to trouble usss again. Prepare to die! For the "
+"glory of the Lords of Morogor!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:208
-msgid "Ssso humansss, you've come to trouble usss again. Prepare to die!"
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:224
+msgid "<Whispering> Do I need to say, 'I told you so'?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:228
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:200
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:229
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:258
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:244
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:203
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:232
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:261
 msgid "Look out, a Serpent has emerged from the deep."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:246
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:262
 msgid ""
 "Well, it looks like their warriors have given up the fight. We should be "
 "able to re-provision the ships now"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:251
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:267
 msgid ""
 "The nice thing is, they'll go back to guarding this island after we're gone "
 "for a while. It'll make a good way of preventing others from following us."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:256
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:272
 msgid ""
 "This island is slowly sinking. Hmm, I wonder what they'll do when it gets "
 "too small for them?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:261
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:277
 msgid ""
 "Well, they seem rather intelligent. They're certainly belligerent and "
 "numerous. I'm sure they'll eventually evacuate. Just like us right now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:266
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:282
 msgid "I don't find that thought very comforting."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:279
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:295
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:310
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:366
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:465
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:302
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:371
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:470
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:305
 msgid "Neep! Neep!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:298
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Peoples_in_Decline.cfg:314
 msgid ""
 "The fleet is starving, we'll never pacify this Island before we all die!"
 msgstr ""
@@ -2048,23 +2065,23 @@
 msgid "I don't know what that is, but it doesn't sound friendly."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:481
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:482
 msgid ""
 "You Again. You will sssuffer for your attack against my people! Shek'kahan, "
 "our Naga friendsss- You'll pay! We have new friends now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:508
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:458
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:509
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:457
 msgid "Oh, to join my family again! Do not mourn my passing."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:529
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:530
 msgid ""
 "My people are like a rock slide, you can run, but we will crush you- Ahhck!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:551
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_of_the_Fleet.cfg:552
 msgid "I- I die?"
 msgstr ""
@@ -2185,7 +2202,7 @@
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Return_to_Oldwood.cfg:239
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:387
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:389
 msgid ""
 "Haldric, we are an ancient people who lived in a land filled with all manner "
 "of man and beast. We needed vision that extended beyond the meagre span of "
@@ -2274,297 +2291,297 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:281
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:286
 msgid ""
 "Haldric rapidly approaches the site where Lich-Lord Jevyan has made "
 "landfall. The final confrontation looms before him."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:286
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:291
 msgid "You can not win. Give me the Ruby of Fire and I will go in peace."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:291
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:296
 msgid ""
 "This ends here Jevyan. Even if I believed your words I couldn't give you the "
 "Ruby of Fire."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:296
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:301
 msgid ""
 "Bah! Even if you have learnt to conceal the power of the Ruby of Fire you "
 "will deliver it unto me in death!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:301
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:306
 msgid ""
 "You're a fool Jevyan. How do you think we secured our place here? We had to "
 "give the Elves the Ruby of Fire. We just signed a treaty with the Elves "
 "ensuring our place here."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:306
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:311
 msgid ""
 "No! I don't believe it. Only a fool would give away an artifact of such "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:311
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:316
 msgid "A fool, or a desperate band of refugees!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:316
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:321
 msgid "No. It can't be!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:321
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:326
 msgid ""
 "Fool human, you shouldn't give such toys to elves! Bah! It matters little to "
 "me. I'm no wizard. All I got is my axe. He, he. It's all I need- Prepare to "
 "die Orcish scum!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:326
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:331
 msgid "Ha. Let all of the footsoldiers of darkness be cast down!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:331
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:336
 msgid "It matters little, because here you fall!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:336
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:341
 msgid "For all of the good people of Clearwater Port!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:341
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:346
 msgid "For the honour of SouthBay!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:346
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:351
 msgid ""
 "We don't need some magic trinket to beat you! Prepare to meet you fate you "
 "decrepit sack of bones! For the honour of all of the people of the of the "
 "West North!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:351
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:356
 msgid "Charge!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:356
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:361
 msgid ""
 "I hate it when my prey gets chatty! Get them, it's a long boat ride back "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:361
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:366
 msgid "We shall soon see if you have the Ruby of Fire!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:371
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:376
 msgid "<Whispering> Lieutenant, you remember the plan right?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:376
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:381
 msgid "<Whispering> Yes Sir. I am ready."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:390
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:395
 msgid "He's raising our dead! Be careful!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:409
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:414
 msgid ""
 "Feel my wrath, Jevyan I'm coming for you! No piece of paper in my pocket is "
 "going to stop me from destroying you. For my family! For the people of "
 "Clearwater Port!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:414
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:419
 msgid "All life is finite, you will be made to serve along with the rest."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:426
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:431
 msgid "Come on, stay still, just for a second. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:438
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:443
 msgid "For the Wesfolk!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:453
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:458
 msgid "Be careful Lieutenant!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:517
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:522
 msgid "The battle is going against us!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:522
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:527
 msgid "Our forces are being routed! We should flee back to the Green Isle!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:527
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:532
 msgid "It goes poorly for us!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:532
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:537
 msgid "Defeated, by humans?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:537
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:542
 msgid "Fight on you cowardly Orcish scum!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:545
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:759
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:767
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:775
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:783
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:550
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:764
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:772
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:780
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:788
 msgid ""
 "Da old bag of bones has been crushed, and our cause is lost. We know da "
 "Elfses have da Fire Ruby. Retreat!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:553
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:558
 msgid "Da Elfses have the Fire Ruby, we must flee. To da Ships!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:561
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:566
 msgid ""
 "We have many kinsmen on the Green Isle- we will return for the Ruby of Fire!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:569
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:574
 msgid ""
 "We must get back to the Green Isle. The Elfses have the Ruby of Fire and our "
 "assult has been stopped."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:592
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:597
 msgid ""
 "The plan revolved around some Orcs making it back to the Green Isle to tell "
 "their kin that the Elves have the Ruby of Fire. So we wouldn't have to bear "
 "the brunt of the next invasion."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:597
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:602
 msgid "What have we done?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:673
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:678
 msgid "My love, my family, I'll be there soo-"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:679
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:684
 msgid ""
 "Lieutenant Aethyr! No! Umm, he was kind of critical for convincing Jevyan "
 "that the Elves have the Ruby of Fire."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:700
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:705
 msgid ""
 "Jevyan- I spit upon thee. Your end awaits. My love, my family, I'll be there "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:706
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:711
 msgid ""
 "Fool. You are no match for my power. What! What's this? A treaty. That's elf "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:712
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:717
 msgid ""
 "No. Why? You fools, you gave the Ruby of Fire to the Elves. But that won't "
 "save you from me. I will destroy you, then I will deal with the Elves."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:718
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:723
 msgid "We'll see about that. For the honour of Lieutenant Aethyr, forward!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:730
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:735
 msgid ""
 "I am fallen before my plans have reached fruition. A curse upon you Haldric, "
 "may you and your descendants know nothing but strife!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:742
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:747
 msgid ""
 "You deny me my honourable death? Our foes are not yet convinced that the "
 "Elves have the Ruby."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:797
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:802
 msgid "Da old bag 'o bones is gone, but you haven't beat us yet!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:802
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:807
 msgid "We took yer home now we'll take yer lives!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:807
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:812
 msgid "The Elfses have da Fire Ruby, and you have nothing!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:812
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:817
 msgid "We will suck the marrow from your bones human!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:847
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:852
 msgid "Ack. One of those monsters is destroying the bridge."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:910
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:915
 msgid "The bridge!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:973
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:978
 msgid "Out advance is thwarted, that monster has destroyed the bridge!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1027
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1032
 msgid ""
 "It's the Haldric! Jevyan you never said you came to destroy this monster. We "
 "will help you."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1056
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1061
 msgid "Come in from the deep my loyal soldiers!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1085
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1090
 msgid "Rise, rise from the ground!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1118
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1123
 msgid "Neep! SPLAT!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1123
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1128
 msgid "Ahh. . . That almost makes it all worth while!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1128
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1133
 msgid "You'll pay for that!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1136
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1141
 msgid "Strike down these fools."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1208
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1213
 msgid "We did it! We won!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1213
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1218
 msgid ""
 "Jevyan is destroyed, but at a terrible price. Let's put Lieutenant Aether to "
 "rest and discuss what is to come in the following days."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1222
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rise_of_Wesnoth.cfg:1227
 msgid ""
 "Our strength is waining, and our foes grow strong by the hour. The battle is "
@@ -2586,51 +2603,51 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:156
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:159
 msgid ""
 "After a particularly bad series of storms the Eldaric has taken on water, "
 "and much of the fleet has been scattered. Lord Typhon suggests stopping at a "
 "group of small windswept islands to regroup."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:162
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:165
 msgid "I don't think I can take much more of this. I'm feeling I'll!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:168
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:171
 msgid ""
 "Be careful, these islands aren't safe. We're in Naga territory. But this is "
 "the only place to stop with soft sand beaches to make landfall. . . The "
 "Nagas like to scavenge metal from ships that they capture here."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:174
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:177
 msgid "Prey! Get them!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:180
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:183
 msgid "The fleet must regroup here. We have to defeat these monsters."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:276
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:279
 msgid "We've defeated the Nagas. The fleet should be able to regroup here."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:282
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:285
 msgid ""
 "The next time we see land, it should be the great continent to the East."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:288
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:291
 msgid ""
 "I'll be glad when this voyage is over. We're almost there. Almost there."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:318
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:321
 msgid "I think we're being followed. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:328
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Rough_Landing.cfg:331
 msgid ""
 "We were too slow. . . The fleet will be scattered to the four corners of the "
@@ -2651,50 +2668,50 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:141
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:143
 msgid ""
 "In the last leg of their journey to Southbay, Haldric and his companions "
 "find themselves in the Sewers of Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:146
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:148
 msgid ""
 "Only a human could take such a lovely cave and fill it with refuse. Humans. "
 "Hey, is that a pair of boots?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:151
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:153
 msgid ""
 "We should be cautious down here. This isn't an old maid's drain pipe, this "
 "is the sewer of Southbay. It is said that the city diverted an underground "
 "river for its own use, and let their own effluent run down the old river bed."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:157
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:159
 msgid "This is the far end of that river bed. Legend has it- -"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:163
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:165
 msgid ""
 "That a King banished a rouge faction of Red Mages down here after the "
 "Wesfolk war!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:169
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:171
 msgid ""
 "Can you feel it brother? This one bears the Ruby of Fire. After all this "
 "time it has simply come to us!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:175
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:177
 msgid "We must have it. Get them!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:184
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:186
 msgid "Nooo! The wizards are flooding the sewer we're doomed!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:193
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:195
 msgid ""
 "Haldric, there's something that's filling me with a sense of forboding. That "
 "Ruby, have you noticed that anything that happens to be strong in the ways "
@@ -2702,51 +2719,51 @@
 "Caror, now these two."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:199
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:201
 msgid ""
 "We just got the Lich's book, and I can litererally feel the power of the "
 "Ruby, even with it in my pack. Let's figure out what it does, before we "
 "decide what to do with it."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:221
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:223
 msgid "Hmmm. He seems to have had a map, and some gold!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:243
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:290
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:245
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:292
 msgid "Brother!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:271
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:273
 msgid "Hmmm. He seems to have had a map."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:313
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:315
 msgid ""
 "Argh, the stream bed is blocked! Only a pint of goo is getting through. "
 "We'll have to go around."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:327
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:329
 msgid "To Southbay"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:372
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:374
 msgid ""
 "It's not very Heroic if Prince Haldric isn't the one to lead his band from "
 "the Sewers of Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:388
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:390
 msgid "Danger Ahead!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:394
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:396
 msgid "Ahead, so far it's been danger everywhere."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:403
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Sewer.cfg:405
 msgid "Finally on to Southbay!"
 msgstr ""
@@ -2864,10 +2881,10 @@
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:201
 msgid ""
-"You head East because my people came from the West, which is teeming with "
-"every form of man and monster imaginable. There is litterally no room there. "
-"If you thought we were bad, you should see what else lives there. You'd be "
-"slaves, or you'd be dead."
+"This is no time for bravado. You must head East because my people came from "
+"the West, which is teeming with every form of man and monster imaginable. "
+"There is litterally no room there. If you thought we were bad, you should "
+"see what else lives there. You'd be slaves, or you'd be dead."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:206
@@ -2881,25 +2898,46 @@
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:211
 msgid ""
-"Flee, and flee East. King Addroran it is your duty to hold this city as long "
-"as you can. For the sake of all who can be evacuated. That means that it "
-"should fall on Haldric and I to lead this evacuation."
+"Hmm. There is wisdom in your words, and my end should be in this place. We "
+"can hold out for the rest of the winter here. When the Orcs last came it was "
+"fall and the harvest was in. We can hunt the great schools of fish that live "
+"under the ice. You might even be able to depart in well provisioned ships!"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:216
-msgid ""
-"Hmm. There is wisdom in your words, and my end should be here. We can hold "
-"out for the rest of the winter here. When the Orcs came it was fall and the "
-"harvest was in, and we can fish the great schools of fish that live under "
-"the ice. You might even be able to depart in well provisioned ships!"
+msgid "Don't you intend to come with us?"
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:221
-msgid "Well, I see no other way. About that book?"
+msgid ""
+"No. Flee, and flee East. It is my duty to hold this city as long as I can. "
+"For the sake of all who can be evacuated. That means that it should fall on "
+"Haldric and you to lead the evacuation."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:226
 msgid ""
+"My King, there will be a new kingdom in the East, and the bulk of the fleet "
+"will bear the flag of Southbay. A new throne and new lands await you in the "
+msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:231
+msgid ""
+"My bloodline has ended with my sons, and I am old. Let the ships take the "
+"the women, children, and young men first. A new Kingdom must be born of "
+"vital blood. Us old men are still of some value. We will make the Orcs pay "
+"dearly when they come to take this place!"
+msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:236
+msgid ""
+"Well, if there is no other way. May the bards forever sing of the valour of "
+"the Kings of Southbay! Jessica, about that book?"
+msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Southbay_in_Winter.cfg:241
+msgid ""
 "I'll begin my translation. Oh, and you should seal up the sewer entrance."
 msgstr ""
@@ -2918,85 +2956,85 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:142
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:143
 msgid ""
 "With a feeling of grim curiosity Prince Haldric and his company descend into "
 "catacombs below the temple, buried deep in the bedrock, in the very roots of "
 "the world itself. In the distance Haldric hears a booming voice."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:147
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:148
 msgid ""
 "Free! I'm free at last! I knew those puny mages couldn't seal me in here "
 "forever! Rise my soldiers of Darkness, the world will be ours once more!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:153
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:154
 msgid ""
 "Back underground. . . This feels much better! As for the current residents, "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:159
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:160
 msgid "Let's put these monsters to their final rest."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:171
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:172
 msgid "I am fallen after all this time."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:180
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:181
 msgid "The world won't miss him one bit."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:201
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:202
 msgid ""
 "What's that! No! The tree-folk are sealing us back in here. They must think "
 "that we've failed. We're trapped."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:215
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:229
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:216
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:230
 msgid "INSCRIPTION: Embrace the Monolith to be Cured by the Powers of Light."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:243
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:242
 msgid "I don't like the look of that pool at all."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:257
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:256
 msgid "It looks scary, but it's good for you."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:278
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:277
 msgid "You already have the Fire Ruby."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:298
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:297
 msgid ""
 "As you open the chest you see it, the Ruby of Fire. It is the size of an "
 "apple, and burns with and internal fire, which is refracted through its "
 "faces. You can feel the power flowing from it. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:304
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:303
 msgid ""
 "It's funny that the Lich-Lord didn't have this on his person. Since I don't "
 "actually know what this thing does, I'll just put it in the bottom of my "
 "pack for right now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:326
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:325
 msgid "Maybe you should move somebody else to the chest."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:339
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:338
 msgid ""
 "I'm glad that's over! We have the Ruby of Fire, and that Lich-Lord is now a "
 "pile of dust, let's get out of these catacombs!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:360
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Temple_of_the_Deep.cfg:359
 msgid "He's raising our dead!"
 msgstr ""
@@ -3016,81 +3054,81 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:216
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:222
 msgid ""
 "After some days of travel Haldric finds himself confronted by a vast expanse "
 "of swamp. A small island with a mountain dominates the view. That can only "
 "be the home of the dragon."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:222
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:228
 msgid "Flies, fies, everywhere! Ahhhck!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:228
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:234
 msgid "'Prince Haldric the Dragonbane' sounds rather nice."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:234
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:240
 msgid "We'll see. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:244
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:250
 msgid ""
 "I'm glad that's over. The elves certainly aren't taking it easy on us. It's "
 "a miracle any of us are alive at all."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:250
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:256
 msgid "I'm still not calling you 'the Dragonbane'."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:307
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:313
 msgid "Watch for the big Mudcrawlers they divide when you kill them."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:354
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:360
 msgid "It is unwise to trifle with dragons boy!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:359
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:365
 msgid "We shall see."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:383
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:389
 msgid "Who dares disturb Shek'kahan the terrible?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:388
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:394
 msgid "I do, you fiend!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:422
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:428
 msgid "We still have to slay the dragon!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:435
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:504
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:441
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:510
 msgid "The Dragon's Cave has yielded some treasure!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:460
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:466
 msgid "No!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:475
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:481
 msgid "We've slain the Dragon: "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:479
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:485
 msgid "Let's get out of here!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:490
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:496
 msgid "Let's finish off the rest of these monsters!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:523
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Dragon.cfg:529
 msgid "More Saurians are arriving. They've surrounded us! We're doomed."
 msgstr ""
@@ -3110,13 +3148,13 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:157
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:158
 msgid ""
 "Summer passes into fall, and King Eldaric fortifies his frontiers. It is not "
 "long before the first orcish scouts are spotted. War has come to the valley."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:163
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:164
 msgid ""
 "Haldric, things have not gone well! The Orcs have arrived. We met them at "
 "the north keep but they were just too many. They have flanked us to the East "
@@ -3124,114 +3162,114 @@
 "but they won't be able to last long. . . We must evacuate our home."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:169
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:170
 msgid ""
 "That's awful! And it only gets worse. That Wesfolk rabble has set up shop "
 "again in the South Pass. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:175
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:176
 msgid ""
 "That's the only way out of the valley! This is a disaster! We must defeat "
 "that Wesfolk scum and flee to the South. Our home is lost. . . We must make "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:181
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:182
 msgid "So HUMAN, care to make your final stand?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:187
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:188
 msgid "Die! Die! Die!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:193
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:194
 msgid "This is going to get ugly. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:202
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:203
 msgid "Hurry! Only death awaits in this valley!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:246
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:247
 msgid "Ummm, I evoke surrender. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:252
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:253
 msgid "Nay! Off with your hea- - -"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:258
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:259
 msgid ""
 "But I can help! Really! You could use me and my men's skills on the long "
 "road ahead!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:264
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:265
 msgid "Haldric, what say you on this matter?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:274
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:275
 msgid "I think that your skills may be useful. You may join us."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:280
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:281
 msgid "Let there be peace between us, our survival depends on it."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:306
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:307
 msgid "So what shall I call you?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:311
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:312
 msgid "The Lady Outlaw will do."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:327
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:328
 msgid "Your word can't be trusted. Prepare to meet your Gods!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:332
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:333
 msgid "Arrogant fools! (Reaches into pocket) POOF!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:338
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:339
 msgid "Argh, she's gone. Next time, more sword, less chat."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:344
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:345
 msgid ""
 "She's clever! Maybe I made the wrong choice. Well, at least she left some of "
 "her gold behind. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:368
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:369
 msgid ""
 "Son, you must lead our people through the South Pass. I will remain behind "
 "to hold off these vile monsters for as long as I can."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:373
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:374
 msgid "But Father!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:378
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:379
 msgid "It's the only way. Go now, and don't look back! Luck be with you!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:401
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:402
 msgid "We're surrounded! The Orcs have taken the southern pass! All is lost!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:414
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:415
 msgid "We're surrounded! I can see their re-enforcements! All is lost!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:428
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:429
 msgid "Our Home! Where shall we go!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:433
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Fall.cfg:434
 msgid "There can be no looking back! We must go South."
 msgstr ""
@@ -3250,117 +3288,117 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:157
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:160
 msgid ""
 "Prince Haldric leads his refugee band into the Midlands and smoke is in the "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:163
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:166
 msgid ""
 "It is as we suspected, the Orcs have sacked the Midlands. This is not a "
 "civilised way to fight a war! Look there, there are still Orcs about.. . To "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:169
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:172
 msgid "Alright! Charge!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:175
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:178
 msgid "Feel my wrath you Orcish scum!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:181
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:184
 msgid "HUMANS. . . I see humans!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:187
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:190
 msgid ""
 "Ha, Hogar! You said we wouldn't see any action this far back from the front."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:193
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:196
 msgid "Shut yer mouth! Let's just get 'em."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:208
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:211
 msgid "SE - The Oldwood. Enter at Your Own Risk!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:222
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:225
 msgid "SW - Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:244
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:247
 msgid "What? More humans here? Get them!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:272
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:275
 msgid "How'd they get behind us? I hate to miss such tasty meat."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:295
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:298
 msgid "Better him than me! Reserves!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:317
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:320
 msgid "Holgar was a fool! Reserves!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:339
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:342
 msgid ""
 "Hold There! You can not pass. You've already stumbled on the Orcish rear "
 "guard. The main body of their forces is on the road to Southbay. It is an "
 "army of nightmarish size."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:345
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:348
 msgid ""
 "I'm Haldric, my father was King Eldaric IV in the lands North-West of here. "
 "Soldier, aren't you on the wrong side of the lines?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:351
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:354
 msgid ""
 "They overran my post. I got hit on the head pretty good, when I came to the "
 "Orcish army had already passed my position."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:357
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:360
 msgid "Tell me, how fares Southbay?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:363
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:366
 msgid ""
 "Southbay won't fall without one hell of a fight, sir. They'll stand to the "
 "last! I only wish I was there!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:369
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:372
 msgid ""
 "Well, we can't go back, and the road ahead is blocked. . . I guess we'll "
 "have to risk it and go through the Oldwood forest, then make a break for "
 "Clearwater Port."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:375
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:378
 msgid ""
 "Oh great, now a forest. I should have stayed at home and took my chances "
 "with the Orcs!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:381
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:487
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:384
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:490
 msgid "Sir, if you don't mind, I'll go with you."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:387
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:493
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:390
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:496
 msgid "On we go. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:400
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Midlands.cfg:403
 msgid ""
 "We have run out of time. . . We'll be trapped in the midlands when winter "
@@ -3381,7 +3419,7 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:203
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:205
 msgid ""
 "Haldric's band finds itself at the heart of the Oldwood Forest. The road "
 "quickly narrows and becomes little more than a path. Branches reach high "
@@ -3389,80 +3427,80 @@
 "deep woods echo all around."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:208
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:210
 msgid ""
 "Will this evil forest ever end! There are mosquitoes as big as my fist in "
 "here, and these nasty old trees are giving me the creeps."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:213
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:215
 msgid ""
 "This isn't so bad. Haldric's kind are such a suspicious lot when it comes to "
 "these sorts of things."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:218
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:220
 msgid "Quiet. Listen, I think I hear something."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:223
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:225
 msgid "All I hear are more tree-foes!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:228
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:230
 msgid "That tree, it speaks! No- No- We are tree-friends, really!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:233
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:235
 msgid ""
 "You kind has long come with your axes, some tree-friends you are. Still you "
 "must be less worse than these new monsters that have come to plague us. They "
 "cut the trees, and burn the trees for no reason at all!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:238
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:240
 msgid ""
 "You claim to be a tree-friend, so be a tree-friend now. For we are in dire "
 "need, or you may meet your fate with the rest of these monsters."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:243
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:245
 msgid "We will help. (Quietly) Be careful with the trees."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:248
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:250
 msgid "What! What are you looking at me for?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:262
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:264
 msgid ""
 "The temple has already been looted, however the entrance to it's catacombs "
 "seem to be blocked by a wall of magical energy."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:271
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:273
 msgid "Stupid stinking trees, we'll show you!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:280
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:282
 msgid "Chop 'em down. It's cool in these woods, I think we need a fire!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:292
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:294
 msgid ""
 "Without the help of these tree-folk we'll be trapped in these woods till we "
 "die! There will be nothing to hold the Orcs back!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:297
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:299
 msgid "Stupid tree-folk."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:310
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:312
 msgid "We've defeated the Orcs"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:315
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:317
 msgid ""
 "On this day you have proved yourself to be a tree-friend. For so long your "
 "kind has only come with sharp blades to harm my kind. You come to build "
@@ -3470,24 +3508,24 @@
 "will eventually claim all of the stones back for the earth."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:320
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:322
 msgid ""
 "Well, I suspect you won't have to worry about my kind for much longer. The "
 "Orcs have come, and they are taking this Isle!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:325
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:327
 msgid ""
 "Hmmmm- my kind were here before your kind, and we will be here after the "
 "Orcs are gone as well. We were here before all others, and I suspect the we "
 "will be here in the end."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:330
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:332
 msgid "Can you help us fight the Orcs?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:335
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:337
 msgid ""
 "My kind are bound to the forest, we would be of little help to you beyond "
 "our borders. Maybe we could still be of some aide to you. In a war of your "
@@ -3495,49 +3533,49 @@
 "of the temple at the heart of the wood. We were there, we were watching."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:341
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:343
 msgid ""
 "After we drove your kind off we figured out how to break the spell that "
 "holds the Evil in the catacombs, and keeps others from entering them."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:346
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:348
 msgid "This helps us how?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:351
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:353
 msgid ""
 "The Lich was carrying a powerful artifact. We know, we can feel it. This "
 "artifact may aid you in your quest."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:356
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:358
 msgid ""
 "He must mean the Ruby of Fire. It was our most powerful artifact. We brought "
 "it with us from the East. We thought it was lost in the war with your "
 "people, when Lich-Lord Lenvan fell!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:361
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:363
 msgid "At this point we need all of the help we can get!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:366
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:368
 msgid "Then I will open the catacombs for you. . ."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:377
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:379
 msgid ""
 "Young Prince, while the Lich-lords have betrayed us by allying themselves "
 "with that Orcish scum, I can't bring myself to fight against one of the "
 "greatest leaders of my people."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:382
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:384
 msgid "Lady, why would you let those monsters lead your people?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:392
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:394
 msgid ""
 "Other than losing our war back West, then our refugee war to your people, "
 "and this Orc thing, it wasn't such a bad deal. Lich-Lord Lenvan was one of "
@@ -3545,20 +3583,20 @@
 "down in that hole for so long I don't imagine he's too happy."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:397
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:399
 msgid ""
 "Uh-huh. Have you considered that the unholy act of turning your best and "
 "brightest into undead is what causes them to fall into darkness?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:402
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:404
 msgid ""
 "We should save the debate for later. I can still be of use to you. I shall "
 "scout the road ahead. We need to know if we can make it to Southbay. I'll "
 "return in a few days."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:416
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Oldwood.cfg:418
 msgid ""
 "We have run out of time. . . We'll be trapped in these woods until we die!"
 msgstr ""
@@ -3713,126 +3751,126 @@
 msgid "The Swamp of Esten"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:159
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:162
 msgid ""
 "With great trepidation Prince Haldric leads his refugee band into the Swamp "
 "of Esten. In the centre of that very swamp a shroud of fog descends over "
 "Young Prince Haldric."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:165
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:168
 msgid ""
 "I have a very bad feeling about this. This awful swamp and it's crazy "
 "cult. . . Before these troubles started we used to have to clear the swamp "
 "every spring and fall."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:171
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:174
 msgid ""
 "I suppose with the rampaging bands of murderous Orcs roaming about that "
 "hasn't been done in a while."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:177
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:180
 msgid ""
 "I miss the Orcs. . . We go all this way, and (SNIFF) what a lovely smell we "
 "have discovered."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:183
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:186
 msgid "This is too quiet. I don't like this one bit, not one bit at all."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:189
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:192
 msgid "Wait, I think I hear Something. . . To Arms!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:235
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:238
 msgid "Careful, you don't know what's lurking in there!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:247
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:250
 msgid ""
 "Back you vile--- Oh, sorry I thought you were undead. When are those goofs "
 "in Clearwater Port Going to clear the swamp again?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:252
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:255
 msgid "Maybe they'll clear it SOME TIME AFTER THE APOCALYPSE is over!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:257
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:260
 msgid "Oooh! I take it you wouldn't mind if I helped out?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:273
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:276
 msgid "Hey, there's somebody hidden in the temple. Ack! Hold there!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:323
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:326
 msgid "You find treasure worth 50 pieces of gold in the temple"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:386
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:389
 msgid "SW - The Oldwood Forest. Enter at Your Own Risk!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:398
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:401
 msgid "May I live forever in Undeath!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:410
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:413
 msgid "Ohhh! To be risen again!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:422
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:425
 msgid "A prayer for life immortal!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:445
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:448
 msgid ""
 "I don't know who you are, but you can't continue down this road! There is an "
 "army of those Orcs bigger than any army I've ever seen just down the road!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:451
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:454
 msgid ""
 "I'm Haldric, my father was King Eldaric IV in the lands North-West of here. "
 "Soldier have you deserted your post?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:457
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:460
 msgid ""
 "No Sir! I'm the sole survivor of the Clearwater Port expeditionary force. "
 "Trust me, you can't continue down this road sir. Especially with the "
 "refugees, you'll be slaughtered."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:463
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:466
 msgid "Tell me, does Clearwater Port still stand? Is the port free?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:469
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:472
 msgid ""
 "As far as I know Sir. We have a large army, and they were pressing all able "
 "bodied men and boys into service when I left. That Orcish army is huge, but "
 "they haven't met the main body of our forces yet."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:475
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:478
 msgid ""
 "Well, we can't go back, and the road ahead is blocked. I guess we'll have to "
 "risk it and go through the Oldwood forest, then make a break for Clearwater "
 "Port or Southbay."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:481
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:484
 msgid ""
 "Oh great, now a Forest. . . I should have stayed at home and took my chances "
 "with the Orcs!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:508
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_River_Road.cfg:511
 msgid ""
 "We have run out of time. . . We'll be trapped in this swamp when winter "
@@ -3853,127 +3891,127 @@
 "#Turns run out"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:202
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:201
 msgid ""
 "Haldric and his companions race across the plains to confront the resurgent "
 "Orcish threat. On the eve of battle Lady Jessica catches up with Haldric on "
 "a fog covered plain."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:207
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:206
 msgid "Haldric, the Elves, we can't trust them!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:213
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:212
 msgid "I could have told you that."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:218
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:217
 msgid ""
 "Haldric, it's bad. The Elves are having second thoughts. They think we might "
 "be more trouble than we're worth. We have to defeat these Orcs decisively."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:223
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:222
 msgid "Well, that sounds reasonable."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:228
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:227
 msgid ""
 "More Orcs will follow after these, that Ruby guarantees it. If more Orcs "
 "follow us here the Elves seem content to let us fight it out. Then they said "
 "they would 'deal with the survivors'."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:233
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:232
 msgid ""
 "Jevyan is here. . . His familiar, that bat. He won't let such a lucrative "
 "prize as the Ruby of Fire just slip away. Especially when he sees that he "
 "has the advantage."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:238
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:237
 msgid ""
 "I have a plan. Jessica, remember that Troll Hole? Here, take the Ruby of "
 "Fire, hide it in the hole."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:243
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:242
 msgid "Haldric! What! Why?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:248
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:247
 msgid "Just do it."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:253
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:252
 msgid ""
 "Lt. Aethyr, did these Orcs come on our ships, did they capture the fleet we "
 "sent out?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:258
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:257
 msgid ""
 "No Sir! They must have seized all of remaining boats on the Green Isle. Our "
 "fleet should be returning any day now."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:263
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:262
 msgid ""
 "We are a refugee people, we must push back their vanguard, and secure our "
 "beachhead. If they capture our ships all is lost. We will be crushed under a "
 "tide of Orcs."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:277
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:276
 msgid "Lady Jessica soon departs. In the distance a voice booms:"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:296
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:295
 msgid ""
 "Drop the gold where it is! We've payed our friends enough. There are humans "
 "about, I can smell 'em!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:306
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:305
 msgid "We have run out of time. . . We'll never beat the Orcs to the beach"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:320
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:319
 msgid "I've found the Orcs' chest! It's filled with gold."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:353
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:352
 msgid "You will be felled by by hand you useless fleashbags!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:375
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:374
 msgid ""
 "Never trust the living to do the job of the undead. Prepare to meet the "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:381
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:380
 msgid ""
 "The only job of the dead is to remain dead. Prepare to be reunited with the "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:405
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:404
 msgid "We must block the human advance!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:427
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:426
 msgid "Reserves! We can't let them get to their landing site."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:442
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:441
 msgid ""
 "We've defeated their vanguard. We have to meet the fleet before Jevyan "
 "destroys them, and captures the ships. I hope Jessica makes it back soon."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:475
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/The_Vanguard.cfg:474
 msgid ""
 "Ahh, it's great to be home! I'm not much for the politics, but it's great to "
 "be home!"
@@ -3983,41 +4021,41 @@
 msgid "Troll Hole"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:255
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:259
 msgid ""
 "It isn't long before Haldric and his companions enter the Brown Hills. An "
 "elven guide leads them to a gaping cave mouth, and they descend into the "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:261
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:265
 msgid "So, does anybody know anything about trolls?"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:267
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:271
 msgid ""
 "I indeed do. They are green, and mean, and will try to crush you like a bug. "
 "They heal very quickly."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:273
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:277
 msgid ""
 "Hmm. . . Do we really need to know that much about the trolls? I think it's "
 "safe to say that the elves wouldn't have sent us down here if they were at "
 "all friendly."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:279
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:283
 msgid "Fair Enough. Well, let's get them!"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:288
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:292
 msgid ""
 "We have failed. . . More of the Troll's kin are arriving through the "
 msgstr ""
-#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:329
+#: data/scenarios/The_Rise_of_Wesnoth/Troll_Hole.cfg:333
 msgid ""
 "The trolls are beaten. No wonder why the elves are getting us to do their "
 "dirty linens."
Index: wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth.po
diff -u wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth.po:1.8 wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth.po:1.9
--- wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth.po:1.8        Wed Sep 22 09:35:17 2004
+++ wesnoth/po/de/wesnoth.po    Tue Sep 28 20:11:11 2004
@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@
 msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: Battle for Wesnoth 0.8.2-CVS\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugs.wesnoth.org/\n";
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2004-09-16 14:31+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2004-09-20 21:40+0100\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2004-09-27 22:10+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2004-09-24 13:43+0100\n"
 "Last-Translator: Christoph Berg <address@hidden>\n"
 "Language-Team: none\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
@@ -17,23 +17,23 @@
 "X-Poedit-Language: German\n"
 "X-Poedit-Country: GERMANY\n"
-#: data/game.cfg:319
+#: data/game.cfg:321
 msgid "loyal"
 msgstr "loyal"
-#: data/game.cfg:327
+#: data/game.cfg:329
 msgid "strong"
 msgstr "kräftig"
-#: data/game.cfg:342
+#: data/game.cfg:344
 msgid "quick"
 msgstr "schnell"
-#: data/game.cfg:356
+#: data/game.cfg:358
 msgid "intelligent"
 msgstr "intelligent"
-#: data/game.cfg:365
+#: data/game.cfg:367
 msgid "resilient"
 msgstr "robust"
@@ -66,13 +66,13 @@
 msgstr ""
 "<img>src=misc/logo.png align=middle box=no</img>\n"
-"Battle for Wesnoth ist ein im Vergleich zu anderen modernen Strategiespielen "
-"etwas ungewöhnliches, rundenbasiertes Fantasy-Strategiespiel. Im Gegensatz "
-"zu den anderen Spielen, die hauptsächlich auf Komplexität der Regeln 
setzen, "
-"versucht Battle for Wesnoth diese einfach zu halten. Das allerdings das "
-"Spiel nicht einfach, sondern gibt enorme strategische Möglichkeiten. Battle "
-"for Wesnoth ist einfach zu erlernen, aber es benötigt Erfahrung, um ein "
-"Meister zu werden."
+"Battle for Wesnoth ist ein, im Vergleich zu anderen modernen "
+"Strategiespielen, etwas ungewöhnliches, rundenbasiertes Fantasy-"
+"Strategiespiel. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Spielen, die hauptsächlich auf "
+"komplexe Regeln setzen, versucht Battle for Wesnoth diese einfach zu halten. "
+"Das heisst allerdings nicht, dass das Spiel simpel wäre. Battle for Wesnoth "
+"ist einfach zu erlernen, aber durch die enormen strategischen Möglichkeiten "
+"benötigt es einige Erfahrung, um ein Meister zu werden."
 #: data/help.cfg:60
 msgid "Fundamentals of Gameplay"
@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@
 "<ref>dst=inkome_and_upkeep text='Einkommen und Unterhaltskosten'</ref>, wenn "
 "Sie dazu mehr Informationen möchten."
-#: data/help.cfg:85 src/help.cpp:771 src/help.cpp:772
+#: data/help.cfg:85 src/help.cpp:772 src/help.cpp:773
 msgid "Movement"
 msgstr "Bewegungskosten"
@@ -811,18 +811,16 @@
 msgstr ""
 #: data/items.cfg:495
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Potion of Decay"
-msgstr "Tageszeit"
+msgstr "Trank des Verfalls"
 #: data/items.cfg:498
 msgid "This poor unit drank something really bad."
 msgstr ""
 #: data/items.cfg:533
-#, fuzzy
 msgid "Ring of Regeneration"
-msgstr "Neu erstellen"
+msgstr "Ring der Regeneration"
 #: data/items.cfg:536
 msgid "This ring will heal the bearer a little each turn."
@@ -911,68 +909,99 @@
 msgid "Default"
 msgstr "Standard"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:23 data/multiplayer.cfg:98 data/multiplayer.cfg:173
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:249
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:23 data/multiplayer.cfg:104 data/multiplayer.cfg:185
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:267 src/multiplayer_client.cpp:661
 msgid "&random-enemy.png,Random"
 msgstr "&random-enemy.png,Zufall"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:28 data/multiplayer.cfg:178
-msgid "&human-general.png,Loyalists"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:28
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&human-lieutenant.png,Loyalists"
 msgstr "&human-general.png,Loyalisten"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:39 data/multiplayer.cfg:189
-msgid "&elvish-high-lord.png,Rebels"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:40
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&elvish-captain.png,Rebels"
 msgstr "&elvish-high-lord.png,Rebellen"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:50 data/multiplayer.cfg:200
-msgid "&orcish-warlord.png,Northerners"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:52
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&orcish-warrior.png,Northerners"
 msgstr "&orcish-warlord.png,Nordmannen"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:61 data/multiplayer.cfg:136 data/multiplayer.cfg:211
-msgid "&undead-lich.png,Undead"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:64 data/multiplayer.cfg:145
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&undead-necromancer.png,Undead"
 msgstr "&undead-lich.png,Untote"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:72 data/multiplayer.cfg:222
-msgid "&dwarf-lord.png,Knalgan Alliance"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:76
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&dwarf-warrior.png,Knalgan Alliance"
 msgstr "&dwarf-lord.png,Knalgan Allianz"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:83 data/multiplayer.cfg:158 data/multiplayer.cfg:233
-msgid "&drake-warrior.png,Drakes"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:88 data/multiplayer.cfg:169 data/multiplayer.cfg:250
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&drake-flare.png,Drakes"
 msgstr "&drake-warrior.png,Draken"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:95
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:101
 msgid "Classic"
 msgstr "Klassik"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:103
-msgid "&human-general.png,Humans"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:109
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&human-lieutenant.png,Humans"
 msgstr "&human-general.png,Menschen"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:114
-msgid "&elvish-high-lord.png,Elves"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:121
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&elvish-captain.png,Elves"
 msgstr "&elvish-high-lord.png,Elfen"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:125
-msgid "&orcish-warlord.png,Orcs"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:133
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&orcish-warrior.png,Orcs"
 msgstr "&orcish-warlord.png,Orks"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:147
-msgid "&dwarf-lord.png,Dwarves"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:157
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&dwarf-warrior.png,Dwarves"
 msgstr "&dwarf-lord.png,Zwerge"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:170
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:182
 msgid "Age of Heroes"
 msgstr "Zeit der Helden"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:246
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:190
+msgid "&human-general.png,Loyalists"
+msgstr "&human-general.png,Loyalisten"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:202
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "&elvish-marshal.png,Rebels"
+msgstr "&elvish-high-lord.png,Rebellen"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:214
+msgid "&orcish-warlord.png,Northerners"
+msgstr "&orcish-warlord.png,Nordmannen"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:226
+msgid "&undead-lich.png,Undead"
+msgstr "&undead-lich.png,Untote"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:238
+msgid "&dwarf-lord.png,Knalgan Alliance"
+msgstr "&dwarf-lord.png,Knalgan Allianz"
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:264
 msgid "Great War"
 msgstr "Der grosse Krieg"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:254
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:272
 msgid "&white-mage.png,Alliance of Light"
 msgstr "&white-mage.png,Allianz des Lichts"
-#: data/multiplayer.cfg:265
+#: data/multiplayer.cfg:284
 msgid "&undead-necromancer.png,Alliance of Darkness"
 msgstr "&undead-necromancer.png,Allianz der Finsternis"
@@ -982,6 +1011,11 @@
 msgstr ""
+#: data/scenarios/multiplayer/An_Island.cfg:7
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "An Island"
+msgstr "Insel"
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/ForestOfFear.cfg:3
 msgid "Forest of Fear"
 msgstr "Forst der Furcht"
@@ -1029,8 +1063,9 @@
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Wesbowl.cfg:361
 #: data/scenarios/multiplayer/Wesbowl.cfg:638
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:292
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:279 src/show_dialog.cpp:449
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:276
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:268
+#: src/show_dialog.cpp:449
 msgid "No"
 msgstr "Nein"
@@ -1090,15 +1125,16 @@
 msgid "King of the Hill"
 msgstr "König des Hügels"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:67
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:47
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "I am here to learn how to fight in a battle. As an experienced elder mage, "
-"surely you can explain the art of combat to me."
+"surely you can explain the art of combat to me..."
 msgstr ""
 "Ich bin hier, um kämpfen zu lernen. Ihr seid ein erfahrener und weiser "
-"Magier, und könnt mich sicherlich in der Kunst des Kampfes unterrichten."
+"Magier und könnt mich sicherlich in der Kunst des Kampfes unterweisen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:71
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:51
 msgid ""
 "Before entering any battle, you need to recruit units. To recruit a unit, "
 "right click on the castle tile on which you wish to recruit the unit. Then "
@@ -1107,31 +1143,31 @@
 msgstr ""
 "Vor jeder Schlacht müsst Ihr Einheiten ausbilden. Dazu müsst Ihr auf das "
 "Burgfeld, auf dem sie ausgebildet werden sollen, rechtsklicken. Danach wählt 
-"\"Ausbilden\" und \"OK\". Ihr könnt nur in Burgfelder direkt neben dem "
-"Burfried, in dem Euer Anführer steht, ausbilden."
+"»Ausbilden« und »Okay«. Ihr könnt Einheiten nur in Burgfeldern direkt 
neben "
+"dem Bergfried, in dem Euer Anführer steht, ausbilden."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:73
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:53
 msgid "Recruit a unit"
-msgstr "Einheit Ausbilden"
+msgstr "Einheit ausbilden"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:79
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:59
 msgid "Excellent! You have recruited an Elvish Fighter."
-msgstr "Ausgezeichnet! Ihr habt einen Elfen-Kämpfer ausgebildet."
+msgstr "Ausgezeichnet! Ihr habt einen Elfenkrieger ausgebildet."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:81
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:101
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:136
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:164
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:182
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:206
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:61
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:85
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:120
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:148
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:166
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:190
 msgid "What do I do next?"
 msgstr "Was soll ich als nächstes tun?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:83
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:63
 msgid "How do I recruit units?"
 msgstr "Wie bilde ich Einheiten aus?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:83
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:63
 msgid ""
 "To recruit a unit, right click on the castle tile on which you wish to "
 "recruit the unit. Then select Recruit, or just hold your cursor over the "
@@ -1140,12 +1176,13 @@
 "Shift-R' to re-recruit the last type of unit you recruited."
 msgstr ""
 "Um eine Einheit auszubilden müsst Ihr auf das Burgfeld, auf demsie "
-"ausgebildet werden sollen, rechtsklicken. Danach wählt \"Ausbilden\" und 
-"\", oder einfach 'Ctrl-R'. Als nächstes wählt den Typ der Einheit, die Ihr "
-"ausbilden wollt, und drückt \"OK\". Um schneller auszubilden könnt Ihr mit "
-"'Ctrl-Shift-R' eine weitere Einheit des letzten Einheitentyps ausbilden."
+"ausgebildet werden sollen, rechtsklicken. Danach wählt »Ausbilden« und "
+"»Okay«, oder einfach »Ctrl-R«. Als nächstes wählt den Typ der Einheit, 
die "
+"Ihr ausbilden wollt, und drückt »Okay«. Um schneller auszubilden könnt 
Ihr "
+"mit »Ctrl-Shift-R« eine weitere Einheit des letzten Einheitentyps 
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:84
+# Korrektur lesen
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:64
 msgid ""
 "A leader is a unit that can recruit. This means that when the leader is on a "
 "keep, he can recruit units on the surrounding castle tiles. Leaders are "
@@ -1155,27 +1192,29 @@
 "dies, you lose the game. You can win most scenarios by defeating all enemy "
 msgstr ""
-"Ein Anführer ist eine Einheit, die Ausbilden kann. Das bedeutet, dass ein "
-"Anführer, wenn er auf einem Burgfried steht, in den umliegenden Burgfeldern "
-"Einheiten ausbilden kann. Anführer sind meistens mächtige Einheiten, und "
-"jede Partei kontrolliert einen. Normalerweise ist Euer Anführer auch die "
-"erste Einheit, die Eure Partei kontrolliert, und beginnt auf einem Burgfeld. "
-"Ihr könnt Euren Anführer schnell auswählen, in dem Ihr 'l' drückt. Wenn 
Euer "
-"Anführer stirbt, habt Ihr das Spiel verloren. Die meisten Szenarien könnt "
-"Ihr gewinnen, in dem Ihr alle gegnerischen Anführer besiegt."
+"Ein Anführer ist eine Einheit, die Einheiten ausbilden kann. Das bedeutet, "
+"dass ein Anführer, wenn er auf einem Bergfried steht, in den umliegenden "
+"Burgfeldern Einheiten ausbilden kann. Anführer sind meistens mächtige "
+"Einheiten und jede Partei kontrolliert einen. Normalerweise ist Euer "
+"Anführer auch die erste Einheit, die Eure Partei kontrolliert, und beginnt "
+"auf einem Burgfeld. Ihr könnt Euren Anführer schnell auswählen, in dem Ihr 
+"'l' drückt. Wenn Euer Anführer stirbt, habt Ihr das Spiel verloren. Die "
+"meisten Szenarien könnt Ihr gewinnen, in dem Ihr alle gegnerischen Anführer 
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:84
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:64
 msgid "What's a leader?"
 msgstr "Was ist ein Anführer?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:85
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:65
 msgid "How should I choose what kind of units to recruit?"
 msgstr "Welche Arten von Einheiten sollte ich ausbilden?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:85
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:65
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "You have to carefully review their skills, which are displayed to the left "
-"of the unit selection box, and cost, which is displayed after the name of "
+"of the unit selection box,  and cost, which is displayed after the name of "
 "the unit. You will learn more about these statistics throughout the tutorial."
 msgstr ""
 "Ihr müsst sorgfältig die Fähigkeiten der Einheiten überprüfen, die links 
von "
@@ -1183,11 +1222,11 @@
 "der Einheit abwägen. Ihr werdet im Verlauf des Tutorials noch mehr darüber "
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:86
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:66
 msgid "What happens when I recruit a unit?"
 msgstr "Was geschieht, wenn ich eine Einheit ausbilde?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:86
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:66
 msgid ""
 "When you recruit a unit, it appears at full health on a castle tile of your "
 "choice. It also receives two traits, which will be discussed later. It "
@@ -1198,7 +1237,7 @@
 "erzähle ich später mehr. Eine frisch ausgebildete Einheit kann sich bis zum 
 "Ende des Zuges nicht bewegen oder angreifen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:92
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:76
 msgid ""
 "Since units cannot move on the turn they are recruited, you must end your "
 "turn. To do this, simply click the 'End Turn' button in the lower-right hand "
@@ -1208,19 +1247,19 @@
 "oder angreifen können, müsst Ihr euren Zug jetzt beenden. Dazu klickt "
 "einfach auf den \"Zug beenden\"-Button ganz unten rechts."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:94
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:78
 msgid "End your turn"
 msgstr "Beendet Euren Zug"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:99
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:83
 msgid "You have successfully ended your turn."
 msgstr "Ihr habt euren Zug erfolgreich beendet."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:103
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:87
 msgid "How do I end my turn?"
 msgstr "Wie beende ich meinen Zug?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:103
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:87
 msgid ""
 "One way to end your turn is to press 'Alt-E'. Alternatively, you can right-"
 "click and select End Turn, or select the End Turn button in the lower-right "
@@ -1230,11 +1269,11 @@
 "Rechtsklick 'Zug beenden' auswählen, oder den 'Zug beenden'-Button ganz "
 "rechts unten drücken."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:104
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:88
 msgid "What happens when I end my turn?"
 msgstr "Was geschieht, wenn ich meinen Zug beende?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:104
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:88
 msgid ""
 "When you end your turn, it becomes another side's turn and only that side "
 "has the right to move, until that side ends its turn. After all sides end "
@@ -1251,7 +1290,7 @@
 "angezeigt. Wenn die Zugnummer die maximale Zuganzahl überschreitet, verliert 
 "Ihr das Spiel."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:110
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:94
 msgid ""
 "Your next task is to move your Elvish Fighter. To move a unit, first select "
 "it, then select his destination. In this case, his destination is the forest "
@@ -1261,11 +1300,11 @@
 "bewegen, wählt sie zuerst aus, und klickt dann auf das Zielfeld. In diesem "
 "Fall ist dies der Wald neben dem Elfenschamanen Merle."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:112
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:96
 msgid "Move your Elvish Fighter next to Merle"
 msgstr "Zieht euren Kämpfer auf ein Merle benachbartes Feld"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:134
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:118
 msgid ""
 "Excellent! You have successfully moved your Elvish Fighter. However, since "
 "he moved next to an enemy unit, he has lost all his movement for this turn; "
@@ -1276,11 +1315,11 @@
 "Bewegungspunkte für den Rest des Zuges verloren. Das wird 'Kontrollzone' "
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:138
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:122
 msgid "How far can my Elvish Fighter move?"
 msgstr "Wie weit kann sich mein Elfen-Kämpfer bewegen?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:138
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:122
 msgid ""
 "Your Elvish Fighter begins with a certain number of move points each turn; "
 "this is called his speed. When your Elvish Fighter moves along a path, each "
@@ -1305,7 +1344,7 @@
 "Feld zu. Wenn Ihr versehentlich einen Kurs setzt, wählt die Einheit zweimal "
 "aus, um den Kurs wieder zu löschen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:139
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:123
 msgid ""
 "A unit's zone of control is the location consisting of all hexes the unit is "
 "adjacent to. Units cannot move through opponent's zones of control; they can "
@@ -1319,15 +1358,15 @@
 "Bewegungspunkte. Ihr könnt Kontrollzonen nutzen, um schwache und verwundete "
 "Einheiten zu schützen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:139
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:123
 msgid "What's the zone of control?"
 msgstr "Was ist die Kontrollzone?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:140
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:124
 msgid "How do I tell who is allied and who is an enemy?"
 msgstr "Woher weiß ich, wer ein Verbündeter und wer ein Feind ist?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:140
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:124
 msgid ""
 "Units you control have a green, yellow, or red energy circle above their "
 "health bar, the green vertical bar next to them. Units with full movement "
@@ -1348,7 +1387,7 @@
 "\"Teamfarben anzeigen\" auswählen. Dann wird unter jeder Einheit eine "
 "Scheibe in der Farbe der Partei angezeigt."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:146
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:130
 msgid ""
 "Now, you need to attack with your fighter. To attack, first select a unit, "
 "then select its target, which must be next to the attacking unit. You will "
@@ -1359,19 +1398,19 @@
 "Angreifer stehen muss. Es erscheint eine Angriffsauswahlbox, wo Ihr eine "
 "Attacke wählen könnt."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:148
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:132
 msgid "Attack Merle"
 msgstr "Greift Merle an"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:162
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:146
 msgid "You have successfully attacked Merle."
 msgstr "Ihr habt Merle erfolgreich angegriffen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:166
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:150
 msgid "Can Merle retaliate from my attack?"
 msgstr "Kann Merle zurückschlagen, wenn ich angreife?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:166
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:150
 msgid ""
 "Whenever a unit is attacked, it retaliates with one of their own weapons. "
 "This means that after each blow from the attacker, the defender retaliates "
@@ -1399,7 +1438,7 @@
 "Allerdings können Fernkampfeinheiten nicht über mehrere Felder hinweg "
 "angreifen, was eine besondere Eigenschaft von Wesnoth ist."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:167
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:151
 msgid ""
 "Every attack does a certain amount of damage per hit, and can be used a "
 "certain number of times per battle. These numbers, called the attack's "
@@ -1419,11 +1458,11 @@
 "Beispiel macht 14 Schadenspunkte, und hat 4 Schläge, so dass sie maximal 56 "
 "Schadenspunkte in einem Kampf macht."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:167
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:151
 msgid "How can you tell how powerful a unit's attacks are?"
 msgstr "Wo sehe ich, wie stark der Angriff einer Einheit ist?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:168
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:152
 msgid ""
 "Units have the ability to block blows. The chance that a unit has to hit is "
 "based on the defender's skill at defending blows, and is listed on the "
@@ -1433,15 +1472,15 @@
 "basiert auf der Fähigkeit der verteidigenden Einheit, Schlägen 
auszuweichen. "
 "Im Angriffsmenü erscheint sie nach den Schadens- und Schlaganzahl-Werten."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:168
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:152
 msgid "Will my fighter hit every time when he attacks?"
 msgstr "Trifft mein Kämpfer bei jedem Schlag, wenn er angreift?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:174
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:158
 msgid "End your turn, and wait for Merle to attack you."
 msgstr "Beendet euren Zug, und wartet auf den Angriff Merles."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:180
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:164
 msgid ""
 "Your fighter has survived Merle's attack. Whenever a unit survives a battle, "
 "it gets experience from the combat. Once a unit gains enough experience, it "
@@ -1451,11 +1490,11 @@
 "Kampf überlebt, bekommt sie Erfahrungspunkte. Sobald sie genug "
 "Erfahrungspunkte gesammelt hat, steigt sie eine Stufe auf und wird stärker."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:184
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:168
 msgid "What's experience?"
 msgstr "Was ist Erfahrung?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:184
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:168
 msgid ""
 "When a unit fights another unit, it gains experience, denoted 'XP', from the "
 "combat. The amount of experience gained is equal to the opponent's level, "
@@ -1468,11 +1507,11 @@
 "Stärke repräsentiert. Wenn der Gegner getötet wird, erhält die Einheit 
aber "
 "viel mehr EP, nämlich 8x Stufe des Gegners."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:185
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:169
 msgid "What happens when a unit advances?"
 msgstr "Was passiert, wenn eine Einheit eine Stufe aufsteigt?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:185
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:169
 msgid ""
 "When a unit advances, it transforms into a different unit type. This unit "
 "type is dependent on what the unit was originally, but occasionally there "
@@ -1488,23 +1527,23 @@
 "Weiterhin wird eine Einheit bei einem Aufstieg komplett von allem Schaden "
 "und Effekten geheilt. Das wird \"Aufstiegs-Heilung\" genannt."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:191
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:175
 msgid "Move your fighter onto a village."
 msgstr "Zieht euren Kämpfer auf ein Dorf."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:193
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:177
 msgid "Move your fighter onto a village"
 msgstr "Zieht euren Kämpfer auf ein Dorf"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:204
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:188
 msgid "Villages heal the units on them."
 msgstr "Dörfer heilen Einheiten, die auf ihnen stehen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:208
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:192
 msgid "What happens when a unit moves onto a village?"
 msgstr "Was passiert, wenn eine Einheit auf ein Dorf zieht?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:208
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:192
 msgid ""
 "Whenever a unit moves onto a village, he flags the village for his side. "
 "This action takes all of the unit's remaining movement. Villages flagged for "
@@ -1526,13 +1565,13 @@
 "Kampf genutzt werden: Eine Einheit, die auf einem Dorf steht, wird am Anfang "
 "des nächsten Zuges 8 LP heilen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:209
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:193
 msgid "How do I heal when there aren't any villages nearby?"
 msgstr ""
 "Wie können meine Einheiten geheilt werden, wenn keine Dörfer in der Nähe "
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:209
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:193
 msgid ""
 "There are ways to heal even without villages. If a unit does not move or "
 "attack for 1 turn, he heals 2 HP from resting. However if an enemy attacks "
@@ -1550,7 +1589,7 @@
 "pro Zug geheilt. Und schließlich werden alle Eure Einheiten vollständig "
 "geheilt, wenn Ihr ein Szenario beendet."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:215
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:199
 msgid ""
 "Now, you must defeat Merle by reducing her to 0 HP or lower. Just attack "
@@ -1558,11 +1597,11 @@
 "Nun müsst Ihr Merle besiegen, indem Ihr ihre Lebenspunkte auf 0 oder weniger 
 "bringt. Greift einfach oft genug an."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:217
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:201
 msgid "Defeat Merle"
 msgstr "Besiege Merle"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:232
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:216
 msgid ""
 "Oops! You moved your leader off of the keep. Remember, when your leader is "
 "not on a keep, you cannot recruit. Also remember that if your leader dies, "
@@ -1574,8 +1613,8 @@
 "Anführer stirbt, verliert Ihr das Spiel. Um das Tutorial fortzusetzen, werde 
 "ich Euch zum Burgfried zurück teleportieren."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:248
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:233
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:232
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:222
 msgid ""
 "Unfortunately, you lost, because your leader was defeated. Hopefully you "
 "have gained wisdom from my teachings anyway."
@@ -1583,8 +1622,8 @@
 "Ihr habt leider verloren, weil euer Anführer besiegt wurde. Hoffentlich habt 
 "Ihr aus meinen Lehren trotzdem etwas gelernt."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:255
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:240
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:239
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:229
 msgid ""
 "Unfortunately, you lost, because you ran out of time. Hopefully you have "
 "gained wisdom from my teachings anyway."
@@ -1592,29 +1631,30 @@
 "Ihr habt leider verloren, weil die Zeit abgelaufen ist. Hoffentlich habt Ihr "
 "aus meinen Lehren trotzdem etwas gelernt."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:265
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:249
 msgid "You have successfully completed the first training scenario."
 msgstr "Ihr habt euer erstes Übungszenario erfolgreich abgeschlossen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:267
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:252
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:251
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:241
 msgid "Hooray!"
 msgstr "Hurra!"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:269
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:253
 msgid "How do I know how to complete a scenario? Will you always tell me?"
 msgstr ""
 "Wie weiß ich, was ich tun muss, um ein Szenario zu gewinnen? Werdet Ihr mir "
 "das immer sagen?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:269
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:253
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Sometimes it is not clear how to win a scenario just by listening to the "
 "dialog. In this case you need to look at the scenario objectives, which "
 "appear after the opening dialog. It can also be accessed by clicking "
 "'Objectives' on the menu. The scenario objectives are a list of victory "
-"conditions and defeat conditions, and if any of the conditions are met, the "
-"level is over. Hopefully, it was a victory condition that was met."
+"conditions and defeat conditions, and when any of the conditions are met, "
+"the level is over. Hopefully, it was a victory condition that was met."
 msgstr ""
 "Manchmal wird es aus dem Einführungsdialog nicht klar, wie man ein Szenario "
 "gewinnen kann. In einem solchen Fall müsst Ihr euch die Gewinnbedingungen "
@@ -1625,11 +1665,11 @@
 "Szenario vorüber. Dann war es hoffentlich eine Siegbedingung, die erfüllt "
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:270
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:254
 msgid "What happens when I win a scenario?"
 msgstr "Was geschieht, wenn ich ein Szenario gewinne?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:270
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:254
 msgid ""
 "When you win a scenario, all of your units survive and are revived to full "
 "health, and you do not have to pay them for the remaining turns. Also, if "
@@ -1643,23 +1683,24 @@
 "in dem Gebiet verbleibt, schließen sich euch automatisch alle Dörfer an. 
Wie "
 "auch immer, zwischen den Szenarien verliert Ihr 20% Eures Goldes."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:276
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:261
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:260
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:250
 msgid "Do you want to review any of the skills learned on this level?"
 msgstr ""
 "Möchtest Ihr die Kennisse, die in diesem Level vermittelt werden, anschauen?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:278
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:263 src/show_dialog.cpp:448
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:262
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:252
+#: src/show_dialog.cpp:448
 msgid "Yes"
 msgstr "Ja"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:280
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:265
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:264
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:254
 msgid "I'm done reviewing skills!"
 msgstr "Ich habe mir die Fähigkeiten alle angesehen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial1.cfg:297
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Basic_Training.cfg:281
 msgid ""
 "Although you have completed your first scenario, your training is not yet "
 "over. We will now proceed to the next scenario, in which you will fight me "
@@ -1669,11 +1710,11 @@
 "vorbei. Wir gehen nun zum nächsten Szenario, wo Ihr mit mir in einem "
 "Übungskampf kämpfen müsst."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:3
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:3
 msgid "Traits and Specialties"
 msgstr "Charakteristiken und Spezialitäten"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:60
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:39
 msgid ""
 "Now you will be subject to a more difficult test. You must defeat me in mock "
@@ -1681,7 +1722,7 @@
 "Nun müsst Ihr eine schwierigere Prüfung bestehen. Ihr müsst mich in einem "
 "Testkampf besiegen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:64
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:43
 msgid ""
 "You can win most scenarios simply by defeating all enemy leaders. Win this "
 "scenario by defeating me. Your fighter from the previous scenario can help "
@@ -1696,7 +1737,7 @@
 "auswählen, den Kämpfer auswählen und dann \"OK\" drücken. Ihr solltet 
auch "
 "Elfen-Kämpfer und Elfen-Schützen ausbilden."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:79
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:64
 msgid ""
 "@Skills covered:\n"
@@ -1726,22 +1767,22 @@
 "Besiege Delfador"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:86
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:75
 msgid "You have successfully recalled your Elvish Fighter."
 msgstr "Ihr habt euren Elfen-Kämpfer erfolgreich einberufen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:88
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:102
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:117
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:131
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:145
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:159
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:173
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:206
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:77
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:91
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:106
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:120
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:134
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:148
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:162
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:195
 msgid "En guarde!"
 msgstr "En garde!"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:90
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:79
 msgid ""
 "First, you must pay 20 pieces of gold for each unit you recall, regardless "
 "of the type of unit. Other than that, recalled units are basically like "
@@ -1753,15 +1794,15 @@
 "ausgebildete Einheiten, außer das eben keine neue Einheit, sondern eine von "
 "einem vorigen Szenario erscheint."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:90
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:79
 msgid "What happens when I recall a unit?"
 msgstr "Was geschieht, wenn ich eine Einheit einberufe?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:91
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:80
 msgid "How should I decide which units to recall?"
 msgstr "Wie soll ich entscheiden, welche Einheiten ich einberufe?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:91
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:80
 msgid ""
 "You should usually recall units that have already advanced to the next "
 "level. However, you may also want to recall units that have high experience, "
@@ -1777,7 +1818,7 @@
 "Gold. Wenn ihr diese Einheiten braucht, ist es normalerweise sinnvoller, "
 "sie, wenn möglich, einzuberufen anstatt neu auszubilden."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:100
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:89
 msgid ""
 "You may notice that your units have slightly different statistics than the "
 "statistics shown before you recruited them. This is because they have been "
@@ -1787,7 +1828,7 @@
 "Eigenschaften haben als die, die Ihr vor der Ausbildung gesehen hast. Das "
 "kommt daher, das ihnen bestimmte Charakteristiken zugewiesen wurden."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:104
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:93
 msgid ""
 "The function of traits is add variety by making units of the same type "
 "different from each other. This is done by randomly assigning each unit "
@@ -1803,11 +1844,11 @@
 "die Auswirkungen einer Charakteristik kann eingesehen werden, in dem man den "
 "Cursor über sie bewegt."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:104
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:93
 msgid "What do traits do?"
 msgstr "Was machen Charakteristiken?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:105
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:94
 msgid ""
 "There are five distinct traits, which have effects ranging from increasing a "
 "unit's hit points to decreasing the amount of XP required to advance. "
@@ -1821,11 +1862,11 @@
 "gibt keine \"schlechten Charakteristiken\". Die meisten Einheiten haben die "
 "gleiche Chance für jede Charakteristik."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:105
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:94
 msgid "What kind of traits can my units get?"
 msgstr "Welche verschiedenen Charakteristiken kann meine Einheit haben?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:115
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:104
 msgid ""
 "When you recruit and recall units, you lose gold. If this would cause you to "
 "have less than 0 gold, you cannot recruit or recall."
@@ -1833,11 +1874,11 @@
 "Wenn Ihr Einheiten ausbildet oder einberuft kostet das Gold. Ihr könnt nur "
 "Ausbilden bzw. Einberufen, wenn Ihr genug Gold dafür habt."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:119
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:108
 msgid "How much gold do my units cost?"
 msgstr "Wieviel Gold kosten meine Einheiten?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:119
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:108
 msgid ""
 "You need to pay each unit you recruit or recall gold when you recruit it. "
 "The cost of recruiting a unit is displayed under the unit's name. The cost "
@@ -1857,11 +1898,11 @@
 "keinen Unterhalt. Die Gesamt-Unterhaltskosten werden neben dem Bild von Gold "
 "und einem roten Pfeil in der Statusleiste angezeigt."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:120
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:109
 msgid "How do I get gold?"
 msgstr "Wie komme ich zu Gold?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:120
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:109
 msgid ""
 "You begin each level with a percentage of gold from the previous level. If "
 "this is less than 100 gold, you begin with 100 gold instead. The amount of "
@@ -1877,7 +1918,7 @@
 "das meistens zu wenig ist, solltet ihr Dörfer unter eure Kontrolle bringen. "
 "Jedes Dorf bringt euch ein Goldstück pro Zug."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:129
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:118
 msgid ""
 "The sun is setting over Wesnoth. The time of day affects how much damage "
 "units of different alignments can inflict upon each other."
@@ -1886,7 +1927,7 @@
 "Schadens, den Einheiten unterschiedlicher Gesinnung sich gegenseitig zufügen 
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:133
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:122
 msgid ""
 "There are 3 alignments: Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic. There are also 3 times "
 "of day: day, twilight, and night. During day, units of the alignment Lawful, "
@@ -1901,15 +1942,15 @@
 "verursachen alle Einheiten normalen Schaden. Neutrale Einheiten verursachen "
 "immer normalen Schaden."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:133
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:122
 msgid "What are the different alignments and times of day?"
 msgstr "Was sind die verschiedenen Gesinnungen und Tageszeiten?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:134
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:123
 msgid "How do I know what time of day it is?"
 msgstr "Wie erkenne ich, welche Tageszeit wir gerade haben?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:134
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:123
 msgid ""
 "The times of day usually progress in a sequence: dawn- identical to "
 "twilight, morning- day, evening- day, dusk- twilight, first-watch- night, "
@@ -1926,13 +1967,13 @@
 "Beispiel immer Nacht. Die aktuelle Tageszeit wird in der Statustabelle "
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:143
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:132
 msgid "Each hex has a terrain, which gives the hex distinctive properties."
 msgstr ""
 "Jedes Hexfeld hat einen bestimmten Geländetyp, der dem Hexfeld verschiedene "
 "Eigenschaften verleiht."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:147
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:136
 msgid ""
 "Two terrains have properties which have already been described; namely "
 "villages and castle. However the properties of most terrains are more "
@@ -1954,15 +1995,15 @@
 "zum beispiel auf Grasland einen Verteidigungswert von 70%, und somit treffen "
 "Angreifer in 30% aller Fälle."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:147
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:136
 msgid "What are the different properties that terrains have?"
 msgstr "Was sind die verschiedenen Eigenschaften, die ein Gelände haben kann?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:148
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:137
 msgid "How do I find out the properties of a specific terrain?"
 msgstr "Wie kann ich die Eigenschaften eines bestimmten Geländes 
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:148
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:137
 msgid ""
 "To find out the properties of a terrain with respect to a specific unit, "
 "right-click on the unit, select Unit Description, then select Terrain "
@@ -1981,7 +2022,7 @@
 "Verteidigungswert der ausgewählten Einheit und die Anzahl der "
 "Bewegungspunkte, die es kostet, um dorthin zu kommen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:157
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:146
 msgid ""
 "Each attack has a damage type which affects how much damage different units "
 "take from that attack."
@@ -1989,7 +2030,7 @@
 "Jeder Angriff hat einen Schadenstyp. Dieser beeinflusst die Größe des "
 "Schadens, den verschiedene Einheiten erleiden."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:161
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:150
 msgid ""
 "Each unit has a certain resistance against each attack type. This resistance "
 "is a percentage which is subtracted from the damage of opponent's weapons of "
@@ -2008,11 +2049,11 @@
 "anderen Boni/Mali (z.B. Tageszeiten). Zwei -50%-Mali ergeben also einen "
 "malus von -100%."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:161
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:150
 msgid "How does resistance affect attack damage?"
 msgstr "Wie beeinflussen Resistenzen den Angriffsschaden?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:162
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:151
 msgid ""
 "There are 6 different damage types: blade, pierce, impact, fire, cold, and "
 "holy. Heavily armored units have high resistance to the physical types: "
@@ -2029,18 +2070,18 @@
 "anfällig sind. Um die Resistenzen einer Einheit einzusehen, rechtsklicke auf 
 "die Einheit, wähle die Einheitsbeschreibung und dann \"Resistenzen\"."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:162
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:151
 msgid "What are the different damage types?"
 msgstr "Was sind die verschiedenen Schadensarten?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:171
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:160
 msgid ""
 "Many units have a specialty which changes the rules of play in some way."
 msgstr ""
 "Viele Einheiten haben eine Besonderheit, die die Spielregeln in einer "
 "bestimmten Weise verändert."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:175
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:164
 msgid ""
 "Each specialty does something different; that's the whole point of a "
 "specialty. To find a description of a unit's specialty, put your cursor over "
@@ -2050,11 +2091,11 @@
 "Bewegt euren Cursor auf den Namen einer Spezialität, um eine Beschreibung zu 
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:175
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:164
 msgid "What do specialties do?"
 msgstr "Was machen Spezialitäten?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:176
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:165
 msgid ""
 "The specialties a unit gets are determined by the unit type; for example all "
 "generals have the specialty leadership. There are two kinds of specialties: "
@@ -2067,11 +2108,11 @@
 "Einheiten, wohingegen Angriffsspezialitäten nur eine Attacke einer Einheit "
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:176
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:165
 msgid "Which units get specialties?"
 msgstr "Welche Einheiten bekommen Spezialitäten?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:177
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:166
 msgid ""
 "There are many different specialties, and learning about them is one of the "
 "interesting parts of playing Wesnoth. The two most common specialties are "
@@ -2086,15 +2127,15 @@
 "steht. Einheiten machen mehr Schaden, wenn sie neben einer Einheit mit "
 "\"Anführerschaft\" stehen, die eine höhere Stufe hat."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:177
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:166
 msgid "What kinds of specialties can my units get?"
 msgstr "Welche Arten von Spezialitäten gibt es?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:178
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:167
 msgid "How do I use specialties?"
 msgstr "Wie benutze ich Spezialitäten?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:178
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:167
 msgid ""
 "To use a specialty, you just have to move and/or attack with your units in a "
 "way which triggers the specialty. For example, in order to use leadership, "
@@ -2106,7 +2147,7 @@
 "\"Anführerschaft\" zu benutzen, müsst Ihr mit einer Einheit angreifen, die "
 "neben einer Einheit mit dieser Spezialität steht."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:195
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:184
 msgid ""
 "Some objects change the statistics of the unit that triggered them. One of "
 "your units found a potion which will make him do more damage on his attack. "
@@ -2117,11 +2158,11 @@
 "Angriff einen größeren Schaden machen lässt. Um ihre neuen "
 "Kampfeigenschaften zu sehen, müsst Ihr die Statusseite anschauen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:202
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:191
 msgid "This potion increases the damage of all the drinker's attacks by four."
 msgstr "Dieser Trank verstärkt den Schaden jeder Attacke um vier Punkte."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:208
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:197
 msgid ""
 "The objects you encounter are put in by the scenario designer, so they vary "
 "from campaign to campaign. In Heir to the Throne, most objects give the unit "
@@ -2133,15 +2174,15 @@
 "bekommt der Finder eines Objekts meistens eine neue Waffe. Es gibt meistens "
 "nicht sehr viele Objekte in einer Kampagne."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:208
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:197
 msgid "What kind of objects am I likely to encounter?"
 msgstr "Welche Objekte werde ich finden?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:209
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:198
 msgid "How long do these objects last?"
 msgstr "Wie lange wirken diese Objekte?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:209
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:198
 msgid ""
 "Most objects are permanent changes to the unit that receives them. However a "
 "few objects, such as holy water, last only until the remainder of the level."
@@ -2150,7 +2191,7 @@
 "findet. Manche Objekte, wie zum Beispiel geweihtes Wasser, wirken nur bis "
 "zum Ende eines Szenarios."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:223
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:212
 msgid ""
 "Remember to try to prevent the enemy from capturing villages, and to "
 "recapture the ones that they already have. This will cut off their gold "
@@ -2160,7 +2201,7 @@
 "die er schon hat, solltet Ihr zurückerobern. So beraubt Ihr ihm seiner "
 "Goldeinnahmen und somit seiner Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:250
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:239
 msgid ""
 "Congratulations! You have defeated me, and completed the second and final "
 "training scenario. Next, you may want to begin a campaign, or play "
@@ -2170,11 +2211,11 @@
 "Trainingszenario überstanden. Ihr könnt jetzt entweder eine Kampangne oder "
 "ein Spiel im Mehrspieler-Modus anfangen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:254
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:243
 msgid "How do I play a campaign?"
 msgstr "Wie spiele ich eine Kampagne?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:254
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:243
 msgid ""
 "To begin a campaign, run Wesnoth, select 'Campaign', select which campaign "
 "to play, then select Easy, Normal, or Hard. Heir to the Throne is the "
@@ -2185,17 +2226,17 @@
 "(leicht, mittel, schwer). Wesnoth-Einsteiger sollten mit der Kampagne \"Der "
 "Thronerbe\" beginnen."
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:255
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:244
 msgid "How do I play multiplayer?"
 msgstr "Wie kann ich ein Mehrspieler-Spiel spielen?"
-#: data/scenarios/tutorial/tutorial2.cfg:255
+#: data/scenarios/tutorial/Traits_and_Specialties.cfg:244
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
-"To play Wesnoth against other people, select 'Multiplayer'. If you have the "
-"latest development version of Wesnoth, select 'Join Official Server'. "
-"However, if you have version 1.0, select 'Join Game', then type in 'server."
-"wesnoth.org'. This will connect you to the official Wesnoth server, where "
-"you can join a game by selecting it, then selecting 'Join Game'."
+"To play Wesnoth against other people, select 'Multiplayer'. Then select "
+"'Join Official Server'. This will connect you to the official Wesnoth "
+"server, where you can join a game by selecting it, then selecting 'Join "
 msgstr ""
 "Um Wesnoth gegen andere Spieler zu spielen, wählt \"Mehrspieler\". Wenn Ihr "
 "die neueste Entwicklerversion von Wesnoth habt, wählt \"Offiziellen Server "
@@ -2268,12 +2309,16 @@
 msgid "End Turn"
 msgstr "Runde beenden"
-#: data/themes/default.cfg:126 data/themes/default.cfg:462
-msgid "hp"
-msgstr "LP"
+#: data/themes/default.cfg:126 data/themes/default.cfg:462 src/dialogs.cpp:667
+#: src/display.cpp:902 src/help.cpp:621 src/playturn.cpp:1954
+#: src/unit.cpp:1029
+msgid "HP"
+msgstr "LE"
-#: data/themes/default.cfg:133 data/themes/default.cfg:469
-msgid "xp"
+#: data/themes/default.cfg:133 data/themes/default.cfg:469 src/dialogs.cpp:671
+#: src/dialogs.cpp:679 src/display.cpp:906 src/display.cpp:914
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1793 src/playturn.cpp:1955 src/unit.cpp:1088
+msgid "XP"
 msgstr "EP"
 #: data/themes/default.cfg:142 data/themes/default.cfg:478
@@ -2330,7 +2375,6 @@
 "Nacht: -25% Schaden"
 #: data/translations/english.cfg:10
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Neutral units are unaffected by day and night, fighting equally well under "
 "both conditions."
@@ -2345,7 +2389,8 @@
 "Day: -25% Damage\n"
 "Night: +25% Damage"
 msgstr ""
-"Chaotic units fight better at night, and worse at day.\n"
+"Lichtscheue Einheiten kämpfen am liebsten im Schutze der Dunkelheit, da sie "
+"tagsüber Chaotic units fight better at night, and worse at day.\n"
 "Tag: -25% Schaden\n"
 "Nacht: +25% Schaden"
@@ -2363,13 +2408,16 @@
 "care of a village or a unit that can cure."
 msgstr ""
-"Allows the unit to heal adjacent friendly units at the beginning of the "
+"Angrenzende Einheiten werden zu Beginn Eurer Runde geheilt. Allows the unit "
+"to heal adjacent friendly units at the beginning of the turn.\n"
-"A unit cared for by a healer may heal up to 4 HP per turn.\n"
-"A healer may heal a total of 8 HP per turn, for all units it cares for.\n"
-"A poisoned unit cannot be cured of its poison by a healer, and must seek the "
-"care of a village or a unit that can cure."
+"Eine Einheit, um die sich ein Heiler kümmert, erhält bis zu vier LP pro "
+"Runde zurück.\n"
+"Ein Heiler kann bis zu 8 LP pro Runde heilen A healer may heal a total of 8 "
+"HP per turn, for all units it cares for.\n"
+"Eine vergiftete Einheit, kann nicht von einem A poisoned unit cannot be "
+"cured of its poison by a healer, and must seek the care of a village or a "
+"unit that can cure."
 #: data/translations/english.cfg:29
 #, fuzzy
@@ -2575,7 +2623,7 @@
 "with this terrain"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/translations/english.cfg:89 src/help.cpp:874
+#: data/translations/english.cfg:89 src/help.cpp:875
 msgid "or"
 msgstr ""
@@ -2595,15 +2643,16 @@
 msgstr ""
 #: data/translations/english.cfg:99
-#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "This attack deals double damage to the target. It also causes this unit to "
 "take double damage from the target's counterattack."
 msgstr ""
-"This attack deals double damage to the target. It also causes this unit to "
-"take double damage from the target's counterattack."
+"Diese Attacke wird mit solcher Wucht ausgeführt, dass bei einem Treffer "
+"doppelter Schaden verursacht wird. Da der Angreifer dabei seine Deckung "
+"vollkommen vernachlässigt, erleidet er bei einem Gegentreffer ebenfalls "
+"doppelten Schaden."
 #: data/translations/english.cfg:102
 #, fuzzy
@@ -3162,10 +3211,13 @@
 #: data/units/Dark_Queen.cfg:27 data/units/Dark_Queen.cfg:28
 #: data/units/Dark_Spirit.cfg:33 data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:36
 #: data/units/Demilich.cfg:19 data/units/Demilich.cfg:32
-#: data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:64 data/units/Drake_Warmage.cfg:74
-#: data/units/Ghost.cfg:20 data/units/Ghost.cfg:32 data/units/Initiate.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Lich.cfg:20 data/units/Lich.cfg:33 data/units/Necromancer.cfg:36
-#: data/units/Spectre.cfg:33 data/units/Wraith.cfg:33
+#: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:117 data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:117
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:83 data/units/Ghost.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Ghost.cfg:32 data/units/Initiate.cfg:20 data/units/Lich.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Lich.cfg:33 data/units/Necromancer.cfg:36
+#: data/units/Saurian_Icecaster.cfg:41 data/units/Saurian_Soothsayer.cfg:40
+#: data/units/Saurian_Tribalist.cfg:40 data/units/Spectre.cfg:33
+#: data/units/Wraith.cfg:33
 msgid "cold"
 msgstr "Kälte"
@@ -3189,11 +3241,12 @@
 #: data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:121 data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:79
 #: data/units/Commander.cfg:123 data/units/Dark_Adept.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Dark_Queen.cfg:29 data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:37
-#: data/units/Demilich.cfg:33 data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:68
-#: data/units/Drake_Warmage.cfg:78 data/units/Dwarvish_Runemaster.cfg:43
+#: data/units/Demilich.cfg:33 data/units/Dwarvish_Runemaster.cfg:43
 #: data/units/Elder_Mage.cfg:41 data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:63
-#: data/units/Elvish_High_Lord.cfg:38 data/units/Elvish_Lord.cfg:38
-#: data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:26 data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:72
+#: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:121 data/units/Elvish_High_Lord.cfg:38
+#: data/units/Elvish_Lord.cfg:38 data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:26
+#: data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:72 data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:121
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:26 data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:84
 #: data/units/Fighter.cfg:86 data/units/Fireball.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:42 data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:118
 #: data/units/Initiate.cfg:21 data/units/Lich.cfg:34 data/units/Lord.cfg:105
@@ -3201,9 +3254,10 @@
 #: data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:48 data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:108
 #: data/units/Necromancer.cfg:37 data/units/Princess.cfg:79
 #: data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:42 data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:111
-#: data/units/Sea_Hag.cfg:31 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:44
-#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:131 data/units/White_Mage.cfg:47
-#: data/units/White_Mage.cfg:106
+#: data/units/Saurian_Icecaster.cfg:42 data/units/Saurian_Soothsayer.cfg:41
+#: data/units/Saurian_Tribalist.cfg:41 data/units/Sea_Hag.cfg:31
+#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:96 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:183
+#: data/units/White_Mage.cfg:47 data/units/White_Mage.cfg:106
 msgid "magical"
 msgstr ""
@@ -3216,31 +3270,41 @@
 msgid "ambush,regenerates"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Ancient_Wose.cfg:17 data/units/Elder_Wose.cfg:18
+#: data/units/Ancient_Wose.cfg:15
+msgid ""
+"Terrible and awe-inspiring, Ancient Woses are majestic treefolk not to be "
+"trifled with. Fearsome fighters, they resist many attacks while delivering "
+"devastating blows to their enemies. Resembling trees, they blend in with the "
+"forest until they make their attack."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Ancient_Wose.cfg:18 data/units/Elder_Wose.cfg:19
 #: data/units/Wose.cfg:19
 msgid "crush"
 msgstr "Zermalmen"
-#: data/units/Ancient_Wose.cfg:18 data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Ancient_Wose.cfg:19 data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:103 data/units/Bandit.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Bone_Shooter.cfg:25 data/units/Cave_Spider.cfg:29
 #: data/units/Cuttle_Fish.cfg:20 data/units/Dark_Queen.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:20 data/units/Drake_Beak.cfg:38
-#: data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:20 data/units/Drake_Petit.cfg:38
-#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:76 data/units/Drake_Warmage.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Drake_Worker.cfg:20 data/units/Dwarvish_Dragonguard.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Fighter.cfg:37 data/units/Dwarvish_Runemaster.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:20 data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:58
+#: data/units/Drake_Glider.cfg:23 data/units/Drake_Sky.cfg:27
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Dragonguard.cfg:21 data/units/Dwarvish_Fighter.cfg:37
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:42 data/units/Dwarvish_Runemaster.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Steelclad.cfg:43 data/units/Elder_Mage.cfg:23
-#: data/units/Elder_Wose.cfg:19 data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:23
-#: data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:42 data/units/Elvish_Lady.cfg:17
+#: data/units/Elder_Wose.cfg:20 data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:23
+#: data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:42 data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:26
+#: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:66 data/units/Elvish_Lady.cfg:18
 #: data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:25 data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:44
 #: data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:25 data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:51
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:26 data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:66
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:25 data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:52
 #: data/units/Fire_Dragon.cfg:41 data/units/Footpad.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Footpad.cfg:38 data/units/Galleon.cfg:18 data/units/Gate.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Giant_Mudcrawler.cfg:22 data/units/Giant_Mudcrawler.cfg:35
 #: data/units/Giant_Scorpion.cfg:38 data/units/Goblin_Pillager.cfg:36
 #: data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:24 data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:100
-#: data/units/Great_Troll.cfg:21 data/units/Heavy_Infantry.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Great_Troll.cfg:21 data/units/Heavy_Infantry.cfg:22
 #: data/units/Heavy_Infantryman.cfg:20 data/units/Iron_Mauler.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:30 data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:90
 #: data/units/Mudcrawler.cfg:22 data/units/Necromancer.cfg:20
@@ -3248,14 +3312,17 @@
 #: data/units/Outlaw.cfg:39 data/units/Outlaw.cfg:94 data/units/Outlaw.cfg:112
 #: data/units/Outlaw_Princess.cfg:24 data/units/Outlaw_Princess.cfg:42
 #: data/units/Outlaw_Queen.cfg:25 data/units/Outlaw_Queen.cfg:43
-#: data/units/Sea_Hag.cfg:29 data/units/Shock_Trooper.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:26 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:113
-#: data/units/Skeleton_Archer.cfg:24 data/units/Soul_Shooter.cfg:25
-#: data/units/Soulless.cfg:20 data/units/Tentacle.cfg:22
-#: data/units/Thug.cfg:20 data/units/Troll.cfg:21 data/units/Troll_Hero.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Troll_Warrior.cfg:20 data/units/Troll_Whelp.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Walking_Corpse.cfg:20 data/units/Warrior_King.cfg:23
-#: data/units/Wose.cfg:20 data/units/Yeti.cfg:34 data/units/Youth.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Saurian_Icecaster.cfg:23 data/units/Saurian_Soothsayer.cfg:23
+#: data/units/Saurian_Tribalist.cfg:23 data/units/Sea_Hag.cfg:29
+#: data/units/Shock_Trooper.cfg:20 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:78
+#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:165 data/units/Skeleton_Archer.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Soul_Shooter.cfg:25 data/units/Soulless.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Tentacle.cfg:22 data/units/Thug.cfg:20 data/units/Troll.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Troll_Hero.cfg:21 data/units/Troll_Rocklobber.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Troll_Rocklobber.cfg:39 data/units/Troll_Warrior.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Troll_Whelp.cfg:21 data/units/Walking_Corpse.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Warrior_King.cfg:23 data/units/Wose.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Yeti.cfg:34 data/units/Youth.cfg:22
 msgid "impact"
 msgstr "Wucht"
@@ -3272,12 +3339,13 @@
 "Feuerbälle auf ihre Gegner."
 #: data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:23 data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:102
-#: data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:19 data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Drake_Warmage.cfg:19 data/units/Elder_Mage.cfg:22
-#: data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:22 data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Deathmaster.cfg:19 data/units/Elder_Mage.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:22 data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:25
+#: data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:24 data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:25
 #: data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:23 data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:99
-#: data/units/Necromancer.cfg:19 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:25
-#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:112
+#: data/units/Necromancer.cfg:19 data/units/Saurian_Icecaster.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Saurian_Soothsayer.cfg:22 data/units/Saurian_Tribalist.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:77 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:164
 msgid "staff"
 msgstr "Stab"
@@ -3285,17 +3353,17 @@
 #: data/units/Elvish_High_Lord.cfg:36 data/units/Elvish_Lord.cfg:36
 #: data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:39 data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:115
 #: data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:39 data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:108
-#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:41 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:128
+#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:93 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:180
 msgid "fireball"
 msgstr "Feuerball"
 #: data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:40 data/units/Arch_Mage.cfg:119
 #: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:77 data/units/Commander.cfg:121
-#: data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:44 data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:44
-#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:43 data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:22
-#: data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:60 data/units/Drake_Guard.cfg:46
-#: data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:38 data/units/Drake_Warmage.cfg:43
-#: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:44 data/units/Dwarvish_Runemaster.cfg:38
+#: data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:42 data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:46
+#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:44 data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:49
+#: data/units/Drake_Flare.cfg:44 data/units/Drake_Glider.cfg:47
+#: data/units/Drake_Inferno.cfg:44 data/units/Drake_Sky.cfg:51
+#: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:46 data/units/Dwarvish_Runemaster.cfg:38
 #: data/units/Elder_Mage.cfg:39 data/units/Elvish_High_Lord.cfg:37
 #: data/units/Elvish_Lord.cfg:37 data/units/Fighter.cfg:84
 #: data/units/Fire_Dragon.cfg:59 data/units/Fireball.cfg:18
@@ -3303,8 +3371,8 @@
 #: data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:40 data/units/Great_Mage.cfg:116
 #: data/units/Lord.cfg:103 data/units/Mage.cfg:37 data/units/Mage.cfg:104
 #: data/units/Princess.cfg:77 data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:40
-#: data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:109 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:42
-#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:129
+#: data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:109 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:94
+#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:181
 msgid "fire"
 msgstr "Feuer"
@@ -3314,16 +3382,17 @@
 #: data/units/Assassin.cfg:16 data/units/Duelist.cfg:16
 #: data/units/Fencer.cfg:16 data/units/Outlaw_Princess.cfg:17
-#: data/units/Rogue.cfg:16 data/units/Saurian.cfg:17
-#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:17
+#: data/units/Rogue.cfg:16 data/units/Saurian.cfg:19
+#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:19
 msgid "skirmisher"
 msgstr "Plänkler"
 #: data/units/Assassin.cfg:17
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
-"Assassins are masters of the night. Like Rogues, they can backstab and "
-"ignore enemy zones of control. They can also throw poison-tipped knives at "
-"their enemies from long range."
+"Assassins are masters of the night. Like Rogues, they can surround an "
+"opponent and backstab him, doing double damage. They can also throw poison-"
+"tipped knives at their enemies from long range."
 msgstr ""
 "Assassinen sind Meister der Nacht. So wie Diebe und Schurken verfügen auch "
 "sie über die Fähigkeit des Hinterhalts und ignorieren die feindlichen "
@@ -3345,19 +3414,20 @@
 #: data/units/Assassin.cfg:21 data/units/Assassin.cfg:48
 #: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:23 data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:61
 #: data/units/Blood_Bat.cfg:20 data/units/Bowman.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Cavalier.cfg:28 data/units/Cavalry.cfg:31
+#: data/units/Cavalier.cfg:28 data/units/Cavalry.cfg:32
 #: data/units/Cavalryman.cfg:29 data/units/Cave_Spider.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Commander.cfg:24 data/units/Commander.cfg:99
 #: data/units/Dark_Spirit.cfg:20 data/units/Death_Knight.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:19 data/units/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:31
-#: data/units/Dragoon.cfg:28 data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:20 data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:20 data/units/Drake_Hatchling.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:21 data/units/Drake_Slave.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:21 data/units/Duelist.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Berserker.cfg:28 data/units/Dwarvish_Fighter.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:25 data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:42
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Steelclad.cfg:26 data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderer.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Dragoon.cfg:28 data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:22 data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:25 data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Drake_Flare.cfg:24 data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:26
+#: data/units/Drake_Inferno.cfg:25 data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Duelist.cfg:21 data/units/Dwarvish_Berserker.cfg:28
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Fighter.cfg:20 data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:25
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:58 data/units/Dwarvish_Steelclad.cfg:26
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderer.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderguard.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Ulfserker.cfg:28 data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:22
 #: data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:100 data/units/Elvish_Avenger.cfg:24
@@ -3372,8 +3442,8 @@
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:101 data/units/Fencer.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Fighter.cfg:21 data/units/Fighter.cfg:62
 #: data/units/Fire_Dragon.cfg:23 data/units/General.cfg:22
-#: data/units/Ghoul.cfg:20 data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:33 data/units/Goblin_Knight.cfg:19
+#: data/units/Ghoul.cfg:20 data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:34 data/units/Goblin_Knight.cfg:19
 #: data/units/Grand_Knight.cfg:21 data/units/Gryphon.cfg:19
 #: data/units/Gryphon_Master.cfg:22 data/units/Gryphon_Rider.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Halbardier.cfg:37 data/units/Knight.cfg:21
@@ -3384,7 +3454,7 @@
 #: data/units/Noble_Commander.cfg:24 data/units/Noble_Fighter.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Noble_Lord.cfg:23 data/units/Ogre.cfg:19
 #: data/units/Orcish_Archer.cfg:21 data/units/Orcish_Assassin.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Orcish_Assassin.cfg:37 data/units/Orcish_Crossbow.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Orcish_Assassin.cfg:37 data/units/Orcish_Crossbow.cfg:23
 #: data/units/Orcish_Crossbowman.cfg:20 data/units/Orcish_Grunt.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Orcish_Leader.cfg:22 data/units/Orcish_Ruler.cfg:22
 #: data/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:19 data/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:62
@@ -3395,7 +3465,7 @@
 #: data/units/Princess.cfg:61 data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Red_Mage.cfg:93 data/units/Revenant.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Rogue.cfg:21 data/units/Rogue.cfg:39
-#: data/units/Royal_Guard.cfg:20 data/units/Scout.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Royal_Guard.cfg:20 data/units/Scout.cfg:22
 #: data/units/Sea_Orc.cfg:20 data/units/Sergeant.cfg:22
 #: data/units/Shadow.cfg:21 data/units/Skeletal_Dragon.cfg:29
 #: data/units/Skeletal_Dragon.cfg:48 data/units/Skeleton.cfg:25
@@ -3410,7 +3480,7 @@
 #: data/units/Assassin.cfg:25 data/units/Nightgaunt.cfg:25
 #: data/units/Rogue.cfg:25 data/units/Shadow.cfg:25 data/units/Thief.cfg:24
-#: src/actions.cpp:487
+#: src/actions.cpp:490
 msgid "backstab"
 msgstr ""
@@ -3421,7 +3491,7 @@
 #: data/units/Assassin.cfg:50 data/units/Cave_Spider.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Cuttle_Fish.cfg:36 data/units/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:35
 #: data/units/Ghoul.cfg:24 data/units/Giant_Scorpion.cfg:22
-#: data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:37 data/units/Necrophage.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:38 data/units/Necrophage.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Orcish_Assassin.cfg:41 data/units/Orcish_Slayer.cfg:46
 msgid "poison"
 msgstr "Vergiften"
@@ -3432,19 +3502,19 @@
 #: data/units/Bandit.cfg:16
 msgid ""
-"Armed with heavy mace, Bandits are adept at robbing and killing at night."
+"Armed with a heavy mace, Bandits are adept at robbing and killing at night. "
+"Wearing brown cloaks and black hoods, they steal from the peasants who live "
+"near them when not fighting against invaders."
 msgstr ""
-"Ausgerüstet mit einem schweren Streitkolben, sind Banditen Meister darin in "
-"der Nacht zu stehlen und zu töten."
-#: data/units/Bandit.cfg:19 data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:75
-#: data/units/Drake_Worker.cfg:19 data/units/Great_Troll.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Heavy_Infantry.cfg:20 data/units/Heavy_Infantryman.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Iron_Mauler.cfg:19 data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:29
-#: data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:89 data/units/Outlaw.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Outlaw.cfg:93 data/units/Outlaw_Princess.cfg:23
-#: data/units/Outlaw_Queen.cfg:24 data/units/Shock_Trooper.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Troll_Warrior.cfg:19 data/units/Warrior_King.cfg:22
+#: data/units/Bandit.cfg:19 data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:57
+#: data/units/Great_Troll.cfg:20 data/units/Heavy_Infantry.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Heavy_Infantryman.cfg:19 data/units/Iron_Mauler.cfg:19
+#: data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:29 data/units/Mage_of_Light.cfg:89
+#: data/units/Outlaw.cfg:20 data/units/Outlaw.cfg:93
+#: data/units/Outlaw_Princess.cfg:23 data/units/Outlaw_Queen.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Shock_Trooper.cfg:19 data/units/Troll_Warrior.cfg:19
+#: data/units/Warrior_King.cfg:22
 msgid "mace"
 msgstr "Streitkolben"
@@ -3457,13 +3527,13 @@
 msgid "leadership,skirmisher"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:19 data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:57
+#: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:19
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "A noble at birth, the Princess has learnt swordplay with the greatest "
 "generals, and battle tactics with the greatest sages, making her both a "
-"great combatant and leader. The units of lower level around the Princess "
-"will fight better due to her presence. The Princess is a skilled skirmisher, "
-"and ignores enemy zones of control."
+"great combatant and leader. Now battle-hardened and strong of will, they can "
+"now aid those around them in the art of combat."
 msgstr ""
 "Als Adlige haben Prinzessinnen das Schwertkämpfen bei den besten Generälen "
 "gelernt. Außerdem wurden sie von den klügsten Köpfen des Landes in "
@@ -3474,20 +3544,21 @@
 #: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:22 data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:60
 #: data/units/Bowman.cfg:20 data/units/Cavalier.cfg:27
-#: data/units/Cavalry.cfg:30 data/units/Cavalryman.cfg:28
+#: data/units/Cavalry.cfg:31 data/units/Cavalryman.cfg:28
 #: data/units/Commander.cfg:23 data/units/Commander.cfg:98
-#: data/units/Dragoon.cfg:27 data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:20 data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:20 data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:99 data/units/Elvish_Avenger.cfg:23
-#: data/units/Elvish_Avenger.cfg:96 data/units/Elvish_Captain.cfg:23
-#: data/units/Elvish_Champion.cfg:21 data/units/Elvish_Fighter.cfg:23
-#: data/units/Elvish_Hero.cfg:21 data/units/Elvish_High_Lord.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Elvish_Lord.cfg:20 data/units/Elvish_Marksman.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Elvish_Marksman.cfg:99 data/units/Elvish_Marshal.cfg:24
-#: data/units/Elvish_Outrider.cfg:23 data/units/Elvish_Ranger.cfg:21
-#: data/units/Elvish_Ranger.cfg:98 data/units/Elvish_Rider.cfg:30
-#: data/units/Elvish_Scout.cfg:31 data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Dragoon.cfg:27 data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:23 data/units/Drake_Flare.cfg:23
+#: data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:25 data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:21 data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:99
+#: data/units/Elvish_Avenger.cfg:23 data/units/Elvish_Avenger.cfg:96
+#: data/units/Elvish_Captain.cfg:23 data/units/Elvish_Champion.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Elvish_Fighter.cfg:23 data/units/Elvish_Hero.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Elvish_High_Lord.cfg:20 data/units/Elvish_Lord.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Elvish_Marksman.cfg:21 data/units/Elvish_Marksman.cfg:99
+#: data/units/Elvish_Marshal.cfg:24 data/units/Elvish_Outrider.cfg:23
+#: data/units/Elvish_Ranger.cfg:21 data/units/Elvish_Ranger.cfg:98
+#: data/units/Elvish_Rider.cfg:30 data/units/Elvish_Scout.cfg:31
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:100 data/units/Fighter.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Fighter.cfg:61 data/units/General.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Grand_Knight.cfg:19 data/units/Knight.cfg:20
@@ -3500,12 +3571,27 @@
 #: data/units/Orcish_Sovereign.cfg:21 data/units/Orcish_Warlord.cfg:18
 #: data/units/Orcish_Warrior.cfg:19 data/units/Paladin.cfg:24
 #: data/units/Princess.cfg:22 data/units/Princess.cfg:60
-#: data/units/Royal_Guard.cfg:19 data/units/Scout.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Royal_Guard.cfg:19 data/units/Scout.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Sea_Orc.cfg:19 data/units/Sergeant.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Swordsman.cfg:19
 msgid "sword"
 msgstr "Schwert"
+#: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:57
+msgid ""
+"A noble at birth, the Princess has learnt swordplay with the greatest "
+"generals, and battle tactics with the greatest sages, making her both a "
+"great combatant and leader. The units of lower level around the Princess "
+"will fight better due to her presence. The Princess is a skilled skirmisher, "
+"and ignores enemy zones of control."
+msgstr ""
+"Als Adlige haben Prinzessinnen das Schwertkämpfen bei den besten Generälen "
+"gelernt. Außerdem wurden sie von den klügsten Köpfen des Landes in "
+"verschiedenen Kampftaktiken unterrichtet. Dies macht sie zu guten Kämpfern "
+"und Anführern. Alle Einheiten, die eine geringere Stufe als die Prinzessin "
+"haben und auf einem benachbartem Feld stehen erhalten einen Bonus im Kampf. "
+"Die Prinzessin ignoriert Zonen der feindlichen Kontrolle."
 #: data/units/Battle_Princess.cfg:76 data/units/Commander.cfg:120
 #: data/units/Fighter.cfg:83 data/units/Lord.cfg:102
 #: data/units/Princess.cfg:76
@@ -3517,10 +3603,11 @@
 msgstr "Blutfledermaus"
 #: data/units/Blood_Bat.cfg:16
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Blood Bats are fast and can drain the blood of those they attack, thereby "
 "healing themselves, even to the point where they become stronger than they "
-"began the battle! Such is their fury that the fur of these undead flying "
+"began the battle. Such is their fury that the fur of these undead flying "
 "beasts is tainted red with the blood of their victims."
 msgstr ""
 "Blutfledermäuse sind schnell und können Blut von ihren Gegnern absaugen und 
@@ -3529,7 +3616,7 @@
 "dass das Fell dieser fliegenden Bestien färbt sich vom Blut ihrer Gegner 
 #: data/units/Blood_Bat.cfg:19 data/units/Cave_Spider.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:18 data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:18 data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Goblin_Knight.cfg:18 data/units/Sea_Serpent.cfg:19
 #: data/units/Vampire_Bat.cfg:19 data/units/Wolf_Rider.cfg:20
 msgid "fangs"
@@ -3549,8 +3636,8 @@
 #: data/units/Bone_Shooter.cfg:24 data/units/Giant_Mudcrawler.cfg:33
 #: data/units/Skeleton_Archer.cfg:23 data/units/Soulless.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Troll_Whelp.cfg:20 data/units/Walking_Corpse.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Yeti.cfg:33
+#: data/units/Troll_Rocklobber.cfg:20 data/units/Troll_Whelp.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Walking_Corpse.cfg:19 data/units/Yeti.cfg:33
 msgid "fist"
 msgstr "Faust"
@@ -3577,12 +3664,12 @@
 #: data/units/Cavalier.cfg:49 data/units/Chocobone.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Commander.cfg:46 data/units/Cuttle_Fish.cfg:27
 #: data/units/Death_Knight.cfg:37 data/units/Dragoon.cfg:49
-#: data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:52 data/units/Drake_Guard.cfg:23
-#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:53 data/units/Duelist.cfg:32
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Dragonguard.cfg:39 data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:26
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:39 data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:28
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:41 data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:28
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:41 data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderer.cfg:41
+#: data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:40 data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:44
+#: data/units/Duelist.cfg:32 data/units/Dwarvish_Dragonguard.cfg:39
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:26 data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:39
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:28 data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:41
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:28 data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:41
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderer.cfg:41
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Thunderguard.cfg:47 data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:39
 #: data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:117 data/units/Elvish_Avenger.cfg:40
 #: data/units/Elvish_Avenger.cfg:113 data/units/Elvish_Captain.cfg:40
@@ -3595,27 +3682,29 @@
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:39
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:118 data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:71
 #: data/units/General.cfg:45 data/units/Giant_Scorpion.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Goblin_Impaler.cfg:21 data/units/Goblin_Impaler.cfg:39
+#: data/units/Goblin_Spearman.cfg:21 data/units/Goblin_Spearman.cfg:33
 #: data/units/Grand_Knight.cfg:37 data/units/Halbardier.cfg:19
 #: data/units/Horseman.cfg:21 data/units/Knight.cfg:37
 #: data/units/Lancer.cfg:21 data/units/Lieutenant.cfg:39
 #: data/units/Longbowman.cfg:39 data/units/Lord.cfg:40
 #: data/units/Master_Bowman.cfg:33 data/units/Merman.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Merman_Lord.cfg:21 data/units/Naga.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Merman_Lord.cfg:22 data/units/Naga.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Noble_Commander.cfg:42 data/units/Noble_Lord.cfg:41
-#: data/units/Orcish_Archer.cfg:37 data/units/Orcish_Crossbow.cfg:40
+#: data/units/Orcish_Archer.cfg:37 data/units/Orcish_Crossbow.cfg:41
 #: data/units/Orcish_Crossbowman.cfg:39 data/units/Orcish_Leader.cfg:38
 #: data/units/Orcish_Ruler.cfg:39 data/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:26
 #: data/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:69 data/units/Orcish_Shaman.cfg:112
 #: data/units/Orcish_Sovereign.cfg:43 data/units/Orcish_Warlord.cfg:30
 #: data/units/Paladin.cfg:42 data/units/Peasant.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Peasant.cfg:34 data/units/Pikeman.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:62 data/units/Poacher.cfg:42
-#: data/units/Saurian.cfg:21 data/units/Saurian.cfg:38
-#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:21 data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:38
+#: data/units/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:16 data/units/Poacher.cfg:42
+#: data/units/Saurian.cfg:23 data/units/Saurian.cfg:40
+#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:23 data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:40
 #: data/units/Sea_Hag.cfg:21 data/units/Sea_Serpent.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Sergeant.cfg:39 data/units/Skeleton_Archer.cfg:41
 #: data/units/Soul_Shooter.cfg:38 data/units/Spearman.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Spearman.cfg:33 data/units/Transport_Galleon.cfg:16
+#: data/units/Spearman.cfg:33 data/units/Transport_Galleon.cfg:17
 #: data/units/Trapper.cfg:42 data/units/Triton.cfg:20
 #: data/units/Vampire_Lady.cfg:34 data/units/Wall_Guard.cfg:36
 #: data/units/Watch_Tower.cfg:18
@@ -3627,9 +3716,12 @@
 msgstr "Bogenschütze"
 #: data/units/Bowman.cfg:17
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Immersed from childhood in the ways of archery, the young Bowmen are the "
-"most common ranged combatants in Wesnothian armies."
+"most common ranged combatants in Wesnothian armies. They do not undergo as "
+"rigorous a training as the spearman or heavy infantry, because their battle "
+"tactic requires more finess than brute strength."
 msgstr ""
 "Bogenschützen werden von Kindesbeinen an in die Kunst des Bogenschießens "
 "eingeführt, die jungen Kämpfer gehören zu den besten Fernkämpfern der "
@@ -3640,10 +3732,11 @@
 msgstr "Kürassier"
 #: data/units/Cavalier.cfg:24
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Only the most experienced and heroic Dragoons can achieve to ride the "
-"battlefield as Cavaliers. Armed with magic pistol artifacts, keen swords and "
-"fine armours are one of the best troops mounted in all know world."
+"battlefield as Cavaliers. Armed with magical artifacts, keen swords and fine "
+"armours, they are one of the best mounted troops in all know world."
 msgstr ""
 "Nur die erfahrensten und heldenhaftesten Dragoner können eines Tages als "
 "Kürassiere über das Schlachtfeld reiten. Sie haben eine Magische Pistole, "
@@ -3659,10 +3752,12 @@
 msgstr "Kavallerist"
 #: data/units/Cavalryman.cfg:25
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "The best riders in Wesnoth are recruited into the military to become "
-"Cavalrymen. This strictly disciplined force is especially suited to "
-"capturing and holding villages."
+"Cavalrymen. A Cavalryman, strictly disciplined, does not charge across the "
+"field of battle like a horseman, but makes more of an effort to hold his "
 msgstr ""
 "Nur die besten Reiter von Wesnoth werden in die Kavallerie aufgenommen. Die "
 "sehr disziplinierten Einheiten eignen sich bestens dazu Dörfer zu erobern "
@@ -3688,8 +3783,9 @@
 msgstr "Netz"
 #: data/units/Cave_Spider.cfg:38 data/units/Elvish_Druid.cfg:43
-#: data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:45 data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:52
-#: data/units/Goblin_Pillager.cfg:37
+#: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:67 data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:45
+#: data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:52 data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:67
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:53 data/units/Goblin_Pillager.cfg:37
 msgid "slow"
 msgstr "Verlangsamen"
@@ -3698,31 +3794,33 @@
 msgstr "Knochenreiter"
 #: data/units/Chocobone.cfg:17
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Riding the bones of ostrich-like large birds once used as mounts by a lost "
-"civilization, the skeleton Chocobones can move faster than most cavalry "
+"civilization, the skeletal Chocobones can move faster than most cavalry "
 msgstr ""
 "Sie reiten auf den Skeletten von straußenähnlichen Riesenvögeln, die einst 
 "von einer inzwischen verlorenen Kultur als Lastentiere genutzt wurden. "
 "Knochenreiter sind schneller als die meisten anderen berittenen Einheiten."
-#: data/units/Chocobone.cfg:20 data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:51
-#: data/units/Drake_Guard.cfg:22 data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:52
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:24 data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:38
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:26 data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:40
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:26 data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:40
-#: data/units/Horseman.cfg:20 data/units/Saurian.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Saurian.cfg:36 data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:36 data/units/Spearman.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Spearman.cfg:32
+#: data/units/Chocobone.cfg:20 data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:39
+#: data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:43 data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:38 data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:26
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:40 data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:26
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:40 data/units/Goblin_Impaler.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Goblin_Impaler.cfg:38 data/units/Goblin_Spearman.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Goblin_Spearman.cfg:32 data/units/Horseman.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Saurian.cfg:21 data/units/Saurian.cfg:38
+#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:21 data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:38
+#: data/units/Spearman.cfg:19 data/units/Spearman.cfg:32
 msgid "spear"
 msgstr "Speer"
 #: data/units/Chocobone.cfg:23 data/units/Grand_Knight.cfg:38
 #: data/units/Horseman.cfg:22 data/units/Knight.cfg:38
-#: data/units/Lancer.cfg:22 data/units/Paladin.cfg:43 src/actions.cpp:360
-#: src/actions.cpp:478
+#: data/units/Lancer.cfg:22 data/units/Paladin.cfg:43 src/actions.cpp:363
+#: src/actions.cpp:481
 msgid "charge"
 msgstr "Ansturm"
@@ -3731,10 +3829,11 @@
 msgstr "Gorgonit"
 #: data/units/Cockatrice.cfg:16
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "At first sight, these mystical snake-like creatures appear weak, but looks "
 "are deceiving. With just a glance at their enemies, Cockatrices can turn "
-"them into stone!"
+"them into stone until the source of their power is destroyed."
 msgstr ""
 "Auf den ersten Blick sehen diese mystischen schlangenähnlichen Kreaturen "
 "schwach aus, aber der Schein trügt. Ein Blick von einem Gorgonit kann einen "
@@ -3744,7 +3843,7 @@
 msgid "gaze"
 msgstr "Blick"
-#: data/units/Cockatrice.cfg:26 src/actions.cpp:717 src/actions.cpp:857
+#: data/units/Cockatrice.cfg:26 src/actions.cpp:728 src/actions.cpp:876
 #: src/reports.cpp:122
 msgid "stone"
 msgstr "Versteinern"
@@ -3754,7 +3853,8 @@
 msgstr "Feldherr"
 #: data/units/Commander.cfg:11 data/units/Commander.cfg:86
-#: data/units/Death_Knight.cfg:14 data/units/Elvish_Captain.cfg:11
+#: data/units/Death_Knight.cfg:14 data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:16
+#: data/units/Drake_Flare.cfg:11 data/units/Elvish_Captain.cfg:11
 #: data/units/Elvish_Marshal.cfg:12 data/units/Fire_Dragon.cfg:7
 #: data/units/General.cfg:16 data/units/Lieutenant.cfg:16
 #: data/units/Lord.cfg:10 data/units/Lord.cfg:73
@@ -3762,12 +3862,27 @@
 #: data/units/Orcish_Leader.cfg:9 data/units/Orcish_Ruler.cfg:9
 #: data/units/Orcish_Sovereign.cfg:9 data/units/Princess.cfg:17
 #: data/units/Princess.cfg:55 data/units/Sergeant.cfg:17
-#: data/units/Warrior_King.cfg:17 src/actions.cpp:350 src/actions.cpp:468
+#: data/units/Warrior_King.cfg:17 src/actions.cpp:353 src/actions.cpp:471
 msgid "leadership"
 msgstr "Führungsqualitäten"
-#: data/units/Commander.cfg:20 data/units/Commander.cfg:95
-#: data/units/Noble_Commander.cfg:19
+#: data/units/Commander.cfg:20
+#, fuzzy
+msgid ""
+"The rank of Commander is held by those who lead battle groups into combat. "
+"Possessing leadership skills, they give lower-level units improved "
+"performance in combat. Commanders are best skilled with the sword, although "
+"they also carry a bow to use when necessary. If the Commander is lost, so is "
+"the battle."
+msgstr ""
+"Feldherren führen ihre Truppen in die Schlacht, sie verfügen über gute "
+"Fähigkeiten als Anführer wodurch Stufe 1 Einheiten die auf einem "
+"benachbartem Feld stehen besser kämpfen. Feldherren sind bestens im "
+"Schwertkampf ausgebildet, führen aber trotzdem einen Bogen mit sich um im "
+"Notfall auch aus der Distanz kämpfen zu können. Man sagt wenn der Feldherr "
+"verloren ist, so ist die Schlacht das ebenso."
+#: data/units/Commander.cfg:95 data/units/Noble_Commander.cfg:19
 msgid ""
 "The rank of Commander is held by those who lead battle groups into combat. "
 "Possessing leadership skills, they give lower-level units in adjacent hexes "
@@ -3810,9 +3925,12 @@
 msgstr "Dunkler Meister"
 #: data/units/Dark_Adept.cfg:19
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
 "Dark Adepts are psychotic fanatics who dabble in black magic, using its "
-"power to cause death and destruction."
+"power to cause death and destruction. They devote themselves completely to "
+"the study of this magic, not bothering to learn how to defend themselves in "
+"close combat."
 msgstr ""
 "Dunkle Meister sind verrückte Fanatiker die sich mit schwarzer Magie "
 "beschäftigen um mit ihrer Hilfe Tod und Verwüstung herbeizuführen."
@@ -3827,7 +3945,7 @@
 #: data/units/Dark_Queen.cfg:15
 msgid ""
-"Asheviere, the evil queen mother has terrorized Wesnoth for many years. Her "
+"The evil queen mother Asheviere has terrorized Wesnoth for many years. Her "
 "knowledge of magic makes her a worthy foe in combat, although her power is "
 "mostly derived from those she commands."
 msgstr ""
@@ -3865,9 +3983,12 @@
 msgstr "Todesritter"
 #: data/units/Death_Knight.cfg:16
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
-"Sometimes the mightiest warriors and generals, cursed with hate and angst, "
-"came back to this world as Death Knights."
+"Sometimes the mightiest warriors and generals, cursed with hate and a sense "
+"of betrayal, came back to this world as Death Knights. Wielding the same "
+"weapons as they did before, they command the Undead in their quest for "
 msgstr ""
 "Von Zeit zu Zeit geschieht es, das die mächtigsten Krieger und Generäle auf 
 "so grausame Art sterben, dass sie von Furcht und Hass erfüllt ins Reich der "
@@ -3880,7 +4001,7 @@
 #: data/units/Death_Knight.cfg:36 data/units/Duelist.cfg:31
 #: data/units/General.cfg:44 data/units/Lieutenant.cfg:38
-#: data/units/Orcish_Crossbow.cfg:39 data/units/Orcish_Crossbowman.cfg:38
+#: data/units/Orcish_Crossbow.cfg:40 data/units/Orcish_Crossbowman.cfg:38
 #: data/units/Sergeant.cfg:38 data/units/Wall_Guard.cfg:35
 msgid "crossbow"
 msgstr "Armbrust"
@@ -3937,10 +4058,9 @@
 "fertig gebracht und wo sie auftauchen, schwindet dem Gegner schnell der Mut "
 "beim Anblick dieser Bestien."
-#: data/units/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:30 data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:19 data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:20
-#: data/units/Drake_Hatchling.cfg:19 data/units/Drake_Slave.cfg:19
-#: data/units/Ghoul.cfg:19 data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:32
+#: data/units/Direwolf_Rider.cfg:30 data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:21
+#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:24 data/units/Drake_Inferno.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Ghoul.cfg:19 data/units/Goblin_Direwolver.cfg:33
 #: data/units/Gryphon.cfg:18 data/units/Gryphon_Master.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Gryphon_Rider.cfg:19 data/units/Necrophage.cfg:19
 #: data/units/Nightgaunt.cfg:20 data/units/Shadow.cfg:20
@@ -3953,120 +4073,211 @@
 msgstr "Dragoner"
 #: data/units/Dragoon.cfg:24
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
-"Riding fast horses and armed with sword and magical pistol artifacts, "
-"Dragoons make versatile troops."
+"Riding a fast horse and armed with sword and a magical artifact, a Dragoon "
+"make a versatile enemy."
 msgstr ""
 "Dragoner reiten schnelle Pferde und sind mit Schwert und Steinschlosspistole "
 "ausgerüstet. Das macht sie zu vielseitig einsetzbaren Truppen."
-#: data/units/Drake_Beak.cfg:3
-msgid "Drake Beak"
-msgstr "Schnabel Drake"
-#: data/units/Drake_Beak.cfg:16
-msgid ""
-"Smaller than most Drakes, the Beaks are therefore more agile and can fight "
-"even when flying."
-msgstr ""
-"Da sie kleiner als die meisten anderen Draken sind, sind sie agiler und "
-"können sogar während des Fluges kämpfen."
-#: data/units/Drake_Beak.cfg:37 data/units/Drake_Petit.cfg:37
-msgid "beak"
-msgstr "Schnabel"
-#: data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:4
 msgid "Drake Burner"
 msgstr "Flammen Drake"
-#: data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:17
+#: data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:18
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
-"Not only can the Drake Burners wield their claws with deadly skill, but they "
-"possess the fire-breathing abilities of their remote ancestors. Enemies are "
-"well advised to keep their distance."
+"Not only can a Drake Burner wield its claws with deadly skill, but it still "
+"possesses the fire-breathing abilities of its remote ancestors. Enemies "
+"would be well advised to keep their distance. The most skilled Burners will "
+"often go on to become Fire Drakes who seek to master their internal fire, or "
+"Drake Flares who aspire to be leaders of their kind."
 msgstr ""
 "Flammen Draken handhaben ihre Klauen mit tödlicher Genauigkeit und außerdem 
 "verfügen sie über den Feueratem ihrer entfernten Vorfahren. Ihre Feinde 
sind "
 "gut beraten Abstand zu ihnen zu halten."
-#: data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:42 data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:42
-#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:41 data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:58
-#: data/units/Drake_Guard.cfg:44 data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:36
-#: data/units/Drake_Warmage.cfg:41 data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:42
-#: data/units/Fire_Dragon.cfg:57
+#: data/units/Drake_Burner.cfg:40 data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:44
+#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:42 data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:47
+#: data/units/Drake_Flare.cfg:42 data/units/Drake_Glider.cfg:45
+#: data/units/Drake_Inferno.cfg:42 data/units/Drake_Sky.cfg:49
+#: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:44 data/units/Fire_Dragon.cfg:57
 msgid "fire breath"
 msgstr "Feueratem"
-#: data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:4
 msgid "Drake Clasher"
 msgstr "Drake Schmetterer"
-#: data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Drake_Clasher.cfg:18
+msgid ""
+"With their stumpy vestigial wings and inability to use their great internal "
+"fire as a weapon some may think that these Drakes are disadvantaged, they "
+"would be mistaken. To compensate they have become great craftsmen that can "
+"fabricate weapons with emerald edges, and wear heavy armour. The Clashers' "
+"weapons of choice are the sword and spear, which they use to great effect. "
+"The greatest Clashers can become Drake Gladiators or Slashers."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:4
 msgid "Drake Fighter"
 msgstr "Drake Kämpfer"
-#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:18
+#, fuzzy
+msgid ""
+"Drake Fighters wield curved scimitars with deadly skill, and possess the "
+"fire breathing skills of their ancestors. The most skilled Fighters go on to "
+"join the ranks of the elite Drake Warriors."
+msgstr ""
+"Flammen Draken handhaben ihre Klauen mit tödlicher Genauigkeit und außerdem 
+"verfügen sie über den Feueratem ihrer entfernten Vorfahren. Ihre Feinde 
sind "
+"gut beraten Abstand zu ihnen zu halten."
+#: data/units/Drake_Fighter.cfg:21
+msgid "scimitar"
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:4
 msgid "Fire Drake"
 msgstr "Feuerdrache"
-#: data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Drake_Fire.cfg:18
+msgid ""
+"The great fire drakes equip themselves with silver plated armour to defend "
+"themselves from serious injuries. Although their melee technique is "
+"primitive, they have mastered their internal fire and are to be feared. The "
+"most ferocious Fire Drakes become the flying configurations known as Drake "
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:4
 msgid "Drake Flameheart"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Drake_Guard.cfg:3
-msgid "Drake Guard"
-msgstr "Drake Wache"
+#: data/units/Drake_Flameheart.cfg:20
+msgid ""
+"There is an old saying that, 'The generals in Drake armies have fire in "
+"their veins instead of blood'. Nobody would doubt the truth in that saying "
+"after facing these towering creatures of sheer devastation... However, "
+"butween their crackling flames and their wicked swords, few who meet them "
+"survive to confirm this saying."
+msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Drake_Hatchling.cfg:3
-msgid "Drake Hatchling"
+#: data/units/Drake_Flare.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Drake Flare"
+msgstr "Drake Sklave"
+#: data/units/Drake_Flare.cfg:20
+msgid ""
+"Drake Flares aspire to be leaders of their kind. While their mastery of "
+"their internal fire is not as great as some of their kin these Drakes have "
+"broader asperations. They are skilled with swords, and they aspire to be the "
+"greatest of their kind."
 msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:3
-msgid "Drake Mage"
-msgstr "Drake Magier"
+#: data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Drake Gladiator"
+msgstr "Drake Krieger"
-#: data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:16
-msgid "Like all Mages, the Drake Mages are capable of using magic in battle."
+#: data/units/Drake_Gladiator.cfg:19
+msgid ""
+"With their stumpy vestigial wings and inability to use their great internal "
+"fire as a weapon some may think that these Drakes are disadvantaged, they "
+"would be mistaken. Drakes Gladiators protect their vulnerable hides with "
+"thick brass armour and they arm themselves with as many emerald edged "
+"weapons as possible to fend off whatever opponents may await them."
 msgstr ""
-"So wie alle Magier verfügen auch Drake Magier über die Fähigkeit Magie im "
-"Kampf zu verwenden."
-#: data/units/Drake_Mage.cfg:63 data/units/Drake_Warmage.cfg:73
-msgid "ice shot"
-msgstr "Eisball"
+#: data/units/Drake_Glider.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Drake Glider"
+msgstr "Drake Schlitzer"
+#: data/units/Drake_Glider.cfg:19
+msgid ""
+"Drake Gliders wear as little armour as possible so they can quickly escape "
+"their foes when they leave their caves. These Drakes are compotent fighters, "
+"possesing the internal fire common to many of their kin. Gliders can also "
+"effectively use their speed to viciously slam their opponents into "
+"submission. The best gliders can look forward to being accepted into the "
+"ranks of the high flying Sky Drakes."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Drake_Glider.cfg:22 data/units/Drake_Sky.cfg:26
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "slam"
+msgstr "Insel"
+#: data/units/Drake_Inferno.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Inferno Drake"
+msgstr "Feuerdrache"
+#: data/units/Drake_Inferno.cfg:18
+msgid ""
+"The flying configurations known as Drake Infernos wear massive gold armour "
+"that is almost impenetrable. These drakes are also practically immune to "
+"fire as they have adjusted to hiding in the cones of volcanoes. Drake "
+"Infernos have utterly mastered their internal fire, and rival their "
+"predecessors the Dragons in their ability to use it."
+msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Drake_Petit.cfg:3
-msgid "Drake Petit"
-msgstr "kleiner Schnabel Drake"
+#: data/units/Drake_Sky.cfg:3
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Sky Drake"
+msgstr "Feuerdrache"
-#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:4
 msgid "Drake Slasher"
 msgstr "Drake Schlitzer"
-#: data/units/Drake_Slave.cfg:3
-msgid "Drake Slave"
-msgstr "Drake Sklave"
+#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:18
+msgid ""
+"With their stumpy vestigial wings and inability to use their great internal "
+"fire as a weapon some may think that these Drakes are disadvantaged, they "
+"would be mistaken. To compensate they have become great craftsmen that can "
+"fabricate weapons with emerald edges, and wear heavy armour. The Slashers' "
+"weapon of choice is the halberd, which they use to great effect."
+msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Drake_Slave.cfg:16
-msgid "Drake Slaves are servile members of this reptilian race."
-msgstr "Drake Sklaven sind unterwürfige Mitglieder dieser Reptilienrasse."
-#: data/units/Drake_Warmage.cfg:3
-msgid "Drake Warmage"
-msgstr "Drake"
+#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:21
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "sword "
+msgstr "Schwert"
+#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:22
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "blade "
+msgstr "Klinge"
+#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:39
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "spear "
+msgstr "Speer"
-#: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:40
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "pierce "
+msgstr "Stich"
+#: data/units/Drake_Slasher.cfg:42
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "first strike "
+msgstr "Erstschlag"
+#: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:4
 msgid "Drake Warrior"
 msgstr "Drake Krieger"
-#: data/units/Drake_Worker.cfg:3
-msgid "Drake Worker"
-msgstr "Drake Arbeiter"
-#: data/units/Drake_Worker.cfg:16
-msgid "More advanced Drakes, the Workers fight with their own sharp claws."
-msgstr "Fortgeschrittene Draken, die mit ihren scharfen Krallen kämpfen."
+#: data/units/Drake_Warrior.cfg:18
+msgid ""
+"Drake Fighters wield swords with great skill, and possess the fire breathing "
+"skills of their ancestors."
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Duelist.cfg:3
 msgid "Duelist"
@@ -4152,7 +4363,8 @@
 msgid "axe"
 msgstr "Axt"
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Fighter.cfg:36 data/units/Dwarvish_Steelclad.cfg:42
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Fighter.cfg:36 data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:41
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Steelclad.cfg:42
 msgid "hammer"
 msgstr "Hammer"
@@ -4161,7 +4373,7 @@
 msgstr "Zwergen Gardist"
 #: data/units/Dwarvish_Guardsman.cfg:15 data/units/Dwarvish_Sentinel.cfg:17
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:17 src/actions.cpp:496
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Stalwart.cfg:17 src/actions.cpp:499
 msgid "steadfast"
 msgstr ""
@@ -4187,7 +4399,7 @@
 "Gegner zu treffen. Ihre Rüstung ist aus den besten Legierungen gefertigt die 
 "ihre Sippe kennt."
-#: data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:41
+#: data/units/Dwarvish_Lord.cfg:57
 msgid "hatchet"
 msgstr "Wurfbeil"
@@ -4314,6 +4526,16 @@
 msgid "Elder Wose"
 msgstr "Älterer Waldschrat"
+#: data/units/Elder_Wose.cfg:16
+msgid ""
+"Elder Woses have grown great and tall. Towering over most enemies, they can "
+"deliver crushing blows, while resisting the enemy's counterattacks. Watching "
+"one unexpectedly come stalking towards you out of a forest is a terrifying "
+"sight. They are still very slow and stiff, being nearly immune to arrows but "
+"still quite flammable. Drawing energy from nature around them, Elder Woses "
+"can quickly heal themselves in the face of tremendous injuries."
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:3 data/units/Elvish_Archer.cfg:81
 msgid "Elvish Archer"
 msgstr "Elfenbogenschütze"
@@ -4406,6 +4628,28 @@
 msgid "thorns"
 msgstr "Dornen"
+#: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:3
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Elvish Enchantress"
+msgstr "Elfenschamanin"
+#: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:21
+msgid ""
+"The Elven Enchantresses are masters of offensive magic, striking at their "
+"enemies both with blasts of icy wind drawn from the ethereal plane, and "
+"magically animate roots with which they bind their enemies in place."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:65 data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:43
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:65
+msgid "entangle"
+msgstr "Verstrickung"
+#: data/units/Elvish_Enchantress.cfg:116 data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:116
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:82
+msgid "fey gale"
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Elvish_Fighter.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Fighter"
 msgstr "Elfenkrieger"
@@ -4451,9 +4695,10 @@
 msgid "Elvish Lady"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Elvish_Lady.cfg:16 data/units/Galleon.cfg:17
-msgid "dummy"
-msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Elvish_Lady.cfg:17
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "shove"
+msgstr "BP"
 #: data/units/Elvish_Lord.cfg:3
 msgid "Elvish Lord"
@@ -4591,10 +4836,6 @@
 "Elfenschamaninnen über grundlegende Heilkenntnisse und können so 
befreundete "
 "Einheiten, die auf einem benachbarten Feld stehen, heilen."
-#: data/units/Elvish_Shaman.cfg:43
-msgid "entangle"
-msgstr "Verstrickung"
 #: data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:3 data/units/Elvish_Sharpshooter.cfg:82
 msgid "Elvish Sharpshooter"
 msgstr "Elfenscharfschütze"
@@ -4626,10 +4867,39 @@
 "Libellenflügel und sie verwandeln sich in wunderschöne Geschöpfe, die "
 "unbeschwert durch den Elfenwald schweben."
-#: data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Elvish_Shyde.cfg:24 data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:24
 msgid "faerie touch"
 msgstr "Feenhauch"
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:3
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Elvish Sorceress"
+msgstr "Elfenbogenschütze"
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sorceress.cfg:21
+msgid ""
+"Eschewing the study of healing in favor of more aggressive uses of magic, "
+"Elvish Sorceresses have become quite proficient at ranged combat.  Their "
+"entangling attack is notably more effective than before, and they can call "
+"upon bursts of chilling ethereal wind to smite those who oppose them."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:3
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Elvish Sylph"
+msgstr "Waldfee"
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:20
+msgid ""
+"Elvish Sylphs are scions of beauty in the mortal plane.  Having fully "
+"developed their faerie side, they transform into creatures of both worlds, "
+"wielding powerful magic against their enemies."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Elvish_Sylph.cfg:51
+msgid "gossamer"
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Fencer.cfg:3
 msgid "Fencer"
 msgstr "Fechter"
@@ -4716,7 +4986,7 @@
 #: data/units/Footpad.cfg:37 data/units/Outlaw.cfg:38
 #: data/units/Outlaw.cfg:111 data/units/Outlaw_Princess.cfg:41
-#: data/units/Outlaw_Queen.cfg:42
+#: data/units/Outlaw_Queen.cfg:42 data/units/Troll_Rocklobber.cfg:38
 msgid "sling"
 msgstr "Schleuder"
@@ -4724,6 +4994,10 @@
 msgid "Galleon"
 msgstr "Galleone"
+#: data/units/Galleon.cfg:17
+msgid "dummy"
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Gate.cfg:3
 msgid "Gate"
 msgstr "Tor"
@@ -4819,6 +5093,24 @@
 msgid "pincers"
 msgstr "Scheren"
+#: data/units/Goblin_Impaler.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Goblin Impaler"
+msgstr "Kobold Plünderer"
+#: data/units/Goblin_Impaler.cfg:17
+msgid ""
+"Goblins tend to try and make up for their general idiocy, frailty, and lack "
+"of sophisticated weaponry by attempting to overwhelm there foes by sheer "
+"numbers. These are the larger and more able kinsmen of the Goblin Spearman."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Goblin_Impaler.cfg:25 data/units/Halbardier.cfg:23
+#: data/units/Halbardier.cfg:41 data/units/Pikeman.cfg:24
+#: data/units/Spearman.cfg:24
+msgid "firststrike"
+msgstr "Erstschlag"
 #: data/units/Goblin_Knight.cfg:3
 msgid "Goblin Knight"
 msgstr "Kobold Raubritter"
@@ -4859,6 +5151,20 @@
 msgid "net"
 msgstr "Netz"
+#: data/units/Goblin_Spearman.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Goblin Spearman"
+msgstr "Speerträger"
+#: data/units/Goblin_Spearman.cfg:17
+msgid ""
+"Goblins tend to try and make up for their general idiocy, frailty, and lack "
+"of sophisticated weaponry by attempting to overwhelm there foes by sheer "
+"numbers. Though lacking in decent armour or weapons, these meagre spearmen "
+"are well-equipped for a war of attrition. The best Goblin Spearman can look "
+"forward to becoming Goblin Impalers."
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Grand_Knight.cfg:3
 msgid "Grand Knight"
 msgstr "Templer"
@@ -4897,7 +5203,8 @@
 #: data/units/Great_Troll.cfg:7 data/units/Tentacle.cfg:7
 #: data/units/Troll.cfg:7 data/units/Troll_Hero.cfg:7
-#: data/units/Troll_Warrior.cfg:6 data/units/Troll_Whelp.cfg:7
+#: data/units/Troll_Rocklobber.cfg:7 data/units/Troll_Warrior.cfg:6
+#: data/units/Troll_Whelp.cfg:7
 msgid "regenerates"
 msgstr "Regeneration"
@@ -4972,11 +5279,6 @@
 msgid "halberd"
 msgstr "Hellebarde"
-#: data/units/Halbardier.cfg:23 data/units/Halbardier.cfg:41
-#: data/units/Pikeman.cfg:24 data/units/Spearman.cfg:24
-msgid "firststrike"
-msgstr "Erstschlag"
 #: data/units/Heavy_Infantryman.cfg:3
 msgid "Heavy Infantryman"
 msgstr "Schwerer Infanterist"
@@ -5211,7 +5513,7 @@
 "Wassermänner kommen aus den Tiefen des Meeres, sie sind stark und schnell in 
 "Meeren, Seen und Flüssen - aber sehr schlecht an Land."
-#: data/units/Merman.cfg:19 data/units/Merman_Lord.cfg:20
+#: data/units/Merman.cfg:19 data/units/Merman_Lord.cfg:21
 #: data/units/Naga.cfg:20 data/units/Sea_Hag.cfg:20 data/units/Triton.cfg:19
 msgid "trident"
 msgstr "Dreizack"
@@ -5381,7 +5683,7 @@
 msgid "darts"
 msgstr "Wurfpfeile"
-#: data/units/Orcish_Crossbow.cfg:21 data/units/Orcish_Crossbowman.cfg:19
+#: data/units/Orcish_Crossbow.cfg:22 data/units/Orcish_Crossbowman.cfg:19
 msgid "short sword"
 msgstr "Kurzschwert"
@@ -5689,11 +5991,11 @@
 msgid "pike"
 msgstr "Pike"
-#: data/units/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:49
+#: data/units/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:3
 msgid "Pirate Galleon"
 msgstr "Piraten-Galleone"
-#: data/units/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:61 data/units/Transport_Galleon.cfg:15
+#: data/units/Pirate_Galleon.cfg:15 data/units/Transport_Galleon.cfg:16
 #: data/units/Watch_Tower.cfg:17
 msgid "ballista"
 msgstr "Ballista"
@@ -5786,14 +6088,83 @@
 "Kämpfern der Armee ausgewählt. Sie kommen meist nur in kritischen Missionen 
 "zum Einsatz und schließen diese fast ausschließlich siegreich ab."
-#: data/units/Saurian.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Saurian.cfg:4
 msgid "Saurian"
 msgstr "Saurianer"
-#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:3
+#: data/units/Saurian.cfg:17
+msgid ""
+"Saurians are skilled in the use of the spear. Despite their lethargic cold "
+"blooded heritage, and their relative frailty, they are highly valued as "
+"scouts as the can navigate through rough terrain and around opponents. The "
+"best Saurians go on to become Saurian Warriors."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Saurian_Icecaster.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Saurian Icecaster"
+msgstr "Saurianischer Krieger"
+#: data/units/Saurian_Icecaster.cfg:17
+msgid ""
+"Saurian Icecasters have cast aside their role as healers to refine their "
+"skills with the dark arts. While frail, they posses deep knowledge of cold "
+"magic and retain their abilities as healers."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Saurian_Icecaster.cfg:19 data/units/Saurian_Tribalist.cfg:20
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "skirmisher,heals"
+msgstr "Plänkler"
+#: data/units/Saurian_Icecaster.cfg:40 data/units/Saurian_Soothsayer.cfg:39
+#: data/units/Saurian_Tribalist.cfg:39
+msgid "frost blast"
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Saurian_Soothsayer.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Saurian Soothsayer"
+msgstr "Saurianischer Krieger"
+#: data/units/Saurian_Soothsayer.cfg:18
+msgid ""
+"Saurian Soothsayers are highly valued as healers because they can provide "
+"aide to their friends regardless of terrain or opposition. In addition to "
+"cure their allies they posses knowledge of cold magic."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Saurian_Soothsayer.cfg:20
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "skirmisher,cures"
+msgstr "Plänkler"
+#: data/units/Saurian_Tribalist.cfg:4
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Saurian Tribalist"
+msgstr "Saurianischer Krieger"
+#: data/units/Saurian_Tribalist.cfg:18
+msgid ""
+"Despite their lethargic cold blooded heritage, and their relative frailty, "
+"Saurian Tribalists are valued as healers because they can provide aide to "
+"their allies regardless of terrain or opposition. In addition to healing "
+"they posses knowledge of cold magic."
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:4
 msgid "Saurian Warrior"
 msgstr "Saurianischer Krieger"
+#: data/units/Saurian_Warrior.cfg:17
+msgid ""
+"Saurian Warriors are highly skilled in the use of the spear. Despite their "
+"lethargic cold blooded heritage, and their relative frailty, they are highly "
+"valued as scouts as the can navigate through rough terrain and around "
+"opponents. Saurian Warriors posses the strength to take full advantage of "
+"this fact."
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Sea_Hag.cfg:3
 msgid "Sea Hag"
 msgstr "Seefurie"
@@ -5815,10 +6186,11 @@
 msgstr "Seeork"
 #: data/units/Sea_Orc.cfg:16
+#, fuzzy
 msgid ""
-"While often viewed as inferior to their land loving counterparts Sea Orcs "
+"While often viewed as inferior to their land loving counterparts, Sea Orcs "
 "represent a great leap for all goblinoids as they have adapted to aquatic "
-"environments. With their curved swords they are compotent fighters, although "
+"environments. With their curved swords they are competent fighters, although "
 "their lack of a ranged attack and poor defence on land do represent "
 "strategic weaknesses."
 msgstr ""
@@ -5884,15 +6256,15 @@
 "sich nur langsam fortbewegen, sind sie sehr stark und werden in ganz Wesnoth "
 "und sogar in angrenzenden Ländern gefürchtet."
-#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:3 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:90
+#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:3 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:142
 msgid "Silver Mage"
 msgstr "Silberner Magier"
-#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:21 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:108
+#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:21 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:160
 msgid "teleport"
 msgstr ""
-#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:22 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:109
+#: data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:22 data/units/Silver_Mage.cfg:161
 msgid ""
 "Silver Mages are the most deft of foot and elusive of all mages. They can "
 "teleport from any friendly village to another, translating themselves in an "
@@ -6068,6 +6440,12 @@
 msgid "Transport Galleon"
 msgstr "Transport-Galleone"
+#: data/units/Transport_Galleon.cfg:13
+msgid ""
+"Transport Galleons are well-armed ships that carry troops. If they reach the "
+"shore, they can deposit the troops to attack."
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Trapper.cfg:3
 msgid "Trapper"
 msgstr "Fallensteller"
@@ -6122,6 +6500,27 @@
 "even during battle."
 msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Troll_Rocklobber.cfg:3
+msgid "Troll Rocklobber"
+msgstr ""
+#: data/units/Troll_Rocklobber.cfg:17
+#, fuzzy
+msgid ""
+"Trolls are humanoid monsters that have the amazing ability to regenerate, "
+"recovering from their wounds during battle. These trolls have armed "
+"themselves with large rocks they hurl at their opponents."
+msgstr ""
+"Trolle sind große, aufrecht gehende Kreaturen, die über 2,50 Meter groß "
+"werden können uns sie verfügen über immense Körperkräfte. Ihr Fell ist 
von "
+"grüner Farbe, und sie besitzen die erstaunliche Fähigkeit der Regeneration. 
+"Viele tapfere Krieger mussten ihr Leben lassen, weil sie einen tödlich "
+"verwundeten Troll auf dem Schlachtfeld liegen ließen, um nach kurzer Zeit "
+"erneut von dem Monstrum angefallen zu wurden. Bevor sie ausgewachsen sind, "
+"spricht man von so genanten Trollwelpen. In dieser Zeit sind Trolle noch "
+"nicht besonders gefährlich, aber ihre Rasse ist bekannt für ihr schnelles "
 #: data/units/Troll_Warrior.cfg:3
 msgid "Troll Warrior"
 msgstr "Kriegstroll"
@@ -6287,6 +6686,17 @@
 msgid "Wose"
 msgstr "Waldschrat"
+#: data/units/Wose.cfg:16
+msgid ""
+"Woses are treelike creatures of legend. They rose from the forest, and when "
+"in a forest they are indistinguishable from ordinary trees. Their form is "
+"very slow and stiff, so they cannot avoid attacks very well. Their tough "
+"bark is highly resistant to cold, crushing attacks, and arrows, although "
+"blades have no trouble cutting through it, and they are very flammable. By "
+"drawing nutrients from the ground and energy from the sun, Woses can regrow "
+"missing limbs after a fight."
+msgstr ""
 #: data/units/Wraith.cfg:3
 msgid "Wraith"
 msgstr "Gespenst"
@@ -6394,18 +6804,19 @@
 msgstr "+Internationalisierungsleitung"
 #: src/about.cpp:129
-msgid "+Brazilian Translation"
-msgstr "+Brasilianische Übersetzung"
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "+Basque Translation"
+msgstr "+Dänische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:134
+#: src/about.cpp:133
 msgid "+Catalan Translation"
 msgstr "+Catalanische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:139
+#: src/about.cpp:138
 msgid "+Czech Translation"
 msgstr "+Czechische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:148
+#: src/about.cpp:147
 msgid "+Danish Translation"
 msgstr "+Dänische Übersetzung"
@@ -6413,147 +6824,148 @@
 msgid "+Dutch Translation"
 msgstr "+Niederländische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:156
+#: src/about.cpp:157
 msgid "+Finnish Translation"
 msgstr "+Finnische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:160
+#: src/about.cpp:161
 msgid "+French Translation"
 msgstr "+Französische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:172
+#: src/about.cpp:173
 msgid "+German Translation"
 msgstr "+Deutsche Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:181
+#: src/about.cpp:183
 msgid "+Hungarian Translation"
 msgstr "+Ungarische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:186
+#: src/about.cpp:188
 msgid "+Italian Translation"
 msgstr "+Italienische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:193
+#: src/about.cpp:195
 msgid "+Norwegian Translation"
 msgstr "+Norwegische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:199
+#: src/about.cpp:201
 msgid "+Polish Translation"
 msgstr "+Polnische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:205
-msgid "+Portuguese Translation"
+#: src/about.cpp:207
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "+Portuguese (Brazil) Translation"
 msgstr "+Portugisische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:210
+#: src/about.cpp:215
 msgid "+Slovak Translation"
 msgstr "+Slovakische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:214
+#: src/about.cpp:219
 msgid "+Spanish Translation"
 msgstr "+Spanische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:222
+#: src/about.cpp:227
 msgid "+Swedish Translation"
 msgstr "+Schwedische Übersetzung"
-#: src/about.cpp:229
+#: src/about.cpp:234
 msgid "+Contributors"
 msgstr "+Mitarbeiter"
-#: src/about.cpp:237
+#: src/about.cpp:242
 msgid "+ Bots"
 msgstr "+Bots"
-#: src/about.cpp:264 src/help.cpp:2372 src/show_dialog.cpp:468
+#: src/about.cpp:269 src/help.cpp:2373 src/show_dialog.cpp:468
 msgid "Close"
 msgstr "Schließen"
-#: src/actions.cpp:93
+#: src/actions.cpp:96
 msgid "You don't have a leader to recruit with."
 msgstr ""
 "Euer Herrführer ist gefallen. Ihr könnt keine weiteren Einheiten ausbilden."
-#: src/actions.cpp:97
+#: src/actions.cpp:100
 msgid "You must have your leader on a keep to recruit or recall units."
 msgstr ""
 "Euer Heerführer muss sich im Burgfried befinden um Einheiten auszubilden."
-#: src/actions.cpp:114
+#: src/actions.cpp:117
 msgid "There are no vacant castle tiles in which to recruit a unit."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/actions.cpp:202
+#: src/actions.cpp:205
 msgid "none"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/actions.cpp:318 src/actions.cpp:435
+#: src/actions.cpp:321 src/actions.cpp:438
 msgid "base damage"
 msgstr "Grundschaden"
-#: src/actions.cpp:328
+#: src/actions.cpp:331
 msgid "attacker resistance vs"
 msgstr "Resistenz des Angreifers gegen"
-#: src/actions.cpp:328
+#: src/actions.cpp:331
 msgid "attacker vulnerability vs"
 msgstr "Verwundbarkeit des Angreifers gegen"
-#: src/actions.cpp:360 src/actions.cpp:478 src/actions.cpp:487
+#: src/actions.cpp:363 src/actions.cpp:481 src/actions.cpp:490
 msgid "Doubled"
 msgstr "Verdoppelt"
-#: src/actions.cpp:388 src/actions.cpp:523
+#: src/actions.cpp:391 src/actions.cpp:526
 msgid "total damage"
 msgstr "Gesamtschaden"
-#: src/actions.cpp:445
+#: src/actions.cpp:448
 msgid "defender resistance vs"
 msgstr "Resistenz des Verteidigers gegen"
-#: src/actions.cpp:445
+#: src/actions.cpp:448
 msgid "defender vulnerability vs"
 msgstr "Verwundbarkeit des Verteidigers gegen"
-#: src/actions.cpp:496
+#: src/actions.cpp:499
 msgid "Halved"
 msgstr "Halbiert"
-#: src/actions.cpp:703 src/actions.cpp:842 src/display.cpp:878
+#: src/actions.cpp:714 src/actions.cpp:861 src/display.cpp:878
 #: src/reports.cpp:115
 msgid "poisoned"
 msgstr "vergiftet"
-#: src/actions.cpp:708 src/actions.cpp:847 src/display.cpp:874
+#: src/actions.cpp:719 src/actions.cpp:866 src/display.cpp:874
 #: src/reports.cpp:110
 msgid "slowed"
 msgstr "verlangsamt"
-#: src/actions.cpp:1718
+#: src/actions.cpp:1738
 msgid "Ambushed!"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/actions.cpp:1746
+#: src/actions.cpp:1766
 msgid "Friendly unit sighted"
 msgstr "Verbündete Einheit gesichtet!"
-#: src/actions.cpp:1748
+#: src/actions.cpp:1768
 msgid "Enemy unit sighted!"
 msgstr "Gegnerische Einheit gesichtet!"
-#: src/actions.cpp:1753
+#: src/actions.cpp:1773
 msgid "$friends Friendly units sighted"
 msgstr "$friends verbündete Einheiten gesichtet!"
-#: src/actions.cpp:1755
+#: src/actions.cpp:1775
 msgid "$enemies Enemy units sighted!"
 msgstr "$enemies gegnerische Einheiten gesichtet!"
-#: src/actions.cpp:1759
+#: src/actions.cpp:1779
 msgid "Units sighted! ($friends friendly, $enemies enemy)"
 msgstr "Einheiten gesichtet! ($friends verbündete, $enemies gegnerische)"
-#: src/actions.cpp:1780
+#: src/actions.cpp:1800
 msgid "(press $hotkey to continue)"
 msgstr ""
@@ -6569,9 +6981,9 @@
 msgid "No objectives available"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/dialogs.cpp:174
-msgid "Save"
-msgstr "Spielstand speichern"
+#: src/dialogs.cpp:174 src/hotkeys.cpp:132
+msgid "Save Game"
+msgstr "Spiel speichern"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:176
 msgid "Overwrite?"
@@ -6597,11 +7009,11 @@
 msgid "#(Invalid)"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/dialogs.cpp:365 src/game.cpp:989
+#: src/dialogs.cpp:365 src/game.cpp:924
 msgid "Campaign"
 msgstr "Kampagne"
-#: src/dialogs.cpp:367 src/game.cpp:1125
+#: src/dialogs.cpp:367 src/game.cpp:1143
 msgid "Multiplayer"
 msgstr "Mehrspieler"
@@ -6621,7 +7033,7 @@
 msgid "Scenario Start"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/dialogs.cpp:384 src/game.cpp:1101
+#: src/dialogs.cpp:384 src/game.cpp:954
 msgid "Difficulty"
 msgstr "Schwierigkeitsgrad"
@@ -6676,33 +7088,22 @@
 msgstr "Profil"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:646 src/display.cpp:884 src/help.cpp:567
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1784
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1791
 msgid "level"
 msgstr "Stufe"
-#: src/dialogs.cpp:667 src/display.cpp:902 src/help.cpp:621
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1947 src/unit.cpp:1034
-msgid "HP"
-msgstr "LE"
-#: src/dialogs.cpp:671 src/dialogs.cpp:679 src/display.cpp:906
-#: src/display.cpp:914 src/playturn.cpp:1786 src/playturn.cpp:1948
-#: src/unit.cpp:1093
-msgid "XP"
-msgstr "EP"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:684 src/display.cpp:918 src/help.cpp:622
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1949 src/unit.cpp:1070
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1956 src/unit.cpp:1065
 msgid "Moves"
 msgstr "BP"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:697 src/display.cpp:935 src/help.cpp:699
-#: src/playturn.cpp:599 src/reports.cpp:230
+#: src/playturn.cpp:597 src/reports.cpp:230
 msgid "melee"
 msgstr "Nahkampf"
 #: src/dialogs.cpp:698 src/display.cpp:936 src/help.cpp:699
-#: src/playturn.cpp:599 src/reports.cpp:231
+#: src/playturn.cpp:597 src/reports.cpp:231
 msgid "ranged"
 msgstr "Fernkampf"
@@ -6714,7 +7115,7 @@
 msgid "invisible"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/font.cpp:164
+#: src/font.cpp:169
 msgid "Vera.ttf"
 msgstr ""
@@ -6734,11 +7135,11 @@
 msgid "Do you want to save your game?"
 msgstr "Möchtet Ihr Euren Spielstand abspeichern?"
-#: src/game.cpp:648
+#: src/game.cpp:591
 msgid "The Battle for Wesnoth"
 msgstr "The Battle for Wesnoth"
-#: src/game.cpp:868 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:106
+#: src/game.cpp:788 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:106
 msgid ""
 "This save is from a different version of the game. Do you want to try to "
 "load it?"
@@ -6746,137 +7147,171 @@
 "Dieser Spielstand stammt aus einer früheren Version. Möchtet Ihr den "
 "Spielstand laden?"
-#: src/game.cpp:879 src/game.cpp:884 src/playlevel.cpp:549
+#: src/game.cpp:800 src/game.cpp:805 src/playlevel.cpp:549
 #: src/playlevel.cpp:789
 msgid "The file you have tried to load is corrupt"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:984
+#: src/game.cpp:809
+msgid "File I/O Error while reading the game"
+msgstr ""
+#: src/game.cpp:914
 msgid " ,Get More Campaigns..."
 msgstr " ,Weitere Kampagnen..."
-#: src/game.cpp:990
+#: src/game.cpp:915
+msgid "Download more campaigns from a server on Internet."
+msgstr ""
+#: src/game.cpp:925
 msgid "Choose the campaign you want to play:"
 msgstr "Wählt die Kampagne, die Ihr spielen wollt:"
-#: src/game.cpp:1000
+#: src/game.cpp:955
+msgid "Select difficulty level:"
+msgstr "Schwierigkeitsgrad auswählen:"
+#: src/game.cpp:974
 msgid "Connect to Server"
 msgstr "Mit Kampagnenserver verbinden"
-#: src/game.cpp:1001
+#: src/game.cpp:975
 msgid "You will now connect to a campaign server to download campaigns."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Gebt einen Server an, von dem Ihr Kampagnen herunterladen wollt."
-#: src/game.cpp:1002
+#: src/game.cpp:976
 msgid "Server: "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Server: "
-#: src/game.cpp:1014
+#: src/game.cpp:988
 msgid "Could not connect to host."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:1014 src/game.cpp:1029 src/game.cpp:1035 src/game.cpp:1046
-#: src/game.cpp:1065 src/game.cpp:1075 src/game.cpp:1078 src/game.cpp:1081
+#: src/game.cpp:988 src/game.cpp:1003 src/game.cpp:1009 src/game.cpp:1030
+#: src/game.cpp:1054 src/game.cpp:1068 src/game.cpp:1070 src/game.cpp:1072
+#: src/game.cpp:1084 src/game.cpp:1087 src/game.cpp:1122 src/game.cpp:1124
 #: src/playturn.cpp:1396 src/playturn.cpp:1410
 msgid "Error"
 msgstr "Fehler"
-#: src/game.cpp:1022
+#: src/game.cpp:996
 msgid "Awaiting response from server"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:1035
+#: src/game.cpp:1009
 msgid "Error communicating with the server."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:1046
+#: src/game.cpp:1014
+msgid ",Name,Version,Author,Downloads"
+msgstr ""
+#: src/game.cpp:1026
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Publish campaign: "
+msgstr "Elfenhauptmann"
+#: src/game.cpp:1030
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "There are no campaigns available for download from this server."
 msgstr "Es sind keine Kampagnen verfügabr"
-#: src/game.cpp:1050
-#, fuzzy
+#: src/game.cpp:1034
 msgid "Choose the campaign to download."
-msgstr "Wählt den zu ladenden Spielstand"
+msgstr "Wählt die Kampagne, die Ihr herunterladen wollt."
-#: src/game.cpp:1050
-#, fuzzy
+#: src/game.cpp:1034
 msgid "Get Campaign"
-msgstr "Kampagne"
+msgstr "Kampagnen herunterladen"
-#: src/game.cpp:1059
+#: src/game.cpp:1048
 msgid "Downloading campaign..."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:1071
+#: src/game.cpp:1066
 #, fuzzy
 msgid "Campaign Installed"
 msgstr "Kampagne"
-#: src/game.cpp:1071
-msgid ""
-"The campaign has been installed. You will have to restart Wesnoth before you "
-"can play it."
-msgstr ""
+#: src/game.cpp:1066
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "The campaign has been installed."
+msgstr "Der Spielstand wurde gespeichert"
-#: src/game.cpp:1075
+#: src/game.cpp:1068
 msgid "Network communication error."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:1078
+#: src/game.cpp:1070
 msgid "Remote host disconnected."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:1081
+#: src/game.cpp:1072
 msgid ""
 "There was a problem creating the files necessary to install this campaign."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:1102
-msgid "Select difficulty level:"
-msgstr "Schwierigkeitsgrad auswählen:"
+#: src/game.cpp:1084 src/game.cpp:1122 src/multiplayer_client.cpp:42
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:314
+msgid "Connection timed out"
+msgstr ""
+#: src/game.cpp:1087 src/game.cpp:1124
+msgid "The server responded with an error: \""
+msgstr ""
+#: src/game.cpp:1090
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Terms"
+msgstr "Team"
-#: src/game.cpp:1120
+#: src/game.cpp:1126
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Response"
+msgstr "Versteinern"
+#: src/game.cpp:1138
 msgid "Join Official Server"
 msgstr "Offiziellem Server beitreten"
-#: src/game.cpp:1120
+#: src/game.cpp:1138
 msgid "Log on to the official Wesnoth multiplayer server"
 msgstr "Dem offiziellen Wesnoth Server beitreten"
-#: src/game.cpp:1121 src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:157
+#: src/game.cpp:1139 src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:157
 msgid "Join Game"
 msgstr "Spiel beitreten"
-#: src/game.cpp:1121
+#: src/game.cpp:1139
 msgid "Join a server or hosted game"
 msgstr "Einem Server oder einer Mehrspielerpartie beitreten"
-#: src/game.cpp:1122
+#: src/game.cpp:1140
 msgid "Host Multiplayer Game"
 msgstr "Mehrspielerpartie eröffnen"
-#: src/game.cpp:1122
+#: src/game.cpp:1140
 msgid "Host a game without using a server"
 msgstr "Eine Mehrspielerpartie ohne Zuhilfenahme eines Servers eröffnen"
-#: src/game.cpp:1125 src/multiplayer_client.cpp:269
+#: src/game.cpp:1143 src/multiplayer_client.cpp:298
 msgid "Login"
 msgstr "Euer Name"
-#: src/game.cpp:1205
+#: src/game.cpp:1220
 msgid "Language"
 msgstr "Sprache"
-#: src/game.cpp:1206
+#: src/game.cpp:1221
 msgid "Choose your preferred language"
 msgstr "Wählt die gewünschte Sprache"
-#: src/game.cpp:1291
+#: src/game.cpp:1449
 msgid "Could not initialize video. Exiting.\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/game.cpp:1293
+#: src/game.cpp:1451
 msgid "Could not initialize fonts. Exiting.\n"
 msgstr ""
@@ -6900,15 +7335,15 @@
 msgid "attacks"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/help.cpp:646 src/help.cpp:647 src/playturn.cpp:1946
+#: src/help.cpp:646 src/help.cpp:647 src/playturn.cpp:1953
 msgid "Name"
 msgstr "Name"
-#: src/help.cpp:650 src/help.cpp:651 src/playturn.cpp:1945
+#: src/help.cpp:650 src/help.cpp:651 src/playturn.cpp:1952
 msgid "Type"
 msgstr "Typ"
-#: src/help.cpp:654 src/help.cpp:655 src/unit_types.cpp:301
+#: src/help.cpp:654 src/help.cpp:655 src/unit_types.cpp:302
 msgid "Dmg"
 msgstr "Schaden"
@@ -6924,39 +7359,39 @@
 msgid "Special"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/help.cpp:723
+#: src/help.cpp:724
 msgid "Resistances"
 msgstr "Resistenztabelle"
-#: src/help.cpp:727 src/help.cpp:728
+#: src/help.cpp:728 src/help.cpp:729
 msgid "Attack Type"
 msgstr "Angriffsart"
-#: src/help.cpp:731 src/help.cpp:732
+#: src/help.cpp:732 src/help.cpp:733
 msgid "Resistance"
 msgstr "Resistenz"
-#: src/help.cpp:763
+#: src/help.cpp:764
 msgid "Terrain Modifiers"
 msgstr "Gelände Einschränkungen"
-#: src/help.cpp:767 src/help.cpp:768
+#: src/help.cpp:768 src/help.cpp:769
 msgid "Terrain"
 msgstr "Gelände"
-#: src/help.cpp:775 src/help.cpp:776
+#: src/help.cpp:776 src/help.cpp:777
 msgid "Defense"
 msgstr "Verteidigung"
-#: src/help.cpp:1876
+#: src/help.cpp:1877
 msgid "< Back"
 msgstr "< Zurück"
-#: src/help.cpp:1877
+#: src/help.cpp:1878
 msgid "Forward >"
 msgstr "Vorwärts >"
-#: src/help.cpp:2375
+#: src/help.cpp:2376
 msgid "The Battle for Wesnoth Help"
 msgstr "Hilfe zu Battle for Wesnoth"
@@ -6968,7 +7403,7 @@
 msgid "End Unit Turn"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/hotkeys.cpp:122 src/playturn.cpp:1525
+#: src/hotkeys.cpp:122 src/playturn.cpp:1531
 msgid "Leader"
 msgstr "Herrführer"
@@ -7008,11 +7443,7 @@
 msgid "Rename Unit"
 msgstr "Einheit umbenennen"
-#: src/hotkeys.cpp:132
-msgid "Save Game"
-msgstr "Spiel speichern"
-#: src/hotkeys.cpp:134
+#: src/hotkeys.cpp:134 src/playturn.cpp:1640
 msgid "Recruit"
 msgstr "Ausbilden"
@@ -7020,7 +7451,7 @@
 msgid "Repeat Recruit"
 msgstr "Ausbilden wiederholen"
-#: src/hotkeys.cpp:136
+#: src/hotkeys.cpp:136 src/playturn.cpp:1818
 msgid "Recall"
 msgstr "Einberufen"
@@ -7056,11 +7487,11 @@
 msgid "Scenario Objectives"
 msgstr "Missionsziele"
-#: src/hotkeys.cpp:146 src/playturn.cpp:1998
+#: src/hotkeys.cpp:146 src/playturn.cpp:2005
 msgid "Unit List"
 msgstr "Einheitenübersicht"
-#: src/hotkeys.cpp:147 src/playturn.cpp:2086
+#: src/hotkeys.cpp:147 src/playturn.cpp:2093
 msgid "Statistics"
 msgstr "Statistiken"
@@ -7180,9 +7611,9 @@
 msgid "Do you really want to quit?"
 msgstr "Möchtet Ihr das Spiel wirklich beenden?"
-#: src/hotkeys.cpp:358 src/hotkeys.cpp:542
-msgid "Quit?"
-msgstr "Spiel beenden"
+#: src/hotkeys.cpp:358 src/hotkeys.cpp:542 src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:159
+msgid "Quit"
+msgstr "Beenden"
 #: src/intro.cpp:87
 msgid "Next"
@@ -7228,7 +7659,7 @@
 msgid "Bump Size"
 msgstr "Hügelgrösse"
-#: src/mapgen_dialog.cpp:82 src/playturn.cpp:1526
+#: src/mapgen_dialog.cpp:82 src/playturn.cpp:1532
 msgid "Villages"
 msgstr "Dörfer"
@@ -7295,7 +7726,7 @@
 msgid "Allow users who are not playing to watch the game"
 msgstr "Erlaubt es das Spiel als Unbeteiligter zu betrachten"
-#: src/multiplayer.cpp:123 src/multiplayer_client.cpp:119
+#: src/multiplayer.cpp:123 src/multiplayer_client.cpp:145
 #: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:50 src/show_dialog.cpp:456
 #: src/show_dialog.cpp:462
 msgid "Cancel"
@@ -7375,60 +7806,70 @@
 msgid "Warning"
 msgstr "Warnung"
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:42 src/multiplayer_client.cpp:285
-msgid "Connection timed out"
-msgstr ""
 #: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:59
 msgid "Receiving game list..."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:95 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:381
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:383 src/playlevel.cpp:769 src/playturn.cpp:1525
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1530 src/playturn.cpp:1616
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:121 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:389
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:391 src/playlevel.cpp:769 src/playturn.cpp:1531
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1536 src/playturn.cpp:1622
 msgid "Gold"
 msgstr "Gold"
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:113
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:139
 msgid "Waiting for game to start..."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:221
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:250
 msgid "Choose host to connect to"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:239
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:268
 msgid "Connecting to remote host..."
 msgstr "Verbinde zum Server/Gastgeber..."
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:268
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:297
 msgid "You must log in to this server"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:348
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:377
 msgid "Getting game data..."
 msgstr "Empfange Spieldaten..."
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:399
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:429
 msgid "There are no available sides in this game."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:441
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:477
 msgid "Choose your side:"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:466
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:507
 msgid "The game has been cancelled"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:470
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:511
 msgid "The side you have chosen is no longer available"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:506
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:547
 msgid "Show replay of game up to save point?"
 msgstr ""
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:686 src/multiplayer_client.cpp:689
+msgid "?"
+msgstr ""
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:780
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Leader: "
+msgstr "Herrführer"
+#: src/multiplayer_client.cpp:782
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "Recruits: "
+msgstr "Ausgebildet"
 #: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:48
 msgid " Computer vs Computer "
 msgstr " Computer gegen Computer "
@@ -7441,7 +7882,7 @@
 msgid "This is not a multiplayer save"
 msgstr "Dies ist kein Mehrspieler-Spielstand"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:241
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:247
 msgid ""
 "@Defeat enemy leader(s)"
@@ -7449,81 +7890,81 @@
 "@Besiegt alle gegnerischen Herrführer"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:261
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:267
 msgid "Network Player"
 msgstr "Netzwerkspieler"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:262
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:268
 msgid "Local Player"
 msgstr "Lokaler Spieler"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:263 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:470
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:584 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:678
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:269 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:491
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:611 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:720
 msgid "Computer Player"
 msgstr "Computer"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:264
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:270
 msgid "Empty"
 msgstr "Leer"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:291 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:371
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:374
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:297 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:379
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:382
 msgid "Team"
 msgstr "Team"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:299
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:307
 msgid "Red"
 msgstr "Rot"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:301
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:309
 msgid "Blue"
 msgstr "Blau"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:303
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:311
 msgid "Green"
 msgstr "Grün"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:305
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:313
 msgid "Yellow"
 msgstr "Gelb"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:307
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:315
 msgid "Purple"
 msgstr "Rosa"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:309
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:317
 msgid "Orange"
 msgstr "Orange"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:311
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:319
 msgid "Grey"
 msgstr "Grau"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:313
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:321
 msgid "White"
 msgstr "Weis"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:315
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:323
 msgid "Brown"
 msgstr "Braun"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:360
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:368
 msgid "Game Lobby"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:363 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:365
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:371 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:373
 msgid "Player/Type"
 msgstr "Spieler/Typ"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:366 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:369
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:374 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:377
 msgid "Faction"
 msgstr "Fraktion"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:376 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:379
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:384 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:387
 msgid "Color"
 msgstr "Farbe"
-#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:533 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:537
+#: src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:560 src/multiplayer_connect.cpp:564
 msgid "Waiting for network players to join"
 msgstr ""
@@ -7543,10 +7984,6 @@
 msgid "Observe Game"
 msgstr "Spiel beobachten"
-#: src/multiplayer_lobby.cpp:159
-msgid "Quit"
-msgstr "Beenden"
 #: src/playlevel.cpp:688
 msgid "Game Over"
 msgstr ""
@@ -7611,50 +8048,50 @@
 msgid "It is now your turn"
 msgstr "Ihr seid an der Reihe"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:488
+#: src/playturn.cpp:486
 msgid "Attacker"
 msgstr "Angreifer"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:490
+#: src/playturn.cpp:488
 msgid "Defender"
 msgstr "Verteidiger"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:514 src/playturn.cpp:633
+#: src/playturn.cpp:512 src/playturn.cpp:631
 msgid "Damage Calculations"
 msgstr "Schadensberechnung"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:599
+#: src/playturn.cpp:597
 msgid "Melee"
 msgstr "Nahkampf"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:612 src/reports.cpp:210
+#: src/playturn.cpp:610 src/reports.cpp:210
 msgid "vs"
 msgstr "gegen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:645
+#: src/playturn.cpp:643
 msgid "Attack Enemy"
 msgstr "Gegner angreifen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:646
+#: src/playturn.cpp:644
 msgid "Choose weapon"
 msgstr "Waffe auswählen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1127
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1125
 msgid ""
 "You have not started your turn yet.  Do you really want to end your turn?"
 msgstr ""
 "Ihr habt Euren Zug noch nicht begonnen. Wollt Ihr diese Runde wirklich schon "
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1136 src/playturn.cpp:1141
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1134 src/playturn.cpp:1139
 msgid "Some units have movement left. Do you really want to end your turn?"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1157
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1155
 msgid "Auto-Save"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1159
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1157
 msgid "Could not auto save the game. Please save the game manually."
 msgstr ""
 "Der Spielstand konnte nicht automatisch gespeichert werden. Ihr solltet den "
@@ -7674,37 +8111,37 @@
 msgid "The game has been saved"
 msgstr "Der Spielstand wurde gespeichert"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1526
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1532
 msgid "Units"
 msgstr "Einheiten"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1527
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1533
 msgid "Income"
 msgstr "Einkommen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1527
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1533
 msgid "Upkeep"
 msgstr "Ausgaben"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1622
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1628
 msgid "You have no units available to recruit."
 msgstr ""
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1635
-msgid "Recruit unit"
-msgstr "Einheit ausbilden"
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1641 src/playturn.cpp:1819
+msgid "Select unit"
+msgstr "Einheit auswählen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1664
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1670
 msgid "You don't have enough gold to recruit that unit"
 msgstr "Ihr verfügt nicht über genug Gold, um diese Einheit auszubilden."
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1722
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1728
 msgid ""
 "My lord, this unit is an experienced one, having advanced levels! Do you "
 "really want to dismiss $noun?"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1724
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1730
 msgid ""
 "My lord, this unit is close to advancing a level! Do you really want to "
 "dismiss $noun?"
@@ -7712,19 +8149,20 @@
 "Diese Einheit steht kurz vor dem Stufenaufstieg! Wollt Ihr $noun wirklich "
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1729
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1735
 msgid "her"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1729
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1735
 msgid "him"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1768
-msgid "You are seperated from your soldiers and may not recall them"
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1775
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "You are separated from your soldiers and may not recall them"
 msgstr "Ihr seid von Euren Soldaten getrennt und könnt diese nicht 
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1770
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1777
 msgid ""
 "There are no troops available to recall\n"
 "(You must have veteran survivors from a previous scenario)"
@@ -7732,95 +8170,91 @@
 "Ihr verfügt über keine Truppen, die Ihr einberufen könntet.\n"
 "(Ihr benötigt überlebende Veteranen aus früheren Szenarien)"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1776
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1783
 msgid "You must have at least $cost gold pieces to recall a unit"
 msgstr ""
 "Ihr benötigt mindestens $cost Goldstücke, um eine Einheit einberufen zu "
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1799
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1806
 msgid "Dismiss Unit"
 msgstr "Einheit entlassen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1812
-msgid "Select unit"
-msgstr "Einheit auswählen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1856
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1863
 msgid "Message"
 msgstr "Nachricht"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1856
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1863
 msgid "Send to allies only"
 msgstr "Nur an Verbündete senden"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:1950
+#: src/playturn.cpp:1957
 msgid "Location"
 msgstr "Standort"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2032 src/playturn.cpp:2092
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2039 src/playturn.cpp:2099
 msgid "Recruits"
 msgstr "Ausgebildet"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2038 src/playturn.cpp:2096
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2045 src/playturn.cpp:2103
 msgid "Recalls"
 msgstr "Einberufungen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2044 src/playturn.cpp:2100
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2051 src/playturn.cpp:2107
 msgid "Advancements"
 msgstr "Stufenaufstiege"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2050 src/playturn.cpp:2104
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2057 src/playturn.cpp:2111
 msgid "Losses"
 msgstr "Verluste"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2056 src/playturn.cpp:2108
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2063 src/playturn.cpp:2115
 msgid "Kills"
 msgstr "Tötungen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2062
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2069
 msgid "Damage Inflicted"
 msgstr "Verursachter Schaden"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2068
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2075
 msgid "Damage Taken"
 msgstr "Erhaltener Schaden"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2074
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2081
 msgid "Damage Inflicted (EV)"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2081
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2088
 msgid "Damage Taken (EV)"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2123
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2130
 msgid "Search"
 msgstr "Suchen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2133
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2140
 msgid "prompt^Command:"
 msgstr "Befehl:"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2144
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2151
 msgid "Chat Log"
 msgstr "Gesprächsprotokoll"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2209
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2216
 msgid "Couldn't find label or unit containing the string '$search'."
 msgstr ""
 "Eine Beschriftung oder Einheit, deren Name »$search« enthält, konnte nicht 
 "gefunden werden."
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2283
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2293
 msgid "Place Label"
 msgstr "Beschriftung erstellen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2284
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2294
 msgid "Label"
 msgstr "Beschriftung"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2407
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2417
 msgid ""
 "The games are out of sync and will have to exit. Do you want to save an "
 "error log of your game?"
@@ -7828,23 +8262,23 @@
 "Das Spiel läuft nicht mehr syncron und muss beendet werden. Möchtet Ihr "
 "einen Fehlerbericht dieses Spiels abspeichern?"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2459
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2469
 msgid "Replace with AI"
 msgstr "Durch Computer ersetzen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2460
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2470
 msgid "Replace with local player"
 msgstr "Durch lokalen Spieler ersetzen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2461
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2471
 msgid "Abort game"
 msgstr "Spiel abbrechen"
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2464
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2474
 msgid "Replace with "
 msgstr "Ersetzen durch "
-#: src/playturn.cpp:2468
+#: src/playturn.cpp:2478
 msgid "has left the game. What do you want to do?"
 msgstr "hat das Spiel verlassen. Was wollt Ihr tun?"
@@ -7916,47 +8350,47 @@
 msgid "Version"
 msgstr "Version"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:160
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:162
 msgid "TitleScreen button^Tutorial"
 msgstr "Einführung"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:161
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:163
 msgid "TitleScreen button^Campaign"
 msgstr "Kampagnen"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:162
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:164
 msgid "TitleScreen button^Multiplayer"
 msgstr "Mehrspieler"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:163
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:165
 msgid "TitleScreen button^Load"
 msgstr "Laden"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:164
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:166
 msgid "TitleScreen button^Language"
 msgstr "Sprache"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:165
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:167
 msgid "TitleScreen button^Preferences"
 msgstr "Einstellungen"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:166
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:168
 msgid "TitleScreen button^About"
 msgstr "Über uns"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:167
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:169
 msgid "TitleScreen button^Quit"
 msgstr "Beenden"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:168
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:170
 msgid "Start a tutorial to familiarize yourself with the game"
 msgstr "Führt in die Grundzüge des Spieles ein"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:169
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:171
 msgid "Start a new single player campaign"
 msgstr "Eine neue Einzelspielerkampagne starten"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:170
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:172
 msgid ""
 "Play multiplayer (hotseat, LAN, or Internet), or a single scenario against "
 "the AI"
@@ -7964,47 +8398,47 @@
 "Mehrspielerpartie (Hotseat, LAN, Internet) / ein Szenario gegen den Computer "
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:171
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:173
 msgid "Load a single player saved game"
 msgstr "Einzelspieler Spielstand laden"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:172
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:174
 msgid "Change the language"
 msgstr "Spracheinstellungen ändern"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:173
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:175
 msgid "Configure the game's settings"
 msgstr "Globale Einstellungen des Spiels verändern"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:174
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:176
 msgid "View the credits"
 msgstr "Mitwirkende anzeigen"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:175
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:177
 msgid "Quit the game"
 msgstr "Das Spiel beenden"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:199
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:201
 msgid "More"
 msgstr "Nächste Seite"
-#: src/titlescreen.cpp:205
+#: src/titlescreen.cpp:208
 msgid "-- The Tome of Wesnoth"
 msgstr "-- Das Buch von Wesnoth"
-#: src/unit_types.cpp:313
+#: src/unit_types.cpp:314
 msgid "strikes"
 msgstr ""
-#: src/unit_types.cpp:886
+#: src/unit_types.cpp:891
 msgid "chaotic"
 msgstr "lichtscheu"
-#: src/unit_types.cpp:886
+#: src/unit_types.cpp:891
 msgid "lawful"
 msgstr "redlich"
-#: src/unit_types.cpp:886
+#: src/unit_types.cpp:891
 msgid "neutral"
 msgstr "neutral"
@@ -8015,3 +8449,70 @@
 #: src/widgets/file_chooser.cpp:173
 msgid "Deletion of the file failed."
 msgstr ""
+#~ msgid "hp"
+#~ msgstr "LP"
+#~ msgid "xp"
+#~ msgstr "EP"
+#~ msgid ""
+#~ "Armed with heavy mace, Bandits are adept at robbing and killing at night."
+#~ msgstr ""
+#~ "Ausgerüstet mit einem schweren Streitkolben, sind Banditen Meister darin "
+#~ "in der Nacht zu stehlen und zu töten."
+#~ msgid "Drake Beak"
+#~ msgstr "Schnabel Drake"
+#~ msgid ""
+#~ "Smaller than most Drakes, the Beaks are therefore more agile and can "
+#~ "fight even when flying."
+#~ msgstr ""
+#~ "Da sie kleiner als die meisten anderen Draken sind, sind sie agiler und "
+#~ "können sogar während des Fluges kämpfen."
+#~ msgid "beak"
+#~ msgstr "Schnabel"
+#~ msgid "Drake Guard"
+#~ msgstr "Drake Wache"
+#~ msgid "Drake Mage"
+#~ msgstr "Drake Magier"
+#~ msgid ""
+#~ "Like all Mages, the Drake Mages are capable of using magic in battle."
+#~ msgstr ""
+#~ "So wie alle Magier verfügen auch Drake Magier über die Fähigkeit Magie 
im "
+#~ "Kampf zu verwenden."
+#~ msgid "ice shot"
+#~ msgstr "Eisball"
+#~ msgid "Drake Petit"
+#~ msgstr "kleiner Schnabel Drake"
+#~ msgid "Drake Slaves are servile members of this reptilian race."
+#~ msgstr "Drake Sklaven sind unterwürfige Mitglieder dieser Reptilienrasse."
+#~ msgid "Drake Warmage"
+#~ msgstr "Drake"
+#~ msgid "Drake Worker"
+#~ msgstr "Drake Arbeiter"
+#~ msgid "More advanced Drakes, the Workers fight with their own sharp claws."
+#~ msgstr "Fortgeschrittene Draken, die mit ihren scharfen Krallen kämpfen."
+#~ msgid "+Brazilian Translation"
+#~ msgstr "+Brasilianische Übersetzung"
+#~ msgid "Save"
+#~ msgstr "Spielstand speichern"
+#~ msgid "Quit?"
+#~ msgstr "Spiel beenden"
+#~ msgid "Recruit unit"
+#~ msgstr "Einheit ausbilden"

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