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Re: [wdiff-bugs] no suitable temporary directory

From: Martin von Gagern
Subject: Re: [wdiff-bugs] no suitable temporary directory
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 08:35:25 +0100
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On 27.01.2010 04:44, Denver Gingerich wrote:
> Since it might be relevant, I've attached a (relatively) recent fix I
> made in response to some security concerns.  It's revision 1.6 of
> src/wdiff.c in CVS, which doesn't seem to be mirrored via cvsweb
> (anymore?).

I disabled the CVS part of the savannah project thingy in order to avoid
confusion between different repositories. The viewvc system itself still
works, though, if you know the link:

You can also find the corresponding bzr changeset:

> Anyway, I hope this helps.  I don't see any particularly problematic
> sections, but someone more well-versed in file permissions might see
> something in the diff.

Will have a look, but probably next week, as I'm quite busy this week.


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