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[vile] make vim look like vile?

From: Clem Taylor
Subject: [vile] make vim look like vile?
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2015 23:34:32 -0400

I've been a pretty avid vile user for a long time. But every once and
a while I'm forced to use vim and it doesn't annoy me until I try and
deal with the windowing stuff. For some reason I'm completely unable
to remember the vim windowing and buffer management commands. I was
wondering if anyone has made a 'vim for vile users' .vimrc that covers
the windowing stuff 'ctrl-x 2', 'ctrl-x o', 'ctrl-x 0', 'v', 'V', and
some of the buffer management stuff like '*', and '_'?

            Many thanks,

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