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[wdiff-bugs] [GNU wdiff 1.2.2] testsuite: 1 4 failed

From: Ben Golding
Subject: [wdiff-bugs] [GNU wdiff 1.2.2] testsuite: 1 4 failed
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 15:48:59 +0000

Please note this was my first attempt to ever build or use wdiff.

I had some trouble to get useful output from wdiff: I could not see any words 
marked in the output.

I did get some numbers with '-s' statistics option, but they didn't make sense, 
for example if I deleted some words, the deleted count is still zero (is it 
counting lines?)

So I have run 'make -s check' and also see some problems in the testsuite, log 
is attached.
Note I had to interrupt test 3 which seems to hang on my system, but the test 
then "passed".

Ben Golding

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