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Re: [wdiff-bugs] wdiff-1.0.1 bug report: test suite test 3 (use pager) e

From: Martin von Gagern
Subject: Re: [wdiff-bugs] wdiff-1.0.1 bug report: test suite test 3 (use pager) erroneous test failure
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 16:17:51 +0200
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Hi John,

thanks for your report!

It would be interesting for me to know what environment caused this kind
of problem, particularly what version of sed you're using. Please send
me the tests/testsuite.log file as generated by the failing test suite,
as it contains all the relevant information.

I've tried to address this problem by switching from sed to tr, as for
that the POSIX standard requires interpretation of \r, in contrast to
the specification for sed. Please apply this patch to your sources and
report whether this fixes the issue for you. If make tries to rebuild
testsuite due to its changed input, and if this rebuilding causes any
troubles, simply touch test/testsuite after applying the patch so that
make will know that the testsuite script is up to date.

Please attach the tests/testsuite.log from the failing (unpatched) run
even if the patch works for you, as I will probably use information from
it (OS, sed implementation and version, …) to document the bug and its
fix. Thank you very much!

 Martin von Gagern

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