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Re: [vile] Here is the file which demonstrates the insert bug

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: [vile] Here is the file which demonstrates the insert bug
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 16:52:29 -0400
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On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 10:32:57AM +0100, Chris G wrote:
> I have attached a file called "testBug", I get the bug I have
> described if I simply delete the string (without quotes)
> ""; and then re-enter it.  The
> bug happens when you type the i of "main".

It may depend on your settings - I did that with no problem (Linux,
Debian/testing - tried locales en_US and en_US.UTF-8, used a plain
"source vileinit.rc" .vilerc file).

Typing 'n' makes it scroll right.

> It was originally happening when I pasted the string and I thought it
> was something funny in the paste string but it happens when you just
> type the string characer by character.
> This is happening when I'm editing in a gnome-terminal window, 80
> characters wide.  I'm running vile 9.6k [ish].

Is this on Solaris or Linux?  (The only obvious thing about platform
would be byte-order, but reproducing the problem is the hard part).

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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