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Re: [vile] vile-9.6j.patch.gz

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: [vile] vile-9.6j.patch.gz
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 19:41:40 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 30 Mar 2008, Paul van Tilburg wrote:

On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 04:20:55PM -0400, Thomas Dickey wrote:
On Sun, 30 Mar 2008, Thomas Dickey wrote:
My xterm behaves oddly.. compose key usages seems to result in
no chars being inputted at all, but I can copy & paste UTF-8 chars
into the xterm (shell prompt).

I dimly recall some comment regarding gnome-terminal and compose keys.
google finds this, which indicates that it can do that, but isn't by

However, this seems to say it's not:

(xterm uses a different set of libraries than gnome for this, so it'll
be broken by a different set of developers ;-)

Compose (Multi_key) works fine for me in GNOME terminal, just not in xterm,
dunno way.. anyway, I can copy&paste when needed.

xterm might have some translation resource interfering with it.
The paste uses a different route though...

Anyway, if I edit the file attached, both in xterm and gnome-terminal
with the above shown locales I see:

Accents: \?E9\?F3\?E1\?ED
Dashes: – —

(So the en- and em-dash (U2013, U2014) are shown correctly, but the vowels
with accents are not).

That sounds as if it's in the same general area as the fix I made for
pound sign.  The dashes are codes that cannot be mistaken for Latin-1.
Setting unicode-as-hex for your testfile, I see

Accents: \u00E9\u00F3\u00E1\u00ED
Dashes: \u2013 \u2014

I see this too!

hmm - flipping between \?E9 and \u00E9 shouldn't be doable
(but the :show-printable isn't giving _me_ the expected result).

One oddity that I can see at the moment is that using :show-printable,
the second column using your locale settings is showing things like \?FA,
where the en_US.UTF-8 that I normally use is showing the Latin-1 code.
(I expect the latter).  I'll investigate that - it might be part of the

I seem them as \xFA. But that's probably because I opened the testfile and vile jumped to utf-8 mode.

odd - I'm displaying 0x80-0x9f as \x80 to \x90 for Latin-1 encoding to
work around the control-characters common in the 8-bit encodings.

Anyway, I've some debugging to do to see what the story is for the

Thomas E. Dickey

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