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[vile] Oddity with tab offsets

From: Steven Lembark
Subject: [vile] Oddity with tab offsets
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 10:55:28 -0500
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Using xvile-9.6 w/o the 9.6a patches.

Wierd thing: editing some code in perlmode leaves
the first line after an indent with the wrong
following-tab offset.


Type line for..., hit reutrn, type '{', hit return,
hit tab (this much works), enter some text ("kdkdk"),
press tab (this fails: the offset has one too few
spaces), type some text, hit return, type a value,
hit tab (this does work, offset is correct).

Now I offer a few choice words to the screen, move
to the end of "kdkdk", enter a "cw" and tab, and
the under-indented '=' before blah blah lines up:

before cw:

    for my $name ( keys %$actyz )
-->     kdkdk  = blah blah
        abcd    =

after cw:

    for my $name ( keys %$actyz )
-->     kdkdk   = blah blah
        abcd    =

This never happend to me before, but I wasn't
using source filters due to makefile issues
(fixed via patch to 9.6).

My ~/.vilerc:

    source filters.rc

    set c-suffixes "\\.([ch]|xs)"

    define-majormode perl
    remove-submode perl cindent
    ~with define-submode perl
        preamble    '^#!.*perl'
        suffixes    '\.\(pm\|t\)$'

    set ai
    set ab
    set ic
    set nu
    set noti
    set ts 4
    set sw 4
    set csw 4
    set cts 4
    set magic
    set glob on
    set nomultibeep
    set number
    set undolimit 1024
    set backup-style  tilde
    set fence-pairs="()[]{}<>"
    set nosas
    set nowrapwords

    bind-key split-current-window ^T    ; split into 'T'wo windows
    bind-key next-window ^N                             ; 'N'ext window
    bind-key previous-window ^P                 ; 'P'revious window

    map #1 >%<<%<<%
    map #2 <%>>%>>%
    map #3 050lBi 
    map #4 060lBi 
    map #5 050lBi # 
    map #6 050lBi > 
    map #7 050lBi -- 
    map #9 map #7 yyp:s/./=/g yykkp

Steven Lembark                                          +1 888 359 3508
Workhorse Computing                                       85-09 90th St
address@hidden                                 Woodhaven, NY 11421

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