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[vile] xml filter crash

From: Paul Fox
Subject: [vile] xml filter crash
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 09:33:50 -0400

i can't remember if i reported this, or whether maybe it's known
and fixed (i'm running 9.7zd on ubuntu maverick).

if i edit an xml file (sample attached), vile comes up fine, but
core dumps as soon as i make an edit (any edit -- deleting or adding
whitespace will do it).

 paul fox, address@hidden (arlington, ma, where it's 69.4 degrees)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  creator="GPSBabel -";
<bounds minlat="60.369071000" minlon="5.317683000" maxlat="62.567452000" 
<wpt lat="60.906821000" lon="7.187270000">
  <name>day1,2-fri,sat Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri</name>
  <cmt>day1,2-fri,sat Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri</cmt>
  <desc>day1,2-fri,sat Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri</desc>
<wpt lat="60.369071000" lon="6.103399000">
  <name>day1 via Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall(?)</name>
  <cmt>day1 via Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall(?)</cmt>
  <desc>day1 via Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall(?)</desc>
<wpt lat="60.386582000" lon="6.200760000">
  <name>day1 via Orredalsfossen waterfall(?)</name>
  <cmt>day1 via Orredalsfossen waterfall(?)</cmt>
  <desc>day1 via Orredalsfossen waterfall(?)</desc>
<wpt lat="60.587431000" lon="6.636429000">
  <name>day1 via-Skjervsfossen Waterfall</name>
  <cmt>day1 via-Skjervsfossen Waterfall</cmt>
  <desc>day1 via-Skjervsfossen Waterfall</desc>
<wpt lat="60.393144000" lon="6.286283000">
  <name>day1 via Steinsto Fruit Farm</name>
  <cmt>day1 via Steinsto Fruit Farm</cmt>
  <desc>day1 via Steinsto Fruit Farm</desc>
<wpt lat="61.209268000" lon="6.533077000">
  <name>day3,4-sun,mon Kringsja Hotel/Hostel</name>
  <cmt>day3,4-sun,mon Kringsja Hotel/Hostel</cmt>
  <desc>day3,4-sun,mon Kringsja Hotel/Hostel</desc>
<wpt lat="61.471600000" lon="6.796600000">
  <name>day5-tue Flatbrehytta</name>
  <cmt>day5-tue Flatbrehytta</cmt>
  <desc>day5-tue Flatbrehytta</desc>
<wpt lat="61.434800000" lon="6.774950000">
  <name>day5-tue Flatbrehytta trailhead</name>
  <cmt>day5-tue Flatbrehytta trailhead</cmt>
  <desc>day5-tue Flatbrehytta trailhead</desc>
<wpt lat="61.939597000" lon="7.270031000">
  <name>day5-tue fallback Hotel Videseter</name>
  <cmt>day5-tue fallback Hotel Videseter</cmt>
  <desc>day5-tue fallback Hotel Videseter</desc>
<wpt lat="61.664859000" lon="6.837251000">
  <name>day6 via Briksdal Glacier</name>
  <cmt>day6 via Briksdal Glacier</cmt>
  <desc>day6 via Briksdal Glacier</desc>
<wpt lat="62.116010000" lon="7.184590000">
  <name>day6,7-wed,thu Hotel Grande Fjord Hotel</name>
  <cmt>day6,7-wed,thu Hotel Grande Fjord Hotel</cmt>
  <desc>day6,7-wed,thu Hotel Grande Fjord Hotel</desc>
<wpt lat="62.086730000" lon="6.869373000">
  <name>day6 via hellesylt</name>
  <cmt>day6 via hellesylt</cmt>
  <desc>day6 via hellesylt</desc>
<wpt lat="62.048213000" lon="7.267971000">
  <name>day7 daytrip Dalsnibba viewpoint</name>
  <cmt>day7 daytrip Dalsnibba viewpoint</cmt>
  <desc>day7 daytrip Dalsnibba viewpoint</desc>
<wpt lat="62.030860000" lon="7.276470000">
  <name>day7 daytrip Dalsnibba trailhead</name>
  <cmt>day7 daytrip Dalsnibba trailhead</cmt>
  <desc>day7 daytrip Dalsnibba trailhead</desc>
<wpt lat="62.472868000" lon="6.158186000">
  <name>day8,9-fri,sat Hotel Rica Hotel Scandinavie</name>
  <cmt>day8,9-fri,sat Hotel Rica Hotel Scandinavie</cmt>
  <desc>day8,9-fri,sat Hotel Rica Hotel Scandinavie</desc>
<wpt lat="62.567452000" lon="7.687211000">
  <name>day8 via Andalsnes</name>
  <cmt>day8 via Andalsnes</cmt>
  <desc>day8 via Andalsnes</desc>
<wpt lat="61.809595000" lon="6.146507000">
  <name>day10-sun Gloppefjord Sandane Hostel</name>
  <cmt>day10-sun Gloppefjord Sandane Hostel</cmt>
  <desc>day10-sun Gloppefjord Sandane Hostel</desc>
<wpt lat="60.396197000" lon="5.317683000">
  <name>day11-mon Augustin Hotel</name>
  <cmt>day11-mon Augustin Hotel</cmt>
  <desc>day11-mon Augustin Hotel</desc>

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