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[vile] Oddity with "check-access=none" and insecure permissions

From: Steven Lembark
Subject: [vile] Oddity with "check-access=none" and insecure permissions
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 14:41:44 -0500

Double checking at <>:

    Check file permissions before source'ing it in a script. This tells vile to 
ensure that it uses only files that you own (or root owns), which are not 
writable by other users. Values include:

        disables the check
        checks files in the current directory.
        check files in the home directory in addition those checked for 
        check files in the startup path, as well as those checked for "home".
        like "startup", but also check permissions for datafiles such as tags, 
menus and help-file.

    The default value is "current". (U)

Given ~/.vilerc begins with:

    set check-access=none

    source ~/.vile/filters/filters.rc
    source palettes.rc

Q: Why am I getting:

    [Skipping '/opt/bin/vile' (insecure permissions)]
    [Skipping '/usr/bin/vile' (insecure permissions)]
    [Skipping '/opt/bin/vile' (insecure permissions)]
    [Reading /home/lembark/.vilerc]
    [Read 70 lines from "./.vilerc"]
    [Reading /home/lembark/.vile/filters/filters.rc]
    [Reading /opt/vile/9.8o/share/vile/modes.rc]
    [Reading /opt/vile/9.8o/share/vile/palettes.rc]

For every attempt to edit a file?

I thought that setting "check-access=none" was supposed to turn
all of this off.

Removing the "source ~/.vile/filters/filters.rc" avoids the 
problem, but ~/.vile and its contents are owned by myself,
with my own group, and have mods of 0600 for files or 
02710 for dir's. 

Steven Lembark                                             3646 Flora Pl
Workhorse Computing                                   St Louis, MO 63110
address@hidden                                      +1 888 359 3508

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