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[vile] Lost syntax highlighting - how to diagnose?

From: Chris Green
Subject: [vile] Lost syntax highlighting - how to diagnose?
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 18:09:51 +0000
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I've just noticed that I've lost my syntax colour highlighting, it was
certainly working a few weeks ago and I'm really not sure what has
changed to stop it from working.

I haven't changed my .vilerc file and that contains:-

    source /usr/share/vile/filters.rc
    setv $autocolor-hook HighlightFilter
    setv $read-hook HighlightFilter
    set autocolor=500
    set bcolor=default

The show-colors command shows coloured text, so the display can show
color (in both vile and xvile).

I'm not getting any errors when I start vile/xvile.  The correct mode is
being shown in the status line when I edit files.

This is vile 9.8 with patches up to 9.8f on xubuntu 11.10.

Help! What have I done?

Chris Green

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