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[vile] sudo/visudo

From: Wayne Cuddy
Subject: [vile] sudo/visudo
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2016 13:48:57 -0500
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At some point it time it seems that the visudo command changed from

$EDITOR /etc/sudoers.tmp

to invoking:

$EDITOR -- /etc/sudoers.tmp

This happened between 1.8.12 and 1.8.16.

It now makes the assumption that all editors accept '--' as the option
list terminator. Really quite annoying.

This causes vile to output it's usage message.

I know that this isn't a vile specific issue but I just want to check
to see if anyone else has encountered this problem... specifically
with visudo.

If so I'll pump out a bug report against sudo since it should not
assume that functionality.

Is there a way currently to get vile to ignore a file named -- ?

As a workaround I'll write a wrapper script to remove the -- from the
args list.



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