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Re: [Vrs-development] More info

From: Chris Smith
Subject: Re: [Vrs-development] More info
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:20:33 +0000

On Tuesday 12 March 2002 23:58, Bill Lance wrote:
> By the way .. Morphius, meet Chris
> Chris .. Morphius   :)

big wave.

> Chris is also working on the GoldWater infrastructure
> that is targeted for use in this project.

It's a middleware.  With performance equal to that of BEA Tuxedo
(It's drawn some queuing concepts from Tuxedo - which is something
Tuxedo does very well).

http://www.nfluid.com/goldwater gives a background on Goldwater etc.

http://www.bea.com (The Tuxedo bits - avoid WebLogic!)
may also help flesh out the 'middleware' concept that both Tuxedo
and Goldwater encapsulate - NB Goldwater does not offer
transactions... it's engineered purely for speed and resilience).

The Phoenix component is a low footprint (cpu/mem) generic network
server that Goldwater uses to give itself a 'network' presence.

In essence, you deploy an application in Goldwater as a set of
inter-calling functional 'services' (just like the distinct 
functions that make up an application).

These GWServices are refered to by namespace, so you may call
GWServices that reside on a different machine!

The trick is that the whole local/remote service concept is hidden
from the application and the developer.  You just see a set of
resources and you call the ones you need.

Goldwater handles all the queueing of messages for GWServices and
network handling.

Please skim the thread:
[Vrs-development] Cluster Management Message (was CVS)

for some banter Bill and I went through in nailing down exactly
how and what Goldwater does...

Have you any experience with Middleware things?
What's your software design/implementation background?

There are going to be 'Things To Do' soon I expect....

Right - it's only 8 hours since I started this post, so I'd
better hit that ol' send button.


Chris Smith
  Technical Architect - netFluid Technology Limited.
  "Internet Technologies, Distributed Systems and Tuxedo Consultancy"
  E: address@hidden  W: http://www.nfluid.co.uk

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