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Re: [Weechat-dev] [sr #105999] error building in linux ppc

From: Emmanuel Bouthenot
Subject: Re: [Weechat-dev] [sr #105999] error building in linux ppc
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 12:23:44 +0200
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On Sun, Sep 02, 2007 at 12:18:13PM +0200, Emmanuel Bouthenot wrote:
> > can you help me ?
> It looks like bad CFLAGS added by archlinux package builder.

cf. gcc manpage, the correct option might be "-mpowerpc-gfxopt"
instead of "-mpowerpc-fxopt"

it should be a good idea to fill a bugrerport in archlinux pkgbuilder.


Emmanuel Bouthenot
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