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[Vrs-development] Some begining Services Manager ideas

From: Bill Lance
Subject: [Vrs-development] Some begining Services Manager ideas
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 06:21:23 -0800 (PST)

All this talk of late has gotten me thinking more
about the Services Manager and what we might want it
to do.  And the single user VRS idea focuses the thing
more on the end point user, exactly where it should

These are just some thought is no particular order
about it.

In a way, we want the flip side of the browser.  The
browser is a personal, intuitive general purpose
client, mixing a variety of protocols into a single
uer device.  The SM is the same thing on the server
side  ... a personal server.  The protocols are hidden
under the hood.

SM should follow the UNIX plug-n-play component model.
 Use existing solutions assembled into a organizing

We have one important advantage over all commercial
solutions.  VRS and dotGNU can be vendor agnostic. 
For example, Sun will never support IL.  MS will never
again support JVM.  We can do both.  

SM can support multiple protocols to the same same
services data.  For example, the same netservices
component method could be exposed with SOAP, J2EE,
XML-RPC, and REST  at the same time.

An enduser oriented packaging UI could take the
persoanl data the uses whishes to expose, help sort
out access rules, then generate multiple access
methods for different protocols.

When run standalone or in a Cluster, the SM is an
assemblage of regular Linux server modules.  However,
it is still encapsulated in the SM shell and sandboxed
in both cases.

These are some initial brain-storming ideas.

Please throw in anything that occures to you.  

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