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[wdiff-dev] feature request: context words

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [wdiff-dev] feature request: context words
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 14:59:04 GMT

Hi Martin,

I'd like to suggest a feature for wdiff: to show N words of context
around changes (somewhat analogous to lines of context in diff -c/-u).

Rationale: I often want to see only the few word changes in large (badly
formatted) documents people have sent me that I've edited, hence using
wdiff -3.  It would be very helpful to see a couple of words of context
around the change, since just seeing (say) one word that has been moved
or changed isn't enough to know if the change is ok.  Something like
wdiff -c 3 ... to see three words of context, say.

Hope this makes sense.  Just a thought.  Probably not trivial to
implement, I fear ...


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