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However accented characters are still rather broken

From: Chris Green
Subject: However accented characters are still rather broken
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2023 11:23:54 +0000

So, after partially understanding the syntax highlighting issue I now
see that entering accented characters is still broken.

As reported a while ago vile 9.8v gets confused when you try to enter
accented characters (I use a Multi_key, so to enter, for example an e
with an acute accent I hit Multi_key, e, ').

On vile 9.8u (and earlier, I've checked 9.8t too) entering accented
characters with the Multi_key works perfectly.  On 9.8v (as reported)
on entering an accented character an odd backslash sequence is echoed
and it's not the character entered.

On vile 9.8w (from the Ubuntu repository) entering an accented
character does nothing if you enter just one accented character but if
you enter a second accented character that *does* get added.  This
continues, entering a series of accented characters every other one
actually gets inserted.

Chris Green

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