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Re: [Vrs-development] where we at?

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: Re: [Vrs-development] where we at?
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 12:08:27 -0600
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Ian Fung wrote:
I've been pretty out of it, but I'm just wondering where we're at right now.

I updated netSEEarch to 2.1, a version with more description of the way the client-server comm works. I believe it is moving more in line with what GW can provide, but there are still some nameservice issues in the way of service->client callbacks (the client exporting a service, i.e.).

As for coding, I have been distracted by discovery of Guile/Scheme. I'll write a short website generator for SEE in Scheme, then....

0.1.1 ("you can run make, and it will build something, but not anything that actually runs") will be out RSN. Seriously. :)

Stephen Compall
Also known as S11001001
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The main clarity, for me, was the sense that if you want to have a
decent life, you don't want to have bits of it closed off. This whole
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think happily that after you've lived a few years that what you've
done is worthwhile. Because otherwise it just gets taken away and
thrown out or abandoned or, at the very least, you no longer have any
relation to it. It's like losing a bit of your life.
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