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[vile] schememode for vile

From: Brendan MacDonell
Subject: [vile] schememode for vile
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 19:41:50 -0300

I began using vile as a replacement for vim about two days ago, and
have mostly been impressed, but was annoyed this afternoon when I
discovered a lack of syntax highlighting for scheme (the keywords are
sufficiently different from lisp's that using lispmode is little
help). With a bit of work, though mostly using :%s and macros, I
created a scheme.keywords file from the list at, and created a
schememode section in my vilerc which mostly shadows the lisp
majormode. Both are attached, though the schememode file is mostly

The only difficulty I encountered was a brief period of confusion
about why files named *.scm insisted on being loaded in cmode, until I
found it in the built-in cmode suffixes definition. Out of curiosity,
is this extension often (ever?) used in C? Knowing it is the standard
extension for scheme, might it be best to remove it from DFT_CSUFFIX
in the next release?

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