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[wdiff-bugs] Re: swd - SVN word diff (wdiff)

From: Chris Pickett
Subject: [wdiff-bugs] Re: swd - SVN word diff (wdiff)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 20:58:15 -0500
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I'm re-CC'ing the lists since there's a couple interesting points here.

Daniel Shahaf wrote:
Shows that I didn't read your tar file before posting...

Well, expecting people to download something may be unreasonable. I extracted it here:


(I need to bug my sysadmin to expose the repository dir.)

Yes, except getting 'svn wdiff' recognized probably requires wrapping svn itself. (I didn't think of this, so thanks!)

Some sort of generic wrapper, perhaps?

Hmm, good idea, I updated things.


I made this portable with `which svn` and saving/editing/restoring PATH. A similar wdiff wrapper that accepted colour and context options would be neat.

    if $svn help | grep "   .*$1" > /dev/null; then

This call to svn doubles the running time for simple invocations, a fix would cache the output somehow.


        $svn "$@"


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