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[vile] Can't build xvile with Motif any more

From: Chris Green
Subject: [vile] Can't build xvile with Motif any more
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 18:05:58 +0000
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.21 (2010-09-15)

Having upgraded my xubuntu system to version 13.10 I find that I can no
longer build xvile with Motif.  It says in ./config :-

    checking for XtAppInitialize... no
    checking for XtAppInitialize in -lXt... no
    configure: WARNING: Unable to successfully link X Toolkit library (-lXt) 
    test program.  You will have to check and add the proper libraries by hand
    to makefile.
    checking if you want narrow prototypes for X libraries... yes
    checking if we should use imake to help... yes
    checking for xmkmf... no
    checking for imake... no
    checking if you want to use FreeType library... no
    checking if you want to use fontsets... no
    checking for X11/IntrinsicI.h... no
    checking for X11/Xpoll.h... yes
    checking for X11/Xmu/Atoms.h... no
    checking for Xutf8LookupString... yes
    checking for Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList... yes
    checking for XmbTextPropertyToTextList... yes
    checking for X11/IntrinsicI.h... (cached) no
    checking for Xm/XmP.h... no
    checking for regcmp in -lgen... no
    checking for XmuClientWindow in -lXmu... no
    checking for XpStartDoc in -lXp... no
    checking for XextCreateExtension in -lXext... yes
    checking for XpmCreatePixmapFromXpmImage in -lXpm... no
    checking for XmbTextListToTextProperty in -lXIM... no
    checking for XmProcessTraversal in -lXm... no
    configure: error: Unable to successfully link Motif library (-lXm) with 
test program

The trouble is that there doesn't seem to be a libXm any more, it
appears to have been split into several parts.

Chris Green

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