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[vile] bug report - split window, unnamed file

From: hymie
Subject: [vile] bug report - split window, unnamed file
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2015 11:51:41 -0500


I found a pretty obscure bug.  It probably doesn't affect anything
important, but I figured I'd mention it.

vile version 9.8n for linux-gnu, installed Sun Jul  6 21:34:34 2014

1. Run "vile" with no file name to edit an "unnamed" buffer
2. Split the window with ^x 2
3. In the top window, type some text.  The matching text will appear in
   the bottom window.
4. Issue the ":e!" command.  The system will ask "Reread current buffer?"
   Answer "y".  It will then ask "Discard changes to [unnamed]?"
   Answer "y".
5. The top window is cleared, but the bottom window is not.

At this point, I can switch to the other window, and the cursor is placed
on the first character of the improperly-displayed text.  I cannot edit
the text, and any attempt to "i"nsert or "a"ppend text will erase the
window properly.

This does not appear to happen with a named buffer -- that is, if I
"vile testfile" then :e! works correctly.

--hymie!    address@hidden

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