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[vile] small glitch in `ksh' syntax filter

From: j. van den hoff
Subject: [vile] small glitch in `ksh' syntax filter
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 09:48:52 +0100
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there is a special syntax construct in `ksh', not present in `bash' and `zsh', namely command substitution w/o using a sub-shell, eg. something like this

res=${ fun "$*";}

note that at least one blank after `{' is mandatory as is the `;' (w/ or w/o leading and/or trailing white space) before the closing `}' -- just the same requirements as in boolean expressions such as `[[ somthing ]] || { other things ;}'.

vile's syntax filter is quite confused after encountering the above command substitution. It would be good if this corner case where handled correctly by the `ksh' syntax filter.

observed with vile version 9.8o.

thanks for vile,

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