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Re: [vile] Is there a way to apply CTRL-Af} to the whole of a file when

From: James Freer
Subject: Re: [vile] Is there a way to apply CTRL-Af} to the whole of a file when it's loaded?
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 20:15:17 +0000 (GMT)
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On Wed, 5 Dec 2012, Chris Green wrote:

I'd like to do a sort of CTRL-Af} filter on a file as it's fed into vile
when I reply to an E-Mail using mutt.  This would reformat the long
lines that a few systems produce into nicely formatted paragraphs, using
the filter above means that the '>' quote markers are preserved.

Is there any way of doing this when you run vile (i.e. a command line

Chris Green

I have been investigating this recently on several console editors. You want to know if there's a linewrap like wordstar's ^B (Joe's editor's jstar for example) or Pico's ^J and i don't think there is.

I was trying to find out if there was a vim's Set linebreak equivalent in any console editor so that i could use it for text word editing (as opposed to progammer's coding). The only alternative was emacs "visual line mode". All the graphical editors do it but not console. My editor of choice would be Joe as i used a wordstar editor first years ago and the keybindings are still the most efficient.

For my requirements i'm gradually getting used to vim which can do anything... but quite a bit of reading is involved. Like you i wnat to use the same editor for text as i do for answering email (i use alpine).

Are you Chris Green from Suffolk?

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