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[Vrs-development] Re: see devel

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [Vrs-development] Re: see devel
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 04:21:08 -0600
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jesus juarez wrote:
> hi there, i want to help with the devel of this
> system.
> where i must start?

/me strips off PR face....

If you are referring to the "Network SEE" talked about in
see-arch.txt, then the best thing you can do is bug me.  One mistake
some past interested parties have made is not bothering me about it
endlessly.  There are always other projects coming up.  Right now, I
have at least these projects (well, these are the ones with actual
source trees): antares (the Network SEE), gcraft (a more comprehensive
base library for Guile), wrappers around the redland library for guile
(part of gcraft now, to make it easier, but I also have to learn RDF
in the first place), a few posters (http://dotgnu.org/posters.html),
csant-doc (complete documentation for csant based on a reading of the
source, about 1/4 done), unvapor (I'm not telling), lart (a smartass
helpdesk tool in either Smalltalk or Guile-Scheme to replace the
MS-based crap we have here at the uni), and uecs (a "small" elisp
package to overly automate projects for my CS class).  Currently,
csant-doc seems to be the most urgent, and I will definitely finish
this before working on antares anymore, but this is subject to
revision.  Finally, I've learned most of Guile-Scheme now (it's my fav
lang), a good portion of elisp (still going), and have started in on
Smalltalk, thanks to the recent release of gst 2.0.11 (I regularly
visit http://www.gnu.org/server/new-software.html and it piqued my
curiosity, what can I say ;).  When GCC patches in Objective-C++, I
may well look into that too, as it fills in the one big hole in
Objective-C (from some earlier interest in *that* language, which lead
to an idea with no source tree, DotGNUstep).  Of course, work on any
of these projects is somewhat hampered by schoolwork, but this is not
the overwhelming problem.

Besides these, there are plenty of project *ideas*, each of which I
flesh out to some degree in design.  The Network SEE was like this for
about half a year before I gave it a source tree.

I promised alias that I would write detailed descriptions of all the
processes in n-SEE about a month ago.  Today, only a few additional

So one great way to contribute (for me, anyway) would be to bug me.
I'm not talking about pure harassment, I just mean that you should
offer your ideas on it, try to understand what I'm saying and rewrite
it in your own terms so I can check it and see what new ideas I get
from your interpretation (new interpretations come with new ideas,

Of course, you may prefer the alternative: help out Chris with the
DGEE.  This is an actual program that actually compiles and runs.
It's not just a broken source tree (from half a year of decay, dotted
by growth every once in a while) that seems to be motionless and only
grows in my head and on IRC when I really get going.

I really do want to help develop the best damned development
environment ever.  The thought that scares me, though, is that I may
never be able to reap the benefits of that environment.

On a side note, does anyone have a solution for my obvious inability
to focus?  Because I would love to accomplish something.

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Stephen Compall - Also known as S11001001
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If you have a distant goal, there are two ways to reach it. One of
them is to have alot of money. And the other is idealism.
        -- RMS

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