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Proposals for Sites for IJCAR 2024

From: geoff
Subject: Proposals for Sites for IJCAR 2024
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 11:29:57 -0500 (EST)

Proposals Solicited for Sites for IJCAR 2024
Franz Baader
IJCAR Steering Committee Chair

We invite proposals for sites around the world to host the 12th International
Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR) to be held in summer 2024.
Previous IJCAR meetings include IJCAR 2001 in Siena, Italy; IJCAR 2004 in Cork,
Ireland; IJCAR 2006 as part of FLoC in Seattle, Washington; IJCAR 2008 in
Sydney, Australia; IJCAR 2010 as part of FLoC in Edinburgh, Scotland; IJCAR 2012
in Manchester, UK; IJCAR 2014 as part of the Vienna Summer of Logic in Vienna,
Austria; IJCAR 2016 in Coimbra, Portugal; IJCAR 2018 as part of FLoC in Oxford,
UK; IJCAR 2020 in Paris, France, as online event; and IJCAR 2022 as part of FLoC
in Haifa, Israel.

IJCAR is a merger of CADE (Conference on Automated Deduction), TABLEAUX
(Conference on Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods), and FroCoS (Symposium on
Frontiers of Combining Systems) and possibly other meetings. In 2020, ITP was
part of IJCAR and it may join IJCAR again in 2024. Usually, a considerable
number of workshops are also affiliated with the conference.

The deadline for proposals is January 30, 2023. Proposals should be sent to the
IJCAR Steering Committee Chair (see contact information above). We encourage
proposers to register their intention informally as soon as possible. The final
selection of the site will be made within one month after the proposal due date.

Proposals should address the following points that also represent criteria for

* National, regional, and local AR community support: IJCAR Conference Chair and
host institution, IJCAR Local Arrangements Committee, availability of (and
reward for) student-volunteers.

* National, regional, and local government and industry support, both
organizational and financial.

* Accessibility (i.e., transportation), attractiveness, and desirability of
proposed site.

* Appropriateness of proposed dates (including consideration of holidays/other
events during the period), hotel prices, and access to dormitory facilities
(a.k.a. residence halls).

* An estimate on registration cost for the conference and workshops, both for
regular participants and students.

* Conference and exhibit facilities for the anticipated number of registrants
(typically up to 200), for example, number, capacity and audiovisual equipment
of meeting rooms; a large plenary session room that can hold all the
registrants; enough rooms for parallel sessions/workshops/tutorials; Internet
connectivity and workstations for demos/competitions; catering services; and
presence of professional staff.

* Residence accommodation and food services in a range of price categories and
close to the conference facilities, for example, number and cost range of
hotels, and availability and cost of dormitory rooms (e.g., at local
universities) and kind of services they offer.

* Rough budget projections for the various budget categories, e.g., cost of
renting/cleaning the meeting rooms, if applicable; cost of professional
conference secretariat, if hired; and financial model for satellite workshops
and/or co-located events. Balance with regard to the geographical distribution
of previous IJCAR and its constituent meetings.

* For the unlikely case that travel or contact restrictions are again in place:
willingness and ability to organize an online or hybrid event.

Prospective organizers are encouraged to get in touch with the IJCAR Steering
Committee Chair for informal discussion. If the host institution is not actually
located at the proposed site, then one or more visits to the site by the
proposers is encouraged.

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